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Episode 12: The Battle for Nekt: Prey

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I am very happy with this episode! My GIMPing is nice, and I finally really think that everything works, and I got everything I wanted to into the episode without making it feel strained!

Season 1

Episode 12

The Battle of Nekt: Prey


Versilles, Lofsurra, Boom, and Cell were all on Nekt evacing refugee's when they were stranded by a Dark Jedi. He proved to be too much for the Jedi to handle, so they fled and broke down a cliff to evade their attacker.
























Hope you enjoyed! And please, please, please, comment! I work really hard on these, and usually only get about 5 people commenting! Be it negative or postive, I ust want to hear that you read it!


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So, tthere's nothing worth commenting on. Nothing in this comic is either good nor bad?

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I like your comic :thumbup: .

I can see you put a lot of work into it and the story is fine.

I hope more people give you some feedback because I know its hard to continue when no one seems to value your work.

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Ok I have posted in you last 3 and will carry on. Oh by the way answered those questions in comic 9. Ive never known these comics existed and am so glad I found out. You have a great idea and are well commited even though many members dont comment. The idea for the dark one is nice and the fact of the drug is very nice. The characters you invented are well made in lego form and their personalities suit them well. I like versilles character and am a definate fan from now on. I will check every day until a new one is up. Please make more before I get too excited.

I would like to see the dark one with a small group of bad guys aswell but they are like super assasins that are exceptionaly skilled with hiding themselves.

Edited by Eskallon

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Thank you for your comments Eskallon, here and in other threads. They mean a lot, and you seem to actually know what you're talking about.

Zorro, thank you too! A new one should be out by tomorrow!

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