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TheBrickster's Collection

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Brickster's Image Reviews, MOCs, Adventures, and Mysteries

Meet TheBrickster: A Candid Interview by ImperialShadows & Stauder

The Brick Broadcast Episode #2, Train Tech's Mastermind, TheBrickster

Wild West


Cowboy Sets

Fort Legoredo - Part 1

Fort Legoredo - Part 2

Gold City Junction

Bandit's Secret Hideout - Part 1

Bandit's Secret Hideout - Part 2

Sheriff's Lock-Up

Weapon's Wagon

Frontier Patrol

Sheriff's Showdown

Native American Sets

Chief's Tepee

Rain Dance Ridge

Tribal Chief

Wild West MOCs

Wild West Mini-Figs

U.S. Army (Combined Troops)

Confederate Troops/Civil War

Stagecoach MOC

Church MOC

Mexican Fort: Inspired by Spanish Missions, the Alamo, and Old Mexico

Snake Oil Wagon of Professor Snidley C. Rooked, Wizard of Curiosities

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (MOC)

Spring Valley Ranch (MOC)

Wild West Outlaws (MOC)

Custom Wild West Figs: Collection I (MOC)

Ambush at Bridge Canyon (MOC)

Ghost Town Mystery Sneak Peek

Ghost Town Mystery Challenge

Ghost Town MOC Imagery

Wild West Town & Train Video (short .mpg with music)

Ghost Town


Grave Stone: Return of the Ghost Rider - Collection I

Haunted Mill (MOC)

Ghostly Hay Wagon (MOC)

Spooky Shack (MOC)

Whispering Windmill (MOC)

Shadow Chapel (MOC)

Dead Man's Bridge (MOC)

Grave Stone: Quick View of All Images in the Collection

Grave Stone Collection II

Shady Inn Hotel and Saloon (MOC)

Prospector Tex Grimwell and Mining Cart (MOC)

Sinister Stable (MOC)

Nightmare Stage Coach (MOC)

Putrid Creek Mill (MOC)

Barn House of Barnabas Higgens (MOC)

Grave Stone Cemetery: Awakening of Phantom Rider (MOC)

Haunted Mine (MOC)

Grave Stone 2008

Decrepit Bank (Inpsired by Cook Bank in Rhyolite Nevada)

Ghost Train


Abandoned Station: Grave Stone Train Station (MOC)

4-4-0 Steam Engine with Light-Up Boiler (MOC)

Skeleton Crew (MOC)

Haunted Train Coach (includes pictures of the Ghost Train)

Mysterious Mail Car: Special Delivery from Grave Stone (MOC)

Frightening Freight Wagon: Make Sure to Keep the Chains On (MOC)

Witch's Shanty: Beware the Curse of the Witch! (MOC)

Ghastly Railroad Workers: They'll Die to Finish the Line (MOC)

Rickety Water Tower: Water for the Ghost Train (MOC)

Moonshine Still: Sure to Set Your Soul on Fire! (MOC)

Return to Grave Stone (Feb-Mar 2009)

#1: Haunted Mill (Sutter's Mill)

#2: Ghostly Hay Wagon

#3: Spooky Shack

#4: Whispering Windmill

#5: Shadow Chapel

#6: Dead Man's Bridge

#7 & 8: Shady Inn (Versions 1 & 2)

#9: Prospector Tex Grimwell

#10: Sinister Stable

#11: Nightmare Stagecoach

#12: Putrid Creek Mill

#13: Barn House of Barnabas Higgens

#14: Grave Stone Cemetery

#15: Haunted Mine

#16: Snake Oil Wagon of Professor Snidley C. Rooked

Grave Stone Station

Grave Stone 2009

Grimwell Manor

Haunted Clock Tower

Last Stand at Tierra De Los Muertos

Bloody Mary, Steam Boat

Civil War (Nov 2009)

10602 Iron Side, Small Confederate Steam Boat

10603 Confederate Hideout

10604 Confederate Supply Wagon

10605 Officer's Wagon

10606 War Prisoners

10607 Arms Wagon

Confederate Army (complete Civil War Collection)


Old Mexico (Dec 2009)

Mexican Village (10620-10622)

