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Review: 6644 Road Rebel

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Hi all, my second review will be about a small set from the year 1990; Road Rebel :classic:

Set number: 6644

Set name: Road Rebel

No. of pieces: 68

Price: USD 80 for MISB

Year released : 1990

More info: Brickset, Bricklink

The boxart


The boxart courtesy of Peeron. As you can see on the box, there is a red sportscar with yellow bike trailer. The minifigure is on the bike with helmet

Random instruction page


Random instruction page showing the construction of the red car. Pic from PICSL.

The parts roll-call.


Rare parts include the number "3" 1x1 printed tile, black bike and 4x3 slope wheel arch. There is only 2 nos of the number "3" tile because I have lost 1 :hmpf_bad:

The set once assembled.


Typically the driver will drive his sportscar and his bike to some place. Then he will unload his bike and later ride it

The Red Sportscar



The red sportscar has a sporty aerodynamic feel to it with the sloped wheel arch, windows and low profile lights. At the back there is a variable spoiler (wow, even real life ones didn't have them!) and the engine bay shown by the grille plates. The black handle is the backrest for the driver. Also note the rear lights are of the low profile type to match the front lights. The red color is all over the car, with a yellow strip at the doors. As an additional accessory this sports car have a tow hook! Its amazing for so little you can do so much! :cry_happy:

Yellow Trailer with bike


For the yellow trailer you have the black bike with number "3" tiles on the side and on the headlight. This is obviously a sports bike (or a heavy modified one, since it is named a road rebel) as there are no headlights or taillights. The bike is mounted on a yellow 2x1 plate with 1 stud.

Yellow trailer


For the trailer itself it is of a fairly simple design with 2 circular taillights, a tow hook and yellow wheels. Noticed the trailer is level when the trailer hitch is down...


...and it remains level as our dear friend here is connecting it back to the car. Amazingly the tow hook of the sports car is level to the tow hook of the trailer!



For the minifigure the torso is a sprinted shirt with black and red lines, the legs are white and the head is classic Lego :classic: .

When driving the car or not riding


Usually when in the car or when he is not riding he wears a blue cap. Would look overkill wearing a black helmet and driving a car with a trailer behind :tongue:

When riding the black bike


But when he wants to ride, the cap goes into the car and he dons the black helmet!

Meeting another minifigure from another set


Along the way he spots another motorcyclist :sweet: Guess from which set the other minifigure came from? :wink:

It's playtime! :thumbup:


Since they have ample time, they decided to "rempit" a bit. Rempit is something like doing daredevil recklass stunts with the motorcycle. I didn't know the road rebel can do a "superman"!

Its amazing that from so little you can have so much. This set proves that sometimes "less is more" with a sportscar equipped with variable spoiler, tow hook, 2 doors, backrest, steering wheel, low profile lights and a cool Ferrari red using some basic parts. Even the new 2009 red sportscar is does not even compare to this model since the new one does not even have a simple door! :oh3: Add in 1 black bike with racing number and a bright yellow trailer to go with it, you have an awesome Lego set!

In a nutshell:-

Playability : 10/10 Two great vehicles in one small package.

Design : 10/10 This is how a great sports car should be, sleek, red, open-top and have a big spoiler, all in 7 small steps!

Price: 10/10 I do not know how much it costs back then, but I am certain it is well worth the money

Overall: 10/10 A classic Lego at its best. Less is more indeed.

My photobucket link

Edited by paanjang16

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I have this set and I like it a lot for its detail and design. It has to be one of the best-looking non-race cars made during this era by TLC.

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This was one of the sets I had as a kid. I always liked that motorcycle with the 3s on it.

Guess from which set the other minifigure came from?

6394. :grin: The yellow torso is much more rare than the white one.

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Cool set. I wish Lego would make more of theses small, but not-too-small sets with average citizens, instead of cops or firefighters.

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What a great review paanjang16! I'm not a huge Town fan but this set looks so simple yet elegant. Your "less is more" idea sums this up perfectly! Thanks again.

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Great review. For its time, it was an outstanding little set. You got a car and a motorcycle :thumbup:

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Great review! :thumbup:

I simply enjoyed reading reviews that is of Classic Town nature, and its really very enternaining to read yours. This is the kind of small set that has so much value and possibilty to add to your town collection, whereas you are able to modify those vehicles freely, by separating both the motorbike and car away. The printed tile by the bike is tempting too. I really enjoy this set, even though I never had a chance to own it. Perhaps one day, I am able to find a good used set at a good price for it. :tongue:

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