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Top 10 Star Wars minifig favourites

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Title says it all! This is the place to list your top 10 favorite SW figs. Here's mine:

10. Ep. III clone Shocktrooper (7655); I was doubting that we would ever get a shockie with a printed helmet and new torso, but I'm glad we did, even though it was a bit out of place in this set.

9. Captain Rex (7675); nice clone trooper with new torso, printed helmet, and most of all, new ARC and commander gear!

8. Lando Calrissian (10123) nice torso and cape (plus it's Lando! :grin: )

7. Jango Fett (7153) not worth $40, but great colors and head

6. Mace Windu [non light-up] (7261) Mace! Purple lightsaber! What's not to like?

5. Kashyyyk Trooper (7261) sand green, and camo, and printed legs! (oh my! :tongue: )

4. Kit Fisto (7661) Great head, great jedi.

3. Rebel commando (8038) new helmet, new torso, and camo!

2. Emperor Palpatine (7264) Grey! (not yellow) I even think the face is better than the new one in last year's Death Star.

1. Boba Fett (10123) A great figure made better with printed arms and legs!

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Good topic. I'm not sure I can get to ten, but we'll see. Off the top of my head I have:

1. Boba Fett w/ printed limbs

2. Darth Vader 2009 edition

3. Yellow Tatooine Luke (He's my avatar)

4. Kashyyyk trooper

5. Captain Rex

6. Imperial guard

To be worked on later...

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Here are my top 10(no order)

1. Captain Rex

2. Rebel Trooper(Battlepack version)

3. General Grievous

4. Plo Koon

5. Jango Fett

6. Kit Fisto

7. Rotta the Hutlet(not sure why though)

8. CW Dooku

9. Clone Trooper Gunner(battlepack version)

10. Stormtrooper

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In no particular order:

Chrome Gold C-3PO

Chrome Black Darth Vader

Cloud City Boba Fett


Rebel Commando (The Battle of Endor)

AT-AT Pilot

Slave Leia

Kashyyyk Trooper

Senate Commando


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In a particular order but not related to how I rank them, I've only chosen ones I own:

1. Zam Wesell

2. Jango Fett

3. Greedo

4. Snowtrooper

5. Hoth Rebel (7666 version)

6. C-3PO (the newer darker gold version)

7. Jawa

8. Leia (Hoth version)

9. Darth Vader (Death star version)

10. Ten Numb

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  1. Cloud City Boba Fett - Duh! :hmpf::tongue:
  2. CW Mace Windu - It's a fact: Mace is the Shit. We have waited long for a somewhat accurate Mace fig, and even though this one isn't perfect (aside from being cartoony) it comes quite close to the badassness of Samuel L. Jackson! :wub:
  3. Jet Trooper - One of the coolest things in SW are jetpacks, and this trooper has it as a separate accessory in addition to his already cool look and customizability! :thumbup:
  4. Chrome Gold Threepio - One word: Shiiiinyyy! :sweet: Plus, it's more accurate than pearl yellow. :sick:
  5. CW Obi Wan - Check my Avatar! :tongue: I think this is one of the most accurate figs, and Obi just looks great in that half-jedi-robe-half-clone-armor outfit. :wub:
  6. Swamp Trooper (Phase 2 w/ green markings) - Phase 2 clones look cool, and my favorite color is green, so this is my favorite kind of phase 2 clone. :grin:
  7. Kit Fisto - Green alien Jedi with green lightsaber. It's a no-brainer. :tongue: Plus, the rubberiness of the head adds to the authenticness of the fig IMO. And the best part is that he fits in well with both normal and CW-style figs! :thumbup:
  8. General Grievous - Although this fig is far from perfect, I simply had to include it, being a big fan of the Droid General. :blush: He too fits in with regular and CW figs. :thumbup:
  9. Snowtrooper - What can I say? These guys just look cool (no pun intended).
  10. Shadow Trooper - I don't know what it is about these guys, but their reverse color scheme with the silver eyes appeals to me.

