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MOC - Bridge Bomb

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Hey all.

Just another Russian MOC I've made - hope you're not getting bored of them!

Again, this MOC features the T-14. It really is versatile. I am making another vehicle, so don't worry, you will be seeing more of my fleet.

In this MOC I have made my first attempt at a SNOT road (well, a bridge really).

I think it turned out really good. I'm more of a brick-on-brick kind of person, and not an adept at brick techniques like some of you, but I needed a jagged, broken road, and this technique worked!

This MOC also features my Russian troops armed with BrickArms - thanks Minifig For Life!

This photograph was recovered from a crashed German spy plane. A caption was added for your viewing pleasure


Front view


"We're going down!"


Right side


Left side


Back side (:grin:)


"Sir, the T-14's going down!


"What?! Run, man, run!"


Without the minifigs and T-14


The freezing Russian water - not a good place to be!


The checkpoint barrier down (I'm really pleased with this shot - the reflection on the road was completely unintentional!)


How to make a SNOT road #1 - Make a flat, stable surface with raised sections on either side, including the back


How to make a SNOT road #2 - Make a smooth road, with tiles on the top, then insert sideways into your MOC


Modifications to T-14: Replaced brick-built machine gun with a much nicer BA Lewis Gun


Modifications to T-14: Added 2 frag grenades, 2 stun grenades and 2 mono-pods to Cargo hold, as well as Bazooka mounted on the side. Driver also has a Combat LMG (in GREEN! :wub:) behind his seat


Modifications to T-14: 2 rockets, clipped together with a U-Clip for easy storage, added to the left side


Enjoy, C&C welcome!


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Thanks, LegoLyons.

Have you checked out my other Russian MOCs? You can see the T-14 in full detail here.

Glad you like it. It was one of my better Russian MOCs for sure, seeing as I built a brick base for it rather than stuck plates on a baseplate :classic:


Edited by AwesomeStar

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Thanks soman :sweet:

And sure, no problem, I'm fairly sure others have used it before. It seems pretty common :grin:


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