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Matsuoka Nui

Averax Magna Chronicles 2: The Frozen Time

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Averax Magna Chronicles

Book II: The Frozen Time


Like my last novel, I will keep track of information. "*" indicates any new or updated information. But unlike the last novel, I will also add a few facts at the end of some chapters, clarifying each event that was created and what the effects are as a result that would take place in the "Princess Skralla" arc. You'll see this symbol "~AN:" for author's note.

The Review: Link

Please, if you had NOT read the epic...use this link before continuing on...

Book 1: Kingdoms of Paradise


Our fabled heroes, Mata Nui and Skralla used the last of their powers: to wound back time in order to keep their world safe from Garaxial's attack. Unfortunately, it caused a priceless consequence to their daughter, Sakari, and her new friends.

Now, they're stuck in the past: back over 100,000 years ago, when Spherus Magna was still in power...just as Skralla and Mata Nui are being created, their relies on Sakari...who must make their future for them...meaning that if Mata Nui and Skralla never meet, or if any of the past events back in the Princess Skralla Arc don't happen or changes in a different outcome, then Sakari shall cease to exist...and the storyline shall never be the same...

But there is hope... in order for Sakari and Averax Magna to "re-exist", she must use her mother's memories to set up the inevitable and cause events to happen, but even if she succeeds in rebuilding the past, will she ever return home to save her people?


*Sakari: The Daughter of Mata Nui and Skralla and the "destined princess" of Averax Magna. Now she must rely on her mother's memory and her Ancient Cloak in order to set things right. After being captured by the GBs, she is granted a rewrite her mother's past or the future would suffer. She accepts the terms and receives a scroll that provides instructions to control the fate of this time. She and the others later reunited with Syarix, Surel, and the Light Garaxial, preparing the first task. She, Syarix, and the Light Garaxial traveled to Atero, but realized that there was too many Agori to hide from. She used her powers from the cloak to turn invisible along with Syarix to sneak their way in while the Light Garaxial distracted the Agori with a series of fireworks. When the task was completed (once Certavus made his choice to show Skralla the construction of Mata Nui), the time flow began to change...(before that happened however, Sakari received a telepathic message from the Great Beings about how the time flow will change when they accomplish a task as well as receiving keys for something.) When the sudden time flow stopped, they reappear in the day when "The Shattering" occurred. Later, Sakari and the others found the caves where "The Prophecy" must be "re-written". Upon the next arrival in another time period, she and the others discover the Baterra attacking the Skrall. She and the others barely escaped and fled to Sure's hideout. Sakari read the next task which told her to deliver a message to Tuma so he could take Skralla home. The Time of flow changed once again, this time they must make sure that Certavus must die. Sakari seemed awfully shocked at this request but still, she and the others followed Certavus quietly to Atero, and poisoned his drink. The next time period they arrived was about 66,000 years ago and the next task was given to her and her teammates; to scatter the ten crystals. Sakari went alone into the Tesara to place the Green Crystal on an empty shelf. In addition, she was also tasked to give the ancient book to Berix. She and Syarix successfully placed the book in his hut and met with the others outside of the village. Arriving at 55,000 years ago, the next task was that Starax must die, in order for Skralla to become the princess as well as Tuma becoming the leader of the Skrall. Once the team reached 20,000 years ago, they witness Skralla becoming the princess as well as the Baterra attacking the Skrall. Sakari took this chance to use her cloak to create an escape route for Skralla and Tuma. Arriving at 1,500 years ago, Sakari discovered that it was the time when Skralla and the others were attacked by the Sand Bats. Sakari borrowed Belirax's horn to send an alarm indirectly to the Sisters of the Skrall. Later, after waking up from the next span of time traveling, she kissed Syarix's head to sooth his headache, not realizing what she was doing at first. She almost felt bad as a result of showing her affection. The group managed to sneak their way into Roxtus, however it began to rain. After finding some caves to hide into, Sakari took Syarix with her, using the cloak to stay invisible to head out to the fortress. Upon arriving there, they discovered that Skralla was running away from the city. Sakari and Syarix reunited with the others and the group went to the fortress in order to complete the next task. However, during the process, Erax arrived from another world and fell unconscious. The group brought the injured "Glatorian" to safety in order to evade from being seen.

*Syarix: One of Sakari's trusted friends. He must help her in order to succeed the past and to help save the future. His Ebon Master Sword will make sure that any enemies will not get in their way. He woke up in the forest and saw a nearby conflict between a few Skrall and some green-armored beings. One of them disappeared as a result of a blinding light. Later, he meets Surel with the Iron Wolves and found Sakari and the others. He, Sakari and the Light Garaxial traveled to Atero, only realizing that there was too difficult to sneak their way in. The Light Garaxial created a display of fireworks to distract the Agori while he and Sakari stole some sheets to make a map. When the task was accomplished, the flow of time began to change...they appeared in the next time period, the day of "The Shattering". Syarix and the others went into the caves where they must re-write "The Prophecy" in order to prepare for the next eclipse...Upon arriving in the next time period, they discover the Baterra attacking the Skrall, forcing the male Skrall to flee to the south. Syarix and the team barely escaped with the help of Garaxial's Light powers. They fled into Surel's hideout and helped Sakari to make a message for Tuma so he could meet Skralla in Atero. In the time Time Period, they were told by the scroll to cause the death of Certavus. He and the others followed the Glatorian to Atero and poisoned his drink. At around 66,000 years ago (in terms of the time period), the fifth task was given, telling them to scatter the ten crystals, one of which must be given to Skralla while another must be given to Berix. Also, that Agori must receive a book so he could use it to help Skralla in the far future. He and Sakari managed to leave the book in his hut and escaped to the outskirts, reuniting with the others. By 55,000 years ago, he and the others were tasked to cause the death of Starax, thus make Tuma the last of his elite breed. Syarix used his sword to channel a fire blast in order for Starax to fall. The group then arrived in another time period, this time, the day when Skralla was crowned princess. An army of Baterra attacked the celebration, killing various Agori and Skrall. Syarix and the others escaped to the mountains, waiting for Sakari to complete her task. Upon arriving in 1,500 years ago, Sakari revealed her love to him as well as preforming the next task: to launch a signal to the Sisters of the Skrall. After arriving in the next time period, Syarix had a headache and Sakari kissed him on the forehead. The group managed to sneak into Roxtus, however it began to rain. Sakari used her cloak once more and the two went towards the fortress, only realizing that Skralla was running away from the village. Later, Syarix returned to the fortress with Sakari and the others to complete the next task. However, during the task, a new arrival was coming in from another world, the same one that Syarix saw a while back. The group to Erax to safety and later got in a conversation with him.

*Belirax: A Female Skrall who founded the "Sisters of the Skrall". She was sent by Skralla and Mata Nui to guide Sakari. She was captured along with Sakari and Agarax and woke up inside the GB's Fortress. She and the others left, searching for the others, but also saw the "Skralla" of that timeline, walking with Certavus. She eventually reunited with Syarix, Surel and the Light Garaxial. When it was time to preform the first task, she waited for Sakari, Syarix and the Light Garaxial to bring back some supplies to create a map of the working site of Mata Nui. When it was accomplished, the time flow fast forward, sending them on the day of "The Shattering". Belirax and the others later discovered a cave where "The Prophecy" must be written. Later, she arrived in the day when the Baterra attacked the Skrall. She remembered the day very well when her "past self" led the remaining female Skrall into the Maze Valley. Belirax later helped Sakari to create a message for Tuma so he could take Skralla to Roxtus. When she and the others arrived in the next Time Period, they were forced by the scroll that Certavus must die. The Team managed to sneak into Atero once again and poisoned Certavus' drink. When she and the others arrived in the next time period, the scroll told them to scatter the ten crystals. Throughout this mission, they arrived in Tajun to secretly deliver an ancient book to Berix. But unexpected arrivals from another tribe went into the village to watch an Arena Match. She and the others escaped, leaving a coded symbol for Sakari to read so she would find them outside, in order to keep their presence hidden from others. At 55,000 years ago, she and the others read the next task, which told them to cause the death of Starax. By 20,000 years ago, Belirax and the others witnessed Skralla's inauguration as well as the Baterra's siege. She managed to escape with the others, waiting for Sakari to complete her mission. By 1,500 years ago, Belirax recalled that this was when she met Skralla. She gave Sakari a horn in order to send the alarm to the Sisters of the Skrall. Then, she used her mental assault powers to send all of the Skrall unconscious. After arriving at the next time period, her nose was starting to bleed. The Light Garaxial used his light powers to temporally heal her and the group moved on, journeying into Roxtus, with caution. Then the weather began to rain, and the group fled into the caves. Later, Belirax went to the fortress to help Sakari and Syarix complete the next task. However, a new person was arriving from another world. The group took the new comer to safety in order to evade anyone that would screw up the time paradox.

*Agarax: The Former Slave of Garaxial, now a runaway being who must help Sakari in her quest. He was eventually captured with Belirax and Sakari, and woke up inside a chamber in the GB's Fortress. The three were given a scroll that provides important tasks to do. He later re-joined with Syarix, Surel, and the Light Garaxial. Sakari, Syarix and the Light Garaxial left to find supplies while he, Belirax, and Surel stayed by the beaches. When the first task was completed, the flow of time began to change...sending them on the day of "The Shattering". When the next task on the scroll tells them to write down "The Prophecy", they went to the caves and began to carve out the message. When the time flow changed, they arrived on the day when the Skrall were forced to flee into Roxtus. He later helped Sakari and the others to create a message for Tuma so he could meet Skralla in Atero. In the next Time Period, the message on the scroll told them to kill Certavus so he could give Skralla the necklace. Despite this argument, the team still killed the Glatorian by poisoning his drink. The next task that he's did was to scatter the ten crystals. During this task, their journey took them to Tajun, in order for an ancient book to be given to Berix. When another tribe entered Tajun to watch an Arena Match, he and the others escaped, keeping their presence hidden. Belirax left a code on the ground, telling Sakari and Syarix on where they were hiding. Later, they arrived in the next time period and were tasked to kill Starax. After wards, they arrived on the day when Skralla became the princess of the Skrall, and watched the Baterra killing a number of Skrall. Agarax fled with the others while Sakari completed a task by herself to set things right. Afterwords, the group arrived in around 1,500 years ago, witnessing the Sand Bats attacking a group of Skrall. At 3 years ago, Agarax woke up after hearing Sakari making noise. Later, the group arrived in Roxtus without getting caught, however, it began to rain and the team fled into the caves in order to stay dry. Later, Agarax went to the fortress with the others in order to complete the next task. Then, Erax arrives from another world and the group brought the new arrival to safety.

*Garaxial's Light: The remaining "goodness" of Garaxial as a result of a tragic accident. His range of light powers will be useful, but will it be enough to stop the other Garaxial? When he and Syarix woke up in the forest, they heard a nearby battle. He and Syarix took an investigation and witness a warrior receiving the power to cross worlds. Later, he met Surel and his Iron Wolves and reunited with Sakari, Belirax, and Agarax. Together, they read the first task on the scroll. As a result of this task, he went with Sakari and Syarix to prepare for the first task. He distracted the Agori using his light powers to create a display of fireworks. Once the task was completed, the flow of time began to move forward rapidly...sending them on the day of "The Shattering". Afterwords, read the next task and went into the caves in order to write out "The Prophecy". This Garaxial used his powers to link to his other self, in order to gather information on what his other self discovered, realizing that the other Garaxial has already discovered the secret of Bara Magna, "The Eclipse" and "The Fusion". Upon arriving in the next time period, they arrived on the day when the Baterra forced the male Skrall to flee into Roxtus. He used a blast of light to distract them while he and the others tried to escape before they were caught. After the message was sent to Tuma, they arrived in the next time period. The message on the scroll tells them to kill Certavus in order for Skralla to receive the necklace from the warrior. Despite the argument, they still did it by poisoning Certavus' drink. Upon arriving in the next time period, he and the others were tasked to scatter the ten crystals. Through out this mission, they went to Tesara and waited for Sakari to deliver a green crystal, alone. When she came back, they went to Tajun in order to place an ancient book and the blue crystal to Berix. But when an another tribe arrived to see an Arena Match, he and the others barely escaped, leaving some coded symbols on the ground for Sakari and Syarix to read, telling them that they were outside in order to keep their presence hidden from the others. Upon arriving at the next time period, Garaxial and the others were ordered by the scroll to cause the death of Starax. After that, they found themselves on the day was Skralla officially titled, princess. However, a large number of Baterra invaded, killing a number of Agori and Skrall. Garaxial and the other team mates escaped, waiting for Sakari to return of her task. By 1,500 years ago, the team witnessed several Skrall getting attacked by the Sand Bats. Upon reaching 3 years ago, he woke up by a surprised Sakari and saw Belirax bleeding from her nose. He came up to her and realized that it was the effects of time traveling. So he used his elemental powers to temporally heal her. After arriving in Roxtus, the weather began to rain and the group ran into the caves to stay dry. Later, the group raced into the fortress in preparation for the next task. Then, Garaxial saw a stranger coming in from another world. He and the others brought the new comer to safety.

*Erax: A warrior from the Jungle Tribe who was exposed to the energized protodermis, thus his destiny was granted with the power to cross dimensions, but it is only a one-way trip. He left the world, saying that he must find his destiny...He will later reappear in this story, but it is unknown when. How he gains a permanent power of crossing worlds is yet to be revealed...

Recently, Erax has arrived but fell unconscious. He was taken to safety with Sakari and the others in a cave. He was later in a discussion with the team and vows to help them on the journey.


"Stagnant Time BIONICLE Universe"

----"Spherus Magna (Pre-Shattering)"

-------Aqua Magna

-------Bara Magna

-------GB's Fortress

-------Bota Magna

----"Bara Magna (Post Shattered - Pre-Fusion)" ---->similar to the "core reality"

-------Wastelands, Creep Canyon, Sea of Liquid Sand, Maze Valley, Great Volcano

-------The Villages of Tajun, Roxtus, Tesara, Vulcanus, Iconox, and Atero/Arena Magna

-------The Cave of Prophecies (Black Stone Cave)

-------The Temple of Tesara

-------The Two Great Canyons

"Matoran Universe (Pre-Great Cataclysm)"

"Kotan World: SDD"

"Wound Back Time" BIONICLE Universe

----"Spherus Magna of Locked Time"

-------"Averax Magna Frozen Time"

*Notice 2: As of late, it seems that everyone is confused about this it not? Then to make things easier, I will make a list of the released chapters and indicate the number of years ago the setting takes place...

*Don't count the events in the present time (or aka "Wound Back Time Universe")

Prologue: 101,950 years ago (Core War)

Chapter 1: 101,950 years ago (Core War)

Chapter 2: 101,950 years ago (Core War)

Chapter 3: 100,000 years ago (The Shattering and aftermath)

Chapter 4: 100,000 years ago (Post-Shattering)

Chapter 5: 85,000 years ago (Baterra Attacks Skrall; Female Skrall are left behind; the discovery of Roxtus)

Chapter 6: 74,250 years ago (Night before Certavus' death)

Chapter 7: 66,000 years ago (No specific event)

Chapter 8: 66,000 years ago

Chapter 9: 55,000 years ago (Starax's Death)

Chapter 10: 20,000 years ago (Skralla's inauguration, Baterra's Attack)

Chapter 11: 1,500 years ago (Attack of the Sand Bats)

Chapter 12: 3 years ago (Tuma proclaims the beginning of World Domination)

Chapter 13: 3 years ago (The "Princess Skralla" Timeline begins...)

Chapter 14: 3 years ago (PS, The First Story Timeline...)

Edited by Toa Syaoran

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Prologue: The Core War, an arrival of the future…

“I will do anything to fix this paradox. My mother, my father, and my kingdom cannot suffer! I won’t allow them to die in vain!”



A dozen of warriors from the Fire Tribe marched down the slopes of the Rocky Cliff. They were not far from Aqua Magna, home of the Water Tribe.

“Is this necessary?” asked one of the soldiers.

“Yes,” said their leader, “We have to keep moving so we can get our prize. The other tribes are heading towards the Northern Frost. So we have to get there first. This path is a shortcut."

As they walked, they saw the Great Sea. The waters seemed calm at first, but then a gigantic wave churned, heading towards the warriors.

“Separate!” shouted the leader, “And regroup at the other side!”

The twelve warriors ran in separate directions, trying to confuse the Water Lord. The Lord of Water raised its hand, sending other waves towards them.