Sadly, I only own half of those figs at the moment. :cry_sad: I plan on getting at least 7 of them though. :thumbup:

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10...darth maul clone

8...boba fett

7...pricess leia (just nice fig)

6...han solo vader

4...boba fett with printings on arms and leggs/jango fett

3...snow trooper

2...kashyyyk trooper own costom commander Vintu

thats it

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these arent in any best to worst order

10. Rebel soldier

9. Darth Maul

8. Darth Vader

7. Clone Wars Mace Windu

6. Clone Wars Count Dooku

5. Clone Wars Clone Trooper (All Varieties)

4. Clone Wars Yoda

3. Storm trooper

2. Ashoka

1. Plo Koon

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From the worst of the best to the best of the best!!!

10. AT-ST driver (cool helmet, cool uniform)

9. Jawa (looks exactly like it should, great head and torso printing)

8. Cloud City Boba Fett (full body printing: need I say more?)

7. Ten Numb (great face printing, very cute!)

6. Endor Rebel soldier (superb helmet mold and printing, great torso print)

5. Scout Trooper (first ever available Emperial troopers, still an excellent helmet mold)

4. Snowtrooper (great helmets: look very threatening)

3. Darth Vader (a true classic minifig)

2. Greedo (brilliant head mold)

1. Chrome gold C3PO (the way all C3PO's should have been from the start of the SW licence, alas quite rare)

Edited by Alldarker

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I have no specific order, but I really like Darth Vader, Ahsoka (Clone Wars), Anakin (Clone Wars), Obi-Wan (Clone Wars), Kit Fisto, Chewie, Han Solo, Princess Leia.

Of course I don't have any star wars products yet ( :grin: ) but I plan to get some soon :)

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Snowtrooper -- great backpack

Hoth rebel ----- backpack and movable helmet

Stormtrooper -- torso printing

Boba Fett ------- torso & helmet printing and jetpack

Captain Rex ---- as close as we can get to blue ARC troopers

Pilot Luke ------- torso/legs colour and helmet printing

R2-D2 ----------- reminds you of the movie scenes

Clonetrooper --- you can never have too many of it

Yoda ------------- short legs and unique head combo

Carbonite-Solo -- printed brick

Edited by green dewback

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That I don't own.

10. Padme Amidala. Aside from her only being in 1 set?

9. Red Guard. Only the cooliest body guard fig (yes, the COOLIEST)

8. Boba Fett. I'll leave it with :cry_sad::sadnew:

7. Yellow Palpatine

6. Grey Palpatine

5. Death Star Palpatine :tongue:

4. Mace Windu.

3. Dengar. The cooliest bounty hunter. I would have liked it if they used the castle hood that only goes around the head instead of this one that goes around the whole face.

2. Greedo. Face it. Onaconda Farr is just a rehashed version of this awesome guy.

1. Kit Fisto. I know a guy who knows the guy that played Kit in Attack of the Clones.

That I do have.

9. Oky-Wan Kenobi. Whoops, I made a typo :tongue:

8. Darth Vader

7. Stormtrooper

6. CW Yoda.

5. Clone.

4. Clone Gunner.

3. Plo Koon

2. Shadow Trooper

1. Snow trooper

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Wait, do we have to own these? If so, heres my top ten.....

1. Greedo (Greedo is the best five second character in Star Wars) :tongue:

2. Grievous (With Cape)

3. Indiana Jones (Shut up, I doesn't have to be Star Wars :tongue: )

4. Darth Maul

5. Now, I don't own any Clone Wars sets, but I did buy CW Mace Windu off of bricklink. Cause with out him, how will I get these motherf'ins snake off this motherf'in plane! (Movie quote by Samuel A. Jackson if you didn't know :tongue: )

6. Umm.... I don't know, Snowtrooper I guess...

7. Scout Troopers where one of my first minifigures, so I'll put them on the list.

8. Jar Jar! :tongue: Just kidding, I'd never do that.

Real 8: Stormtrooper (There just cool)

9: Darth Vader (Must I explain?)

10: Boba Fett (He doesn't say anything, but he's awesome)

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10. The Stormtrooper. (Whats not to like?)

