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Black Falcon X-wing

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Here's my last minute entry

Theme: Castle - Black Falcon

Vessel Target - X-Wing











The Story

In the box where my Lego mini-figures are stored a meeting was held:

Crusader Knight: I am calling this meeting because I am concern about the Star Wars theme. They are eating up the Lego budget.

Policeman: I know what you mean. We aren't hiring this year. It will be tough to maintain our police state in Lego town until the next fiscal year.

Fabuland Monkey: They are alright in my books until they became fleshies.

Captain Red Beard: Argh! Mates, me thinks war is the only solution!

Peasant: (Raised up pitchfork) War it is!!!

Classic Spaceman: It will take time to assemble a fleet. Someone has to engage the enemy first. The Star War folks do have some powerful ships. This will be a dangerous mission.

Black Falcon Knight: We will go first. We have to take back the word "Falcon" from the Star Wars theme. If you do a search on brickshelf for "Falcon," most of what you see is that dang thing from Star Wars. I am so tired of that.

Crusader Knight: Then it's settled. Black Falcon will lead to the way. The other themes will follow.

Blackron Spaceman: The strike force will probably encounter the X-wing. I suggest you build something that can take it down.

Black Falcon Knight: Alright men! Lets build something that can take down the X-wing.

Brickshelf Folder when public

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Nice job, it looks like a falcon while still looking like the ship. I like the back story too, it was pretty funny.

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"Is it a dragon?"

"Is it a falcon?"

"Nooo! It's an X-Wing"

"Ruuuun for your lives!"

Great entry - good luck.

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