Then a surprise group from the water tribe ambushed the Fire Tribe warriors.

“Attack!” shouted the Fire Leader.

The two sides clashed, using whatever powers they had. As long as their corresponding Element Lord remained alive, the warriors would be granted a limited range of elemental powers. It seemed that both sides were in a stalemate…until a bright flash of light glowed the entire sky…blinding everyone.

“Is this some trick?” shouted one of the water warriors.

“What’s going on?” snapped the leader of the Fire Tribe Warriors.

But before anyone could respond, they all disappeared. They’re still on Spherus Magna, but the result of this bright light teleported them away…somewhere far from this new arrival…


On another section of this combative planet, a group of Great Beings placed another set of metallic protodermis and protosteel on their latest project, the Mata Nui Robot. For the last several years, they continued their project which might be their last. In theory, Mata Nui would be the answer to this Core War. He would help solve this problem and make peace amongst its people.

“Is the Ignika ready?” asked one of them.

Another Great Being held a pouch, inside was the powerful mask of life, waiting to be placed inside.

“Then take it in. You know where to go, head to Metru Nui first, then Karzahni, and head south, hopefully the Matoran won’t notice your arrival,” said the Great Being.

“Don’t worry,” said the other Great Being, “My partner and I have our cloaks ready.”

“Good, now hurry,” he replied, “Then meet me back as we prepare his conscious, the essence that’ll take root of this robot.”


Two other Great Beings stood inside their fortress. One of them finished the essence that’ll be the spirit of Mata Nui. The other carried another essence, but couldn’t decide what to do with it.

“What about this extra spirit?” she asked.

“We don’t need it,” said the other being, “I don’t know why you personally made that…”

“But…even though we are sure that Mata Nui will be alright…but what if something bad happens to him? That’s why I made this other spirit. It needs a name…” replied the female Great Being.

But before the other being could respond, they heard the arrival of another Great Being.

“Is Mata Nui’s essence ready yet?” he asked, “I sent the two to go place the Ignika inside that robot.”

“Yes,” he replied, “But our friend here seems to have an extra…”

“I don’t want this spirit to be wasted. Is there anyone that we could use?” asked the female being.

“There is…but we have to wait…” said the male Great Being, “They have come…they are the ones…”

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“Come with me,” he said, “There’s someone that you might want to see.”


Sakari woke up and turned her head. She seemed to recognize this place, but right now she could hear far away battles. She turned and saw a group of being working on a gigantic robot. According to her mother’s memories, she recognized that it was her father…

Hey father, I hope you’re well…she thought, Maybe with luck, I can find mother…

Belirax woke up and couldn’t believe her eyes.

“We’re back?” she asked.

“No…,” answered Agarax, “Something’s awfully wrong about this place. Listen.”

The three listen to the sounds. From what they heard, it sounded like a series of battles of various warriors fighting.

“Is this…our past?” asked Belirax.

“More over, this is my mother’s memories,” replied Sakari, “We’re back in time…and where’s Syarix and our new friend?”


Syarix and the Light Garaxial woke up in a dense jungle. He could hear nearby battles. He realized that Sakari was not with him.

I hope she’s with the others…or else she’ll be in danger…he thought, but I have to tell Sakari that I love her…but when?

“Let’s find them…” said the Light Garaxial, “We need to regroup.

They walked for a few minutes, taking precaution at every corner. Then they could see clearly, he saw a group of green-armored warriors fighting some black-ebon beings. Neither of them could not figure out who they were, but they stayed hidden.

“Give us back that liquid!” shouted one of the Skrall.

“No!” shouted one of the green-armored beings, “We found this first!”

“Then die in the name of the Rock Tribe!” snapped another Skrall.

The green-armored being took a step back, and then suddenly he tripped on a rock and dropped the canister of the silvery liquid. He tried to catch it before the Skrall tried to retrieve it but the canister cracked, a leak poured onto the warrior’s head. Suddenly his body began to glow…at first dimly, then brightly…

What’s happening to me…thought Erax.

“Erax!” shouted Vastus, as he tried to cover his eyes “What’s going on?”

“This is my destiny,” replied Erax as he was consumed by the energized protodermis, “Yours lays in the future, Vastus. Don’t worry about me…everything will be alright…”

Then the bright light disappeared. Erax stood up and looked at himself through a reflection from the river. His body has merely changed; no longer he was a simple, warrior but held the power to cross worlds.

“I cannot stay in this world,” he continued, “I must go…”

He raised his hand, and a portal opened. Before the Skrall could attempt to kill him, he stepped inside and disappeared…

I have to tell Sakari about this, though Syarix, maybe that being who disappeared might be the key…

Whatever it was…could it be our way out, thought the Light Garaxial.


Sakari, Agarax and Belirax woke up in a small chamber, chained on the wall. Earlier, they were walking along the beaches of Aqua Magna when they were knocked out suddenly with no sign of warning.

“What’s going on?” snapped Belirax.

“This is…but a time paradox…” said one of the Great Beings, “You guys came from the future…right?”

“How do you know?” asked Agarax.

“Cause I talked to your other self a while ago, Agarax. He agreed to the terms on going on a mission through various worlds,” replied the Great Being.

“This is impossible,” said Sakari, “How are we back in time?”

“Ah, Sakari, daughter of Skralla,” answered the Great Being, “Your answer lies in your mother’s memories. But the only thing that was left out was what happened after you received the memories. You see, she and Mata Nui turned back time…keeping their world safe…from that one man…”

“What do you even know about Garaxial?” snapped Agarax.

“Because…it was we who created him…” replied the Great Being. Then he could tell the expression of his captives, and then he added, “We believed that he would be no harm…but apparently, his power corrupted him, was it not?”

“You know it is,” growled Agarax.

The Great Being nodded and turned to the others, saying, “Bring the body in. They have a choice to make…”

“A choice?” asked Sakari, “What do you mean?”

The two great beings carried the empty body of a female Skrall. Sakari, Agarax and Belirax gasped at the sight. The body belonged to Skralla, the destined female Skrall…the mother of Sakari…

“This is your choice,” said the Great Being, “If you accept this, then there’s hope for you to stop this Time Paradox and set things right for this world, and its future. Recline, and the world shall suffer in chaos, fear, and death.”

Sakari sighed, she wished that there was another way, but if this was the only plan to save her people, then she would be entitled to do so.

“I will do anything to fix this paradox. My mother, my father, and my kingdom cannot suffer! I won’t allow them to die in vain!” said Sakari.

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Chapter 1: The Beginning World…

“I don’t believe in punishing those just because of what species she is! I would go insane if I were to do such terrible things to an innocent being whether I know a person or not. This person has a heart of gold and I will treat this person with respect!”



The Great Being nodded and turned to his partners, saying, “Take that sprit and insert it inside. Then let her wake up in the sands of Bara Magna, not far from Atero, so that the legend can be rewritten once more.”

Then he turned to the others and said, “With that choice, this will be the start of everything. I entrust this to you.” He handed them a scroll.

“This is a list of the things that you must do. At times, a character must make a decision, it is your job to follow what the scroll says and control that character’s fate…Also, you must not be seen…by her, her friends, and anyone associated with her, although you can talk to only other one being,” he explained.

“And who will that be?” asked Sakari.

“He’s a warrior who was badly injured, the one that helped your parents to succeed in their mission. He goes by Surel,” replied the Great Being.

“That one warrior?” asked Agarax, “But how will we know where he’s at?”

“He has his Iron Wolves, which is by the way, a creation of ours. They will help you in your quest, along with him,” he answered.


Syarix and the Light Garaxial ran across the darken forest. It seemed as if they wouldn’t find their way out.

“I hope Sakari and the others are okay,” said Syarix.

“Quiet! I heard something!” snapped the Light Garaxial. The two turned to see a bunch of wolf-like creatures, made out of some type of metal mixed with organic material. At first the wolves seemed to want to attack them, but a whistle commanded them to stay still.

“And what do we have here?” asked the voice.

“Who are you?” asked Syarix, taking out his sword.

“Ah…at least someone is curious. I’m Surel,” came the reply, “At least that I would have been named.”

The Light Garaxial could see blood from the wounded warrior. He flew up to him and asked, “What did this to you?”

“Huh,” said Surel, “If my friends thought sharper, I would’ve never been this badly injured.”

“Who are your friends?” asked Garaxial.

“My friends? Look at my armor. I once belonged to the Ice Tribe, well; at least I used to be part of. Then I was left behind as a sacrifice but thanks to these wolves, I managed to escape from here…” explained Surel, “But due to my injuries and being shunned, I cannot return to them, so now I’m just a loner.”

“Well then. We’re on a search for our friends,” said Syarix, “Sakari, Belirax, and Agarax.”

“Those names…I know them…” replied the injured warrior.

“How is that?” asked the Light Garaxial.

“I had a dream,” said Surel, “A Great Being told me that a time paradox would occur, thus messing up this world here. I was told that you plus those three are about to set up the inevitable, to control the lives of a female Skrall with a golden-armored being. They told me to help you out in order to succeed in this quest. That means that you are from the future…is it not?”

“Well, you guessed it right,” answered Syarix.

“Well then, we better find them and start the journey,” said Surel, “For we have a long way to go…”


The ebon armored being opened her eyes and looked around. She had no idea where she was nor what was going on.

Who am I, she thought, and what is this world?

Then a named popped into her head.

Skralla? That’s my name? If that’s what it is…then what is this world?

Skralla stood up and turned to see a massive building in the distance. She could dimly see some small armored beings going in and out in a hurry.

I wonder what’s with the rush, she thought. Then she walked slowly towards the massive building. As she got closer she saw a sign that said “Atero, City of the Arena Magna”.

“Interesting,” she muttered, “Is it a village?”

By the time she got there, she could see hundreds of small armored beings talking, selling various items and talking to taller armored beings.

This is a nice place, she thought, but I don’t understand. Am I…?

“Halt! No Skrall may enter!” shouted an Agori.

“Eh? Skrall? My name is--?” began Skralla when another Agori shouted, “This is no place for the Skrall to play around!”

Before Skralla could react, she was knocked down by a few Agori. Then they chained and dragged her towards the prison.

“What’s going on? Why are you doing this? I haven’t done anything!” she protested.

“You are a Skrall. You should know why,” snapped the Agori.

“Stop!” shouted a warrior, “What’s with the commotion?”

The Agori turned to see Certavus, one of the famous warriors.

“But sir, this being is a Skrall. You know the rules,” said Metus, “And what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be fighting still?”

“Look. I just woke up in the sands. I have no clue what’s going on…” she snapped, “Please. I need some answers here.”

Certavus took a look at the female Skrall. She turned her head to the side and grumbled. Then the warrior came up to her and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll let you go…”

“Nonsense!” shouted Kirbold, “She’ll be a threat to all of us if we release her!”

Certavus grabbed Kirbold by the neck and said, “I don’t believe in punishing those just because of what species she is! I would go insane if I were to do such terrible things to an innocent being whether I know this person or not. This person has a heart of gold and I will treat this person with respect!”

Then he dropped the Agori and turned to the female Skrall, and said, “Come with me. You have my permission to work in this place. The Agori could use a stronger being that can help support for this war going on.”

He unchained her and took her hand. Skralla got up and said, “Thank you. Now could you explain to me about this war?”


Sakari, Belirax, and Agarax walked across the sands. According to what the Great Beings said, they would find the others in the mountains with Surel.

“Now how will we get there?” asked Belirax, “This planet hasn’t shattered yet and I wasn’t even outside of the Black Spikes.”

“I’m sure there’s a way,” said Sakari, perhaps Surel might send his wolves to us…wait! Look!”

The three turned to see two other beings in the distance. It took a few moments to realize that it was Skralla with a white armored being.

“We have to change directions,” said Sakari, “Let’s go before they see us.”

“Who are they?” asked Agarax, not understanding this.

“That’s my mother. From her memories, she’s with someone named Certavus. But we can’t interfere or else we’ll change this time period,” explained Sakari.

The three changed directions, heading west towards the Great Sea.

“Perhaps the sea could lead us towards the mountains,” muttered Sakari.

All she could do was to pray and hope that this would lead them the way to find Syarix and the Light Garaxial.


Meanwhile, the others walked along the beaches of Aqua Magna, searching for their companions as well.

“My wolves will find them. They have great scenting abilities,” said Surel.

“Should we just keep going?” asked Syarix.

“Not to worry, they’ll be back soon,” replied the warrior, “Besides, I need to rest. Perhaps you can go and find them while I’ll stay here.”

Nodding, Syarix turned and followed the wolves. Not taking any chances, he took out his sword, preparing for any possible ambushes.

I hope you’re out there, Sakari, he thought.

Then he gasped, he saw three beings emerging from the rocky cliffs. Sure enough he recognized Sakari and the others, accompanied by the wolves.

“Sakari!” he shouted, “Is everyone alright?”

“Yeah, we’re fine. Are you okay, yourself?” she asked.

“Yes. The others are waiting for you,” he replied.

When the group returned, Surel turned and saw Sakari, holding a scroll in her hands.

“Is that the list?” he asked, “The ones that you must fulfill?”

“Yes. Here, I was told that you’ll be helping us along the way,” she said.

“I will be able to help you, but I can only do so much, my wolves will guide all of you in this quest. In return, I shall keep this a big secret, or else it might change the timeline in this world,” he explained.

“Well,” said Syarix, “What does the list say?”

Sakari opened the scroll and read the first message. Then she handed it to him, who he then passed it around. As soon as Sakari got it back, she placed it inside her cloak. The first thing that it said would be simple, but difficult as well…


The First Task:

“Skralla and Certavus must witness the departure of Mata Nui. This will allow the Great Spirit to have dim memories when he returns to this world once he’s exiled.”

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Chapter 2: An Inevitable

Whenever you complete a task on that scroll, the flow of time will send you to the next period where you perform the next task.

---A telepathic message from the Great Beings to Sakari


“So, tell me,” said Certavus, “Do you recall anything?”

“No sir,” she answered, “I just woke up in this world. If possible, my memories could have been dormant.”

“I see,” he answered, “But not to worry. I’m sure you’ll like it here. Spherus Magna is a beautiful place to live. There is the Great Sea, named Aqua Magna, a gigantic barren desert, named Bara Magna, and lots of other places. And call me Certavus, I don’t’ mind if you call me by my name.”

“I seemed to like that place, Atero?” she asked.

“It is one of the most beautiful places, indeed,” he agreed, “We used it for special ceremonies. Now that this war is raging, it is now a place for campaigning.”


“So how are we going to make them watch a takeoff?” asked Belirax, “That sounds kinda funny, but why?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s a sign of love?” said Sakari, “We’ll just have to figure it out some day…”

Then an idea popped in her head. Then she asked Surel, “Is it possible that we could make a map or something that’ll lead them to see Mata Nui?”

“There is, but the nearest supplies are a bit far away,” he answered, “However, the wolves can take you there.”

“Where would I find them at?” she asked.

“Better yet, go to Atero, sneak your way in and find the supply room. There are tons of sheets that can be used to make maps, perhaps we can make one of our own as well,” he replied.

“I’ll go with you,” said Syarix, “Just to keep you safe.”

“It’s better if he goes with you,” agreed Surel, “The deserts of the Wastelands are dangerous, filled with creatures that you cannot imagine.”


Tarix, Kiina, and a third warrior from the water tribe woke up. The bright light sent them inside a deep forest.

“Why are we here?” asked Kiina, “And what was that bright light?”

“I don’t know,” said Tarix, “But I’m going to find out what that was.”

“Tarix,” said the other warrior, “We have to find our members and continue fighting, there’s no time to deal with sudden

mysteries like that.”

Tarix wanted to slash this warrior down but he knew that he was right, there was not much time left before the Fire Tribe would try to take the Energized Protodermis away from the Ice Tribe.

“This is getting us no where,” snapped Kiina, “I’m heading this way.”

But just as she took a step, her foot got caught in something, the next moment; she was upside down, hanging from the tree.

“Kiina!” said Tarix, “Are you alright?”

“Who ever built this trap sure made a nice way of hiding it,” she cursed.

Tarix tried to slice the rope with his water blades, but then his both of his wrists got caught by a vine.

“Since you three ended up in this place,” hissed a voice, “I assume that you want do die.”

“The Jungle Lord,” muttered Tarix, “That Elemental Lord knows that we’re here!”


Sakari, Syarix, and the Light Garaxial arrived in the gates of Atero. Beyond them were hundreds of Agori working.

“How are we going to go past them?” muttered Syarix, “There’s too many to sneak past to?”

