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Hello, I am Schlangus

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The name is a latinization of the German word for snake. I identify with the snake for a few reasons. One is that I live in the desert. I like to stay under my cool rock and not get burned by the sun except to eat. For example yesterday the temperature reached 106F, and I only ventured outside to obtain food.

The other reason is I occasionally shed my skin for a whole new one and take on a whole new identities and pursuits. Only about five months ago, I have come out of my dark age and taken up LEGO. This is remarkable because I used to shamelessly mock one my best friends for building pirate ship MOCs while he was in college (and beyond) :pir-oh3: . Now I have deeply and regretfully apologized to him, and we even have visited our local LEGO store together.

I am also an unapologetic geek. Where some people have exercise and game rooms, I have a library, which doubles as a space to display LEGO. As an aside, what got me to shed my old skin and come out of my dark age was another geek pursuit, DnD. The other players were using minifigs as game pieces. Some guy had a dwarf minifig, and that did it for me, because I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and haven't stopped buying LEGO since.

My favorite LEGO themes are historical. I probably enjoy Castle the most. I am currently building a huge 5x5 (of 32x32 plates) walled city with a keep. Someday I might also like to build a Roman forum, and possibly a Panzer tank.

Its great to meet you guys (and girls)!



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