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Sir Wellington

Battle of the Waterloo

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 81d

The Battle of the Waterloo

Length of time to build: 2 hours 17 minutes

# of Minifigures: 54

# of custom torsos: 7


Brunswick Infantry: 2

Nassau Infantry: 1

French Infantry: 18

French Artillary: 3

Prussian Infantry: 2

Russian Infantry: 1

British Infantry: 18

British Artillary: 3

French Cavalry: 2 (Polish Lancers)

Captains: 2

Other: ?

Cannons: 5

96 x 32 bricks wide (estimate)

Baseplates: 3










Torsos provided by:

Cap'n Blackmoor ~ Russian Sea Admiral Torso

Clone Killer ~ Simon Bolivar Torso

Clone Killer ~ John Paul Jones Torso

Tanotrooper ~ Napoleon Bonaparte Torso

Mosana ~ Duke of Wellington Torso

Mosana ~ Avant-Garde Trooper

Mosana ~ Nassau Infantryman

Bonaparte ~ Polish Lancer Torso

Thanks for Looking!


Edited by SlyOwl

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Nice scene :pir-classic: a bit crowded but I think it was just as crowded in the real battle. I don't think it's a good idea for that soldier to look through his binoculares in the middle of such a battle :pir_laugh2: And I'm glad we dutch people are also represented (by one man :pir_laugh2: ) and I also like the parrot :pir-sweet:

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Nice scene you've made Sir Wellington! I like all the action going on.

A suggestion might be to make sure you've got a clear white background when taking pictures. The current background distracts the attention and it is less visible.

Some white A4 papers can do wonders!

I also think it's better to give the cannons larger wheels, the current cannons fit on a ship's deck where they don't need to be transported over large distances. Small wheels make the cannons sink in the mud. It's more realistic to give the cannons large wheels.

Otherwise, great MOC! :thumbup:

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Nicely done - but (IMO) the thing this MOC could really benefit from is a real background - bring it outside! I tried that (links in sig :wink: ) and had excellent results.

Neadless to say, good job.

Edited by Lt. Col. Thok

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Good battle scene.

We don't get a lot of fight scenes here on Classic so this is a rare treat.

The only thing I can think of to help make this better is a white sheet or a big piece of cardboard or something like that.

It would help by making the Lego stand out plus be less destracting.

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Very cool. These scenes are always so much more work to put together than some people realize. You did a great job. A plain background would help, as others have advised me, and its true. I do find the big tires on a few of the figures heads to be a little off. They just look too big. I think the smaller tires work better if you have any of those. Great job though.

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