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Still Raindrop

The Abominable Dr. Phibes!

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Looking through my old pictures, I found a few I had taken of a creation I made fresh out of my Dark Ages. The construction isn't great, but I do enjoy the minifigures. So, I give you the lair of Dr. Phibes!

(For anyone who hasn't seen the Phibes movies, starring Vincent Price, I highly recommend them. Campy horror as only Price can do it)

As you walk into the lair, you are greeted by a strange old man. His eyes are sharp, but his face looks very waxy . . . almost false. He doesn't appear to be able to speak normally; instead, he relies upon a peculiar device which hooks into his neck.


Dr. Phibes:


He begins to play his organ, accompanied by his clockwork band.


But what is he hiding beneath that mask-like face of his?


A final shot of Phibes, his organ, the staircase, and his clockwork band (note the winding key):


(The lair is based off of this lair of his in the movies:)


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I remember this movie!!!! Wow, this brings back memories.... I like all of the details you put in!

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