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DJ Force

Project Sentai Mountain - Step 01

The Exo Force members have several options now.  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. What shall Ryo and Hitomi create?

    • The Golden City needs better shielding and defenses!
    • The walls need stationary weapons!
    • The walls need to be stronger!
    • The civilian population needs to be trained to support the Exo Force!

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It took quite some time for developing the right concept of Project Sentai Mountain. Too much time actually, for which I apologize. But I wanted to make it right and for everyone to have fun and join the scene.

The concept of PSM is to continue the storyarch TLG offered, while adding a big bunch of AFOLism.

I´ll provide a basic story and a Poll where YOU can decide how to continue the story. Each poll will be open exactly one week and after that the story continues. In addition to the given poll, everyone is invited to post suggestions how to continue the story. I´ve got the basic storyline laid out, but there´s always room for improvments :thumbup:

Each weeks story will give some suggestions as how to continue the story. The choices will be posted in the poll. In addition, each week will feature a new MOC. Be it a new Mecha, a vehicle, a weapon, a device... Maybe even new characters.

That´s how the story works.

Now to the AFOLism part. The whole meaning of PSM is to not only continue the storyline, but also to rebuild the Sentai Headquarter the way an AFOL would have built it. Think UCS Millenium Falcon. This will be implemented in the storyline, too. And you may chose which part(s) of the Sentai Headquarters will get the AFOL treatment. To be perfectly honest, this will not only take much time, it also will cost me a fortune :tongue: So please be patient with me if I don´t offer these options too often in the polls :tongue:

And to add another bit to the interactivity, each week one individual may be chosen secretly to either build for real or plan a digital MOC (LDD, Ldraw...) of their choice to be featured in the story. e.g. a futuristic workbench for Mechas, a support vehicle, maybe even parts of a command center... Human side, robot side, the secret individual decides and I will have to implement it in the story.

Building instructions for each weeks MOC(s) will be made and posted, too.

And now, to finally start the story, here´s the Beginning of Project Sentai Mountain (as posted before :blush: )

The Beginning of Project Sentai Mountain


"We need to rescue Sensei Keiken!" Hikaru shouted, much to the others surprise. Hikaru wasn´t known to be impulsive, but at this moment, Ryo and Takeshi literally had to hold him back from jumping into his Sky Guardian and to take off for a rescue mission.

"We will rescue him", Takeshi grunted, while Hikaru was trying to get lose from his grip. "But we need a battle plan first!" Slowly, Hikaru calmed down a bit. Of course, a battle plan. This was his part of the action. Being the mind of the combat team. A battle plan.


Ryo shook his head. "We have no idea at all where the Robots may have taken Sensei, nor where this mysterious Golden City Outpost might be located." Hikaru agreed. "Furthermore, if we take off to this rescue mission, the Golden City will be defenseless." Hitomi was about to protest, but Hikaru quickly went on: "No offense, Hitomi. I know you´re a skilled fighter and a brave Mech-pilot." - "Yeah, but to be honest, Hikaru, Ha-Ya-To and Takeshi are far more experienced in battle than both of us", Ryo explained. "The Golden City doesn´t stand a chance against the robots if the Exo-Force isn´t there to protect it."

Hitomi sighed. Ryo was right. Although she knew the Golden Cities defense technology like no other, they just weren´t enough to match the firepower of the Robot forces if they decided for another attack.

"But what can we do?" she shouted. "Sensei gave us new Mechs", Takeshi said. "This means we have the Sky Guardian, the Aero Booster, the Blade Titan and the Cyclone Defender to spare. And with the recently discovered army of Golden Guardians, this should give us some time to improve on our defense system. Ryo, Hitomi, do you think you can make up something?"

"Of course!" the two shouted as if one-mouthed, then looked at each other and had to grin. They were back in action again.


"Hikaru, Takeshi and I will check our new Mechs", Ha-Ya-To said. "I´m calling dibs on the River Dragon! Such a cool machine!"


"Do that!" Ryo agreed. "Hitomi and I will try to invent some new stationary weapons for the Golden City walls. They are basically defenseless."

Ryo didn´t even finish his sentence, as a sudden energy blast shook the outer wall and let it explode.


"We´re under attack!" Takeshi screamed, as his reflexes took over and made him jump into the Blade Titan. "Takeshi, what are you doing?" Hikaru shouted. "We need to test the new machines, and this is the perfect opportunity!"

"You´re right. Let´s go for it!"

"Ryo, quick! We need to start working now!" Hitomi ordered, as another shot made the walls crumble and personell ran around to man the Golden Guardians.

Hitomi and Ryo ran as fast as they could into Ryos Workshop. They were perfectly sure that the Exo-Force would fight back the Robots again this time, but they needed to improve the Golden City defense system.