10610 Spanish Mission

10611 Rosa's Cantina

10612 Pueblo Hideout

10613 Arms Traders

10614 Soldiers Outpost

10615 Masked Rider

10616 Mexican Church

10616 Mexican Church II: with add-on building and interior

10617 Bandito Brothers

10618 Ox Cart

10619 Senor' Palomar's Hacienda

10623 Army Patrol

10624 Plaza de Toros

Wild West Discussions & MOCs

Wild West Shoot-Out (Quiz)

12 Great Sets for the Wild West Theme

Best Lock Old Wild West Sets and Discussion re. the Discontinuation of the Wild West Theme

Schleich American Frontier: Why Not Lego? (Discussion)

Lego WW Theme and Playmobil: Playmobil re-releases retired themes, why not Lego? (Discussion)

Vote for your favorite Wild West set here (Poll)

What's New in Western MOCs? - Return of TheBrickster!

What non-WW minifigs make great additions to the WW theme? (Discussion)

Help Dusty Miller: What sets would you add to the WW theme? (Discussion)

Deadwood Inspired MOCs: Corpsville (Lugnet Post/Find)

Battle of New Orleans: Lego Video of the Famous Battle

Bandit's Secret Hideout (6761) Set Review: On - Joseph Gonzales

American Indian Sub-Theme: Islanders of the Wild West? (Discussion)

Classic Wild West and the Mocs They Inspire (Discussion)

Log Pieces vs. Regular Brown Pieces: Do They Make a Difference (Discussion)

Wild West Color Palette: What Other Colors Work Well for WW Buildings (Discussion)?

Ghost Towns & Wild West History: How many of you have visited a real Ghost Town?

Root'n Toot'n Wild West Poll (Survey re. the re-release of a WW theme)

Wild West Fun, What is it that makes the Wild West theme so much fun? (Poll)

Alberta and Ryolite Ghost Town MOCs (MOC Pages)

Saloon Vignette by Corran (Flickr Find)

Fort Legoredo Expanded (Brickshelf Find)

Scotty's Castle Mystery Tour



Train Articles

ARTICLE: Ten Terrific Train Links, Beneficial Community Resources for Every Lego Train Fan

ARTICLE: The Enjoyment of Lego Trains, For the Town Fan Who Doesn't Own a Train

ARTICLE: What Ever Happened to the Single Train Car? Rolling Stock Reluctance

ARTICLE: What Ever Happened to the Train Engine Shed? LEGO Train Article

Train Topics

7898 Cargo Train Deluxe Variation, Boxcar Blues (Discussion)

American Trains (Real Images)

Are Two 9V Motors Better Than One?, Ramifications of adding a 2nd 9V motor to your locomotive

Balancing Towns with Trainyards: How do you balance?

BNSF Caboose (Brickshelf Find)

Bridges & Inclines, Building Tips and Strategies

Building Lego Train Track, Parts vs. Prefab

Cargo Train Competition, A Train Tech Cargo Train Face-Off

Cargo Train Fun, Share pictures of your cargo trains at work

Crane Car Creativity, What Makes the Crane Car So Special?

Creative Train Combos, How Do You Combine Your 9V Sets?

Diesel Dilemma: Choose Your Favorite of the Diesel Trio

Emerald Night Wheel Fix, What to Do if Your Emerald Night is Locking

Favorite Train Engine (Poll)

FREIGHT or FANCY?, Train Tech Poll

Fun with Flatbeds, What to Add to Your Freight Trains?

Garden Railroading & Large Layouts with Lego Trains (Discussion)

Imitation 9V Trains (Brickshelf Find and Discussion)

Infared Link for PF Trains, What is this new piece?

Integration of Trains & Boats: A Train & Town Cross Over Topic - From Maersk to Marina

Layout Choices, What type of layout do you prefer?

Lehmann Toy Train, Ideas for Fun Lego Trains

Maersk Madness Contest

Mixed Train Lengths, Realistic or Evolving? (Discussion)

Outstanding German Trains, Eisenbahn Maj.Com Find

Pizza Displays, Creative Idea for Smaller Layouts

Project Train Start, For beginners and new fans of LEGO trains

Rail Crossing: The Forgotten Piece, Do You Build With 4519?

