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JSWC Speeder (Barc Speeder)

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I hope that it's not to late to post my entry for the contest. It's a Pirate BARC Speeder. Here's a little history about it:

One day the pirate Jack found a little Machine. There was a big red button, Jack pushed it. Suddenly he was in a fight Droids vs. Clones. Then he saw an great machine: a little speeder with canons. After he took the machine again he was back in his time. There he built the speeder from the future. He called it "JSWC (Jack's speeder with canons) Speeder"

So you can see I've built a Pirate BARC Speeder. I hope you'll like it and good luck.







BS Link: (When it's public)


Edited by Ewok

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The Contest Rules:

  • 5 pics in entry (front, top, rear, left-side and right-side)
  • Max picture size for deeplinked pictures is 600x800 pixels
  • Contest entries must be posted before the 15th of June 2009 2100 CET.
  • All entries not living up to the rules on the end date are disqualified
  • All entries will be indexed - this does not mean they are qualified or 'good' enough

You need to check the above rules in order to qualify.

You've got 6 hours.

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I don't think that has 200 pieces. :sceptic:

And I think you're right.

@Ewok - How many pieces is this made of? You need at least 200+ parts.

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Hm, damn it have got only 81 pieces, what a pity.


Yup that is a shame.

I'm sorry, but your entry is disqualified :cry_sad:

Nice speeder though and do enter again next time :classic:

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