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Classic Train 3225 Image Review

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I needed a small train for my western town layout and chose none other than 3225 Classic Train released in 1998. Sure, I could have chosen a MOT black steam engine with coal car, some green passenger coaches, and a nice red caboose, but there's something nostalgic about this little classic train. In fact, this train reminds me of the first 12V trains to hit blue track in the '70s (725 released in 1974 to be exact). This set originally sold for $66 U.S.D. available through LSAH (but I didn't purchase until 2002 over Ebay). I did get it MISB for $73 which was not a bad deal.

This train includes four cars: a small engine, a tipper, a gondola, and a coach (some call a caboose); three mini-figs, a wheel-barrow, and a good variety of tools/cargo to load aboard the train. This set did include a motor but no track or speed regulator.

The engine of this train reminds me more of a small German steam engine with its black color and red trim. It's build directly on the train motor using various small plates/bricks. The instructions do NOT include a way to add a light to the engine. Pictured without stickers:


The yellow tipper:


Tilting the tipper releases seven round 1x1 grey bricks:


The brown gondola is very useful for transporting cargo. Included are two brown crates: one with 2 clear glasses and the other with a chain, a mail box with 1x2 mail plate, a garbage can, and a brown chest with a single 1x2 money plate.


A view of the gondola from the top:


The red coach is my favorite car. It has a removable roof and three green chairs for passengers. I did not attach stickers to both side walls. The windows are shaded blue which gives the car a cool look.


Lifting off the roof makes this wagon very "playable" - fun to add passengers and watch them circle the track.


The wheel-barrow to load the train:


This set includes three figs:


And the cargo:



Before purchasing, I read a few reviews which weren't very good. Some criticized this set for not containing track and a speed regulator (making it incomplete) - fine for those who already have it. This set truly brings back early memories of Lego trains. It's fun and fairly quick to build (compared to a BNSF or a Super Chief). The set includes some very useful train parts and nice colored elements. I enjoyed building this train and setting up a layout around my western town. I think this is a nice nostalgic set for those of you who may look for one on Ebay; and lastly, its a fun train to run with its figs, accessories, and "small" narrow gage look.

Choo Choo!

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I'm kinda torn about this set. On one hand I like it because it looks "western", on the other hand it looks kinda "childish".

I don't think the blue windows fit the red coach. I don't particularly like that color combination. IMHO it should be clear or trans-black, if you want it to look cool in some way ;)

The engine looks like something's missing. I can't put the finger on it, it kinda looks unfinished.

I agree when you say that this train is reminiscent of the 70s trains (of which I had set 171; I miss most of the parts now).

BUT: in your western city that trains looks very nice!

For a western-like or "nostalgic" train I use a MOT (duh). I bought a small black steam engine with tender (I don't like the big models), but plain black looked kinda boring after some time so I bought the brown kit to make it a bit more "colorful". Behind it I run 2 green coaches and the red caboose. On the green coaches the trans-blue windows don't look too bad but I'd rather have a different color, too. Same with the caboose. Overall it doesn't look too bad, though, so I use it at christmas to run around the tree. Did that for the first time last year and it looked really cool - I like the MOT line :)

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a very nice western town! :oD

i'm split on the train as well... it also reminds me of the old trains, but i'm not too fond of the locomotive. as a set it's nice, but it's not really a Western locomotive...

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Here's how my train looks like:



Nothing special, no modifications whatsoever, just the brown kit added to the engine and the engineer from the Train Engine Shed. Pretty plain, but I like it. Looks great around the christmas tree ;)

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In regard to the engine, it may be the lack of stickers on my model. The stickers do enhance the appearance though, just like the MOT engines. I have the all black model which is reminiscent of the American 4-4-0s of its time. Although I do agree with you that that brown makes it look more colorful.

I also have a couple green passenger cars which I do like. They're just not as playable since the roof does not come off easily.

Here's the large all black engine with tender from some images taken a while back:


And a gondola and caboose:


Yes, MOT is probably a better model, but there's something special about 3225 that makes it a classic, and it really is more fun (may be the size) - I enjoy setting this one up.

PS. I was just looking at LSAH (US) to see if the MOT engines are still available. All but the large black with tender is still available - I may buy the green.

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Don't have enough tan baseplates, in fact my supply is just a few.

In regard to MOT: I wouldn't knock them a bit. In fact, I initially purchased these sets to make them part of my Wild West town when they first appeared. They were my first electric trains (can't count an old 12V that I purchased in Germany later taking it back because of the U.S. power difference.

In any case, I have all of the MOT rolling stock to go with the large black engine. In fact, I think I have 3 of the green passenger cars which I really like. These work well in green- I just wished the roofs lifted off. The red caboose is a great set too. I find it very detailed but it's a little high for the shed and signal tower. I did outfit the blue gondola (open freight car) with U.S. Army provisions, cannon, etc. Makes a great car for this and the blue blends right in.

I may order the small green engine. I've been looking at it after your images of the brown engine. I have not seen the color kits sold separately here in the US or LSAH though.

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ooo, very nice train set up both of you guys, I love the look of the brown mini train with coal tender and I love the black train too, they both look awesome, infact, I have a couple of those train cars on my christmas list :-D

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This was my first train too (ordered it with these to go with it). Its got a nice selection of cars, though the engine is a little short.

I keep thinking about putting it around a Christmas tree, but never have.


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I never bought this but it would be a nice addition to 3225.

I would set it up if I were you. I broke a few of my trains out this season.

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