Rolling Stock Undercarriages, Building Tips

SFSC vs. the BNSF (Face-Off Poll)

Tale of the Ghost Train, Make-Your-Own-Story

Terrible Train Town Tragedy, What Happens When Your Town Takes a Turn for the Worst?

Thinking Outside the Boxcar, Boxcar Hints & Tricks

Track Mix, Grey, Bley, & Metal Rails

Train Art, Inspiration to create LEGO Trains

Train Parts Needed for Pick A Brick, What Pieces Should Lego Offer?

Train Rooves, What's Your Favorite Element?

Train Signs: Crossing & Signals, Building Tips

Train Storage & Display, How Do You Display Your Trains?

Train Tech Ideas, Share your ideas & feedback for Train Tech here

Train Tech Registry, Are you a train fan?

Train Tips: Building a Classic Train Wagon, Anyone can build a classic train car with these simple instructions

Train Tunnels, Stand Alone Set or Too Tricky for LEGO?

"Trainify" Your Avatar, For Train Month

Triple Train Engine Face-Off: Best of the 9V Engines (Poll)

What Ever Happened to Lego's Train Mystery?, Senor Palomar & Company

What's Next for Lego Trains?, Speculation, Rumors, & Wishes

Train MOCs

MOC: Boxcar Blue, 7898 Cargo Train Boxcar Design

MOC: Cattle Car

MOC: Deutsche Bahn (DB) Classic Train, Inspired from LGB Passenger Starter Set

MOC: Classic Green Boxcar

MOC: Red Shunter, Inspired from 12V Blue Diesel Shunter 7760

MOC: Steam Train, From 7727 Electric Freight Train (12V)

Classic Mining Train, My "Token" Entry for Cat 1 of the Train Contest

Civil War Confederate War Train

Toy Stori Western Wagon

Santa Fe Collection


Santa Fe 4-4-0 (Version #1 - scrapped)

Santa Fe Western 4-4-0 Locomotive #4

Pullman Coach

Santa Fe Hopper

Western Caboose

Train Town 1

Train Town 2

Train Town 3

Train Town 4

Train Town 5

Train Town 6

Train Town 7

Train Set Reviews

REVIEW: 3225 Classic Train

REVIEW: 4855 Spider-Man's Train Rescue

REVIEW: 10013 Open Freight Wagon, My Own Train Review

REVIEW: 10014 Caboose, Lego's Best Little Red Train Wagon Ever!

REVIEW: 10015 Green Passenger Wagon

REVIEW: 10016 Fuel Tanker, My Own Train Rolling Stock

REVIEW: 10020 Santa Fe Super Chief

REVIEW: 10133 Burlington Northern Santa Fe, A Dark Green & Orange Beauty

Train Tech: Comprehensive Train Topic Index



Port Legend

Port Legend (Post 2)

Stockade Conspiracy

Greetings to Admiral Phes, Tale of the Voyage to the Non-Pirate Realms

Port Mead (My 1st Pirate MOC)

Pirate Prison (3rd Pirate MOC)

Caribbean Clipper 6274 Image Review

Favorite Pirate Set Company (Poll)

Islanders 6292 Help, Enchanted Island Info Needed

Playmobil Pirate Ideas: Soldier Fortress w/ Lighthouse #4294 (Discussion)

Pirates 2008/2009

6239 Cannon Battle (Review)

6240 Kraken Attackin' (Review)

6253 Shipwreck Hideout (Review)

6192 Pirate Construction Set - Basic (Review)

Vessels & Vehicles vs. Bases & Buildings: Which Do You Like Better? (Poll)

Building a Pirate Lagoon (Tips and Tricks)

Pirates 2009: A Critical Review (Article) Coming Soon

Pirates of the Caribbean (2011) Reviews

4191 Captain's Cabin

4195 Queen Anne's Revenge

Classic Castle


Yellow Castle 375 Image Review

Classic Castle Figs

Favorite Fortress (Poll)

Bridges and Crossings (Poll)

Forestmen Discussion

Classic Castle Figure Display

Classic Castle Armory MOC

Sultan's Tower (MOC)

