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MOC: Albert's Automobile

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Well to start off I wanted to create something that involved Fabuland, unfortunately my attempt turned out more system lego then it did Fabuland and about the only thing that was Fabuland was the actual fig. Originally I was heading for an old style car but when I hot frustrated, I turned to a simplar sports car style.


As you can probably guess already most of it comprised of Power Miner parts.


The whole concept was pretty simple to build and looks good as well. Before anyone asks yes I just noticed the tyres on the car.


Yep as you can see the side is just made up of slopes and curves but it turned out good in the end.


Its not really that suited for a fabuland figure their hips are to big which stops them fitting into a two stud viechle.

Sorry about the last pic. Now all I need isyour feedback. :classic:

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I like it :classic: Great use of the PM greens to match Albert's skin.

Even if the style is a bit more system oriented, some details, like the big steering wheel and already mentioned colour scheme really add to a Fabuland look imo :classic:


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Thanks for the comment LuxorV, I'll take that aboard on my next Fabuland Vechile. Oh and Albert is not his actual name, I have no Idea what it is.

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