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Hello everyone,

It has been a long while since I last done a Classic Town review. Recently, I went to look around eBay and saw quite a few good classic sets, and part of these few good ones is this set which I am going to review now. First of all, I will like to extend my thanks to legofan from Singapore to assist me in this recent eBay purchase. Without him, it could not be possible to add this set into my current Classic Town collection. In addition, this is also another good way to remember my 5000th posts in Eurobricks. :blush:

Name: Red Cross

Theme: LEGO System / Town

Year: 1987

Pieces: 44

Minifigs: 1

Price: (?) (Please provide the price if you happened to know.)

Resources: Brickset, Peeron

An image of a 6523, Red Cross


Emergency rescue is on its way


In the bustling street of Classic Town, there is bound to have emergency rescue to save the citizens whom is in danger. This small Red Cross vehicle is always on stand by, moving out from the hospital building whenever there is an emergency. This is the kind of Classic Town set, which simply reminds you of your childhood.

6523 Red Cross alternate designs


Take a look at these classic alternate designs for the Red Cross. We don’t see much alternate designs anymore in the past recent years. These alternate designs served a very good purpose of the possibilities of expanding our imagination to further innovate with the current design. Like the design below, it’s an effective simple white cruiser open top design for civilians to drive on. I certainly missed these feature, which is lacking from the recent sets.

Instruction Manual


This is a sneak peek at its instruction manual of step 4 to 6, where it demonstrates the building of its car base and exterior. These building steps mostly served as a foundation for 4-studs vehicle.

A Doctor or a Paramedic?


This lovely lady, dressed in medical uniform could be easily identified as a paramedic or mistaken as a doctor, similar to the recent CITY 7902 Doctor Car. One of the visible clues that it implies that is likely to be a paramedic is the lack of the stethoscope. I supposed the brown suitcase contains the necessary medical equipment to save lives.

Printed parts


These printed Red Cross parts are very precious. If this set was created in present day, there is a likely hood that the printed portion will be made of stickers. There is also another 2 additional sets which also made use of this.

Vehicle base


This black Classic Town car base is widely seen in most 4-studs wide vehicles. With this car base, it’s possible to create any form of designs such as police car, civilian cars, repair vehicle, pizza van and etc. To create any Classic Town vehicle of this size, this car base is required.

Inserting the mini wheels


Different views of the 6523 Red Cross



This Red Cross vehicle is filled with many details in such a small base. There is a nice windscreen with doors by the side plus a rear compartment for the paramedic to store their stuff at the rear.

Lifting the rear storage area


Closer look at the rear storage area



The rear window is part of the playing mechanism, for the paramedic to retrieve her stuff out of the vehicle without lifting the boot. Inside the rear compartment, it can store a suitcase or small sized items. You can see how big the rear compartment above is.

Classic Town Vehicular Standards


I really missed those doors and lifting up those car roofs. Such design is apparently can be seen only back in those days of Classic Town. It can be considered a Classic Town standard for those vehicles back then where they made use of these parts to enhance the playing mechanism for the children. It’s very simple, but adds lot of fun and realism to it, especially the doors.

Ready for duty!


Overall, I am glad I have gotten this set much later. Even though this set was not part of my childhood collection, but I am pleased to find this set to be of much use and fun that can simply adds to your vehicle collections. Furthermore, this was a chance for me to own a Classic Town paramedic vehicle, and the design suited my taste very well. I am aware that the size of this set doesn’t make up of the fact that it is similar to the real Red Cross vehicle, but I am sure back then, small vehicles like this attracts many children to play with LEGO. I was one of them.

Summary review

Playability: 8.5/10 (The vehicle mechanism such as the rear compartment is one of the nice factor, and this set can be integrated easily with other town layout as well.)

Design: 9.5/10 (The design is really very excellent especially when most design considerations are used.)

Price: 9/10 (This set should be affordable back then, similar to the current impulse sets.)

Overall: 9/10 (A great small set that is nice to add in your Classic Town collection.)

I gave it a "5" based on my Review Score Card. :wink: What about yours?

Hope everyone of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Critics are strongly welcomed.

Pictures can be found in My Brickshelf (When moderated)

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Ahhh...memories.... :cry_happy::wub:

For once more, WhiteFang takes us back in time with this excellent review! :thumbup:

The first thing that comes into my mind when I see this set is "Less is more". A small charming set I still remember from back then. When I bought the 6356 Med-Star Rescue Plane I was also planning of buying this one also but never did... :cry_sad: .

Although the set is simple and small, it has this classic touch that makes it very beautiful. Not to mention the wheels size :wub: , something that in todays vehicles is a complete let down :thumbdown: . Stop cloning one type of wheels TLG :sing: ! Learn from the past!

Sorry for the outburst! :blush:

Great review, great set!

Thanks WhiteFang!

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Good review from a classic town set. :thumbup::classic:

I was very happy to see in 2006 set nr 7902, because it reminds me of sets like these.

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Awesome review, WhiteFang!

This set is a beauty! The printed parts have really held up all these years! Yay! :cry_happy:

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Classic town rules. Female nurse sules. Hinges and car doors rule. Just outstanding!

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Thanks guys! I am glad you guys enjoy this review very much, bringing you back to memory lane. Seriously, I am very fond of this Classic Town vehicles, and it's really very small and easy to handle for storage. I am really impressed that those printed parts really stood through the test of time. It certainly could last much longer and better than stickers. :wub:

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Ah, I just love these little old vehicles, beautiful new reviews of these little old vehicles. They actually rolled terribly because they were so big on such tiny wheels, but apart from that they were awesome! The thing that I really dislike about the vehicles today is that they have six wide windshields mostly but still only have one seat inside. I always wanted cars that fit two side by side, but with these old cars there was no possible way so it didn't frustrate me as much. I'd give it a '5' too!

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