Classic Castle: What Makes It So Good? (Discussion)

Legendary Castle Sets (Poll)

Medieval Village, Buildenham (Brickshelf Find)

Fantasy Castle: Castle in the Clouds (Brickshelf Find)

NWBC Awesome Castle Display (Brickshelf Find)

Hilltop Tower: Yellow Castles Aren't Dead (Brickshelf Find)

Wooden Fortress ( Find)

Barraks of the Order of the Rampant Lion (Brickshelf Find)

Wizard's Tower (Brickshelf Find)

Purple Hills: Castle of the Purple Wizards (Brickshelf Find)

Hong Kong 2007 Brickshow Display (Brickshelf Find)

Gronlif's Magic Forest (Brother Brick Blog / Brickshelf Find)

Battle of the Castles: Vladek's Dark Fortress vs. Royal King's Castle (Poll)

Fright Knights Theme: Frightfully Fun or Dreadfull Design? (Discussion)

Magnificent Knight Contest (Contest Entries)

Magnificent Knight Contest (Poll)

Wizard's Challenge Contest (Best Wizard & Wizard's Workshop)

Wizard's Challenge (Poll)

Classic Castle MOCs (2010)

Knight's Joust

Dragon Knight's Procession

Forestman's Wagon

Forestmen's Ruins

Knights Kingdom


Speculation re. New KK Sets: Banteras/Forestmen

Gargoyle Bridge 8822 Image Review

Armor Wagon & Guard Post MOC (Alternate Model of Gargoyle Bridge)

Castle 2007-2010


King's Castle Siege 7094 (Image Review)

Skeleton Ship Attack 7029 (Image Review)

Castle Armies

New Castle Web page on LSAH (Links and Discussion)

Expanded Dwarves' Mine/MOC (MOC Pages Find)

Castle Photo Frame: Legoland Exclusive

Epic Lego Sea Battles: Troll Ship vs. ??? (Discussion)

Has LEGO Castle Become Cliche'?, Timeless or Tiresome?

Kingdoms (2010)


REVIEW: 7947 Prison Tower Rescue

REVIEW: 7948 Outpost Attack

REVIEW: 7950 Knight's Showdown

Wizard's Duel, Dragon Knight Wizard vs. Sorcerer of the Undead (Poll)



Viking Scene (Brickshelf Find)

Town, City, World City


2001 and 1980 Classic Cities

Best City Contest (Entries)

Best City Contest (Poll)

Christmas Town: New Christmas Train in Snow Covered Town ( Find)

Marina (Brickshelf Find)

7733 Truck & Forklift (Image Review)

Mysterious Cargo in Set 7733 (Discussion)

Cafe Corner vs. Town Plan (Face-Off #2 Poll)

Floating Lego Boats: Move Over Rubber Duckie! (Discussion re. floatable hulls vs. brick-built hulls)

Classic Chocolate Factory: #1620 Promotional Set (Discussion)

Town and Train Displays: Do you prefer to display MOCs or Official Sets? (Poll)

What Classic Town Set Did You Always Want? The set you never got (aka. Lost Legends) - (Discussion)

Modular Town Buildings Vs. Classic Style, Do the sets fit well together?

Modulars vs. Classic Town, Integration of modular buildings with Classic Town

Seasonal Influence, How does the weather impact your Tabletowns?

Lego Farms: Western or City?, Is Farm really a City sub-theme?

What puts the CLASS in Classic Town?

What Town Sets Are You Saving? Those Extra-Special Sets

What's Next for Lego Trains?, Speculation, Rumors, & Wishes

TRAINS or TOWN?, Which Theme Do You Prefer?

Green or Grey?, Which color roadplates do you prefer? (Poll)

Town Plan 10184 Favorite Building, What's your favorite structure? (Poll)

Combining City with Other Themes, What themes have you mixed with City?

Real Water in Your City, Brick Built vs. Sparkletts

Modular Madness: Which Modular Set is Your Favorite, Cafe Corner, Green Grocer, or Fire Brigade?

Your Modular Collection 28 Days Later, What do you do after the build?

Future of Farm, Top Choice or Pork Sausage?