He turned to see Sakari but realized that she disappeared. Then he could hear her voice, “My powers, I must have a portion from my mothers. Invisibility is one of them. Try holding my hand, perhaps I’ll be able to share it.”

Syarix took her hand and sure enough, his body turned invisible as well.

“Perfect,” he said, “Now we need to create a diversion.” He turned to the Light Garaxial and asked, “Perhaps if you could use your powers to distract them?”

“I know just the thing,” he replied, “Fireworks. From what I can see, they seemed to like entertainment.”

Then the two snuck past the gate while the Light Garaxial went in another direction, far enough in order to create a fireworks display. Channeling his light powers, he aimed a series of light bolts in the sky. Sure enough, several Agori came out and saw the bright lights.

“It’s so beautiful,” said one of them.

“But who’s doing this?” asked another.

“Who cares? This is worthwhile. I haven’t seen such beauty of these lights for a long time,” said another.

Sakari and Syarix snuck, dodged, and barely missed the oncoming Agori. They finally arrived in the village. Sure enough, two of Surel’s wolves lead them to the room that contained the supplies.

“Let’s take some extra, just in case,” suggested Syarix.


Skralla and Certavus turned to see a series of fireworks being displayed in the evening sky.

“Isn’t it too early to show off?” he muttered to himself.

“It’s beautiful,” said Skralla, “Such amazing lights.”

“Indeed it is,” he replied, “But I don’t know why the Agori are using them…I’ll have to talk to them later.”

“But why?” she asked, “I’m sure they’re bored.”

Certavus turned to Skralla, looking her in the eyes.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he replied. Then he smiled and said, “Let’s sit down and watch them, together.”


Sakari, Syarix, and the two Iron Wolves managed to escape the village, they turned to see the Agori watching the fireworks display.

“I hope he doesn’t get carried away,” said Sakari.

“Me neither,” replied Syarix, “We should sneak our way around and send a signal to him, that way he could finish up and meet us.”

Sending the two Iron Wolves, the creatures ran towards the Light Garaxial. As soon as he saw them, Garaxial created a gigantic blast of light in the sky and vanished, heading towards Sakari and Syarix.

“You have them?” he asked.

“Yes. This should be enough to make a map,” answered Sakari, “Now let’s go before they get suspicious about this mysterious theft.”

Later, the team reunited at the shores of Aqua Magna. It was already moonlight, perhaps the best time to calculate the working site.

“Will this be enough?” asked Sakari.

“This will do,” said Surel, “Now let’s trace this out and mark the paths.”

It took at least a few hours to make out a decent map. Then he turned to Sakari and Syarix and said, “Make sure that Skralla receives this map. If I’m correct, then Certavus would use it to make sure that it’s real before he gives it to her.”


Skralla and Certavus stood up and walked their way back from watching the fireworks.

“That was amazing,” said Skralla, “I hope we can watch it again.”

“Yeah, I guess that was nice,” he muttered.

“What’s wrong?” asked Skralla, “You didn’t enjoy it?”

“Oh no, I did, I should go back to the war. I need to be fighting, but the reason why I came to Atero was to check on the campaign and make sure that the Agori were alright,” he explained.

Then they felt a breeze hitting them. Before they could react, a piece of paper rolled up in front of their feet.

“What is this?” asked Skralla, picking up the object.

“Let me see,” said Certavus.

Skralla handed the object to him and Certavus opened up the paper and said, “It is some form of a map. But I wonder where this leads. I see something on this, as if it’s…”

“Should we check it where it leads?” she asked.

“No. It’s best if you stay in the village. Nighttime out in the desert, even by the sea is dangerous. I’ll go and see what it is then I’ll tell you in the morning,” he answered.


As soon as Skralla received a small room to stay in, the warrior went back out to the desert, looking at the map with a skeptical feeling.

This isn’t an enemy’s map is it…he thought, I don’t see anything prominent about this location…but neither the less, I’ll check it out.

After walking for about twenty minutes, he saw several mysterious beings working on something gigantic. It was hard to make out but he could see them building.

Now this is interesting…he thought, I should tell her and see if she might want to see this…


The team sighed in a relief. They knew that this inevitable would happen.

“Well…” said Belirax, “That’s one down, more to go, right?”

“Yep, we have a long way to go before we could set things right…” answered Sakari. Then she heard someone talking in her head, she recognized it that the voice belonged to one of the Great Beings.

Whenever you complete a task on that scroll, the flow of time will send you to the next period where you perform the next task. Also, once you finish a task, a key will be in your hands. The keys will be important later…when you finish all of the tasks. Now I’ll send you to the next time period where you’ll perform the next mission…

Then, the world around them began to change, in a matter of moments, it was bright daylight, but something about this time period chilled them. Then, they all felt a shake in the ground…


As a result of his choice, Certavus would show Skralla the construction of Mata Nui. Later they would see the Great Spirit's take off. (As described in the flashback in the 1st Princess Skralla story)

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Chapter 3: The Shattering, A Tragic Loss

“We’ll have to live in the mountains. Perhaps we’ll find some resources there until we can find another place to live in.”



“What was that tremble?” asked Syarix.

But before anyone could say anything, the world around them shook harder. Then, miniature cracks grew from the ground. Slowly the cracks grew bigger, causing great chasms in the planet. One of them barely missed Belirax, but fast action by Agarax rescued her.

Then the two gigantic chunks that held Spherus Magna broke their way out into space. They all felt the planet shrinking at an incredible rate. From the core of the former Spherus Magna, a massive broken-free wave of energized protodermis soared into space.

“That was The Shattering,” said Surel, “A Tragic Cataclysm that would change our lives forever…until your mother and father saved us, Sakari.”

Sakari took out the scroll and looked at the next task…

The Second Task

Now that “The Shattering” occurred, you must use this providing information and your memories to create the prophecy about “The Eclipse” and “The Fusion.”

“A prophecy?” said Sakari.

“The one that would bring back Spherus Magna,” replied Surel, “I know the place where we have to go.”


Arena Magna, Atero

Skralla woke up and gasped. She felt a terrible tremor in the ground and fell unconscious when she saw the gigantic chunks separating from this blasted world. It had been a few minutes since the cataclysm passed. She turned to see Certavus sitting right by her.

“The war has ended, but alas, a dangerous cataclysm changed this world,” he said.

“I saw two gigantic chunks of this planet leaving, flying away into the stars above,” she replied. Then she added, “Though the war is over, I will see to this place. This is a place where I will live until we can bring them back.”

“There’s no way we can do,” he said, “All we can do is to not make the same mistake again…and use what we have left.”

Skralla sighed. Then she saw something shiny on Certavus. She asked, “What’s with the necklace?”

“Eh? Or you mean this,” he concluded. He handed the necklace over to her and said, “This was from a friend of mine. He died during the war so I received this.”

Skralla took a look at it. The pendant was black with red crystals on it.

“This looks very nice,” she replied, “I bet this was worth a fortune.”

Certavus smiled, though if he were to tell her the truth, it could have driven her mad. He remembered well that one day when he was handed that same necklace. It came from the Great Beings and they handed it to him, telling him that when he dies, he must give it to her.

I can’t tell her now, he thought, because it would be too much for her to understand. She needs to have a happy, peaceful life before she learns the hard way…


Black Stone Caves, Black Spikes

Surel led the others into a dark, wet cave. From what Belirax remembered, it was the place where she saw the carvings. The messages stated that Spherus Magna could be reborn if Mata Nui, Skralla, the Maze Valle, and Tuma’s Throne all worked together. But something about the throne and the Maze Valley didn’t seem to make sense.

“Of course, there’s no writing,” said Surel as he realized that the walls were just blank.

“That means…” began Syarix.

“That we’ll have to carve them ourselves…” finished Sakari.

“Does any of us know how to write?” asked Belirax.

“I can,” said the Light Garaxial, “When I was linked to my original body, I was able to keep many messages and entries of my works. Even when my body was separated, I can still link to my other self and see if he wrote a copy of this.”

Then the Light Garaxial closed his eyes and concentrated on his light energy. At first it seemed as if he was just simply closing his eyes. After a few moments, he opened his eyes and said, “From what I could see in my other self, his corrupted brain knows the entire plan.”

“How did you do that?” asked Sakari.

“I figured that he would do such a thing. He sent his servants to various worlds to collect knowledge. From what he wants to do with them…it has to do with his plans…to take over every universe…both stable and non-stable.”

“But why would he want to do that?” asked Syarix.

“Because, he’s trying to prove that his single power could be proof to change every world,” said the Light Garaxial, “But apparently, whenever I try to link to my other self, he gets closer to find me. So I have to use this power sparingly or else he’ll try to kill me.”


“I must go now,” said Certavus, “There’s a site not far from here where other warriors like myself, along with the Agori are in a discussion.”

“About what?” asked Skralla.

“A new society…well at least a ruling system that would prevent a new war from happening. Before, we relied on the Elemental Lords as our rulers, but they disappeared during “The Shattering”, so it’s all up to us now, I guess.”

With that said, he got up and left the Arena Magna. Skralla got up and turned to the stands. She saw an Agori cleaning up the remaining rubble that happened during the cataclysm.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

The Agori turned and asked, “You’re that one Skrall, right?”

“If that’s the way you want to call me, yes. I’m Skralla,” she replied.

“My name is Tarduk,” replied the Agori, “I’m from the Jungle Tribe.”

“Could you tell me what a Skrall is?” she asked.

Tarduk looked at her as if she was crazy, but he was patient and said, “The Skrall are a brutal species. From the looks of you, you seemed to be part of them, but according to your story, it also seems that you’re from somewhere…but anyway, they’re part of the Rock Tribe, they also fought in the war.”

“Speaking of the war, did anything happened to that one liquid?” she asked.

“The Fire Tribe got their hands on it. They tried to take some for themselves, but as they left the site, they spilled it, which caused the spread to go further, and that’s how this cataclysm happened…because of them…” he replied.

Tarduk scrambled to his feet and said, “I must go, there’s a meeting going on. You want to come and see? I don’t know if you’re allowed, but perhaps you could just watch in silence.”

“No thanks,” said Skralla, “I can wait. Certavus told me to stay anyway, so I’d better stay here.”


The Light Garaxial looked at the scroll. Beneath the task were a series of pictures that showed how Spherus Magna could reform. Using his light powers, he slowly carved out the prophecy by scaring the walls.

“It’s working,” said Syarix, “The words and the pictures are appearing.”

Surel took out his dagger and cut through the stone, writing out the message.

“What are you doing?” asked the Light Garaxial, “Isn’t my powers enough?”

“Yes, but over time, erosion occurs and the message would disappear. If I cut it through, then the message would last a while longer,” he answered.

“I guess I could write it out, and then you could cut it through,” answered Garaxial.

“We should help,” said Syarix, “This is probably going to take a while.” He took out his sword, calling upon its fire element; he carefully cut through the stone. Belirax took out her knife and assisted on the project.

“What could I do to help?” asked Sakari.

“Read what the message says on the scroll,” said Syarix, “So we can just write it out.”

Nodding, Sakari picked up the scroll and read the prophecy…


Tuma, Starax and several hundreds of Skrall strode across the Black Spikes, returning to the north. After realizing that a massive crater was left in its wake, they realized that their home was lost, perhaps for good.

“What shall we do now, Starax?” asked Tuma.

The other Skrall sighed. Then he said, “We’ll have to live in the mountains. Perhaps we’ll find some resources there until we can find another place to live in.”

Then the two along with their remaining armies turned back south, heading towards the mountains. Perhaps that this place could be their next home, for now…

Stronius, the newly named elite Skrall came up to them and said, “There’s a valley not far from here. Perhaps we can reside there for now and set up camps?”

“I suppose we should,” said Starax, “After all, what could bother us here?”

But little did they knew that someone else has made their home, a group of shift-shaping mechanics that would one day, attempt to kill them all…with no mercy...

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Chapter 4: A Midsummer’s Nightmare

What am I thinking? He’s such a brave warrior and I already…have feelings for him…

---Skralla's thoughts about Certavus


“But that makes no sense,” said Sakari, “If you said that his soul split around 85,000 years ago, which is like an event that is yet to happen…then how did you managed to see what your other self had when his light was intact?”

“Because…this time paradox is not just a simple misunderstanding,” said the Light Garaxial, “This is a cycle…a time when everything shall repeat itself forever…because of his plans…and the effect of your parent’s decision…and as a result of that, his memoires of his evil plans remains dormant until he loses his soul…”

“That means…” began Belirax, shocked.

“That we’ll be doing this over and over again,” he finished.

“Is there a way out of this trap?” asked Agarax.

“That’s the question,” he replied, “Apparently; there hasn’t been a clue on how to break this time cycle…”

“That’s insane!” said Sakari, “That means that I’ll be born again just so your other self can take me! I won’t allow that to happen…”

“But even if you change that…it would result in a new paradox,” said the Light Garaxial.

“There has to be a way,” said Syarix, “I don’t want to end up doing the same thing over and over…”

“However,” said the Light Garaxial, “There is one important fact about time…the past and the futures are created by what you do now…in this time.”

“Then in order to stop this repeating time…” said Syarix.

“You must complete the tasks on the scroll, that’s why the Great Beings gave it to you,” said Surel, “I too was told about this Time Paradox by the Great Beings, they want it to end…that’s why they know everything…”

The team looked at the wall, the carvings were almost done. The light powers of Garaxial managed to make the cutting, scratching and the digging much easier to write out the message that was written on the scroll. But there were still ways to go.

“That why…those keys,” said Surel, “Are needed…they determine the future of the worlds.”

Sakari looked at the key that she received. It was about the size of her hand and was a bit heavy. But something about this seemed to chill her.

“These keys,” said Sakari, “Could they undo this damage?”

“That’s what we believe,” said the Light Garaxial, “If they’re used correctly, then the time will flow back in one direction, from past to future…”


Arena Magna, Atero

Skralla cleaned up another pile of rubble. For the last few years, Atero was beginning to crumble. She and the Agori who lived in this city tried their best to maintain the building.

But today wasn’t a good day for the building…

“Bone Hunters are coming!” shouted one of the Agori.

“Set up the traps!” shouted another.

Skralla wanted to go and see but another Agori said, “Don’t, they’re too dangerous. Even we cannot withstand them. Go and set the gates so we could slow them.”

Nodding, the female Skrall went towards the control room. There, she saw a lever, she pulled it up, and the bridge that guarded the fortress began to withdrawal their connection. Several bone hunters fell into the river and fell through the waterfall. The ones that survived charged towards the Arena Magna.

“This is bad…” said another Agori, “We can’t let them raid this place! Let alone this arena is slowly crumbling!”

But before anyone could react, several Glatorian appeared in front of the entrance. Tarix, Certavus, Ackar, Vastus, Kiina, Gelu, and Malum readied their weapons.

“Heh,” said Fero, “Seven warriors, thinking that they could defeat us…it’s too late! As you fight us, there’s another army that is about to take over this place!”

“This is a territory that should belong to everyone!” snapped Certavus, “Not just one for dictatorship barbarians like you.”

“I’m not so sure about that…” said Fero.

Then the seven Glatorian charged, preparing to defend the city, no matter what will happen. The Bone Hunters ran towards, then swords at the ready.

Tarix clashed his Water Blades at Fero while the Bone Hunter defended himself. Vastus dragged another Bone Hunter, using the venom from his talon to paralyze him.

Malum fired a few Thornax at the Rock Steed’s mouth. Just as he predicted, the ones he fired were overripe and when the creature bit them, it exploded, sending the creature in a rage.

Gelu swiped another Bone Hunter down with his Ice Slicer and readied his thronax launcher. Then a shout from Vastus came too late as another Bone Hunter kicked him from the side, sending the warrior sprawling on the sands.

Kiina saw that Gelu was down so she took her chance to fire her thornax launcher; it struck the Bone Hunter dead on, sending him unconscious. She fired another one at the one who was recovering from his defense.


Sakari checked the prophecy on the wall and compared it to the message on the scroll. It seemed correct, so this task was finished.

“Well…now what?” asked Syarix, “This prophecy is ready…but it won’t be used for another 100,000 years or so…”

“Wait a second,” said Belirax, “Something’s not right.”

She realized that something was not right. From what she remembered, there was a picture that represented Mata Nui’s Matoran Universe and none of that was mentioned in scroll.

“There was something else that I saw…” she said, “A map of another world…”

“That…” replied Surel, “Will appear on its own. When Mata Nui finds that secret lab, the map will appear in the walls of this place.”

