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[Review] 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

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Here is my very first review. This is the biggest Star Wars Lego set I have ever purchased. I have updated the set with more Clone Troopers from the Battle Packs since then. I may post more pics later.


Here is the base RGS. All of the minis are out from. Surprisingly, nothing fell off getting it to the kitchen table (my only clean workspace)


Here is a pic of the ship without anything by it, just for kicks. One thing that I should not is that the RGS doesn't exactly swoosh that well. Half of the time one of the wings detaches, or the slopes on the side of the cockpit come loose. I have had the top cave in a few times, so the ship could be a little sturdier, the red pieces that jut out from under the wings are held in place from the top and bottom by a single piece, something else should be keeping them in place.


Here is my Twi'lek nose art. A lot of people have decided to leave the art off, but I can't do that. Yes, compared to the space monkey lizard thing, my ship has less kills, but I don't mind that.


Here is one of the nose cannons. These things are pretty cool since they can move in a large radius and are assembled quite nice. However, these are the parts that if you even look at them funny, they will fall off the ship.


Like the nose cannons, the cockpit is extremely fragile. The stickers for the controls might be to blame for that. However, I wish a stronger piece was used somehow. One other semi-issue is the fact that the whole cockpit assembly is attached to the ship by only a pair of ratcheting joints at the top, nothing holds it in place at the bottom. It hasn't given me any issue yet.


Getting the cockpits into the open position generally involves snapping them off, lifting the hinge piece, and snapping the cockpit back on.


The wing pods are really well done. The printed decals on the dome is really nice, and the whole set up is pretty nice.


Here was the first alteration I made to the entire set. I really don't know why they would put the flat 2x2 in there. So it went out.


The cannons look really nice, but they aren't that sturdy. The white parts in the middle need something else to keep them in place.


This was my first experience with flick-missiles. I can't say I am a fan. They look nice when in place though.


The doors on the side are pretty well done, but they don't sit flush with each other. No solution to that though. The two pods that sit in there are not present on this ship. A shame, really.


Here is one of the simple probe droids that comes with the ship. Nothing special, but a nice addition.


Here is the rear gun. It is essentially identical to the forward guns, minus the fragility.


Here is the mini base that comes out of the doors in the front. Despite how small it is, it fits the minis quite well.


Here is the bacta tank. It is pretty nice. I normally use it for storage of my extra accessories.


I wish the two cylinder halves were flush with each other, but they have to be off-set to fit the figures in there.


With the bacta tank and the command center out, a lot of room is freed up in the gunship's front.


Here is our friend Obi-Wan Kenobi. I must say, they gave the poor guy a very cheesy face to go with the bad haircut. The decal on the front of the figure is pretty good. I wish he had printed legs to have the rest of his robe that is outside the clone armor. He should have come with a Clone helmet and a lance.


Here is his back, nothing special. Perhaps some printing on the back or a cloak would have been nice.


Plo Koone rocks my socks off. Ever since I got Jedi Power Battles ages ago, I have wanted a Lego figure for him. Too bad he has the stupid blue saber blade as opposed to the yellow one. The head is a little thin, but I can manage.


The back of his head is very detailed as well. A nice touch.


Asajj Ventress is very well done. The head detail is very intricate for a minifigure. The sabers are very good.


See, if they can detail the back of her head, they can detail the back of Obi-Wan's torso. Overall, she is a great figure.


So I put Cody's kama back on. The detail on the helmet is covered up by the visor, unfortunately. The chest armor has some nice extra detail on it. More than Rex can boast.


Cody's back is just that of a standard clone, nothing special.


I like the new Phase I troopers. The fact that their head piece does not form anything in their helmet is very nice. Now they don't look stupid without their helmet on.


Basically the same as Cody. Detailed and nice.


I have three different Speeder bikes besides this one. This one is the best though. The 3-wheeler back end that forms the back is really cool. I wish there was a place to store the blaster rifle on it. It looks stupid on the side.


He is coming for ya!


Cody and his friends Rex and Fox. I still like Rex the best, even if he has a standard clone body with blue arms.


Here is the whole gang. You can't tell from the picture, but there is a clone in every pod and cockpit. Thank you eBay!


Here is a close-up of the crew.


Build: 9/10 - Other than the fragility, I don't have any negatives for the build. It feels very complete.

Playability: 8/10 - Despite how cool the thing is and how much there is to do with it, I hesitate to do anything with it for fear that something will break off. All the stuff opens and closes.

Swooshability: 7/10 - I am pretty hard on the poor thing when it comes to the whole cave in and piece falling off stuff, but it can't be avoided. But, if I hold onto it with both hands and just on the bottom, it works pretty well.

Minifigs: 9/10 - The only thing that could have have helped this one out is another clone or three. At least one for the other cockpit. But Plo Koone and Asajj make up for that.

Design: 8/10 - As I stated before, the only detracting factor is the fragility. Otherwise, the set is very complete. It is bigger and badder than the previous one.

Price: 9/10 - I bought it at Wal-Mart for $118 bucks, which isn't that bad considering the piece count. The thing that ticks me off is that a week later Target had it in their ad for $108 bucks. Oh well.

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This was a great improvement on the previous Republic Gunship. This one has a lot more detail and a lot more playability. My only complaint is the figures compared to the price. For $120 i would expect at least 2 more figures. I know that at the time it included all new figures, but for the price it is lacking.

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Great review for a great set. I love it so much I bought two, but still wish it came with at least two more Clones of some Pilots.

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Very nice review, well done.

Agreed, a good review and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this set with us :thumbup:

At first I thought this was bad compared to the older version, but I guess I was just sentimental.

Because I went to the attic and checked the old version and this is way better.

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Thanks for a great review. I decided to get this from Shop@Home because you no longer can buy this at the shops in NZ. I'm just waiting for the Chrone Stormtrooper to become available to NZ on Shop@Home so that I can make the post of the postage I'll be paying.

Your review just reinforced my decision to get it. Like some of the others I think it will be nice to have a couple more minigiures with this.

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