City-Sizing Creator Sets: How to blend Creator homes into your Tabletowns

Creator House Face Off #1: Beach House vs. Apple Tree House


Classic-Town User Survey, Tell Us What You Really Think

Camping Adventure, Where Am I?

Legoland Sea Life Tour: Venture into the Depths of Aqua Raiders

MOC: Farm House: To go with Lego's new 7637 Farm

MOC: "1979" Classic Town Contest Entry

MOC: Retro Taxi Station

Train Town: New Tabletown with Emerald Night

Christmas 2009

Pictures of Your Winter Toy Shop, Share your Winter Wonderlands

Decorating a Shrieking Shack, or other LEGO sets for a Winter Village

Bob's Christmas Tree Stand, Simple Little Tree Lot (MOC)

Town, City, and Creator Building Reviews


4642 Fishing Boat

5766 Creator Log Cabin: Rocky River Retreat? perhaps...

5770 Creator Lighthouse Island: 2011 Lego Lighthouse for Your Harbor City or Pelican Brief


7637 Farm Review

2008 Factory

10200 Custom Car Garage Review

2004 World City

7044 Rescue Chopper Review

7045 Hovercraft Hideout Review

2003 World City

7030 Squad Car Review

7032 Highway Patrol & Undercover Van Review

7033 Armored Car Action Review

2002 Island X-treme Stunts

6734 Beach Cruisers Review

6735 Air Chase Review

6739 Truck & Stunt Trikes Review

2002 Alpha Team - Mission Deep Sea

4789 Alpha Team Aquatic Mech Review

2001 Legends

6472 Gas N' Wash Express (same as 6397 from 1992) (City) Review

2000 Arctic

6569 Polar Explorer Bonus Pack (Sets 6578 & 6586) Review

1998 Res-Q

6445 Emergency Evac Review

6462 Aerial Recovery Review

1997 Divers

6441 Deep Sea Refuge Review

6555 Sea Hunter Review

6556 Scuba Squad Review

6599 Shark Attack Review

1997 Outback

6444 Outback Airstrip Review

6490 Amazon Crossing Review

6550 Outback Desert Racer Review


1808 Light Aircraft and Ground Support Review

6563 Gator Landing Review


6685 Fire Copter 1 Review


6382 Fire Station Review

6383 Public Works Center Review


6364 Paramedic Unit Review

6375 Exxon Gas Station Review

6390 Main Street Review


542 Street Crew Review

554 Exxon Fuel Tanker Review

560 Town House Review

588 Police Headquarters Review


575 U.S. Coast Guard Station Review

590 Engine Company #9 Review

672 Fire Engine Review


709 Police Boat Review

712 Sea Plane Review

775 Fire Fighter Review


555 Hospital Review

580 Brick Yard Review

585 Police Headquarters Review


730 Steam Shovel with Carrier Review

City & Town Articles

Building a Classic Lego Town: 7 Tips for a Terrific Tabletown

Preserving Your Lego: How to keep your sets looking new for years to come

Dino Attack, The Forgotten City Theme: Died Off Like the Dinosaurs or Formed the Foundation of Post-Apoc?

What Ever Happened to the Single Train Car? Rolling Stock Reluctance

Big Lego Brother is Watching: They Call it Police Surveillance

Classic Castle Towns: What Ever Happened to the Town/Castle Combination?

Set Design, Playability, and Other Considerations: What Do You Value More?

LEGO Health Care in Tabletown, Universal Health Care Option. Minifigs demand healthcare reform!

Tale of Two Lighthouses, An old sailor's yarn

Sizzling Summer Fun Six Sensational Scenes

Aircraft Transport Aviation & Adventure in Your Town

Fall Fascination "Autumnize" Your Tabletown

Divers / Creature from the Black Lagoon Sub-theme


Exploration Vessel Rita

Creature from the Black Lagoon Vignette

Quest for the Creature

Black Lagoon Vignette



Batcave I "Catwoman's Capture" (Yellow)

Batcave II (Blue)

Comparison Between the Batboat (7780) and Hovercraft Hideout (7045)

Future of the Batman Theme (Discussion)

Arkham Asylum, Inspiration by HP Lovecraft? (Discussion)