“But how is that possible?” asked Sakari.

“The Great Beings,” he answered, “Though they’re gone, but they’re watching this world, in order to guide your mother and father, indirectly.”

“Then why can’t they do all of the preparations for us?” she asked.

“Because, that’s not their destiny,” said Surel, “It’s yours…and ours as well, to choose the future.”


“Wound Back Time Universe”/Present Time

Kotan World

“So…how’s their progress?” asked Sarhax.

“Perfect,” said Garaxial, “As long as they follow that scroll, then our plans will move forth.”

Sarhax nodded and asked, “What about the parents? They are not present in Averax Magna…”

“That’s because…they wound back time. That choice caused their daughter to be separated in time from them. We can’t sense their presence because of those shields…however we can sense them in the time period where Sakari and the others are at. The “ourselves” from the past don’t know that yet…but we cannot tell them or else it would ruin our plans…” he replied.

“And what about that one Glatorian, the one that gained the power to cross worlds?” she asked.

“That’s the problem,” he replied, “If Erax interferes, and helps them, then their chances for breaking this endless cycle will increase, and we won’t be able to fulfill our plans. So to make sure that won’t happen, I sent Detex and Eajax to keep an eye on his travels, and they’ll block him from entering in this dimension.”


Stagnant Time Universe, "100,000 Years Ago"

It was already nightfall and the battle was finally slowing down. Though the warriors had won the battle and the Arena Magna was safe, some of them were badly injured from the fight.

“Skralla,” said one of the Agori, “Go to the medicine room and see if we have something to cure Gelu, Vastus, Kiina, and Malum. The others are alright.”

Nodding, she turned and went into a storage room, there she saw various medicines. Some of them were in a form of tablets while others were in bottles. She took a few bottles and a bowl and returned.

“Will this do?” she asked.

“That’s fine,” said the Agori, “Certavus wishes to speak with you,”

Skralla turned towards the Arena Magna and saw Certavus. Though he was limping, he was still standing.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Don’t worry, it’s what we warriors have to face,” he said.

“Though I can’t fight, don’t make me worry too much, I don’t want anyone to get hurt anymore. It’s such a pain to see my friends getting hurt and lying, saying that everything’s alright when it really isn’t.

“Skralla…” said Certauvs, “I know you’re worried, but I’ll be okay. And you seemed concerned…”

“It’s nothing…that I can explain right away…” she said, “I’ll let you go. See you later.”

She turned and walked away, heading back to her hut.

What am I thinking, she thought, He’s such a brave warrior and I already…have feelings for him…


Sakari, Syairx and the others emerged from the cave. Their work was done at last. It felt like as if it took years but it only took a matter of hours to complete “The Prophecy.”

“Well then, I guess we’ll have to wait for the time flow to bring us to the next period…” said Agarax.

Sakari looked at the scroll again, this time another key appeared. She took it out and placed it inside her cloak with the other key.

I will not allow this cycle to repeat over and over, she thought, I need to get back home when the time comes…and find a way to end this infinite cycle…

Then, the world began to change once again as the flow of time began to speed up again. None of them know what would be the next task, it all depending on where fate would allow them to go…

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Chapter 5: A Change of Plans

“He transformed the land into eternal shadow. And I fled before that happened, I traveled to various worlds once more as I was supposed to be doing, but his servants found me and imprisoned me. He tired to drain my light away, but I managed to resist. But when he almost killed me, I pretend that I was part of his shadows. As of that, he took away my powers and I lost my body, thus becoming his shadows.”



Black Spikes

Several male Skrall fled towards the mountains. Today, another set of Baterra were killing numerous of their kind. Most of the villages were rummaged by the shape-shifters while others were murdering anyone who carried weapons.

“It’s no use,” said Starax, “We must flee to the south!”

Starax, Tuma and several other Skrall began their climb up the steeply mountains, when the female Skrall tried to escape, the males pushed them back.

“You’re just excess garbage!” snapped Starax to the female Skrall.

“But we need your help!” shouted a female Skrall, “You can’t leave us here!”

“It’s up to you to decide,” he replied, “We cannot help you anymore!”

With that said, he and the others continued their way up, ignoring the female Skrall’s pleas.


Sakari and the others woke up. They were in the Black Spikes and the noise they heard wasn’t a good sign.

“I remember this day…” said Belirax, “It was when the male Skrall left us alone to the Baterra. They fled towards the south into the place that would become “Roxtus”.

“But as this happened, my mother is still in Atero,” replied Sakari, “And yet she does not know about this…”

“Wait!” said Belirax, “I could hear them coming this way. We have to move, now!”

The group got up and walked their way across the pass. There wasn’t much time as the male Skrall were running, climbing and fleeing towards the other side.

“At this rate, we won’t make it!” growled Belirax, “And this paradox will worsen!”

“It won’t,” said the Light Garaxial, “Allow me.”

Using his light powers, he sent a gigantic blast of light into the air to distract the other Skrall.

“This should buy us time,” he said, “Now hurry!”

The group raced towards the White Quartz, trying to avoid the oncoming male Skrall.

“I have a hideout in those mountains. We’ll be safe there,” said Surel.

It took a few hours, but once there group were safe in Surel’s hideout, Sakari took out the scroll. Another task was listed beneath the first two.

Third Task:

A message must be delivered to Tuma to inform him about another Skrall (which is Skralla) in Atero.

“That’s when he met my mother,” said Sakari, “Tuma…that is.”

“Really,” said Belirax, “I didn’t realize that she lived there for several millennia.”

“Well, we might as well,” said Surel, taking out a small block of stone.

“The message,” he continued, “Should be carved so that way, Tuma will be able to hang on to it when he goes and takes your mother, Sakari.”

Sakari nodded and asked, “When…does my mother become the princess?”

“Oh that’s like several millennia to go,” he answered, “Because Starax never approved her in the village. But that’s a story along the way.”

“I must have forgotten,” said Sakari, “But really, these memories are important, but it gives me awful headaches. Sometimes I even have dreams about her; well I used to have them…until she wounded back time.”

“You seemed left out,” said Syarix, “Are you alright, Agarax?”

“Well, not really,” he replied, “If we were just a couple more hundreds of years back, it would be the day where Garaxial would have lost his light, and how he changed the world on that day…forever.”

“What did he do?” asked Syarix.

“He transformed the land into eternal shadow,” answered Agarax, “And I fled before that happened, I traveled to various worlds once more as I was supposed to be doing, but his servants found me and imprisoned me. He tired to drain my light away, but I managed to resist. But when he almost killed me, I pretend that I was part of his shadows. As of that, he took away my powers and I lost my body, thus becoming his shadows.”

“And then?”

“Then I was his slave, for the last 80,000 years or so…then when I tried to make a fake kill against Sakari’s father, his mask cursed me…but instead it devolved me and I regained my body and my powers once more.”

“My father…Mata Nui?” asked Sakari, shocked.

“Yes. Garaxial wanted me to kill him and Skralla, for he could use their powers to unleash his plans,” he explained, “But it failed when your mother revealed her feeling to Mata Nui. From that moment, they stayed together, lost in their love…”

Sakari remembered that moment and said, “She sure had feelings for him. But I still want to know why? It’s not that I hate them, I just want to know. What is love?”

“I think that’s enough for now,” said Agarax, “Now, we have a message to deliver.”

“What should we say on this carving?” asked Surel.

“We might just say that there’s a Skrall waiting for him…” said Belirax.

“Not enough, the message has to be convincing…” replied Agarax.

As soon as the message was completed, they knew that it had to be delivered mysteriously.

“It shouldn’t be hard,” said Agarax, taking out his travel staff, “Perhaps this will send it to Tuma.”

Activating the staff, a small portal opened, drawing the tablet into the portal and disappeared.


An Abandoned Village (Roxtus)

Tuma, Starax, and several male Skrall found a massive cave. It looked like a gigantic head with tons of spikes around it.

“I’ve heard legends of that place,” said Starax, “But the inhabitants remain a mystery, though they left a long time ago.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” said Tuma, “What if they’re still in there?”

“They wouldn’t,” replied Starax, “That’s why we’re here.”

Without anymore questioning, the Skrall took the first steps into the darkened cave. Massive Stalactites dripped water droplets while several crystals glowed in bluish-greenish colors.

“We’ll make a home out of this,” said Starax, “We could even build a fortress!”

“What’s that?” asked a solider Skrall.

Up ahead was a small rock that seemed like the size of a broken pillar. But it turned out to be an empty throne of some kind.

“This must be some kind of throne,” muttered Starax as he removed the dust off of it. Then the throne glowed dimly. Some of the Skrall backed off at the sudden light.

Something about this…thought Tuma, it seems as if it’s speaking…to me...

Tuma could hear whispers around him. He turned to see if it was the other Skrall but they were silent. Then before he could react, his mind was elsewhere…


Tuma woke up and saw several beings standing before him. One was a female Skrall partnered with a yellow-armored being. Another being was a smaller version of the female Skrall. The other beings, he couldn’t describe.

Then the taller, female Skrall came up to him and said, “A secret power lies in the throne that you saw. But there’s no need to worry about that. For now you must prepare for the future to come.”

“Who are you?” he asked.

“You’ll see me soon,” she replied, “When a message comes. But only you must travel to where the message says. And once you have it, you must wait a while before you can go…the village that you and the others are about to make should be almost done, prior to my arrival…”

“But wait!” he shouted as the world changed back, “What is your name?”

But it was too late; he stood once more in front of the throne. Starax stared at him as if Tuma woke up for the first time in years.

“You seemed a bit…worried,” said Starax.

“It’s nothing,” replied Tuma, “We should get to work and start a new life here.”

Nodding, Starax turned and left Tuma alone. When no one was watching, Tuma looked at the throne again and this time, he saw a tablet on the seat. He took it and realized that it was the message that he was told earlier…


Black Spikes

The remaining female Skrall strode across the path on the mountains.

“It’s no use,” said one of them, “We don’t know where they went!”

“Perhaps, we could just start our own village,” asked another.

“If that’s our only chance of survival,” said the first one.

Then the female Skrall turned back, but went towards another direction.

“That Maze Valley seems lush and fertile,” said one of them, “A village not far from the Valley should be alright…”

“As long as those crazy shape-shifters don’t come back,” snarled another.

“It wouldn’t,” said the first one, “We don’t have any weapons, not even armor. Just these cloaks and some walking staffs, I’m surprised that we even found such a place.”

As they drew closer, they knew that this would be their home, a haven from any disturbances from the other tribes, even their own when the male Skrall left them.


As a result of these various choices, the female Skrall would reside not far from the Maze Valley, dubbing their place “Maze Village” or “Village of the Maze”. It would take another 83,000 years or so when another female Skrall, the princess who would awaken here after she gets knocked out by the Sand Bats. But their decision on what to do with her would impact their future…

Eventually, when the village of Roxtus gets close to its completion, Tuma would set forth and find Skralla working in the Arena Magna. He would invite her to come with him and reside in Roxtus though it would take a lot of effort to convince Starax to keep her in the village.

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Chapter 6: Invisible Murder…

From heroes, to murderers, this is some story to tell.




Certavus and Skralla sat on the rocky ledge. Long ago, this would have been the shores of Aqua Magna but The Shattering changed the entire landscape in this area.

“So,” said Skralla, “How long can we stay together this afternoon?”

“For a while,” he replied, “It is good to see you again, I was worried that I wouldn’t find you again.”

Skralla nodded. For the last few 10,000 years or so, she was approached by Tuma, one of the remaining elite breeds of a species called Skrall. He invited her to live in a village called Roxtus, though Starax argued that she was a female Skrall like the others that they abandoned. But enough convincing by Stronius finally allowed him to permit her to stay, under a few conditions.

“Every night, I always ask myself, what Certavus could be doing?” she said, “And at times, it really does get lonely, but I’m happy with my new life.”

“I’m sure that every Skrall respects you,” he replied, “After all, they’re very brutal. Back in the war, they killed lots of warriors and villagers, both innocents and guilty.”

“That’s terrible,” said Skralla, “To kill so much like that…”

“I know,” he agreed, “But they’re Skrall. Unlike you, because you are different; you have a kind heart and a strong sense of love.”

Taking her chance, she snuck her hand on Certavus’ hand. Certavus was a bit shocked and wanted to let go but a small tug by Skralla made him realized that he better hold her hand for a while.

“Can’t we just do this?” she asked, “I never got to hold your hand.”

Certavus was a bit surprised, but smiled and said, “Alright. We could do that.”


Not far away, a group of six beings appeared from the flow of time. They were a team that was meant to set things the way they are in this dimension.

“So…” said Surel, “What’s next?”

Sakari opened up the scroll and read the next task.

The Fourth Task:

A Glatorian named Certavus must die in order for Skralla to have her heart ready for Mata Nui…

Sakari gasped and dropped the scroll.

“What’s wrong?” asked Syarix. He picked it up and gasped. Then, he handed it to the others, who in turn, they were shocked as well.

“Commit murder,” muttered Surel, “I had a feeling something bad was about to happen…”

“We can’t!” said Sakari, “Killing is not my taste!”

Belirax sighed. She remembered Skralla telling her about his death long ago. It was story that was not forgotten between the two. Now she must make it happen…

This will make Skralla crazy…and insane…but I guess there’s no other choice…she thought.

“Sakari,” she said, “I know that murdering is a terrible crime, but we have to do this…I know that it’s a terrible…”

“I can’t!” snapped Sakari, “This Glatorian cannot just die!”

“I’m sorry, Sakari,” said the Light Garaxial, “But we have to do this. If you want your home back, then this is what we have to do.”

It took several moments for Sakari to calm down, but she knew that he was right; if Certavus wasn’t killed, then Skralla would fall in love with him and a separate timeline would start, thus screwing up the paradox.


“Wound Back Time Universe”/Present Time

Kotan World

“Ah,” said the dark Garaxial, “Murder must happen…if she desires her world.”

“So they are forced to do this?” asked Sarhax.

“They must…for our plans to proceed,” he replied, “I’ve always wondered what her reaction might be when she would read that task.”

Sarhax chuckled to herself and then said, “This seems quite convincing…”

“It is,” he replied.

“When will we start the cloning process?” she asked, “We have the tools.”

“No…” said Garaxial, “We need to somehow tell my ‘past self’ in order to take the required Glatorian that must be cloned. Even choosing a Glatorian matters, pick the wrong one and it could change the timeline as well.”

“I see,” she answered, “Perhaps our other servants, Detex and Eajax could prepare something?”

“Might as well,” he said, “In order to remake the timeline exactly.”


“Stagnant Time Bara Magna”

Skralla and Certavus walked towards Atero. It was already early evening and Certavus had to prepare for a match tomorrow morning.

“It’s only a regular match,” he said, “But you don’t have to come. I don’t want you to get in trouble…”

“That’s fine,” she replied, “I might get back soon or else I’ll be dragged back by the other Skrall.”

The two continued their walk and arrived at the bridge that guards the Arena Magna.

“I guess it’s time,” said Certavus, “I’ll see you soon, Skralla.”

He walked away from her, heading towards Atero. Along halfway across the bridge, he could hear her running to him.

“Wait!” shouted Skralla, “Don’t leave me!”

Certavus stopped and turned to see her, running towards him.

“Please,” she said quietly, “Don’t…”

“Skralla, you know that I have to prepare for another match tomorrow morning,” he answered.

“I know,” she replied, “But I have something to tell you. And it’s kinda important…”

“What’s wrong?” he asked, “What do you want to say?”

“Certavus…I…I love you,” said Skralla. She came up to him and kissed him. Certavus almost blush but he replied, “Skralla…I didn’t realize…”

“Sorry if I did it terribly,” she replied, “I should…”

But Certavus took her hand and stared at her. He slowly moved closer to her face and kissed her back.

“And I’ll always love you too,” he said, “No matter what.”

Then the two hugged for mere moments. Skralla almost spilled tears but she smiled to herself. She has finally won his heart…

“Okay,” he said, “Thank you. But I must go. I have to prepare for tomorrow. Afterwards, we can meet again and kiss again.”

Then he turned and walked his way towards the city. Skralla waved her hand while Certavus waved back. Skralla smiled to herself and ran back across the bridge. She had to return home and write down this beautiful moment.

But if Skralla turned back, she would have noticed six hidden beings that were spying on her and Certavus. The team snuck their way across the bridge. It was almost sundown and most of the Glatorian were inside the village.

