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Welcome to the Buy / Sell / Trade and Finds Forum

Here you will have the opportunity to engage in LEGO transactions with members from around the world, as well as share in discussions related to things you've found in stores or online. All offers and news of this nature should be posted in this forum only.

Note: Members are unable to participate in discussions here until they have reached "Vassal" rank by making 10 posts to the site. Prior to that, they are unable to use the PM system either, so it would be pointless to allow them. This is designed to reduce spam from members joining simply to post an advertisement and leave. The minimum rank for topic creation is "Citizen"(100 posts). That allows us the opportunity to get to know you before deciding if we want to be involved in a transaction with you and no exceptions will be made, so please don't ask.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • It's for LEGO only. LEGO can be traded, or LEGO can be sold via some form of currency, including payment services. But no trading LEGO for non-LEGO.
  • Occasional selling only; regular sellers should refer to The Bazaar.
  • You trade at your own risk. We simply offer a place to discuss potential trades and are not directly involved in the transaction, so use safe trading practices. If something goes wrong, contact the member or the payment service used, not us. If you are unable to resolve a problem, that may be reported in the Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List with a single post detailing the problem so that others are made aware.
  • Don't create member bitch topics. If you have a problem that you think we might be able to moderate contact the staff and we might be able to help. Otherwise just do as we mentioned above; make a post about it in the Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List
  • Knowing who you're dealing with is the first step in a good transaction. This thread offers some testimonials from people who have engaged in previous trades with EB members. Reviewing the member and their other posts is another way to get to know them before making a decision.
  • This is a small part of the site and isn't intended to be your reason for joining or the only place where you are active. We are not your storefront or billboard, we are just offering an opportunity for people to make private trades one on one. If it becomes obvious that you are only using us to sell, you will be asked to stop. The Bazaar has relaxed rules, but they are relaxed, not removed.
  • Don't flood the forum with threads or unnecessary posts. You may have your own trading topic and should update the first post as needed, but bumping the thread with back to back posts for attention will not be permitted.
  • Don't bump topics. This can't be said enough. Remember, when a topic is bumped up, the rest get bumped down. That's really selfish and we don't tolerate it.
  • Don't create a new topic to avoid breaking the above rule!
  • Don't use unrelated threads to make offers or use the PM system to contact anyone who hasn't given permission. A trading topic is automatically permission to contact that member, as it relates to their post, but abuse of that right will not be permitted. Posting that you have something for sale in someone else's review or in another inappropriate topic is not allowed.

Bottom line: Enjoy yourselves, trade safely, share with the community and enhance your LEGO hobby honestly and fairly.

-The Eurobricks Team

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