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Review: 4719 Quality Quidditch Supplies

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Introduction: Yet another great set from the Harry Potter theme, this set is full of rare and wonderful pieces, and not a dreaded sticker sheet to be found. So stick around and I'll tell you all about the Quality Quidditch LEGO supplies you will get if you buy this this set.

Name: Quality Quidditch Supplies

Set Number: 4719

Theme: LEGO Harry Potter

Sub Theme: The Chamber of Secrets

Year: 2003

Pieces: 120

Price: AU$21.99, GPB 8.99 US$ 10

Minifigures: 1

Recommended Age: 7 - 12

Resources: Brickset Peeron Photobucket

The Box:


Let's start with the box art, We've got a pretty angry or skeptical looking Draco Malfoy coming to the Quidditch Store for some quality supplies, with a parcel in hand and there is a brand new broom (The Nimbus 2000?) that seems to be calling him by name.


On the back cover of the box there is shown a few alternate build possible with this set, including a Quidditch store in Venice? :tongue:

The Booklet:


The booklet is nice and large, and the cover is on the right way also. Hooray for that, I was getting quite sick of booklets with the cover on sideways.


Here is a picture of a random page from the instructions... Step 18, adding the Sand Green slopes to the roof.

The Pieces:


Here are all the pieces... I did not get this set new so I cannot tell you all how many little baggies there were, but I do know that the Golden Stud (or the Snitch) was packaged with the Red and Green Capes in the usual cardboard packaging. Take notice of the few rare Dark Orange pieces, these are only available in three of the Harry Potter sets ever released.

Pieces of Interest:


The first picture is of the window with the printed window panes and brick pattern, this piece can also be found in the Shrieking Shack. Then we have a clear dome; while this piece is not so rare it is an interesting and useful :wink: piece to have (especially in clear). Then we have the Blue book of Quidditch, an advantageous necessity for any Quidditch player I'm sure. The gold printing is so precise, I love getting Lego books, especially when they are so detailed.


The ChromeGold stud, used in this set as a "Snitch" it is only available in the two Harry Potter Quidditch sets, 4719 & 4726, and 4768 the Durmstrang Ship. Then we have two brooms, one in regular Old Brown and the other, a most unusual (mainly used in 80's Fabuland sets) Earth Orange broom.


The Tan slope with a Cash Register print is a major draw card for this set, it was only ever released in four sets, all of those being Harry Potter. It has such great detail, and I don't really need to say it but I love to, it's printed :wub: !!! Same deal with the Parcel pattern tile, printed, only in three sets, all Harry Potter. These are such great little pieces to have, as they have so many possible applications.


The Black mallet is available from 91 different sets but I still included it in this section because I think it is so cool and not everyone has one. Who doesn't love a good cape, am I right? I'm right, and the green one is especially nice, available in five HP sets this cape is great for forest men. The red one is in ten different sets and has many possibilities for MOC-ing, I recently used mine for Little Red Riding Hood.


The Quidditch Supplies shop sign is awesome. With two crossed brooms , a beater and the golden snitch, you can tell that TLG have put alot of effort into this piece while still keeping with the basic graphics style of Lego. It is just a shame it hasn't been used more in the HP theme, like here in a Three BroomSticks Pub sign decal by Matn.

The Minifigure:


Attitude! That is what this minifig has, and lots of it. Draco Malfoy at his worst, a massive sneer on his face and those moody black clothes. The Grey collar and few wrinkles pattern are just enough to make this outfit interesting. But... the wrinkle on the right-hand side of his chest kind of looks like a swallow. Plain black on the back of the torso and pants.


I've included a close up of that scowl, check out those fancy eyebrows. I'm glad TLG used a couple of colours on the face even though it is still so basic it makes it interesting.

The Build:


This is a fairly basic build, starting by joining two bases together with a hinge, so the shop can be wide open or more compact.


Then we add all the interesting pieces, the Dark orange pillars, the Cash Register and the Printed window frame.

The Finished Product:


This is the Quality Quidditch Supplies Store from the front, there is a barrel of supporter's flags, and a rack of capes for sale.


Here is a side shot of the store, notice the awesome swing sign, I love how the pole it hangs from is actually a broom. It is nice little touches like that, that make this set great.


Here is the store from the back, Nimbus 2000 is up out of reach of greedy little hands.

The Complete Set with Minifig:


The Final Verdict:

Design: 7/10 A nice use of colours and details make this set good to look, and the little extras like the glass cage for the snitch and the broom sign makes it an especially "Quality" set.

Build: 7/10 This set has a very open plan design, so no playing around with doors or tricky interiors, just that mix of rich earthy colours and fancy accessories.

Playability: 7/10 I think the designers were hard pressed trying to think of ways to make a boring old store have playability, but the hinge and the unattached barrel and cape stand make it unavoidable to play with, even if you are just shuffling at all around to see how it looks best.

Minifigures: 9/10 This minifigure does Malfoy justice, it captures his moodiness and attitude perfectly.

Price: 9/10 No complaints here from me, I am willing to pay exorbitant prices for my HP Lego :blush: but for this set, and the great bits and pieces you get with it, the price is fair fare (as in: "Fare-the-well my bucketloads of money, I hope to see some of you again one day. But until then, this Quality supply of next to new Lego will see me through".)

Overall: 7/10 It could be bigger, it could have another minifig, it could have more pieces, but I like it just the way it was created. I love the colours, I love the accessories, it gets the thumbs up from me.

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Thanks for the review Cutlass_Iz, very professional, you managed to get your hands on pretty good quality used set there. Although not a lot of pieces in this set, there sure are some quality pieces, all of which you showed beautifully. I think this one is still available at my local toy shop, I may just have to investigate.

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Nice review, I'm going to see how much this set costs now. The building itself isn't that great but it is a wonderful parts pack.

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Thanks for another great LEGO Harry Potter review! :classic: I really like this set and I hope I'll get it soon. It's one of the the HP sets I don't own yet. There are some nice parts, like the sign and Malfoy's torso. But I think that there could be a few more accesoires in this set, to make a little bit more appealing.

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Yay, more HP-reviews! This is actually one of the few of the oldest sets I haven't gotten yet (along with Duel Club, Hagrid's Hut and Hogwarts Express), but I think I will eventually snatch it once I find it at a reasonable price.

The pieces are quite nice, and Draco's torso is yet again unique, like so many other HP-torsos. I like this set! :wink:

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I was never into Harry Potter so I skipped most of these sets from the outset; wish I would have picked this one up, some really good parts in there. Any chance I could pry that green cape away from you? And great review by the way. :tongue:

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This is a castle builders dream set except that it is a HP set and not a castle one. This is one of the three sets I ever payed full price for. I ended up getting several of this set and if it was available today at retail costs I would get many more. It has fabulous colors, parts, and accessories including the elusive gray flag and the golden snitch.

An interesting fact about this set is that some came with golden studs and other came with a bronze variant.

Harry Potter sets before the color change are some of my all time favorite sets from LEGO. I can't seem to say much good about those after though. The $10 sets that came out each year for HP were always excellent and this one my favorite followed closely by the one from year one with Hermione.

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Well done review Cutlass_Iz! I only have a couple Harry Potter sets, this set isnt a must have but it does come with useful pieces!

Edited by Crystal

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The grey flag holding the balls is also a rare part, isn't it?


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I'm not an HP fan, but I'd love to own at elast one set. This one looks interesting because of the colors and parts used. I rated it Above average.

Thanks for the review.

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It's a great Set.

Simple and traditional LEGO Style, but looks very great though!

And you get a lot of Extra Parts like the golden 1x1 round plate and the other Quidditch equipment.

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