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Review: 8957 Mine Mech

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Set Name: Mine Mech

Pieces: 67

Price: $7.99, 6.85GBP, 7.99 EUR

Year Released: 2009

Links: Lego S@H, Bricklink, PDF Instructions.

Lego Description:

Explore the underground with the Mine Mech!

The one-of-a-kind Mine Mech is an experimental mining walker built to go where the other Power Miners vehicles can’t. Its enhanced movement and armor make it perfect for exploration and emergency rescues, and its spinning plasma cutter and crushing claw make it more than a match for any rock – or rock monster!

-Features spinning saw blade, claw arm, moveable legs to walk or pose model and opening cockpit!

-Includes miner and rock monster minifigures and accessories!

-Combine with #8956 Stone Chopper to build the Cave Cutter!

Okay, well I got this set a couple months ago, and, after quite some time of not doing a review, I return, and I am here to review Mine Mech! Now I was a fan of Exo-Force, and not so much a fan of Power Miners. So, can the mech feeling of EF and Underground feeling of the Mine Mech fit together? Read on with the review to find out!

Part 1: Box

Front View


The box is interesting to say the least. Never would I have thought lego to put a combination of Lime green and gray as the main colors of a box like this. Well, spongebob maybe, but this was surprising. Actually, this box does a very nice job of catching a casual person walking down the lego aisle(with it's bright colors of course.) As for the box image, it's showing the Mech waddling towards a Rock Monster holding a crystal. And, as you will learn later, this is pretty much the best pose you are going to get with this set.

Back View


The back of the box, if you think about it, is very resemblant of the Exo-Force sets boxes. Displayed are the set's function, whcih, well, aren't really functions. Just moving parts really. Also, the combination. I can't say I'm loving this, looks more like a 10-minute designed build.

Part 2: Contents



The instructions. Nothing new really, just the same old, same old.

Random Page




Two are included in this set, which is what we come to expect most times with a set this size. And, not to mention, that these figs are simply great. The miner, Brains, looks splended, with a recolored helmet from Rock Raiders, a new dual sided head, and new torso & leg print. The dual sided head is remeniscent of EF, being that it has a scared expression on the backside. The rock monster comes in dark green this time around, a much welcomed color. I love the rock monsters, they are just great. Let me say I was schocked at the size of him. He was much smaller than I expected. It's not a bad thing, but it was just surprising. I do feel that he needs some moving legs, but other than that, it is a pretty solid(no pun intended) new minifigure.

Back of Figs


Dual Head


New/Interesting Parts


I was quite happy with the amount of new and interesting parts I got with this set. Firstly, the new rollcage. This is a stunning new piece for many types of builders, from post-apoc to city, I love it. One thing I like about it is that it is symetrical, increasing it's uses all the more. Next, is the popular buzzsaw in orange, followed by a recolored Bionicle Mahritoran blade in orange. Both of these are good for the Bionicle mocists like myself, and I like them. Also, we have the tube in orange, and the new dynamite. Lastly, a green crystal piece and the Bionicle Barraki eyes in a trans-orange, which is a welcome addition.

Part 3: Build

Torso Start


Starts off with an interesting build. Much different than that of the Exo-Force torsos on the small sets.

Adding On


Here we start to shape the cockpit and legs. I must say, the white control sticks have a new base on them to make them more moveable on the stud. This is due to the old ones being too tight. Well, these are far to loose. I mean, on my set, they fall off constantly, and I don't think I have ever seen a flaw in a set this small be such a big problem. Definatly going to hurt the ratings a bit. On another note, the gray splotched on the sticker in the middle are actually rough-neato!



I found it strange that you add Brains i this early in the build. Not a big deal anyhow.

Legs Added


I must say, this is a really bad leg design. But it can be easily changed by moving them so they are straight, with the sockets being sideways. The feet are nice however, and use those wonderful grill-slopes. Funny hing is, the gray stubs are actually his arms. The other stuff that is added on is just weapons. Poor guy !

Part 4: Finished Model



I didn't get a pic of just the arms, so let me jump to the finished product. As you can see, it has aconsistent color scheme, mind the dynamite, and look to have a solid build. My only quirks about this mode, is the odd claw, being 1 stud apart near the end, and the odd legs. Other than that, It's not bad.



Back view. Oh, forgot to mention it has the black gear. Those are always handy.



Now that must be the most shocking thing I saw about this guy. When I was done looking over him, I pulled out River Dragon here to see how they compared. Now I had forgotten the size of an average EF set of the 8$ category, and that's when I realized something: This guy is SMALL. I mean, he is only about half the size of what he should be.

Part 5: Conclusion

Minifigs: 10/10- Perfect. Couldn't have had better(well, I could, but, well, you get my point.)

Parts: 7/10- Good for this set. 67 is just a bit below what I would like, but that's me.

Price: 8/10- As I said above, 67 is just a bit less than what I would like.

Final Model: 7/10- The Control Sticks, size, and legs are what bring this down the 3 points.

Total: 32/40- Average

Overall, I think this is okay. It definatly doesn't compare to Exo-Force in my opinion, but it does have an interesting color scheme and selection of parts, plus the figs are just great. Somewhat recommended to casual fans.

An Average on my poll for me.

As always pic requests and questions are welcome.

Until Next Time,


Edited by WhiteFang

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Great review VBBN! :thumbup:

I think the major flaw with this set is the legs and feet as they seem very bulky and over sized...

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It has been a long while since I last saw a review from you. This looks like a very fun set with an affordable price, but I am not very fond of this theme though. Well, I will get it one day, just to collect its minifigs. :tongue:

This review is indexed. By the way, can you restore some of your past reviews' images which seemed to have broken links right now? Thanks. :classic:

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Indeed it has.

Yes, that was a mistake of 2 things;

a) A massive cleanup in my Flickr

b) A glitch that I had causinf some problems.

I am going to retake the pictures, and re-upload the pictures to those reviews. If I am not mistaken, I have these reviews to repair;

-City 4WD coast guard set

-Holidat Train pt1 and pt2

Thanks Patriot.

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-Holiday Train pt1 and pt2

I was looking at this review earlier, but realised there were no images in it.

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Thanks for the review VBBN :thumbup:

This set is not as good as I thought :sceptic:

I got this is the same prce as the River Dragon in Aus. yet it is half the size? Not too happy about that but I guess the rock monster makes up for that :thumbup:

I will probably get it...eventually

Thanks again for the review :sweet:

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