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help - i need some help on train stuff

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I love and adore lego trains but the one thing that i can not build in one million years is a 6 wheeled train bogie

(as seen here: class 60 on the train i am curantly building) i am trying to articulate the yellow sections of this.

info you need to know;

I am a pf builder which means the train is going to be longish and pf controled

in my layout it looks like this: which is suposed to be westbury cement works (blue track means off to fiddle yard)

picture gallary so you can understand how it will all work(when moderated):

are you felling confused :wacko: or don't understand me then look at Mark Bellis made that is what i would like to achive.

:pir-laugh: cb :pir-wink:

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A turntable and 1x4 or longer tiles will solve that problem. You'll have to ditch the 1x3 plates on the sides, though. Those will hinder articulation. A similar approach has been used by AJW for his recreation of the ancient set 162.

There's an alternative solution too, which I'm not sure will work, but that is to make the wheels slide from side to side. An axle that close to the motor won't need more than a single stud of movement, from left to right. Extensive use of tiles will be needed for this type of solution, but I've seen it done before, and it seems to work.

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hi all.

Thanks Freddie as in th end i did use your first idea - i had tried it before asking but built it completly wrong!

wih the second idea i think you ment this if i am not mistaken which is from another class 60 model (some bits i may copy on mine :tongue:)

My final idea is this

brickshelf folder(when modarated):

lld download( i have included this as the pictures are not very good):

i really like these and if you want to make them i would be more than happy for you to.

:jollyroger: a word of warning - it can only just get around set 7996 and if flexi track makes a smaller circul than normal curves it canot manage aroung it. :jollyroger:

:pir-laugh: cb :pir-wink:

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