MOC: Japan Railway Bullet Train

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Hi everybody,

This is my first time to post my own creation on this website. This is a great oppotunity to share with you my creations globally (I come from Hong Kong) and hope to get more comments, suggestions to improving me train techniques continuously. Had seen a lot of great Lego friends here in making a lot of trains, so, as a Lego lover, I would also like to share my trains after doing some searches... Hope you all enjoy and look forward to receiving your replies :laugh:


Left hand side - with reference to JR 700 series bullet train

Right hide side - with reference to JR 200 series bullet train


The view of 700 series first train


The view of 200 series first train


The whole train contains five cars, the 700 series first car, 2 passenger cars, 1 bedroom car and the 200 series first car(last car). The sequence of the colours, white, green and blue is reference to the real 200 series - No. 5000, K combination bullet train colour (which transits from North-East Japan)


Named : 701 - 0001 : The first car (last car also) , reference to the 700 series bullet train


Named : 701 - 0002 - the second car, which contains the electrical power system (on the top)


701 - 0002 : the car inside contains a toilet, and the passenger seats which set as the business class seats


Named : 701 - 0003 - the middle car, no power at all. Containing the bedroom and a small shops with the vending machine.


701 - 0003 - upper deck, bedroom for long-distance passengers. Lower deck, contains a small shop with vending machine


701 - 0003 - A train assistant will help you if you have any enquiries


701 - 0003 - one more picture


Named : 701 - 0004 : the fourth car, passenger car with first class seats


701 - 0004 - in this car, TV will be provided and waiter would server the passengers with drinks and snacks


Named : 701 - 0005 - the last car, reference to 200 series, also contains business class seats


Photos together, 700 and 200 series bullet train car

Thanks for watching !!!

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Fantastic work! I like the detail in the cars and the smooth lines of the train. Unfortunately, the Brickshelf folder isn't public so we can't see the pictures there. You may want to check out this great Deep Linking Tutorial.

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Great work :thumbup:

I like the way you worked on the 700 series

It is hard to make something really like the original


But I think you did very well.


did you know we have a special Train tech forum ?

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Yea it looks pretty much as the original, it is extremely hard to capture those curvy slopey angles in lego. You did good job!

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Very cool MOC, Prince William. I love the cut-away sections, exposing the cool stuff within. The multi-floored car has to be my personal favourite, with the helpful attendant waiting patiently to serve hordes of passengers.

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Outstanding work, PrinceWilliam!

I really like how you did the interior in the train cars. You managed to fit in so many amazing details in such small space, I'm truly impressed! :wub:

My favourite is the sleeping/shop-car, very cool!

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Really great Train. At first I was looking at the pictures and thinking. "No way they hold figs." then low and behold you used the space so well it surprised me.

Excellent work! :thumbup:

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Very nice MOC. The fact that the carriages hold minifigures and more details just made this even better. You did very well with the front ... its not easy recreating that profile with Lego bricks at that scale. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more from you.

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Very nice PW. Excellent bullet train! I like both engines, and especially love the details you put into the passenger cars. You've successfully combined a style and modern look of a bullet train with classic train interior detailing reminding me of 4547/10002 Metroliner Railroad Club Car. You don't see this combination very often. I'm not sure about those first class seats though. They look a little cramped. :wink:

Great job! This would make a very nice entry for the Train Tech Contest, Category 1.

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