“Okay,” said Syarix, “Do you see him, Sakari?”

“I’m not sure but maybe he might hang out with some friends of his. Perhaps if we find them, we’ll find him. And is the vial ready?”

“Here,” said Agarax, “It’s ready. Now hopefully he’ll have a drink or something so we could place this poison in his cup.”

“It’s a good thing that I had some of these,” said Surel, “I used them in the war as trick to my enemies. When they consumed, they never realized the taste in the poison so I’m assuming that it’s tasteless.”

“Are you guys ready?” asked Sakari, still having a feeling of sickness in her stomache.

“Then do it now,” said Syarix.

Nodding Sakari put on the cloak and called for its invisibility power. Holding hands, the other turned invisible as well. Then the team snuck their way into the village, trying to dodge the oncoming Agori and Glatorian. After a few minutes of searching, they found Certavus inside a bar, talking with a few of his friends.

“So Certavus, what’s she like?” asked one of the Glatorian.

“Well…she’s not your typical female Glatorian. She’s sweet, peaceful and has a kind heart. We already had our first kiss a while ago,” he replied.

“Where is she from?” asked the other Glatorian.

Certavus started to feel a bit nervous. He took this chance to take a sip of his drink. He then found an excuse and said, “You know, I think I dropped something outside. I’ll be right back.”

“Alright,” said the other Glatorian, “But hurry back. We got loads to share of our stories.”

As soon as he left, the team took their chance to sneak inside the bar. It was a bit small but there was enough room for them. This would be a bit difficult for them, since the Glatorian that were in there hadn’t turned their back on them yet. Then at the best moment, Sakari and the others took a few steps closer to the table and Sakari took out the vial and poured a few drops of the poison in the drink.

“Did I hear something?” muttered the Glatorian, “Or is it just me?”

“It’s probably just you,” said another Glatorian, “You might be a bit drunk?”

“Shut up!” he snapped, “This is not even a strong liquor!”

The team took this chance to escape, barely dodging a returned Certavus. Then the Glatorian took another sip of his drink, never realizing that there was poison inside.

From heroes, to murderers, this is some story to tell, thought Sakari.

Then the team left, heading back towards the wastelands. Thought it was already dark, the usage of Garaxial’s light powers helped them see where they were going. As soon as it was safe, Sakari turned off the invisibility and they took a breath of relief.

“There goes another death,” said Belirax, “And I can’t believe that we had to do this. Skralla’s going to be in for a shock tomorrow morning…”

But before they could argue, they could feel the time flow once again, sending them closer to the future…


As a result of this action, Certavus would participate in an Arena Match the next morning, despite feeling awfully sick. But as he fights, he would collapse because of the poison and dies. Later, when Skralla discovers the news, she would go and find him. Before he died, he gave the necklace to her, telling her to prepare for the future. This would be a long, depressing memory of Skralla’s…that is until she falls in love with Mata Nui in order to move on…

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Chapter 7: The Crystals of Power

“Listen to me. If what I think about you is true, then you’re not really a Skrall…”



Roxtus Fortress

“Father?” asked Skralla.

“Yes?” he replied.

“I’ve…been having some…strange dreams…” answered, “I don’t know how I could describe them…but it’s…”

“What do you see?” he replied.

“I see all sorts of things. The shattering, an eclipse, wars, my friends…but there’s something else that I keep dreaming about…”

She took a breath and continued, “I see a stranger standing in front of me. I do not know this person, but I can hear him saying that everything will be alright.”

“I’m sure they’re just dreams, nothing else,” said Tuma, “As long as we are around, you’ll be fine.”

Skralla nodded and walked across the fortress. Though she seemed to not enjoying talking with Starax, she wanted to get along with him.

She saw him sitting on his throne, talking to a warrior Skrall. When the Skrall was dismissed, Skralla stepped in and said, “Starax?”

“What do you want?” he snapped.

Skralla took a step back and said, “Is it alright if I tell you this dream?”

Starax sighed. Ever since Skralla was officially allowed to stay in Roxtus, he always gets annoyed when he sees her presence.

“Tell me,” he said, finally, “But don’t think that these dreams are real, they’re just imagination.”

“But what I saw wasn’t,” she replied, “I saw all sorts of things. I saw “The Shattering”, a rouge group of Skrall, and a mysterious being. I always dream about this stranger, I hear his voice, telling me that everything will be alright someday.”

“Listen to me,” he said sharply, “If what I think about you is true, then you’re not really a Skrall…”

“Eh? What do you mean?” she asked nervously.

“Never mind, you’re too young to understand this. You’ll find out someday, when the time comes…” he answered.


The team arrived in the next time period, though the place they were in was awfully quiet than usual. Though they were in the wastelands, there was always the noise of Scarabax Beetles, Sand Bats and other creatures, but there was no sound of anything.

“What’s so quiet?” asked Belirax, “The Wastelands are always noisy.”

Sakari opened up the scroll again, as she opened it, several objects fell from the scroll. The objects were in various shapes and glowed in various colors.

“What are these?” asked Sakari as she picked up a crystal.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Syarix.

“These…are the crystals. The ones that your mother had to find, Sakari,” said Agarax, “There’s a total of ten, each providing its own unique powers.”

Sakari looked at the next task…

The Fifth Task:

These Ten Crystals must be hidden in the following areas. However, at least one of them must be given to an Agori named Berix. As a result he will join Skralla on her quest while the Tan Crystal must be linked to the necklace before she begins her journey.

“So…he must be granted…with knowledge,” said the Light Garaxial, “I’ve heard about this Agori.”

“Yes,” replied Sakari, “He helped my mother a lot in her quest. So did some other beings...”

“I suppose we should take these to their intended locations?” asked Surel, “They must be hidden.”

“Can’t we just use my Travel Staff?” asked Agarax.

“No…” said Surel, “We have to hide them ourselves, these are not just simple crystals that you might think. They not only have special powers…but they are…in essence made from the same material that the keys that we receive.”

Sakari took out the keys, she had a total of four of these in her hands. As she took a look at it, she could see some writing on there.

“What is this writing?” she asked.

The Light Garaxial came up to her and looked at the writings. Then he said, “I think I know what it says…but the language is very old…”


Wall of Stars

The gigantic robot, known as Mata Nui soared into the endless space. A long time ago, he recalled waking up and seeing two tiny beings that were watching him. Though he couldn’t tell what they were, he could sense something mysterious at one of them.

But who was that, he thought.

Then again, all he cared was to complete this mission. There would be more time later to figure out some mysteries, all he wanted was to complete his plan so he could move out of this gigantic robot. A while ago, he remembered flying in space, but then he started to feel awfully weak. A major headache was pounding inside his head and it felt like as if he was going to die, but help from the inside world saved him.

He thought back about six, important beings that were created to maintain order in this world. As he dubbed them the Barraki, he granted them the right to help maintain the Matoran Universe. But little did he know that they wanted to overthrow him and to cause a new empire, but his early creations, the Makuta stopped them.

I’m sure that those guys are doing alright. I’m sure they’re just busy making rahi all over, he thought, if all is well, then maybe I’ll be able to complete this task as quickly as possible.



Skralla walked outside of her fortress, she wanted to sneak outside of the village, but knew that if she were to get caught, she might lose her privilege in living in Roxtus. Taking a different decision, she went towards the Spitik pens. In the corner of the room, she saw her father’s, a gigantic Spitik named Malian.

“It seems that you and I have in common,” said Skralla, petting the creature.

The Spitik growled softly and shook its two heads.

“Yeah, I’m sure you want to travel too. One day we will, perhaps when everything softens up, we’ll run away…and visit places,” she continued.

“Skralla?” asked a voice.

She turned and saw Tuma walking towards her. He continued, “That is a special kind of the Spitik, unlike the others, this one was trained by Starax and I. We wanted to give her to you so in case of something bad happens, you’ll be able to escape.”

“But why?” asked Skralla, “I don’t want anyone to die.”

“I know, but if the situation gets too chaotic, when all hope is lost, Malian will lead you to safety,” he replied.


The Team traveled across the wastelands again, for the last several hours, they traveled to various places, hiding the crystals to their respective hideouts. It seemed easy, but difficult due to the hot sun and various Glatorian and Agori traveling.

“We have three crystals left,” said Sakari, “This green, blue, and tan one. And the tan crystal must be attached with the necklace.”

“And just how are we going to do that?” asked Belirax, “Skralla has the necklace with her and we can’t be seen!”

“We’ll just have to send it with this,” said Agarax, raising his Travel staff, he took aim at the tan crystal, sending it to Skralla.

“Was that even a good idea?” asked the Light Garaxial.

“Don’t worry,” said Sakari, “From what my mother experienced, that crystal will help her in her darkest hour…that day...when it first activated its power..."


Skralla sat on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She wanted to go back outside but it was already sundown. As she got up, she felt something falling into her hands. She opened her hand and saw a crystal was on top.

What is this, she thought, it’s something that I never seen…

But before she could react, the necklace glowed, and the crystal drew closer to the necklace. The Tan Crystal dissolved into the necklace and disappeared. It felt like as if she grew stronger.

That was weird, she thought, I wonder if there’s more out there…

But before she could figure out, her mind was elsewhere. She saw herself carrying a staff of some kind. Then she saw ten different crystals floating around her. Behind herself, she saw the shadows coming in, taking the staff away.

Skralla gasped at the sight and woke up and realized that it was almost moonlight.

What was that dream, thought Skralla, and what was that weapon that I carried?


“Tuma?” asked Starax.

Tuma came up to the other Skrall and said, “What’s wrong?”

“Skralla said to me that she saw a dream…do you know what she’s talking about?”

“No sir,” he replied, “But something about her is different…”

“It is,” agreed Starax, “If I’m right, then she might change the world someday.”

“What do you mean?” asked Tuma.

“I can’t say…but from what she told me…it seemed as if something will happen in the far future,” answered Starax, “If only if I never told her…”

“What did you do?” asked Tuma, he could feel the anger rising.

“I slipped something to her, saying that she might not be a true Skrall…” said Starax.

“Are you nuts?” snapped Tuma, “She’s a Skrall in her blood! What are you thinking?”

“That doesn’t matter right now,” he replied, “For now, we must wait…”

What is he talking about, thought Tuma, and I thought he never liked her…and now, he knows something?

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Chapter 8: A Secret Book

“There’s not much time left before the tournament starts so you might as well save your arguments for later!”

---Tarix to Kirbraz and Scondonius



The sun rose steadily as the team continued their journey.

“What do we have to do with the last two crystals?” asked Belirax.

“One of them must be given to Berix,” said Surel, “And the other…well…it has to be hidden in the Tesara village.”

“That’s crazy!” she replied, “The Great Beings said that we must not be seen!”

“I know…” he replied, “But I’m sure there are ways on how to deliver these crystals.”

“If we can save the arguments for later,” said the Light Garaxial, “We are here.”

The team saw a dense forest ahead of them. Inside the woods was the twin village of Tesara.

“Let’s hope no one is in there,” said Agarax.

The team went around the forest, eventually making their way in. Sure enough, they saw dozens of Agori coming in and out, running errands, talking, and playing around. Life seemed normal for them.

“At least they’re distracted,” said Sakari, “I’ll do this alone.”

“Sakari,” said Belirax, “Don’t. What if they see you?”

“It’s better if they saw me than the rest of you,” she replied, “After all, they be so confused about you guys, especially with different outfits and armor.”

Before the others could argue, Sakari put on her cloak and used its invisibility mode, sneaking into the village.

“What a fool,” muttered Belirax, “I understand she’s trying to save her family and our kingdom…but I don’t think we’re at a good time…”

“What do you mean?” asked Surel.

"That ground," said Belirax, "I've heard that it's like the Sea of Liquid Sand. If Sakari isn't careful enough...she might get stuck..."


Sakari snuck her way across the village, dodging any Agori that were in her way. The ground beneath her feet was quite awfully soft as if she was walking on quicksand. At one point, she almost had her feet caught in the dirt, but the cloak shielded her from the shifting ground. Then she saw a desolated hut that was a bit isolated from the others.

Perhaps this green crystal could go inside…she thought, it cannot stay outside, especially if the ground is behaving like this...

She entered into the hut and checked to make sure that no one was there. When she realized that it was empty, she looked around. There were some shelves that were empty while others were filled with various junk.

I should hide this somewhere on the shelvesuntil when the time comes…she thought.

She placed the green crystal on the empty shelf. From what she recalled in her mother’s memoires, she found it around here. Then she quickly left before anyone could see what the entire racket was.


The others waited impatiently. Sakari hasn’t returned yet and they were worried that she might have been seen.

“I guess this is it,” said Surel, “this entire journey was for nothing.”

“It’s not,” said a voice. The others turned to see Sakari resuming her visibility.

“The crystal?” asked Syarix, “It’s where it’s at?”

“Yes, my mother will find it when that day comes…” she replied, “She’ll be able to see it, as long as no one takes it.”

“Well that leaves us with one left,” said Belirax, “This blue one.”

“The one that must be given to Berix,” said Agarax.

But before they could say anything, Sakari could feel a tug in her cloak. She realized that it was the scroll. Taking it out she took a look at it.

You have two missions to do in this time period. Once you are completed scattering the ten crystals, you must also deliver this book to Berix. He will eventually study it and give it to Skralla to help her in the quest…

“Another one?” asked Sakari, “In this time period?”

“What do you mean?” asked Surel. He took the scroll from her and read the latest message, “Of course…the ancient book!”

“What are you talking about?” asked Belirax.

“That same book that Berix carried,” said Sakari, “He used it a lot when my mother was searching for the crystals. It provided information about the staff and the crystals that are used.”

"And just where do you think we can find this?" said Belirax, "The Great Beings aren't here right now..."

"I was given that book from the Great Beings," said Surel, taking out his sack, revealing a heavy, ancient book and continued, "They told me to take it with me where ever I went, until we are in the right time period."



Meanwhile, Berix, was busy at the moment. He was trying to end a fight between Kirbraz and Scondonius.

“Could you guys stop this?” he asked, “We can’t lose this match!”

“But he’s the one that always rides the bigger vehicle,” whined Scondonius.

“Oh shut up!” said Kirbraz, “It’s bad enough that you almost crashed that thing during the other match.”

Berix rolled his eyes and replied, “Look, if any of the other Agori sees this, they’ll be laughing their heads off. Just help us win this match!”

“Don’t tell us what to do!” snapped the other two Agori simultaneously. Then the two started to kick each other.

Berix sighed and said, “Very well, I’ll get Kiina so she can beat the crap out of you to.”

“Oh…no please don’t,” said Kirbraz, “The last time, she almost killed me!”

“Because that time, you were fighting like a girl,” teased Scondonius.

“You better watch your mouth, you baby Rock Steed!” snapped Kirbraz.

“And are we done with this?” said a voice.

The three Agori turned to see Tarix, looking at Kirbraz and Scondinous with a hint of anger.

“There’s not much time left before the tournament starts so you might as well save your arguments for later!” said the prime Glatorian.

“Yes, sir,” said the two Agori simultaneously. Then, they exchanged each other dirty looks and walked to the Kaxium.

“For the sake of this village,” said Tarix, “Can’t those guys ever shut up?”

“But they make good fighters in vehicle combat,” replied Berix, “This is why I don’t participate in vehicle combat. The other Agori and Glatorian that do are so full of obsession with their vehicles, never allowing the others to give their time to listen.”

With that said, Berix turned and went back to his hut. If he had more eyes, he would’ve realized that six hidden beings were sneaking their way into Tajun.


“Now, Sakari,” said Agarax.

Sakari once more activated the invisibility power from the cloak. She had the crystal in one hand, the book on the other.

“This book is too heavy,” she whispered, “Syarix, help me!”

Syarix came up to her and turned invisible.

“Let’s go,” she said, “We don’t have much time.”

The two went down the stairs, heading towards Berix’s hut. If they were lucky, then they would be able to pull this off with ease.

“I see someone, is that Berix?” asked Syarix.

“Yes. And I hope he’s just going back there for a brief moment,” replied Sakari.

Berix walked into his hut, he was awfully tired and wanted to sleep, despite the day was still broad daylight.

I guess I could take a nap or so, he thought. He walked towards his resting mat, took off his helmet and lied down.

We’ll have to see who wins this match, he thought, after that, I’ll have to teach those other Agori a good lesson!

With that thought, he began to fall asleep. If he wasn’t all so tired, he would’ve locked the door and had something to eat.

Sakari and Syarix snuck into the hut. The two of them weren’t so sure what to do and were worried that they might wake up Berix.

