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Galactic Paranoia: Index

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Galactic Paranoia

Game Index

Discussion Thread

The Story

It is a time of war, yet peace looms on the horizon. Two groups, one Imperial, one Rebel, gather together to build an alliance and finally put an end to the fighting. Unfortunately, their efforts are hampered by traitors within their own ranks, traitors they need to catch before all is lost. Can they overcome the traitors, and their own prejudices, to get the job done?

The Rules / How to Win

Simple. For the forces looking to bring peace, find the traitors and condemn them to death. For the traitors, kill off the negotiating team.

This is done through a basic mafia format of discussion and voting, relying on a majority vote to condemn. Out of character discussions should be limited to the discussion thread and not allowed to clutter up the days. Jokes, however, are always encouraged, assuming the Grand Admiral isn't looking. :grin:

The Days

Day 1: Imperial ~ Rebel

Day 2: Imperial ~ Rebel

Day 3: Imperial ~ Rebel

Day 4: Imperial ~ Rebel

Day 5: Imperial ~ Rebel

Day 6: Merged Force

EB News Presents: Galactic Paranoia ... The Dirty Truth

The Players

The Imperials

gavolrik_175x200.jpg Grand Admiral Volrik - Played by ImperialShadows

adm_julius_blaire.jpg Admiral Blaire - Played by JLBlue & ImperialShadows

100_6357_avvie.jpg Sarge - Played by Stash2Sixx

100_6359_avvie.jpg Pvt. Zariah Phervik - Played by Zepher

100_6360_avvie.jpg Pvt. Signicious Drumthwack - Played by Silent-Sigfig

100_6361_avvie.jpg Pvt. Nester Brand - Played by Natman8000

100_6363_avvie.jpg Pvt. Drake Knator - Played by Dragonator

100_6364_avvie.jpg Pvt.Wedge Durnkist - Played by Wouwie

100_6366_avvie.jpg Pvt. Terris "Toupée" Bentman - Played by Tim Bit

100_6367_avvie.jpg Pvt. Trent "Madman" Maverick - Played by Trexxen

100_6368_avvie.jpg Pvt. Danko "Whatshisname" Legovski - Played by Darth Legois

100_6369_avvie.jpg Pvt. Pepper Fletchman - Played by Professor Flitwick

100_6370_avvie.jpg Pvt. Boden Constrek - Played by Bob the Construction Worker

The Rebels

lskywalker_175x200.jpg Luke Skywalker (The Painting of) - Played by ImperialShadows

comm_jeklan_blazer.jpg Commander Blaze - Played by JLBlue & ImperialShadows

100_6333_avvie.jpg Sgt. Tong Pincer - Played by Tiny Pies R Us

100_6334_avvie.jpg Pvt. Razak Crade - Played by Ricecracker

100_6335_avvie.jpg Pvt. Hincklina Ross - Played by Hinckley

100_6337_avvie.jpg Pvt. Al Iztad - Played by Alice

100_6343_avvie.jpg Pvt. Darek Dasner - Played by Da Death Star

100_6344_avvie.jpg Pvt. Quincy J. Mann - Played by Quarryman

100_6349_avvie.jpg Pvt. Ivy Shadowspark - Played by Imperial Shadows

100_6350_avvie.jpg Edner "Eddie" Flak - Played by Escape the Fate

100_6351_avvie.jpg Dayton Stern - Played by Sir Dillon

100_6352_avvie.jpg Adley "Newbie" Ahm - Played by Adam

100_6353_avvie.jpg Widanko "Wiseguy" Fenk - Played by Whitefang


unidentified_175x200.jpg Unidentified - Played by Himself

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