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MOCs: Various Train Rolling Stock

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I know I've been posting a bunch of Train MOC's lately, but I swear I'm almost done! :tongue: For Brickworld 2009, Stacy and I expanded our layout quite a bit and a lot of that space was dedicated to a new rail-yard and a bunch of rail sidings. To fill these, I had to build a bunch of rolling stock and a few engines. I will be posting the engine separately, but I felt I could lump the rolling stock into one post to save space. I ended up building a flatbed car, two tankers, and two hopper cars. The hoppers and tankers make use of SNOT building techniques to achieve the shape and features I was looking for.


A simple flatbed car carrying two small tractors. It also used custom waterslide TTX decals done with the new TTX logo.


The hopper cars were fun to build. I wanted to figure out how to capture the reinforcing strips on the outside of the hopper car. SNOT seemed to be the best way to do this.


A closer shot of the SNOT technique used to form the sidewalls of the hoppers.


A fun little tanker car that was inspired by a design I found on James Mathis' Brickshelf folder. The tank is essentially built in two halves and then held together on the ends.

All of these ran great on our layout at Brickworld and they really help to fill out the rail-yard and the sidings. All are 6-wide as that is the scale that Stacy and I work in. More pictures can be found on my Flickr Photostream.



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You're definately a great train builder Dave. More fantastic creations! I was actually browsing Brickshelf this evening and came across the tractor flat-bed wagon, not realizing it was your creation. It's my favorite of your collection. I love the simple yet effective design of the TTX. Yellow and black go so well together, and with the brightly colored "classic town style" tractors, it's a wonderful train car. The use of the chains to hold them down is a nice addition. Why can't Lego diversify a bit and add a few rolling stock cars like this and the others from your collection? They would make great $20 - $30 (USD) priced sets and I think they would really appeal to train fans.

Very nice! :thumbup:

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I have to agree to Brickster: Wonderful MOC´s. :thumbup:

Two details though:

- The tractors seem to lack just one stud more at the back. The mudgards are looking quite one-sided, meaning that there is no "guard" to the back, but to the front the mudgards are going very low. Or did you use an original that looks like it?

- I´ve seen tanker designs similar to this (and obviously Mathis´ inspired), but your tanker somehow looks too small. Especially when compared with set 10016. One brick in the middle of the tanker would do it. Like this:


Okay, "Monteur", the designer of this MOC added 1 brick in width and two bricks in height.

Thanks for sharing your MOC´s with us. Now what´s next? :wink:

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