“Let’s just place the book and the crystal on the table,” whispered Sakari.

The two placed them on the table, but as they did they heard a loud snore coming from the Agori. It almost scared them but swift reactions made them to keep the book and the crystal from falling.

Let’s hope he’ll understand and accept this gift, thought Sakari, because he might need it…

Then the two snuck their way out, being very careful on where they walked. As soon as no one was watching, the two ran, heading towards the others. When they got up the stairs, they saw no one there.

“This is bad…” muttered Syarix, “Now this entire time period is messed up!”

“Wait,” said Sakari, “Look at this.”

The two turned and saw something carved onto a wall. It mentioned where the others were act by the symbols of arrows and circles.

"I recall those symbols..." said Sakari, "From my mother's memories..."


The others, meanwhile stood outside of Tajun, they barely dodged and snuck past the oncoming Agori and Glatorian from another village, preparing for an Arena Match.

“Sound like Tajun is hosting something,” muttered the Light Garaxial.

“I hope the others are okay,” said Belirax, “They must be worried about our escape.”

The four waited for a few minutes. Then they heard footsteps heading outside. Sure enough it belonged to Sakari and Syarix.

“Are you guys alright?” asked Belirax, “And did he?”

“Yes, Berix has the Blue Crystal and the book,” replied Sakari, “hopefully he will choose to study it and will obtain the knowledge for a while…and I recalled those symbols...they were used as signals, was it not?”

"We had to use them," said Belirax, "Because of the oncoming visitors for the Arena Match."

As the team sighed in relief, they finally could feel the flow of time, taking them one step closer to the future…

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Chapter 9: The Last of his kind

“It’s up to us now…to decide the future…my daughter…”


Roxtus Fortress

“This is what has to be done,” said Starax, handing Tuma a list. He glanced at it and then gave it back.

“But that makes no sense,” replied Tuma, “We Skrall don’t usually give a care about the Glatorian…”

“That was…but we have to arrange this with them” he replied, “because that princess possesses a mysterious power…one that could even change us, forever. And some of it changed us already.”

“And are you sure that there’s a chance that she might not be…”

“It’s possible, but I don’t know how. Only the Great Beings know her true nature.”

But before Tuma could ask, Skralla skipped into the room and asked, “What’s going on today?”

“Um…” said Starax, “This is a mission for only the two of us. You must stay here until we return.”

“And where are you going?” she asked.

“We cannot discuss right now,” replied Tuma, “However, if anything goes wrong, send a message to Atakus and he’ll give it to another Skrall to deliver it to us.”

The two left the room before Skralla could ask anymore questions. Before she could take another step, her mind was elsewhere, again. She saw herself in front of a small tribe of another Skrall, but these kinds were quite unfamiliar. Unlike the species that she knew, one of them carried a gigantic staff/stick and all of them wore heavy cloaks.

“Your powers are the key to our freedom,” said the stranger, “When the time comes.”

“Eh? Who are you?” asked Skralla, “And what do you mean?”

“You’ll understand soon,” came the reply, “We will be waiting…”


The two elite Skrall walked their way out of Roxtus. The Black Spikes weren’t far away from them. If they managed to get the Ice Tribe accept this deal, a trade route would supposedly be built in the mountains, linking the two at the edge of the mountains, while another route would be created across the wastelands. Then that part would have to be arranged with the other tribes.

But if any of them paid attention, they would have noticed six beings that spied on them. One of them took out a scroll and rechecked the sixth task. It would have to be done before they arrived in Iconox.

The Sixth Task:

Starax must die in order for Tuma to be the “destined” last of his Elite Breed of Skrall. This will allow Skralla to gain her rule as a princess and Tuma would be able to rule the Skrall.

“Another death, another way of saving our world,” muttered Belirax sarcastically.

“From what I remembered,” said Sakari, “Starax died during an avalanche. That means that we have to start it.”


“Where are you going?” asked Stronius, “I’ll come if I must…”

“No,” replied Starax, “This is just for Tuma and me to deal with. You must watch the other Skrall and keep an eye on our female friend.”

Tuma exchanged a mild dirty look at Starax, but the other Skrall continued, “You will see to that this village stays defended. If anything gets suspicious, double the guards.”

With that said, the two left Stronius, heading towards the exit.

“What did I tell you?” growled Tuma quietly, “You don’t want to dishonor her whether you like it or not…”

“You’ll understand when you are at the age,” snarled Starax, “She really is not meant to be here…however do to circumstances…she must remain here…for the safety of this village.”

Tuma wanted to continue this argument but doing so wouldn’t be the best of ideas, so he simply nodded and concluded, “We’ll have time for that later…when she is old enough to understand.”

The two Skrall made their way out of Roxtus and into the slopes of the Black Spikes. A messenger from the Ice Tribe proposed to the Rock Tribe that a new trade route would be built within the mountains. Not only that it would be used for trading, but it would be safer for any traveler to use.

The sun rose as they climbed up towards the nearest route. Once they reached the top, it would be a matter of several hours before they could arrive in Iconox.


Not far away, Sakari and the others followed them silently, keeping their distance away from them. From what Sakari and Belirax could remember, there was a section on this mountain pass where the ground was a bit unstable, it doesn’t take much for it to collapse and cause death.

“But just how are we going to kill him?” asked Belirax, “If Tuma sees us…”

“We won’t,” said the Light Garaxial, “Not when they’re distracted…”

The team turned to see several, mysterious beings following the two Skrall. Oddly, they seemed to not be after themselves.

“Don’t they see us?” asked Sakari.

“Baterra…” muttered Belirax, “Why don’t they see us?”

“Perhaps they…we are from another time period?” asked Agarax.

“Whatever it is…we have to get this task done,” said Syarix.


“Tell me something,” said Tuma.

“And that is?” replied Starax.

“Why have you changed?” he asked, “For Skralla…that is…”

Starax sighed. He wasn’t so sure how he wanted to explain this, but he said, “She has a special power in her. And that power was not meant to be unleashed yet.”

“What does that suppose to mean?”

“The reason why I refused to let her live in Roxtus…was that she would accidentally figure out the power that she possesses too early…she has to discover it at the right time. If she were to figure it out too early, she would try to use it against all of us.”

“Why would you say that?”

“It’s because of what I a dream,” he answered, “Skralla will one day face troubles from an outside world. She is forced to live in her current form. But if she succeeds, ...she’ll be free from her body and return to the being that she was.”

Tuma seemed awfully confused by this revelation, but nodded.

“You seemed to not understand what I’m saying,” said Starax, “Don’t worry about it now…the future is up to her.”

The two continued their journey across the rocky slopes of the Black Spikes. They eventually found themselves not far away from the bridge that linked the White Quartz to the Black Spikes.

“Why is everything so quiet?” asked Tuma.

“Could it be the Baterra?” muttered Starax, sword at the ready.

“I...think we should turn and find another route…”

But before the two could react, they heard footsteps of several beings behind them. Starax turned and saw nothing behind him.

“Strange,” he muttered, “The Baterra wouldn’t…”

Then the ground started to shake, several rocks began to fall down across the slope.

“There!” said Agarax, “Tuma and his friend are distracted.”

“Then we better get started,” said the Light Garaxial, unleashing bright light.

Syarix took out his ebon master sword and said, “Lord of Fire, answer my call!”

The sword glowed and a blast of fire struck the mountainside of where Starax and Tuma stood. Sure enough the ground began to give away just as several Baterra began to attack them.

“It’s working,” said Belirax.

“Let’s hope that the right person is going to die,” muttered Agarax.


“Starax!” shouted Tuma, “Hang on!”

“No! Don’t!” he shouted, “You must go on! Go before the Baterra get you!”

With that said, Starax let go on his grip and plunged down to his death!”

“NO!” shouted Tuma, “Starax!”

But there was no time, the Baterra were about to surround him. There was no time taking them all down, he took out his launcher of light and used the light spheres to distract them. Once they turned to go after the light, Tuma took his chance to escape, heading towards Iconox.

This is it…he thought…he must have known that he was going to die! And…I must cancel his deal…no matter what they say…


Skralla sat on her resting mat, waiting for Tuma and Starax to return. But what totally confused her was what Starax told her a long time ago: “You are not a real Skrall!”

What does he mean by that…she thought, I look just like my people!

But before she could say anything, her mind was elsewhere again. This time she saw herself with a yellowed-armored being, again. This time, she could see his face, a great mask that glowed with such amazing power.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“I cannot say,” came the reply, “But if fate allows us…we shall meet someday…but I will have no knowledge about this dream or yourself.”

Then he continued, “You and I share a lot in common. We each carry a separate, but together, our mysterious powers that will one day change your world as well as mines.”

“And when will that be? Will I ever see you?” she asked.

But before she could react, she saw herself and that stranger again, but this time she saw them standing in a darkened chamber…then in a flash, she saw herself trapped inside of something with the other stranger on the other side.

“If we are meant to be…” came the reply, “My name is…”

But before the stranger could finish…Skralla woke up with a gasp. It was already sunset and she couldn’t figure out how long it was since Tuma and Starax left. Then she could hear someone entering into the fortress. She ran and found out that it was Tuma, but heavily injured and exhausted.

“Skralla, help me get to my room,” he said.

“What happened? And where’s Starax?” she asked.

“Dead…” he replied, “It’s up to us now…to decide the future…my daughter…”

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Chapter 10: The Power to Believe

“Our friends, today, we are here to honor our beloved Skrall to take on the steps to rule this village. If it wasn’t for her smile, her kindness, and her belief, we would have never been able to settle down and think about ourselves and ask, ‘what have we done’. I would like my daughter to take a moment to tell us what she feels about this day.”



“Father,” said Skralla, her eyes began to fill with tears. She wanted to say something but she could only do but grief.

“Skralla,” said Tuma, “I know that this is sudden, but we have to continue, with or without Starax, we must become rulers of Roxtus.”

Skralla nodded and walked towards her room, she fell on top of her bed and stayed quiet. Though Starax hardly ever got along with her, she tried her best to impress him. Then Tuma came into the room and asked, “Are you ready to take the role?”

“Not yet,” said Skralla, “I want to wait a little bit longer. I would like to travel around again, it was fun going to places.”

“Then go,” replied Tuma, “Take Malian with you.”

“But father?” began Skralla, “Doesn’t she belong to you? I mean---”

“Yes, but I now pass it on to you,” he answered, and then added, “I trust you with my life.”

Black Spikes

Sakari and the others sighed in relief. It was a dangerous task like all of the others…but it was accomplished.

“So then…Tuma…will rule with my mother,” muttered Sakari, “Until he dares to challenge the power of the Arena Matches…and tries to take over.”

“Why would he want to do that?” asked Syarix.

“Because…Tuma…wanted to stop the Baterra,” answered Sakari, “But unfortunately, the death tolls will drive him crazy to the extent that he will go insane. But if we can do this correctly, and save my mother’s history, then she’ll be able to stop him.”

“But before she could do that…” said Belirax, “She will have to encounter me and the other female Skrall.”

“Yes…I remember now,” replied Sakari, “My mother, along with Tuma and Stronius would be attacked by the Sand Bats.”

“But isn’t this getting a bit too far?” asked the Light Garaxial, “You know…doing all of this?”

“It is…but it’s the price,” said Agarax, “From what they did to their world, they had to keep it safe for some time…and hope that we will someday return from this trapped time.”

Then the flow of time began to change once more…another task was done…for now…


Time Period: 20,000 Years Ago…

Skralla woke up and saw the bright sunrise. Today, was at last the day when she will be titled, “princess” of Roxtus. She carefully left her bedroom and went down towards the front entrance. She saw Tuma talking to one of the Skrall warriors. He turned to see Skralla standing in the middle of the hallway.

“Good morning,” he said, “my princess.”

“Morning father,” replied Skralla, “What’s going on?”

“It’s nothing, really,” he replied, “Just preparing for something.”

Tuma excused the Skrall and turned to his daughter and continued, “I am very proud of you, I hope you understand that this means a lot to your people and me.”

“I know,” she replied, “I’ve always wanted to be a part of this village, whether I was a simple citizen or not…”


Outskirts of Roxtus

The team woke up not far from the village. From what they observed, they saw several Skrall waiting outside, waiting for somebody.

“What’s going on here?” asked Belirax.

The team hid behind the nearest boulder and watched, making sure that the Skrall didn’t spot them.

“I think…this is the day…” said Sakari.

“Of what?” asked Syarix.

“My mother…from what her memories told me, this is the day when she was crowned “princess” of the Rock Tribe.”

“So it seems…” muttered Agarax.

“What’s wrong?” asked Belirax.

“It’s nothing,” he replied, “But if this is true, then why would the other Garaxial be watching this world all of this time? There’s nothing worth valuable here, at least not yet…”

Roxtus Fortress

Skralla went down the steps, wearing a beautiful gown for her inauguration. Ordinarily, she would wear her normal armor like the other Skrall, but this was an important day to her, Tuma, and the other Skrall. At the bottom of the steps, Tuma, Stronius, and Branar waited for her. Tuma took her hand and walked with her, while the other two Skrall follow them, guarding.

“What a lovely day it is, father,” said Skralla.

Tuma nodded and said, “Let’s go. The others are waiting for us.”

The two arrived in the Roxtus Arena, filled with Skrall and Agori, cheering upon their arrival. Once they stood in the central area, Tuma said, “Our friends, today, we are here to honor our beloved Skrall to take on the steps to rule this village. If it wasn’t for her smile, her kindness, and her belief, we would have never been able to settle down and think about ourselves and ask, ‘what have we done’. I would like my daughter to take a moment to tell us what she feels about this day.”

Skralla stood in front on him and replied, “I thank all of you, for believing in me. If it wasn’t for all of you, I would not have been here, and I don’t know what fate would have for me. I know that I’m different from all of you, but I have something that we have in common, to rule, to prosper, and to believe.”

Tuma came up to her, handing her an object, covered in cloth. She opened it and it was the crown that was made out of Exisdian as well as other metals.

“Father,” she said, “But I thought…”

“It’s alright. I had just enough for this crown to be made,” he replied. Then he took the crown and placed it on her head, and said, “From this day forth, you are now our princess!”

Then he kneeled down along with the other Skrall and Agori. Everything was all silent in the Arena.


Sakari and the others watched as the Arena grew awfully silent.

“This is it,” said Sakari, “the day when my mother finally rose into power.”

“But what was that noise?” asked Belirax, pointing towards a tunnel. The group stood still, weapons at the ready, then suddenly, a large group of Baterra were pouring their way, heading towards the Roxtus Fortress.

“Oh no,” muttered Sakari, “if they come, my mother will be in grave danger!”

Syarix scrambled for the list and read the next task on the scroll, but there was nothing on there.

“There’s no task!” he snapped. Sakari grabbed the list from him and saw something on it. A series of pictures appeared on the list, as if they were glyphs. Then Sakari realized what the next task was, “To bring Skralla and Tuma to safety.”

“I’m going in,” she replied, using the cloak to turn invisible, before the others could argue.

“Let’s go this way,” said Belirax, “I know where we could hide for now.”

The others fled towards the mountains before the other Skrall would flee from the Arena.


“Skralla!” shouted Tuma, panicked. He couldn’t find her for the last few minutes. The Baterra scattered and killed any Skrall that were in the way. It seemed that most of them were all the same, but he couldn’t tell the difference between a real Skrall or not.

Skralla was dragged away by two Baterra. Spears crossed her neck, trying to lose her breathing, but then her necklace glowed brightly, stunning them. Skralla took this chance to escape to find Tuma. She saw him fighting a Baterra shaped of a Skrall.

“Father! We have to get out of here!” she shouted.

Nodding, Tuma dodged another attack and threw his shield at the Baterra’s head, stunning the shape-shifter. He ran up to her and held her hand tightly.

“Stay with me,” he said, “We’ll find a way out of this mess.”

Skralla nodded, but then she saw something on the ground. It looked like a line that was making a path. She turned to Tuma and asked, “What is that?”

Tuma turned to see the lines forming on the ground; it looked like as if it was a path to escape.

“It could be a trap,” he replied, “But how does the ground even shift like that?”

If only he realized that it was his granddaughter, he would have been still confused. Sakari found a stick and dragged it across the ground, trying to make a path for them to escape.

“If it’s a way out of here, I’m going,” said Skralla. She ran off to follow the lines, Tuma followed, sword at the ready in case of an attack.