Another blast! A direct hit! They heard the high energy beams humming before it pierced a hole into the workshops wall. The explosion followed soon after and bricks scattered the floor. Ryo reacted quickly! Immediatly he ran to Hitomi to protect her, before the shockwave hit them. "Agh, get off of me!" Hitomi coughed as the dust filled her lungs. "You´re welcome!" Ryo smiled. Another humming! "U-Oh..." was all Ryo could say, before another energy beam pierced through the hole. This explosion even bigger than the first one. "They must have some kind of automatic targeting system!" Hitomi shouted and activated her commlink. "Hikaru for Hitomi, come in!" - "Hikaro here, I´m listening! What´s up?" the answer came promptly. Quickly Hitomi informed the Chameleon Hunter pilot about her theory. "Copied!" came Hikarus short answer and immediatly he passed the info to Ha-Ya-To. "We need to find the source of those energy beams and get Ryo and Hitomi some time!"

After the dust cleared of, Ryo rose up from the ground to examine the damage. A giant hole in the workshops outer wall. But to his big surprise, the opposite wall sported another hole. What surprised Ryo about this was the fact that whatever was behind the wall lied in total darkness, although it was a perfectly bright day. A hidden room? "Hitomi! Flashlights!" he snapped and moved towards the hole. Carefully watching that he wouldn´t stand in the direct line between the two holes, if another energy beam would pierce through the walls. But a distant explosion of something giant convinced him that the source of those energy beams must have been vaporized. "Target destroyed!" Hikarus voice came in from the commlink to confirm Ryos conviction.

Hitomi showed up at Ryos side, handing him a flashlight. They switched on their flashlights and two powerful beams of light cut through the darkness. But the dust and the total darkness behind the walls were too thick even for two flashlights.


"See that? Wires in the concrete. Undamaged." Ryo was unusually monosyllabic. "There must be some kind of energy floating through these walls. I wonder what lies behind..." "Let´s find out", Hitomi whispered and pulled out a small machine out of her pockets. She moved the machine towards the wire and the machine automatically connected itself with it. Hitomi then pushed some buttons and the small display read "Luminating System". "Jackpot!" she smiled and pushed another button. With a distant humming sound the darkness started to vanish, as the old Golden City electronics started to illuminate what appeared to be a big hall, a hangar. And inside...


"You got it, Hitomi. Jackpot!" Ryo agreed. The room indeed was a hangar. And it housed a dozen of sleek, winged and armed Mini-Flyers. "Wow!" Hitomi whispered in awe, as she walked towards the next Mini-Flyer for a closer inspection.


"Careful!" Ryo warned, but Hitomi didn´t even listen. She climbed into the pilots seat, switched on the machines and fired up the engine.


Immediatly the small flying vehicle rose up several feet above the ground. "That´s awesome, Ryo!" Hitomi smiled all over her face. "Inform the others. We´ve got reinforcements coming in! Get some pilots in here quickly! I´ll see where the hangar doors are. There have to be some after all!"

The Exo Force has several options now. Please participate in the poll to chose what they will do next.

Edited by DJ Force

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Glad you like it! :cry_happy:

I forgot to add to the "rules" that only folks who post in the weeks thread will be in the raffle to participate with their own MOCs - if they want to :wink: The more postings, the more likely I

Edited by DJ Force

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This is a great idea, DJ Force! I can see this evolving into something like the EBCCB. :classic:

I voted that the locals need more training. Why? Because I'd love to see some towsnfolk throwing pitchforks at oncoming robots. :tongue:

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Finally, you have begun your PSM project! :thumbup:

Great, and this first Step/Chapter started off very well, and interesting. I love how you lined up those Exo Force characters and dialogs. With regards to the choices, I believe there is nothing we could do about the walls, and there could be another advance technology out there which could penetrate those defenses again. Why not, letting the Exo Force team, to train up the civillians to provide support and backup such as medic, re-supply, logistics and etc. Who knows, we could discover one rare gem among those civilians. A young hero, perhaps. :tongue:

Keep it up!

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A very nice and action-packed story, a cool project and a very neat mini-flyer design, well done. :thumbup:

I voted for stationary weapons, seems like a good plan... I hope. Let´s see what Mecha One says... :grin:

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Thank you very much! I´m really glad this had such a good start. Hope you all will stick to this till the end :classic:

Not too many votes cast so far, but it already seems like noone thinks the walls that every shot from the Robots is able to pierce through should be reinforced. Fair enough. :tongue:

And it seems there´s almost an equal need of more firepower and more manpower. Cool.

Please don´t forget to mention here if you want to have your own MOC or idea featured in the story!

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Just a quick reminder - you´ve got one day left for voting! :thumbup:

So far no one has contacted me or posted here to participate with an own idea?! Ah well, maybe I need to give more options and ideas first to let your own ideas evolve... Let´s see what we´ll come up with in chapter two! :sweet:

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I didn't saw this coming to continue the project! :thumbup: Great idea DJ!

And I voted for recruiting people.

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Thanks Wouwie! When I noticed you removed the banner from your sig I knew I had to do something :tongue:

Allright, poll´s closed (or at least should be by now). Let´s see how this story continues.

Sadly, nobody asked to be part of the next chapter... Not so much of interactivity yet...

Wouwie, how about you? You had some cool ideas in the past for this project. Wanna give me the challenge to implement one of your ideas in the next chapter? :wink:

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