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The Cobra

Review: 8101 Claw crusher

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"We're charging our battery - And now we're full of energy - We are the robots" (Kraftwerk - The robots)

Set data

8101: Claw crusher

Year: 2007

Theme: Exo-Force

Subtheme: Robots

Pieces: 99 (including extras)

Price: 8 USD / 8 EUR / ?? UKP

Building time: less than 20 minutes

MISB on review: Yes

More info: Brickset - Peeron

Box front: A vertical box that measures 14 x 19 x 4,5 cms (5.9 x 7.9 x 1.13 inches).


Box back: Theme overview focusing on REAL shooting abilities by the mechas and a small comic strip.


Box content: Large bag, small bag, instructions sheet, stickers.


Pieces: Orange, black, two kinds of grey. That's all (except for to_stay_hidden Technic pieces).


Inventory Click on picture for larger version.


Random instructions page: Building the right arm. Each step has piece called out. Instructions have the same vertical figure on front page, while they have a horizontal layout on the inside.


Comic page: CC facing Humans' small mecha, Cyclone defender.


Stickers: Just a few. Exo-code tile is the only printed piece in here.


Minifig: Here comes Devastator. This time, his body has no color shades (some other versions have).


Building: Let's start building the mecha. Those ball joints on the thighs will host legs; I found a little bit odd to have a ball socket on the body and a ball joint on the arm on the right side, since left arm and legs work the opposite way.


Building: According to instructions, both arms are now built only partially. Please note that on the left arm, the "space scanner" is placed on a jumper piece (but the whole thing will be hidden by the cannon)


Building: Right arm has an "elbow" articulation, while left arm hasn't.


Building: Time to build legs; despite piece call out, I missed a bit (a 1x1 round plate to be placed on the outer side of the knee). The knee itself has no articulation, while feet have. Each foot consists of a Toa Metru piece and a Technic connector.


Building: Legs have been placed, claws have been added to the right arm (on the same pieces used as Dev's arms).


Building: Left arm is now complete, thanks to a 6-shot cannon. A small "cockpit" is ready to host Devastator.


Claw crusher: building is almost complete, time to add stickers (yes, I always add stickers!)


Claw crusher: stickers on, ready to assault.


Claw crusher: back view, it looks a bit lame from here.


Claw crusher: side view, the clawed arm is impressing.


CC Vs. Grand Titan: "Get ready for the final cut"


CC Vs. Grand Titan: ""



Coming out of dark years in 2007, I started collecting new and old Lego sets. Grabbing the four big mechs (8102 to 8105) was the easy part since they were one sale (10 Euros instead of 15) in December. Too bad the smaller sets were already gone. Time, patience and eBay are an AFOL's friends, so one month ago I finally put my hands on this small Robot's robot. But I started liking it long before I bought it, and surely didn't get just to add it to my collection.

The first thing that caught my eye was the color scheme. What wasn't black (or gray), was orange. Bricks, plates, stickers and the only two trans pieces. This set is as big as its human counterpart (Cyclone defender), maybe oddly large while being so short. Arms and legs move how you want to, and once again there is no head. What's a head for, anyway?

I found building really easy, except for one point: putting 1x1 round plates on Technic angle connector (= CC knees). At first, I was so dumb I missed that building step. Then (after building was complete and I had too many leftovers) it took a while to put those plates into place.

Claws are put into "rod holes"; that means they are like giant fingers and they will rotate even if you don't want to. Parts geeks will like to know that "claws" are only available in orange in two sets, the other one being 4078 (a Studios Tyrannosaurus). Looking for orange Technic Wedge Belt Wheels? They are only available in two other sets. Rare pieces list ends here.


Color scheme: 5/5. Two colors, that's all (gray is just a light black, after all). Orange and black is one of the best color combo available.

Minifigs and accessories: 3/5. Devastator is not bad, but it isn't that much different from the other robots. Still, a plain gray version looks better (to me) than those half tone bodies to be found in other sets. As for accessories: none. But that's not a huge miss

Pieces: 3/5. Basically; Technic joints, some slopes and a few wings. Add a few Bionicle specialties and that's all. This is hardly a set one would buy for pieces. Extras are two 1x1 round plates (one black, one trans orange).

Playability: 3/5. Great choice of available poses thanks to all those joints; this is a battle set, but it needs someone to battle against! This is one of those sets that work best with another one and seem to be missing something on its own.

Design: 4/5. Another headless mecha, with good moving options and designed for both close fight (thanks to the claws he's named after) and striking from the distance (thanks to the "cannons").

Overall rating: 4/5. I tell you, I like it. It has a very few flaws and being an AFOL I don't even have to play with it, just display it. A deserving set from a theme I'm missing.

The final words: I'm sure there are still a few CCs out there. Go grab one!

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Looks good. I never bought any Exo-Force sets but they look decent. I think this is average but these went on sale and for that price they where probably worth buying.

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I got this set as a gift, but wasn't to impressed by it. Its good for Devastator ( I use him as a droid) and the orange, but not much else. Good Review though :classic:

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