Suddenly, Tuma tripped and realized that he was being dragged by the Baterra. Skralla turned and gasped, she ran up to him, trying to reach his hand.

“Father!” she screamed, “Don’t die!”

She jumped and managed to reach his hand. Suddenly, the necklace glowed in a burst of bright light, telelporting them to safety.

Skralla and Tuma woke up, realizing that they were back in the village of Roxtus. They found dozens of Skrall still alive from the attack.

“Lock the gates and set up the traps,” he said to his army, “The Agori and the other Skrall must hide in the shelters. We cannot let the Baterra raid this village!”

Then he turned to Skralla and said, “We must hide with the others. The fortress will be alright, with or without us.”


The team arrived on the slopes of the Black Spikes, waiting for Sakari to return. After an hour or so, the team began to worry.

“Where’s Sakari?” asked Belirax.

“I hope she’s alright…” said Syarix.

Then they heard someone coming, it turned out to be Sakari, but was out of breath and was injured.

“Are you alright?” asked Syarix, holding her hand.

“I’m fine,” she replied, “My mother is safe now. She’ll be alright.”

The others sighed in relief. Then, the Light Garaxial came up to her and said, “I can give you some treatment, based on my light powers, but I don’t know if they’ll fully heal.”

“It’s alright, as long as I’m alive, it won’t be over,” she replied.

“No, it’s not,” said Belirax, “I’ve began to notice things, the more we get closer to our time period, the more dangerous these tasks are becoming. We’ll have to work together, for now on and we must not separate.”

Then the flow of time began to change one more…another mission was complete…but the future is still uncertain…

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Chapter 11: S.O.S

“You and I have been friends for some time now. Can’t you just help me on this? I must save my people as much as I love you…”

---Sakari to Syarix


Time Period: 1,500 years ago

Skralla, Tuma, Stronius, Branar and a few other Skrall were traveling across the Wastelands with a few caravans. It was already nightfall and Roxtus was still several miles away. None of them were pleased about doing this project, but it was the only way that the armor quality would improve.

“Will this be enough?” asked Stronius, taking out some of the exisdian, “To strengthen our armor?”

“It should be,” said Tuma, “The Exisdian is a type of metal that we can use for our latest armor styles. The more we can use, the stronger we will be.”

“Um, father, what is that?” asked Skralla, pointing at the sky.

Tuma looked up and saw three gigantic Sand Bats closing in on them. One of them soared down and swiped the caravan, sending it across the sands and smashed.

“Stay back! Keep the princess safe!” ordered Tuma to the other Skrall. Then he turned to Branar and Stronius, saying, “You guys, stay and help me fight!”

The three Skrall took out their weapons and fired their thornax launchers. The Sand Bats swiped the oncoming projectiles and soared down again. One of the bats clawed Stronius, sending the elite Skrall to his knees.

“Stronius!” snapped Tuma, “Get up!”

“But sir…this swipe…” replied Stronius weakly, “I don’t think I can make it…”

Branar slashed his sword at another Sand Bat, keeping the beast at bay. He fired his thornax launcher and knocked one down.“Is he hurt?” asked Branar.

“Watch out!” shouted another Skrall.

One of the Sand Bats took the advantage of the distraction and swipped its claws against Branar. He fell to his knees, screaming in pain.

“Take the princess to the city!” snapped Tuma.

The other Skrall nodded and formed a ring around the princess, backing off the Sand Bats. One of them swiped down half of the group while the other fired their thornax launchers.


In the distance, Sakari and her allies watched in horror as the Sand Bats were attacking the other Skrall.

“We have to do something,” said the Light Garaxial.

“But how did I met your mother?” asked Belirax, “Because I don’t normally go out at night.”

“Didn’t you said that you had a signal or something that gave a sign of an emergency?” asked Sakari.

Belirax took a few moments to think then realized, “Of course! We had this horn that was used to alert my sisters in case of an emergency!”

Belirax took out her pack and discovered that her horn was inside. She gave it to Sakari and said, “Now go up towards that peak. The noise of it can be heard for kios around, enough for my people to realize that something is wrong, but don’t get caught!”

“What about you?” she asked, “The other Skrall are still fighting.”

“Leave that to me,” said Belirax, “I have a plan.”

She turned to the others and asked, “Where’s the fastest way to climb up?”

“There’s a secret tunnel nearby,” said Surel, “I’ll go with her.”

“I’ll go too,” said Syarix, “It was my promise to protect her.”

Belirax nodded and watched as the three left, heading towards the peaks. She turned to the distance and saw that the group was still struggling against the creatures. Belirax closed her eyes and concentrated on her mental assult powers. As a female Skrall, she was granted with this ability from Agnonce, one of the remaining Great Beings before ‘The Shattering’. From what she recalled, she taught the other female Skrall on this gifted ability and eventually, any female Skrall could do it, even the princess.

After a few moments, she opened her eyes and saw the other Skrall lying on the ground, all were unconscious. Her powers were proven valuable.

“How…did you do that?” asked Agarax, shocked.

“It’s a gifted ablity, from the Great Beings,” she replied.


Surel took out the scroll and quietly read the seventh task.

Seventh Task: A signal must be launched in order for the Sisters of the Skrall to meet the princess. This will cause the Sisters to attack the Male Skrall in order to take back their rights.

Sakari and Syarix ran for what it seemed for eternity.

“Does your sword provide any other powers?” she asked.

“Yes, it does. But I don’t know if it’s safe to use them…” he replied.

Sakari took a sharp look at him and said, “You and I have been friends for some time now. Can’t you just help me on this? I must save my people as much as I love you…”

Then she stopped suddenly and gasped as she accidentally said those words. But she was relieved to have finally admit her feelings to him.

Syarix seemed a bit shocked as well, he almost dropped the scroll, but he handed it back to her and said, “I’ll do anything to bring you home, and I love you too…”

Sakari wanted to spill tears with joy but this mission was important in order to restore her mother’s past. Syarix activated the swords and said, “God of the winds…give my love her flight!”

In mere moments, Sakari and Syarix soared into the air, heading towards the peaks. They were almost there when they forgot to bring Surel who was calling for them. Syarix called upon the air once more, allowing Surel to join them.

“What it says there is correct, right?” asked Sakari.

“It is. Now hurry, there isn’t much time,” said Surel.

Sakari took a deep breath and blowed through the horn, a loud burst of noise soared across the mountains, heading towards the valley.

Maze Village

One of the female Skrall stood on guard when she heard the noise. She quickly ran to gather the others about what she heard.

“Is it true? There’s something going on?” asked one of them.

“It’s probably just you,” said another.

“No. I heard it too,” replied a third, “I’m going to find out what is wrong. Let’s go!”

The four female Skrall left the village, heading their way towards the mountains.

“Whatever it was, that noise sounded like mines,” said the female Skrall (“Belirax”), “But it’s probably just a coincidence.”


It took an hour or so to reach the other side of the mountains. The female Skrall were not expecting company.

“What is that?” asked one of them.

“It’s just a group of worthless male Skrall,” said another.

“Ew…Tuma is just as disgusting as always,” said the third Skrall.

“Wait! Is that the princess?” said the other female Skrall.

The group saw a Skrall that was surrounded by a group of the male Skrall. It turned out to be the princess.

“Should we take her?” asked one of them.

“I don’t know about this, they might come after us…” muttered another.

“But she could die!” snapped the other Skrall, “Besides we could use her as a weapon.”

After a small debate, the four female Skrall picked up the unconscious princess and brought her back to the Maze Village.


Upon returning to the village, several other female Skrall stood at the gate, waiting for the news to be discovered.

“What is that?” asked one of them.

“Is that the princess?” asked another.

Then the group began to mutter about the princess; “Great Beings, it’s the princess! What is she doing here? Will she be alright?”

“Enough!” shouted the leader, “The princess will recover, if we act now!”

Then the female Skrall quickly went to work, providing a room for Skralla to recover as well as gathering bandages and medicine.

“I’ll have her in my hut,” said the leader, “I need to have a talk with her. Perhaps she could be the answer to our troubles.”

The group brought the princess inside the hut. The leader carefully wrapped the princess’s arm with a bandaged with some medicine on it.

Easy now, she thought, you’ll be alright.


The group reunited at the slopes of the mountains.

“Is the task completed?” asked Belirax.

Sakari nodded as she held up the new key in her hands. There were a total of seven so far, who knows how many more they will need.

“Is it just me or do these keys look awfully familiar?” asked Sakari.

Belirax took a look at one of the keys and said, “You know, it does. I can’t seem to figure out what it is though…that’s odd.”

“Didn’t the Great Beings say that the keys are needed to unlock something?” she asked.

The others shrugged at the question. None of them remembered other than that they must not be seen by anyone else.

Could they be somewhat a way to get back home, hopefully, thought Sakari.

“Let’s just hope that your mother will be alright,” said Syarix.

“She will be…right, Belirax?” she asked.

“She will. But it’ll take some time for her to recover,” replied Belirax, “She was fortunate that we had some medicine available.”

As they talked, the time began to change one more, heading one more step into the future…

I wonder what the next task will be, thought Sakari.

~AN: This was how "Belirax" of the past met Skralla. As it was revealed in TGP, the female Skrall will at last set a siege at the male Skrall in order to take back their rights.

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Chapter 12: The Two Soul Mates

A warrior must rely on his intelligence, rather than the sword. If you want to win, you must believe in what you have in order to proceed.

---Skralla thinking back about Certavus's message.


Time Period: 3 Years Ago…

Roxtus Fortress

Skralla walked through the halls of the fortress, attempting to sneak out of the fortress to visit Belirax. As she turned around a corner, she saw Tuma talking to Stronius, Branar and several other Skrall, discussing.

“Tomorrow, we begin a reign that will bring fear to the Glatorian and Agori. We Skrall shall propose an alliance to the Bone Hunters and unleash our strength to create an empire to this world. No more we shall hide in fear of the Baterra, together, shall at last prove ourselves to the weaklings!”

Skralla gasped at the revelation. For several thousands of years, Tuma was a father, known for his respect to his people. Now he’s using them as a weapon in order to fulfill his wish.

He’s using them to threaten the Agori and the Glatorian outside, she thought, now I have to warn Belirax or else she’ll end up with their side.

Taking this chance, Skralla turned and went towards the back exit. She knew that if she didn’t warn the others, the Skrall would take rampage on the planet.


The princess arrived at a small hut, in the outskirts of the village. She knocked on the door and went inside. Belirax was sitting on a chair, reading a scroll from one of her other friends. She turned her head and saw Skralla standing at the doorway.

“Princess, how it is so good to see you again,” said Belirax, smiling.

“My friend, I have to warn you something,” she replied, filled with fear.

Belirax narrowed her eyes and asked, “What’s wrong now?”

“My father…he’s trying to use our people to take over this world,” she answered.

“Skralla, what did I tell you? Your father is just trying to impress you,” said Belirax.

“Not this time,” she growled, “This is not what I want!”

Belirax’s eyes widen, then she asked, “Then what is your wish?”

“I want the Skrall to get along with the Glatorian and Agori. The world belongs to everyone, not just the Skrall, or Bone Hunters. Even if this means that I have to fight my father to get what I want,” explained Skralla.

Belirax nodded. For the last several hundred years, the Female Skrall managed to reunite with the Male Skrall. Surely, this was a sign of something, was it not?

“I understand,” said Belirax, “But what do you plan on doing?”

“I’m going to run away, sometime this week,” replied Skralla, “And get help from the outside. I don’t know what I’ll find, but as long as I believe in myself, I’m sure there’s a way.”

“I’ll come with you,” said Belirax, “It’s better if you need someone…”

“No,” said Skralla, “I don’t want anyone of us to get captured, and worse, beheaded. If anyone, let me die for trying, its better off if I just go myself.”

With that said, Skralla got up and went towards the exit. Before she stepped outside, she turned around and concluded, “Just make sure that you didn’t know anything. And I’ll miss you, old friend.”

“Take this with you,” replied Belirax, handing her a dark cloak, “This will keep you in disguse when you escape from here.”

“Thank you,” answered Skralla, “Good-bye now.”


Far away, on another planet, something stirred.

A barren island, once named after the Great Spirit began to shake, a signal that was the awakening of the Great Spirit, Mata Nui.

The completed missions of the Toa Mahri and the Toa Nuva allowed Mata Nui to rise; however, a great Gambit was played by a great evil, causing the world to fall into his own hands. Mata Nui, tried his best to fight back, but it was no use. The end was about to begin…

Mata Nui felt the fusion between his spirit and the Ignika. Together, the two unlikely allies flew away, heading towards the unknown. A great bond will unfold between him and the princess of the Skrall, but it’s up to the team to decide their fate.


Skralla sat on her bed, thinking about her memories as a princess. Was she ready to run away? It was only a matter of days; perhaps weeks before her father would dare to challenge the Arena Match System.

But as she was trying to sleep, she was cast into another vision…

A gigantic being rising…was it familiar? Skralla floated in the mid-air, watching a gigantic being standing for the first time in a thousand years. Something about this being, Skralla was able to recognize it…then she saw something that burst out of the robot, a powerful glowing object.

The world around her began to change; she saw the same object lying on the sands. The mask glowed to life, bring sand particles together to form a yellow-armored being. He turned to see a Scarabax beetle crawling up on his arm.

The vision changed once more, she could see a great war happening in the village of Roxtus…

Skralla gasped at the vision and woke up. It was already sunrise. She could hear her father calling.


“What’s wrong, father?” asked Skralla as she walked silently.

Tuma stared and said, “Today, we begin the conquest. I’ve already sent several of our armies to form an alliance with a Bone Hunters. And I sent one of them to Vulcanus to fight one of them from the Jungle Tribe to obtain an oasis.”

“Father!” snapped Skralla, “Why would you do this? You’re causing great harm to our people and theirs!”

“We have to stop the Baterra, my daughter, remember what happened that one day?” he growled.

Skralla knew what happened back then, she was just lucky that she was still alive.

“This is the only way we can prove ourselves,” continued Tuma, “Once this is done…no more worries, just pure conquest in our hands. Together, you and I shall rule the Skrall, Glatorian, and Agori.”

“I know this is not your doing! This is something that my father would not have done!” replied Skralla angrily. She turned and ran to her room, bursting with tears.

“And that’s something that I cannot give up!” growled Tuma, “I am mighty! You are just a weakling!”


Later, Skralla snuck her way out of the bedroom and went towards the temple; she wanted to at least pray to the ancestors and those who died.

Please, help me find the way out of this shadow; thought Skralla, my father cannot do this. For the sake of everyone, please give the Glatorian the strength in order to stop this plan.

Skralla then got up and returned to her room, she had to start something in order to save the planet from another world-wide war. She remembered the words from her old boyfriend, Certavus.

A warrior must rely on his intelligence, rather than the sword. If you want to win, you must believe in what you have in order to proceed.

You are not like the other Skrall, Skralla; you have a kind heart, that’s what makes you different than the other Skrall.

If Skralla knew what was going to happen, help was on the way, in a form of a powerful mask. The dream that see saw will happen. Whatever happens after that is all up to her decisions…


Sakari woke up and turned her head. Syarix was sleeping right next to her. The others were asleep as well.

She took out the scroll and tried to read, but there was no message. She closed it up and turned to Syarix. The warrior opened his eyes slowly and saw her wide awake.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“I’m fine, but I’m not sure what time period this is…” replied Sakari, “This might be the more recent ones.”

Then she added, “About what I said before, I do. I mean it, I have these feelings that I had inside of me for a while. Ever since we first met…remember when I was chuckling to myself?”

Syarix nodded and then Sakari answered, “I was thinking that you were cute. That’s why, I was going to tell you before but I was worried what you were thinking.”

“I feel the same way,” answered Syarix, holding her hand, “I love you too.”

“Do you have a headache?” asked Sakari.

Syarix removed his hand from his head and replied, “Just a little. I think it’s from all of the traveling in time we’ve been through...”

Before Syarix could finish, Sakari came up to him and kissed him on the forehead.

“Um…Sakari…” said Syarix nervously, his face blushing.

“What is it?” she asked, then realized what she was doing, “Oh my goodness…I’m so sorry!”

She said it loud enough for the others to wake up.

“What happened?” asked Agarax.

“Oh it’s nothing,” said Syarix, smiling nervously.

The others slowly got up; most of them were still half-asleep.

“How long have we slept for?” asked Surel, “And where are we?”

The Light Garaxial gasped and said, “Um…I think we have a problem here.”

The group turned to see Belirax, her hand covered her nose, which was bleeding.