9. Darth Vader (2009)

8. Shadow Stormtrooper

7. Han Solo (Original with vest)

6. Chewbacca (The first to have a adnormal head)

5. R2D2 (2009)

4. Emperor's Royal Guard (Badass.)

3. Kashyyk Trooper (Scout in green with leg printing.)

2. Boba Fett (Cloud City)

1. Fleshie Luke Skywalker in Tatooine outfit (Awesome. Just awesome.)

:devil: alexrider7 :devil:

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10. Stormtrooper

9. EpII Obi Wan

8. EpII Clone Trooper

7. Geonosian

6. Jango Fett

5. Battle Droid (tan w/ backpack)

4. Clone Trooper CW w/ Jetpack

3. OOM-9 Battle Droid :wub:

2. Scout Trooper

1. Jawa! :tongue:

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In the order in which they came to my mind:

1. Scouttrooper - Really, I think this is my favourite variant of Imperial armor.

2. Kashyyyk Trooper - It is a variation on the Scout theme. With printed legs. So yeah. :hmpf:

3. Commander Fox, representing all of the TCW Clones - Superb detailing, helmet accessoires, great possibilities


4. New Darth Vader, as in Death Star and TIE Advanced Chrome Vader, I have one now!- Much Better then the

old design. :vader:

5. Jango Fett - Really what shall I say, apart from: really looks better with dark blue arms and legs instead of, well, let`s face

it: purple. :sick:

6. IG-88 - Could have been done much better but with straight arms from TCW assassin droids he can at least hold his weapon

in a decent way.

7. Rebel Trooper - The First Humans to appear on-screen in SW. And it took TLG nine years to make them.

8. Kit Fisto - Coolest Jedi fig ever. Seriously.

9. Clone Wars Count Dooku - He looks SO much like in the series. And so... evil.

10.Chewbacca - Who couldn`t love a big, furry teddy bear? :wink:

EDIT: Now that I have a Chrome Vader my opinion on him has changed of course.

[i didn`t include any chrome figs or the Cloud City Boba for the simple reason that I don`t have them. And that makes me dislike them in a way. :sceptic:]

Edited by Commander_Rob

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Alright, here we go-

10. Tantive IV Rebel Trooper

9. Snowtrooper

8. Shadowtrooper

7. CW Mace Windu

6. Clone Walker Pilot (The one that came with 7250-Clone Scout Walker)

5. Zam Wessel

4. Bib Fortuna

3. Lobot

2. Darth Maul

(Overdramatic Drumroll)

1. Death Star Trooper

What, too anticlimactic for ya? :tongue:

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AT-AT Pilot (Both AT-AT's)

Stormtrooper (Imperial Inspection)

Chrome Darth Vader (Promotional Polybag)

Boba Fett (Cloud City)


A-Wing Pilot

B-Wing Pilot

Chrome C3P0

Hoth Rebel (with brown visor)

Lando Calrissian from Cloud City Playset

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10 Mace Windu (Clone Wars)

9 Biker Scout

8 C3PO/K3PO/Death Star Protocol Droid

7 Darth Vader (Death Star)

6 Boba Fett

5 Kit Fisto

4 Admiral Akbar (bit of faith involved in that one)

3 Darth Maul

2 Imperial Guard

1 Stormtrooper

Long may they continue.

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That's a great and very interesting topic, Clone Commander Assassin! :thumbup:

Here are my choices (since I do only collect OT there are even only OT minifigs):


Admiral Ackbar

Endor Rebel Trooper

Mon Mothma


Endor Leia


Imperial Navy Trooper/DS Trooper

Imperial Shuttle Pilot


Grand Moff Tarkin



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[*]CW Mace Windu - It's a fact: Mace is the Shit.

It's because he is black, isn't it? :tongue: (Yeah, I see that white guy in your avatar :laugh: )

Anyway, my favorite minifigs, in order from most to least, are:

1-----Cloud City Boba Fett


3-----Fleshie Han Solo with his vest and brown legs

4-----Chrome C-3PO

5-----Chrome Vader :vader:

6-----Clone Wars Yoda


8-----Jar Jar (I know, I know. I'm crazy)

9-----Slimer Rotta :grin:

10----Clone Wars Mace Windu

And my favorite honorable mentions: :tongue:

11----Printed-legs Stormtrooper

12----AT-AT Driver, only like the one with old dark grey colors

13----Rex (CW)

14----Commander Fox (CW)

15----Commander Cody (CW)

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1-Han Solo/classic out fit. He is my favorite SW fig by far

2-Luke Skywalker/Jedi.

