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MOC: Nuclear Winter

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I've wanted to do Post-Apoc for a while, but I wasn't exactly sure how to go about doing it. I'm hoping I have the right idea for it.

The snow if finally beginning to recede. I still manage to find it odd how we can be buried in the snow one night whilst in the middle of the desert then finally back on warm sand with the sun beating upon us. The idea of the apocalypse is so strange and facing it as a reality is odd too. I'm no sure if I'll ever adjust, but I will as long as my body will allow me to, survive.

The center piece of this creation is the light up flame and it is also the most attractive part when shown in the dark

I already have ideas for another Post-Apoc dio and thanks to this experience I can't wait to try it.


See more on Flickr.

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Well done, NewRight! :thumbup:

The tent on the left is really cool, and the whole lay-out looks great!

I hope to see more of these kind of MOCs from you soon. :sweet:

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