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Tom Bricks

Review: 6246 Crocodile Cage

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The second smallest of the Islander sets, Crocodile Cage is one of my favorite Classic Pirates sets. After drooling over the Islander sets when I was younger I saw this set online last December for a relatively low price and bought it. This was not only my first Islander set but also the first Pirate set I had bought in over 10 years. This set and the others I bought right after, along with the release of the 2009 Pirate sets reignited my passion for Lego Pirates that had been dormant for longer than I can remember. Because I bought it secondhand I don't have the box, and the image is from Peeron.

Name: Crocodile Cage

Set: 6246

Theme: Pirates, Islanders

Year: 1994

Pieces: 56

Minifigs: 2

Price: USD $7.25




The Box


The box is a typical Pirate box with a beautifuly illustrated background. Thats one thing I miss about the old sets as they always had good box art.

The Front of the Instructions


For once the image on the front of the instructions is not the same as the one on the box. Because of the difference in size the left part of the picture is cut off on the instructions, making it harder to notice the crocodile and spear.

Random Page of the Instructions


The inside of the instructions show the build of the islander's cage/jail and it also shows an interesting choice of background from TLC. I don't have any other Islander sets so I'm not sure if this is typical but at least it's not distracting. I really don't have an opinion on it because it's not an integral part of the set.

The Back of the Instructions


The back of my instructions are slightly worn but one interesting thing about them is that they show the last step of the build, not an advertisement. This would never happen today because now sets come with and ad for Lego magazine and pages of ads for new sets on the back of the instructions. I like not having the ads but think it looks a little odd, almost like a book without a cover. Instead I think they should have put some alternate builds for the set here. In the top left is the year and set number in the red triangle.

Islander from the Front


Because this set is in the islander theme I chose to examine him first. :pir-wink: I personally love the Islander figs because they are so well designed. Because he is so detailed I will start from the top and work my way down for those of you scoring from home. To begin is the wonderful hair and bone pieces. They are perfect for the Pirate line and actually pretty historically accurate. The only problem is that they are based on the tribes of the Pacific Ocean while I had always envisioned my pirates in the Caribbean. Next comes the painted face, based around the classic smile, just like the other figs in the original line. Compared with TLC other attempt at Natives, the Native Americans, I believe these are much better. For one they don't have noses... like every other fig... score one to the islanders. Next comes the lei colored in white, red, and green, all outlined in black. This adds even more detail to the figure and comes in handy when making female islanders. :pir-laugh: Next is the grass skirt printed on the bottom of the torso and the legs. The belt portion adds even more detail and the leg printing is perfect for those hot islands.

The Islander from the Back


From the back you can see the detail on quiver. I know its rather common but it's still a great piece. From the back you can also see the dangers of leg printing. Younger viewers may want the shield their eyes. That's the only bad part about this fig but it's something TLC couldn't do anything about.

Pirate from the Front


This is just one of the regular pirates but it is nice to have a peg-leg. This head is also based on the classic smiley and has hair, stubble, and a very piratey stash.

Pirate from the Back


Nothing much to see here. You can see that the peg-leg prevents the pirate from sitting on studs though.

Comparison, the Front


Here you see the older pirate compared to one of the newer 2009 pirates. As you can see the newer one is more detailed but the old one still has that certain charm.

Comparison, the Back


This is where the real difference is evident, as the older pirate does not have back printing. Can't complain though because none of the older sets have back printing.

The Croc


Not really a very special piece but it's half of the sets name and I like it so I decided to include it. Wasn't there another crocodile in the 2009 sets? Looks like it's time for another...



The two crocodiles work very well together, and in my opinion they look better together than the old and new parrots.

The Build


This is the first part of the build, notice the fire pit and detailing on the cage.

More of the Build


Here you can see more of the build and the cage beginning to take shape.

The Model


Just a pic of the model without the distracting figures and animals. It's rather nice for the piece count and the cage is well designed as it lifts up to allow access.

The Weapons


This is probably my least favorite part of the set because it doesn't make much sense to me. Why would the islander leave the pirate's weapons right next to the partially wooden cage? He must have faith that the crocodile will keep him in check. I personally think the islander would be better off using them himself.

The Staff


I like this staff as it adds more to the model and looks good for 4 pieces. You can also see where the islander hangs his bow. I personally love this piece and it is one of my favorite minifig accessories.

The Fire


Not much of a use for a fire here as no one is using it but it's a nice way to get a flame piece. I think it would look too empty without something there so it is a nice extra.



Here we have it, the pirate in the cage, islander guarding him with his shield and spear, the parrot on the top, and the crocodile lurking on the side.

Overall Rating

Minifigs: 9/10 Love the detailed Islander but the pirate is generic.

Parts: 8/10 Nothing very interesting but it goes well together, and the flame is a plus.

Price: 9/10 This set reminds me of Cannon Battle with a few extras. Worth the price.

Playability: 8.5/10 Plenty of parts and figures for a child's imagination.

Overall: 9/10 I used to love this set and still do. Some say the Islander line ruined the Pirate line but I would suggest this set to judge for yourself.

With the help of Captain Roger (and some sophisticated technology) the Pirates quickly defeated the Islander and crocodile.


Larger Pics on Flickr

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This set was my first Islander sets, and I still have a crocodile from it!

I think Lego should make more sets like this, nowadays... It is based on conflict, but It have everything for all minifigs(not like Squidman escape, where Squidman have nothing), it even have a bush!

I loled on last picture xD

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Nice review,

It's nice to see that a small set like this has got a shield for the Islander, and enough accessory to equip the minifigs.

Its one of the two sets I don't have, together with 6262 King Kahuka's Throne. If I see them for a fair price I would certainly buy them.

the Inventor

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nice review of a cool Set tom bricks, I love the last picture, very funny ^^

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Great review Tom.

I am hugely biased in favour of all things islanders.

Lets hope Lego brings them back at some point soon. ( Maybe 2011 ?)

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In my opinion this set wasnt that fantastic, all I actualy like was the pirate. It didnt realy stand out see so I dont think its that great. :jollyroger:

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I think that overall this is a great set, I would say that the minifigs and the weapons are the best part. Ill buy it someday :pir-classic:

Edited by Broadside

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Thanks for the review! :thumbup:

The 5 (!) spears, green plate, quantities of grey bricks, plant thing - all useful for MOCing. 2 figs too, in a small set for $7 - I really should have got more at the time.

The pegleg is my only gripe - he can't sit down, and now has to bang his head every time you pick the set up :pir-look:

And I've always found it hilarious how the Islander neatly stores the pirate's musket and cutlass for when he escapes, rather than purloining or destroying them :pir-grin:

With that particular Islander face, I've found that the white print yellows over time to a tan - useful for variety! Thought I'd mention that... :blush:

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Great review. I love this set but mostly because I got one about two months ago for $1 with the box and everything off a lady at a garage sale.

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With that particular Islander face, I've found that the white print yellows over time to a tan - useful for variety! Thought I'd mention that... :blush:

Really I've got quite a few islanders and none of them are yellowed. I could se how it would happen though because it's printed on yellow. That was the only problem with the figs though, lack of diversity.

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