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[Review] 20009 Mini AT-TE Walker

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Here's a quick review for ya, folks; the newest BrickMaster exclusive set, an AT-TE Walker!

Set Info

Set Name: 20009 Mini AT-TE Walker

Theme: Star Wars

Subtheme: Mini Building Set

Released: 2009

Pieces: 94

Price: n/a; BrickMaster exclusive

Minifigs: n/a

There's no box picture, as this set came in a plastic bag that I wasn't able to photograph without massive glare. :(



Random Page


Final Model

I don't have any building-in-progress shots, as Mini sets go together very quickly and simply. So, here's a few pics of the final product!




Not a bad little set, is it? It lacks the printed pieces of the previous mini AT-TE set, but there's no stickers, so I suppose it's a fair trade. Interesting design on the legs, too, though some have complained about the overly large middle feet.

Last Words

Pros: A nice new design for the Mini AT-TE.

Cons: That weird middle foot really puts some people off. (I had no issues with it, however.)

Overall: If you're a BrickMaster member, this was a great set to receive. Collectors would do well to snap it up, especially if they can't get their hands on the original one.





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Sweet! thanks for the review.

That's one hell of a big improvement from the previous set... Shame I won't be able to get my hands on that one...

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