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[MOC] UCS Scale TIE Phantom

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When creating my models, I like to experiment with different techniques. If I used the same technique for every model I make, eventually they would look stale, no matter how different the source material is. This experimentation also gives me options, in case the "standard" approach does not work. And sometimes this experimentation results in something really special, in this case the TIE Phantom:


The TIE Phantom (wikipedia page) is one of the more recognizable TIE Alternates. It has three wings, radiating vertically from the hull, much like the TIE Clutch and TIE Shadow. Unlike the Clutch and Shadow, I used a different method for generating the hull. I originally came up with the idea for the Shadow, but the hull section was too large for that model and was perfect for the Phantom.

The laser cannons at the end of the wings are very simple, by design. I wanted to see how they looked, and the result is acceptable. Besides, I really wanted the main focus to be on the hull and cockpit on this model.

The entire model is very swooshable, provided you know where to hold it. The entire bottom (here's a picture) is held on by just four studs (from a pair of these pieces), so if you grab it the wrong way, you'll pop that section off. Once you know where to hold it, though, and you'll never have a problem again.

Front View:


In case you couldn't tell, the cockpit was very much influenced by the UCS Millenium Falcon. I didn't see many options for creating a cylindrical cockpit in the scale I wanted using any of the windscreen pieces. The UCS MF gave me the option I needed. Here's another view of the front.

Back View:


The back side of these hexagonal based models is always difficult. There are no wings that will fit together nicely on a hex shape, and I had used solid dishes for a lot of models (Defender, Clutch and Shadow), so for this model I chose a webbed dish. It shows some of the inner workings that I'd prefer were hidden, but overall it works well.



The cockpit was much more of a challenge than it might seem. Because of where I attached the cockpit to the hull, I had no vertical studs on the inside of the cockpit. It made for an interesting design. Here is a photo of the cockpit with the bars left on.

There are lots of details I know that I've left out, so please feel free to ask lots of questions. Comments and Constructive Criticisms are also very much welcome.

Here is the Full Gallery, when public.

If you are wondering what's next, then I'll tell you. I have one more UCS Scale MOC to show, the TIE Defender. Unfortunately, I ran into some unexpected techinical difficulties. It'll take a small Bricklink order to fix the problem, and won't look as good as I had hoped (at least in my opinion), but it will hold together, which is an important step. Unfortunately, I can't make this order any time soon, so it'll be a few weeks before I finish it off.

In the meantime, I'll be assembling my MINI collection, including all of the MINIs I've designed. I'll probably have them done next week.

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Clearly an engenious invention you have here. I love how you made the cockpit and all of the details. I can't wait to see what you will do next!

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That is one impressive looking TIE. I agree with what Natman8000 said about the cockpit, its full of detail.

Good Job :thumbup:

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That sure is one mammoth of a TIE!!! Everything there is just full of detail!

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An awesome tie indeed, with lots of great details. Well done. :thumbup:

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Thank you all for the comments. This is one of the models I'd like to keep together permanently.

I'm lying. I'd like to keep all of my UCS models together permanently.

To answer Natman8000's question, I have a UCS scale TIE Defender 95% assembled. I've run into a few difficulties which will require a Bricklink order or two. So that will take a few weeks before I can get that one photographed and uploaded.

In the meantime I am assembling all of my MINIs, including the ones I have created. I'll photograph them when I get them all built. Should be next week sometime.

As far as new projects, I have been promising myself I'd finish my Nebulon B-2 model. I just can't seem to find a design for the main hull that I like. I know for a fact that I'll be unable to build it, but someone I know would loe to get his hands on a parts list and instructions, so I might get some pictures from him.

I've also started designing a TIE Shuttle (which will be converted into a TIE Bomber, Revision 2) and a TIE Oppressor. I think I've got a workable hull design on the Shuttle, which is a big deal. All I have on the Oppressor is the wings, but there's quite a bit of detail there, more than any other TIE I've worked on.

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