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Chapter 13: The Legend Begins to repeat itself…

I can’t help you anymore. Once I leave, I will not meet you again until you return to your world. I have to meet a few Agori and your parents. For they must change the world when the time comes..."



Belirax removed her hand and gasped at the sight. Her hand was drenched in blood, but couldn’t figure out why. The Light Garaxial came up to her and placed his hand on her head. Then he gasped at what he found out.

“What is it?” asked Agarax.

“She…cannot survive any longer…if we keep traveling from one time period to the next,” replied the Light Garaxial.

“Is there a way to save her?” asked Sakari, “She was…my mother’s closest friend…”

“I can give her some temporally treatment,” he replied, “But she might get an infection if we keep going from one span of time to the next.”

“I’ll be fine,” said Belirax, breathing a bit heavily, “I was sick for a while during our Sister’s Reign.”

The Light Garaxial extended his hand and concentrated on his light based powers. A stream of light shined on Belirax’s nose, then the blood disappeared.

“I don’t know how long it’ll last, but when we return to the world that we’re meant to be in, we’ll get you help,” he said.

“That’s even if we free our world,” she replied. Belirax turned her head to see Sakari, Syarix, Agarax, and Surel waiting for them.

Surel observed the skylight and realized that something was not right. He turned to the others and said, “I must leave.”

“What?” snapped Sakari, “Leave us?”

“Sakari, the time has come for me to move on, I can’t help you anymore. Once I leave, I will not meet you again until you return to your world,” said the warrior, “I have to meet a few Agori and your parents. For they must change the world when the time comes.

“But as long as you believe in your friends, I’m sure you’ll succeed.”

“Thank you,” she replied, “You’re leaving so you can help save my parent’s future.”

“Exactly,” he answered, “I have to, so you’ll be able to live on.”

With that said, he turned towards the mountains, waved a final good-bye and left. His destiny was not yet completed, but it was the start of the end.

“You don’t suppose he’s betraying us, is he?” asked Syarix.

“Only time will tell,” said Agarax, “If he betrays us, then we’ll eventually cease to exist.”



Skralla woke up and went towards the window. She saw several Skrall doing their normal workforce. But then she noticed a small group of Rock Agori talking to Tuma.

I must go, she thought, it’s going to have to be today…no…I must escape tonight.

She went down the halls, heading towards the throne room. At the sight of Tuma’s throne, she saw something strange happening. The throne was glowing darkly, unleashing shadows across the room. Suddenly, she fell to the ground and felt the shadows taking grip on her. The princess took out her blade and tried to free herself, but the shadows were too strong.

Tuma stepped into the room and the shadows disappeared, leaving Skralla on the floor, confused.

“Get up!” he snapped, “There’s work to be done!”

Skralla quickly got up and ignored him, running towards the bedroom.

“Get back here!” he shouted but all he could hear was silence.

What was that, thought Skralla, I could’ve sworn that I heard a voice…talking to me…

She walked up to the window again and saw more Skrall waiting at the fortress. Tuma walked out and gave out orders to the Skrall.

“One of you head out to the Wastelands and find Malum. Take him alive so I can arrange a deal with him,” he ordered.

“Yes, sir!” shouted the group of Skrall. The group turned and walked towards the exit.


Skralla could only watch, but she knew that standing still was not going to help her save her people from acting so abnormally. At least she warned Belirax, who ended up by her side.

I am sorry, my friend, but I must go, she thought, you know that my destiny lies outside of here, right?

Skralla went outside to see what her father was doing, only realizing that he was about to come back inside. If he saw her sneaking out, then she would be punished. Skralla ran back and stood in the throne room, watching from the window, praying to her ancestors.

Tuma sat on the throne once more, pondering any ideas for his conquest. He knew that the time has almost come, the time to take over the other villages and bring them to the Skrall. If the plan proceeds swiftly, then it would be matter of days before the Skrall could at last become the rulers of Bara Magna.

He got up and saw Skralla walking back towards her room. Tuma went up towards the window, watching several Skrall regrouping at the camp site. Then he walked towards her bedroom, only realizing that she stopped midway.

“I was wondering what you were up to,” he said.

“Father, I want to go outside of the village,” she replied darkly.

“I will not allow you to leave until the conquest is over!” he snapped, “Until then, you remain here with the rest of us. You are my only daughter; I cannot let you get killed by the other Glatorian or the Baterra!”

“But father, I really want to go on another adventure. I haven’t left the village for several years. I even want to ride on Malian…”

“Silence! I had enough of you complaining, the time has come for you to learn your loyalty to your people!” he yelled. He turned and resumed on the throne, waiting for the other Skrall to bring in Malum.

This cannot go on, anymore, thought Skralla as she ran to her bed and began to weep.


Belirax could barely keep up with the journey. She and the others were taking another entrance into Roxtus. According to what the scroll said, the eighth task had something to do with the village.

“Is this even a good idea?” she asked out loud, “What if we get caught by our past selves?”

“We have no choice,” said Agarax, “This task needs us to go into the village.”

None of them were surprised about the next task; however, they knew that it would pose a risk to their security. Who knows what would happen if they were caught by the Skrall patrol, or worse the Belirax, Skralla and even Tuma of the past.

The weather above the village was getting dark and cloudy. Then it started to rain.

“Is there a nearest place to hide?” asked Syarix.

“This way!” said Belirax, “I know a secret place, but we have to hurry!”

The group ran towards the caverns of the village. None of the Skrall ventured here due to the rumors that the Baterra were hiding here, but Belirax knew that they were just caves, nothing else.

“In here,” she said, “You might want to watch your heads.”

The group crawled into the small caves and sighed of relief.

“Just how are we going to get inside of that fortress?” asked Agarax.

“Like always,” said Sakari, “The remains of my mother’s magic that she passed to me.”

“Are you sure that’s even a good idea?” asked Syarix, “What if she senses your arrival?”

“She shouldn’t,” she replied, “My mother didn’t learn how to use its power until after she ran away.”

“True, true,” said the Light Garaxial, “But what about my other self? Does he even know what lies inside?”

“There’s a chance that he’s using his powers at my people. I want to find out if that’s true,” replied Sakari.

“What do you mean?” asked Belirax.

“When my mother gave me her memories, she came up with a theory that the throne was cast under Garaxial’s control, which used that to make Tuma and the rest of the Skrall go on a conquest.”

“You don’t mean…” said Agarax, shocked.

“It’s reasonable,” said the Light Garaxial, “If my other self was doing this, then it means that he’s watching this world.”

“But if that’s true, then why hasn’t he done something to stop us and ruin this paradox?” asked Agarax.

“He’s up to something,” he replied, “My other self wouldn’t just intervene and ruin his plan, he’s waiting…”


Skralla opened her eyes and realized that it was nightfall, plus it was storming. She wiped her face and got on her feet and snuck out of her room. The time has come for her to run and get help.

Determined, she silently ran down the hallways, heading towards the shrine. She lit up a torch and kneeled down to her ancestors. She had to at least say something before she could leave the palace.

Forgive me, my ancestors, but I must go, she thought, stop my father from doing this and I promise that I will find my true love.

She set the torch on the niche and went towards the armory room. She quickly changed her garments into the Skrall armor in order to keep herself in a disguise. The crown that she wore, Skralla took it off and replaced it with a traditional Skrall helmet. She was about to take off the necklace, but she felt a vibration as if it was speaking to her. Skralla changed her mind and kept it on as she took the Launcher of Light frome one of the shelves.

Why am I doing this, she thought, what good would one Skrall do to change the world, or yet the future of this world?


Sakari and Syarix snuck their way towards the fortress, using Sakari’s cloak to stay invisible.

“Do you see her?” he asked.

“No, I don’t” replied Sakari, “Maybe she left already…”

But then the two gasped as they saw a Skrall coming out of the fortress. Sakari realized that it was her mother, heading towards the Spitik pens.

“Mother…” said Sakari, quietly.

“Let’s go, before she knows that we’re here,” said Syarix.

The two turned back, heading towards the caves. As soon as they were far enough, they watched as Skralla rode on the Spitik, heading towards the exit. After Skralla disappeared from view, they continued their way back, telling the others of what they saw.

“Then let’s go,” said the Light Garaxial, “It’s not sunrise yet and the task has to be done.”

“Let’s do this,” agreed Agarax.

The group held hands together and turned invisible, heading towards the fortress. The eighth task was to prepare the throne in order for Skralla and her friends to travel through dimensions.

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Chapter 14: A Sudden Interference…

The group looked up and saw a portal floating in mid-air. Syarix, Agarax and Belirax took out their weapons, preparing for the unexpected company.



The group ran silently through the village, keeping their eyes on the fortress ahead.

“We have to hurry,” said the Light Garaxial, “The sun will soon rise.”

“But how are we going to get in there?” asked Belirax.

“I know another way in,” answered Sakari, “This way.”

The team took a turn, heading towards the back entrance of the fortress.

“And what the scroll says, how are we supposed to activate its power when it’s corrupting the Skrall?” asked Syarix.

“There’s a portion of the throne that remains the same…” answered Sakari, “From what her memories told me, the throne has not fully turned black, so there’s at least some hope that we can still prepare it.”

“This is getting nuts,” said Belirax, “And what if Tuma finds out that we’re sneaking up behind him?”

“We won’t,” said Light Garaxial, “As long as he finds out that Skralla is gone, he’ll go insane that he won’t notice us.”


Tuma woke up at the sunrise. He somehow had a strange nightmare that involved his daughter in grave danger. He thanked to himself that it was just a dream. As he got up on his feet, he felt something sharp. He yelped and took a look at what he stepped on.

Tuma gasped at the sight, it was his daughter’s crown, broken into pieces.

It can’t be…he thought, is she…gone, from this village?

Tuma ran across the corridors, checking every room for his daughter. He got into the armory room and realized that some of the armor and weapons were stolen.

At first, he almost wanted to cry out and kill her, but all he could only do was to grieve. He paid little attention to another Skrall that accomplished a mission.

“Sir, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“Skralla…is gone…” whispered Tuma, “She ran away!”

“What about Malum…” asked the leader.

“I will deal with that exile!” he snapped, “Go and fetch several fresh troops and go find her! If she is alive…then she’s probably injured. If she’s dead…then our conquest will go forward a hundredfold; kill any Glatorian, Agori, Vorox, and those savage Zesks that get in our way!”

As the solider left, Tuma walked towards the temple. He could tell that his daughter was here before she left. He went up to the statues and prayed, Please….give me a chance…I’m only trying to impress you, Starax. Give me back my daughter…


Sakari and the others arrived in the throne room. Luckily there was no one in there.

“I’ll stand by and watch,” said the Light Garaxial, “If anyone comes, turn invisible and stay put.”

Nodding, Sakari, Syarix, Belirax, and Agarax went up to the empty throne. From what they observed, the colors were turning darker and darker slowly.

“It seems that it’s acting like a failsafe?” asked Belirax.

“I don’t know…but we don’t have time to mess around with this,” said Agarax.

“Syarix, look at this,” said Sakari, pointing at the two shapes on the throne.

Syarix turned and saw two symbols on the back of the throne. One was three circles with two crescents while the other symbol was a shape of some being.

“What could this mean?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied, “But it seems that it’s pouring such power that I’ve never seen.”

The two took a closer look at the carvings. The sight of the symbols was awfully familiar to Sakari, but she couldn’t figure out what they exactly represented. She placed her hand on one of the symbols. Suddenly, she could feel the energy pouring back into the throne. Sakari placed her other hand on the other symbol, but didn’t feel anything.

“Try your hand,” said Sakari, “Maybe we have to do this, together.”

Nodding, Syarix placed his hand on the other symbol. Suddenly, the two could feel the power flowing back into the throne.

“It’s recharging?” asked Belirax.

“That’s weird…” said Agarax, “Even if…”

“Um…guys, we have company,” replied the Light Garaxial.


In the night sky of the stars, a powerful object was flying through the space.

The Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life had been flying for what it seemed for weeks, perhaps months? But inside was the former Great Spirit, Mata Nui. For the last 100,000 years, he was created to perform the tasks, set by the Great Beings. However, everything changed when he was cast into slumber.

What did I do so wrong to my universe, he thought, I was its protector, and a powerful evil rebelled against me, why?

All he knew was that his enemy has completed his task and now was probably going on a rampage with the Matoran and the Toa.

Was I not good enough for my people, did they hate me, the Matoran cared for me…unless…


Skralla rode on the Spitik, heading towards the wastelands. She was relieved to at last escape from her people, because of her father. All she wanted was to have the Skrall get along with everyone else on Bara Magna. However, no matter how hard she begged to her father, Tuma would always find an excuse to keep her in the village.

Someday, this world will no longer have to suffer, she thought, and I hope that my people will understand their mistakes…

Skralla stopped the Spitik and got off. She saw several bushes of thronax fruits. She took out her launcher, took one of the berries and practicing aiming at a dead bush nearby. Triggering the launcher, the thronax struck a bull’s eye.

Skralla sighed and wondered about her father’s reaction to her disappearance. Would he send out several Skrall troops to go after her, or would he just ignore and continue on his precious plans?

That doesn’t matter…she thought; at least not for me…all I want is to have everyone to live together…

She took out the launcher of light and aimed it at a dead tree nearby and fired. A bright sphere of light struck the shrub, dead on.


The Light Garaxial looked up towards the ceiling and saw something disturbing; a portal was opening.

“Um…guys, we have a problem here,” he said to the others.

The group looked up and saw a portal floating in mid-air. Syarix, Agarax and Belirax took out their weapons, preparing for the unexpected company.

A green-armored warrior fell from the portal and crashed on the ground. Agarax came up to the stranger and realized that the new comer was falling unconscious.

“Let’s go,” he said, “Before anyone else knows that we’re here.”

The group carried the stranger to safety, heading towards the back exit.

“Which way?” asked Sakari.

“Let’s escape from here, before anyone can sense us,” replied the Light Garaxial.

The group fled towards the exit of the village, but they discovered that there were two Skrall guards.

“Allow me,” said the Light Garaxial. Channeling his light powers, he silently aimed a beam of light at a nearby structure. The structure collapsed into the ground and the two Skrall went out to see what happened.

The team managed to escape towards the Wastelands. But who was his new person? None of them recognized the stranger.

“We should find a place to hide,” said Agarax, “Maybe with luck, we can save this stranger.”


Erax woke up in a cave. The last thing he remembered was flying through the dimensional gates, and falling into a dark chamber before he fell out.

“Take it easy,” said a voice, “You’ll be alright.”

“Who are you?” he asked, “And don’t tell me you…”

“It’s alright. You’re safe with us,” said Sakari.

Erax managed to lift himself up and saw five other being around him.

The Light Garaxial came up to him and asked, “Who are you? What’s your purpose of coming here?”

“My name…is Erax,” said the Glatorian, “I’ve been traveling from world to world, helping others on various missions. And what about you, what’s going on?”

“My name is Garaxial,” said the stranger, “These others, are allies; Sakari, Syarix, Belirax, and Agarax.”

Erax nodded and took out his compass. He rasied it into the air and the compass began to glow.

“What are you doing?” asked Sakari.

“Scanning,” he replied, “So I can understand the situation here.”

After a few moments, the compass stopped glowing. Erax placed it back and said, “From what I can tell; you guys are on a dangerous journey, is it true?”

“Yes,” said Syarix, “We have been traveling in time, completing the tasks that were written on this scroll.”

Sakari took out the scroll and handed it to Erax. The Glatorian took a glance at the tasks that were completed. He returned it to Sakari and said, “So, it seems that you are almost done here. I want to help you all, for I am on my own mission as well.”

“And that is…?” asked Belirax.

“It’s like what I said before; I help people,” he replied, “Because I have my own destiny to complete…”

But before anyone could ask more questions, the flow of time began to speed forward once more…


A Final Wish:

The Final Story of the series…what future lies for Sakari and Syarix? Will the team return to Averax Magna? Once the story is complete, the world of Spherus Magna will changed...forever!

Some Spoilers:

*This will be my final epic for the entire Princess Skralla and Averax Magna series. Whew...I'm tired already...=P

*There will be some deaths in the next epic; at least 2 characters will die.

*There will be a major crossover in the third epic with another set of characters from an ENTIRE different story! Hint, Hint: look at the pictures of my sig...

*The Prologue will start out with MN and S in their current situation, starting with a scene from “Kingdoms of Paradise”.

*Chapter 1 will start in the time period of “The Rising Darkness” of the Princess Skralla Arc.

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