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Skinny Boy

S.T.C. Part 7

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Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Part 7: Day Count Lost.


Despite our argument yesterday, I rode this machine further than ever today. I have stopped as i've found something.


I can't tell quite what it is, all I can see is that it is red, large, and in front of a mass of earth.


It seems to have wheels, indicating it was a form of transport.


The interior, is empty. Several storage compartments, left unattended for quite some time.


Another entrance. Stuck. Most likely blocked by the earth behind us.


I've decided to rest here. There is a complete lack of subsistence, but I feel as if I don't need any. It has surely been a month since I stopped remembering what had happened, yet I don't need nourishment. Interesting. Now to get some rest."


Ouch. That supposedly stuck door sprung open while I was resting against it, throwing me to the ground.


But wait, why am I not atop this mass of earth? I am in a clearing. There is a rock formation on either side of me, and planks of wood on the ground. That eery, green, ground. And what is that?


There, is a, a door. A large door, similar to those of a cargo bay, for larger vehicles. Why would vehicles enter this large mound? Oh my.


There is light coming from behind the door. Is this some kind of geological preserve? Maybe the door is to contain some volcanic activity. Whatever it is, i'm going in."

End Part 7.

Yes, that was a tease, as in the subtitle. But it seems some people are too impatient :tongue: And I took yet another study break. So, with only a week of exams left, the next part will be fairly soon.

Thanks for looking!

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