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Luke McAwesome

The Treasure of the Lost Mine: Chapter 5

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Chapter 1 -- Chapter 2 -- Chapter 3 -- Chapter 4

Well, two chapters in one day. You guys got lucky that I'm in a good mood today. :wink:

This chapter isn't the only action sequence you'll get, don't worry.

(Don't understand what's going on? Check out the profiles of the characters here!)

Romance? Perchance.

Day: July 5

Time: 5:59 PM

Michael Leighton's House/400 N. 600 S.

"So, as you can see, the spyglass is our only clue, but Neil claims his cousin Kevin has one of the glass pieces," Michael explained to the crowd. "We'll be on our way as soon as we get an answer from James, who's over there talking with Carter."

Okay, this guy is really getting on my nerves. thought James, thinking of how Michael's been drawling on and on for four hours straight, not letting anyone talk except an occasional question.


Improvise, improvise, James, come on, you're smart. What are you going to do now? he thought. Wait... the RV...

James put on his best "I'm Interested" face for Michael and Carter.

He'd already been introduced to everyone, and by the looks of it, the only ones he could trust were this Danielle girl and Neil Richard.

Okay, I think I may have something here. I hope to God this works...



James grabbed Carter, and tried to charge up some eneregy to push him into the crowd.


James shoved as hard as he could...

"OH GOOOOOOOOOODDD!" Carter squealed as he smacked into Michael.


The collision knocked Michael into Ed, and Ed collapsed on Michael's other thugs, Lionel, Conrad, and Malcolm.

James figured by the time all six got up and about, they'd be hightailing it out of town... That's what he hoped, anyway.


"Danielle! Neil! Get in, quick!"

The two jumped inside the RV with James. Danielle was still a bit confused, but she was sure it was for the same reason she thought... That he didn't trust any of the others. Neil jumped into the passenger seat.


"What... the... halibut... are you doing, Grady?!" Neil roared.

"Improvising!" James shouted.

"You're doing a terrible job! He's got guns in his closet, and big strong tough guys for back-up... Not like he's not menacing enough on his own..." said Neil.

Danielle stalked off to the table behind the drivers area, and her eyes caught the spyglass.


"Oh, boys?" Danielle waved the spyglass at the two bickering men.


James looked at Danielle and back at Neil. "She's got the spyglass!" James yelled as he hit the brakes.


Neil hadn't buckled his seatbelt, and Danielle was't siting at all. The two flew forward, and poor Neil hit his face on the windshield.


"Give me the spyglass!" James flew out of his seat and headed straight for Danielle.


She backed towards the mini-kitchen.


"Danielle, hand it over! Now!"


"I don't want to!"


"Danielle, fork it over! We need that spyglass! We can't afford ou to break it!"

"Oh, so now I'm clumsy?"

"Obviously! Hand it over!"

"Make me."

"Hand. It. Over."


She leaned closer, till their faces were almost touching.

"Make me."


"Oh, you two are perfect for each other... two complete idiots arguing over an inanimate object... Yeah, I see how clever you truly are, James. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must make sure I have all my limbs still."


"Alright, both arms, both legs. I'm good."


"Danielle, this is your last chance before I throw you off a freeway in Colorado. Hand it over."

"What's the magic word?"

She has to be kidding. James thought. He couldn't tell whether she was flirting with him, or was just trying her best to be annoying.

James hadn't said "please" in a long time. But, it usually pays off.

"Danielle, may I please have the spyglass back?"

"Yes, you may."


Thank God that worked. I was about to hit her with a frying pan.


"Loco de amor las aves, grupo de idiotas!"


Thanks for reading. :classic:


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Magnificent! These chapters get better and better! Nothing like a fast-paced action story to keep us entertained! :wink: Thanks a bunch for getting out 2 chapters in one day! Now I'm content...... for a little while :skull:

Thanks again.

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Hehe, thanks, Inconspicuous! :grin: This chapter really didn't have as much action as I had planned on the drawing board*, but, it'll do till every thing really starts.

*My drawing board is my brain.

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Hahahahaha, brilliant! And a funny chapter. Except, I thought Neil had Black hair, this one looks Dark Brown.

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Hahahahaha, brilliant! And a funny chapter. Except, I thought Neil had Black hair, this one looks Dark Brown.

Thanks, Zapper!

And he's always had dark brown hair.

Here's the orginal picture I took:


You'll notice that the hair is slightly lighter in color compared to the suit. :wink:

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