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MOC: The scrapping of loco 7727

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I wasn't prepared for the outpouring of grief and protestations which followed me posting this image after the Brickster raised the subject of flat bed train wagons:


However, that was only the beginning of the story...

So the loco was hauled away and taken to some sidings next to an orchard:


Luckily, the scrap metal dealers had hundreds of coal trucks to cut up first, so they forgot about poor old 7727. And time passed:



One pleasant sunny day, Mr Richman and his wife are out for a stroll and stumble across the sidings:


Now Mr Richman has always wanted an old steam engine, so he persuades his wife to let him buy it:


He gives the owner of the sidings 30 golden quid. The locomotive is his!


To be continued.....

More photos in my Flickr set

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Very nice. I like the grass on the loco. :thumbup:

The 7750, I hope you can remove that 'sold' easily. :sceptic:

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Great story. You should make an alternate ending of its scrapping, too!

You want me to depict this forlorn little locomotive being sliced up by maniacs wielding blow-torches?

Phew, I'm not sure I can bring myself to do that. :sceptic:

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AJW: I am so envious in regard to your collection of these wonderful 12V locomotives. :wub: I thought I saw everything with your last set of 12V trains, but now I see what looks like a modified 7750 in the picture. Truly fantastic! I want so bad to own some of these classic sets, and truly regret not collecting trains when I was a young chap.

I like your story, but you should perhaps add a western outlaw or mystery host purchasing that scrap engine. :wink: What would an engine like that cost? I see that it could use some windows. :laugh:

Seriously though, great scene. I thank you for being active on the T&T forum and sharing these classic trains on EB. Now I'm convinced that Lego should bring back another classic train as a Legend.

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