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Luke McAwesome

The Treasure of the Lost Mine: Chapter 4

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Chapter 1 -- Chapter 2 -- Chapter 3

Hello... again! :grin:

I decided to stop being lazy and get something done today, so, enjoy...

(Don't understand what's going on? Check out the profiles of the characters here!)

The Crew... and an RV?

Day: July 5

Time: 1:24 PM

A mysterious building...

"Hey... Hey, Michael, he's waking up!"



"What happened? I feel like I got hit in the head with a rake," James said as he slowly leaned upward.

"It was a shovel," said a red-haired man with sunglasses.


"Ooooooooh, I got such a headache..."

"Yeah, we're sorry we had to get you here in that fashion, but we needed you immediately. We didn't have time to have you go allllll the way over to Starbricks and then have you come back here two minutes later. We figured we might as well take you quietly..." said the man in the leather jacket.


"Yeah, I figured out that much. Who are you?" James asked as he walked over to the man.

"My name is Micheal Leighton, I'm the person who called you last night. I had to try to get you to come without any questions, or you could have said no."

"What's the big deal if I said no?"

"We need you. We can't do this without you."

"Do what?"

"Come with me," Michael said as he motioned for James to follow. He approached what looked like an empty room.


"Please answer me! What do you need me for?"


Michale messed around with a few paintings on the wall of the seemingly empty room. About ten seconds later, a secret compartment popped open in the right-hand-top-corner.


Michael pulled out a spyglass.

"What is that thing?" James asked.

"So many questions... so little time... Look, here's the story, this spyglass has been handed down in my family for five generations. This spyglass is what I think may be a clue to finding what we're all looking for."

"What are we looking for?" James asked, about ready to grab the man by the shoulders and shake him.

"An old miner, by the name of Jerry Dalton, once found a hollow tavern in an old abandoned mine, and he found an entire room full of gold, silver, swords, shields, armor, the list goes on and on. Nobody knows the whereabouts of this mine currently. It's gone. We have reason to believe he left clues to lead future generations to finding his treasure. These clues could be anywhere in the state. Now, when my father gave this to me when I was only 13, I kept it hidden, I made my own secret compartments in my very own bedroom, and made sure nobody could find it except me. It was a game I loved playing. Here, take a look at the spyglass," Michael handed him the old item.


"This is really old, at least one hundred years. I'm suprised you haven't sold this yet, you could get quite a fortune for this thing."

"I know. But I'm not going to, I'm the only member of my family who has figured out what it means, and how it works... Er, actually, it doesn't work. Look through it."

James looked through the spyglass, and could see in his normal vision. The glass at both ends was missing.

"Where are the glass pieces?" James asked.

"That's what we want to know. We've been looking for months. We can't find anyone, even through the internet, that knows where these pieces are. Rumor has it that the glass parts aren't normal. They have a clue on each piece or something."

"Hrm. Well, this has been fun and all, but I have to go send a report to the police for assaul-" James began, but then a man with elvis hair stepped in front of him.

"Not so fast, paper boy."

"Ed, back up, give him some space," Michael commanded. "Everyone come with me, I want to show Mr. Grady our mode of transportation."


As everyone left the house, they walked out to the front yard, only to see...


... an RV.

"An RV?" James rolled his eyes and looked at Michael.

"An RV."


"Mr. Grady, by the way, I don't think I've introduced myself... I'm Carter." the man with the long hair said. He held his hand out. James hesitated for a moment, and then shook it.

"Nice to meet you," said Carter.

"Likewise," James responded.

Michael leaned and whispered in James' ear: "He's a bit of a history fanatic, you'll have to excuse his, er, giddiness."

"No problem, I'm the same. Except I'm not giddy," James winked and stared at the RV.

"... ... ... CARTER!" Michael shouted.


"Unlock the door, bonehead!"

"Oh! Right!" Carter pulled a keyring out of his pocket and held a small clicker.


The RV was unlocked, and Michael pulled open the door.


The three walked inside.

Michael set the spyglass down on the table, and James looked around.


"Budget cuts?" James asked.

"Budget cuts." Carter frowned.

"So, you're serious about this whole "treasure-hunt" thing, and all you can give us for transportation is an RV that can barely fit us three?"

"I have a few more vehicles, but this is mainly our research vehicle. We'll keep most of our equipment in here, including the clues we find," said Michael.

"It doesn't seem like this will be hard," James told Michael.

"More difficult than you'd think, James. This may be the most difficult thing I've ever done. It could take months, years even, to find what we're looking for."

"Yeah? Well I have one week before I lose my job. I can't do this."

"Remember what I told you on the phone?"

"What are you talking about?"

"If we find this, you'll get your information. You'll get your story!" Michael patted James on the back.

"First off, how do you know about my jobs problems? And second, how do you know that this might work?"

"I'll answer that later. Let's go get our stories straight in the house, and I'll introduce you to everyone."


The three walked back outside. But none of them knew what was still in the RV...


*insert dramatic music*


Thanks for reading. :sweet:


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Really nice chapter Striker! I've been waiting a while for this one. :grin: As always, the suspense is driving me mad. :hmpf: I'm really enjoying this story, so if you can maybe try to get them out faster. :wub:

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Thanks! Sorry for the wait, Inconspicuous, I just really have trouble thinking of what the angles of the shots should be, where they'll go next, etc. etc.

I'll start ripping them out now that the story's been kicked off.

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Thanks, Striker! I think that I might start going crazy and smash all my UCS vehicles if I have to wait too long. :tongue: You don't have to rush too much, but it is nice if you could make it a weekly thing. That way I could stop scanning the forums everyday to check for new chapters. :grin:

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Now don't go doing that...

... because I just put up another chapter. :grin:

Edited by Striker

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