3-Obi Wan Kenobi/old.

4-Commander Fox

5-Grand Moff Tarkin.

6-Imperial Officer.

7-Storm trooper/Imperial Inspection.

8-Obi Wan Kenobi/Episode III

9-Darth Sideous.

10-Darth Vader :vader:

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Interesting topic idea. Here's my list (off the top of my head):

1. Chrome Gold C-3PO- The choice was obvious for me, the figure is just so shiny, and so much better than any yellow or pearl gold version.

2. Darth Vader (2009)- Just a wonderful fig, greatly improved from it's predecessors. Has the right amount of detail with the cloak decals, and I dig the shine that the lines on the torso give off.

3. Rebel Trooper (Rebel Battle Pack)- Wonderful, overall attractive. Everyone loves the helmets that the fans have begged for, and I like how the heads aren't the generic smile face.

4. Snowtrooper (2007)- The helmet/backpack/mask combo is unbeatable- very accurate.

5. Kit Fisto- Duh?

6. Anakin (2005)- I was really stunned by this fig during my dark age- enough to get Anakin's JSF. The face, hair, and torso were all accurate to the new movie, and I loved posing him and Obi-Wan in that epic Mustafaar battle.

7. Clone Trooper (2007)- The plain, white clone trooper from ROTS is still very pleasing to my eye. The design is just so smooth and flawless.

8. Plo Koon- Wonderful head mold.

9. Qui-Gon Jinn (flesh w/ hair)- just a lovely figure, and the new flesh color combined with the old hair makes Jinn such a sweet fig to have at the front of my collection.

10. Luke (2008, Death Star Tatooine clothes)- what wonderful torso and leg printings.

Han in his "original" torso/ leg printings would be 11.

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Cool topic :thumbup:

Thought id do a (very quick) picture to go with mine, as i keep changing my mind- and if there's a photo i can't edit my 10 :wink:


Very hard to narrow it down to 10, and im an OT fan so no prequel stuff im afraid, but here we have in no particular order...

Scout Trooper -

Always my favourite imperial trooper, from way back seeing Return of The Jedi when it was released in '83- i remember being so desperate to get the action figure!

Snow Trooper-

Prob my second fav trooper- very cool outfit... quite literally :wink:

Sand Trooper-

Tough to pick between this and the regular trooper, but i think the Sand Trooper pips regular to the post with his pauldren (honerable mention to the printed legs stormie as well)

Bib Fortuna-

Such a cool head piece thats fits so well with the regular lego head

Boba Fett-

Say no more, everyones favourite bounty hunter. Great figure, though fingers crossed we'll see a separate helmet/backback combo on a future version (esp considering the new backbacks on the clone troopers)

Lando (Skiff Guard)-

Another great new mold for the Skiff helmet, love this one. (sorry Lando's face is hidden in the photo!)

Emperor's Royal Guard-

Such a cool outfit, and a yet another great lego helmet


My second favourite Bounty Hunter (who most definatly didn't shoot first!)

Rebel Trooper-

Long time coming for this one, but yet another very cool trooper... theres a bit of a patern here- i do love my troopers :classic:


Last but not least C-3PO's favourite scavenger!

Many many more i could have chosen, im missing most of the main cast with my 10!

Honerable mentions to the Gold C-3PO (but i dont own that so didn't include), the new Endor Rebel Trooper (which i dont yet own), and Chewie who would be my number 11 :thumbup:

Edited by smokebelch

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Here´s my top ten figures...

10: r2dr from the old xwing set

9: yoda from dagobah

8: Technician from the old B wing set at rebel base..

7: Kashyykk trooper

6: Emperor palpatine

5: Imperial Guard from the small cruiser

4: Han solo from the falcon blue box

3: Chrome plated Vader

2: Captain rex

1: 501st. legion trooper (just because i got one)

My 2 cents on the figures...

Hope to see some more figures in the future and not just the same figure in a new mold...


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