Batcave 7783 Image Review

Arkham Asylum 7785 Image Review

Bat Attack: Which superhero theme could take down Batman? (Discussion)

MOC: Retro 1966 Batboat

Fantasy Island


Fantasy Island Playset

Island Vehicle


REVIEW: Atlantis 8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub, Dive into the depths of Atlantis

REVIEW: Atlantis 8056 Monster Crab Clash, Sure to give you the crabs



Murder on the Lego Express - Part 1

Murder on the Lego Express - Part 2

Murder on the Lego Express - Part 3

Murder on the Lego Express - Bloopers, Spoofs, & Questions

Mystery at Crowley Mansion - Background

Mystery at Crowley Mansion - Sign-Up/Participants

Mystery at Crowley Mansion - Index

Mystery at Crowley Mansion - Part 1 (The Beginning)

Mystery at Crowley Mansion - Part 2 (The Mystery Continues)

Mystery at Crowley Mansion - Character Bios & Clues (Shared after the mystery)

Murder on Flight 514

Mystery Ship

Murder on the Emerald Express


Funeral Murder



Favorite Adventure Subtheme (Poll)

Favorite Adventure Boat (Poll)

Favorite Adventure Plane (Poll)

Favorite Egyptian Desert Set (Poll)

Favorite Crocodile Adventure Set (crosses themes (Poll))

Favorite Adventurer Hero "The Good" (Poll)

Favorite Adventurer Villain "The Bad" (Poll)

Favorite Adventurer Monster "The Ugly" (Poll)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Poll Results

Orient Expedition Quiz

Historic Themes and Orient Expedition Discussion

Adventure Sub-Theme Ideas (Discussion)

4888 Ocean Odyssey: Adventurer Fit

Decoding Egyptian Hieroglyphics

If You Were Johnny Thunder, What Would Be Your Most Valuable Item?

Alternate Names for Johnny Thunder

Historic/Adventure MOCs Inspired by Movies/Films

Cthulhu Adventure MOC (Brickshelf Find)

Favorite History & Adventure Minifig (Discussion)

Safari Off-Road Vehicle, Set 6672 (Discussion)

Jurassic Park (Brickshelf Find)

Adventure Movie Inspiration (Adventure Movie Reference)

Adventurers Expedition Journal: Explorer Log Book

Legoland Memory of the Day Set, 2004 Exclusive Adventure Set

Legoland Land of Adventure: Sneak Peek

Legoland Lost Kingdom Ride: Rescue of Pippin Reed (Video Clip)

2537 River Raft, Shell Promo Adventure Set (Discussion)

Jungle Adventure in Brazil (Amazon - World Adventure)

Curse of the Mummy I Vignette (MOC)

Port Adventure (Diorama MOC)

Adventure Car (MOC)

Adventure Sub - Search for Atlantis (MOC)

Desert Hideout: Egyptian Desert Adventure MOC

6444 Outback Airstrip (Image Review)

7416 Emperor's Ship (Image Review)

7418 Scorpion Palace (Image Review)

Adventurers Web Site Link

Jungle Adventure


Jungle Adventure: Indy and Jungle Adventure Sets (Large Diorama) Video

Crocodile Bridge (MOC)

Jungle Building Tips: How to Build a Good Jungle (Discussion)

Indiana Jones


Casablanca Rick's Nightclub Americain: Adventurers Meet Indiana (MOC)

German Headquarters (MOC)

Jungle Adventure: Indy and Jungle Adventure Sets (Large Diorama MOC)

Desert Adventure (Large Diorama MOC)

Missing Pieces in Indiana Jones 7622, Race for the Stolen Treasure (Discussion)

Large Indy Diorama ( Find)

Indy Face-Off #1, Race for the Hidden Treasure vs. Shanghai Chase (Poll)

Indy Face-Off #2, Peril in Peru vs. Fight of the Flying Wing (Poll)

Indy Face-Off #3, Motorcycle Chase vs. Jungle Duel (Poll)

Indiana Jones Airplane Faceoff, 7198 Fighter Plane Attack


Pharaoh's Quest Reviews

7306 Golden Staff Guardians

7307 Flying Mummy Attack



4805 Ninja Knights - Pic Review & discussion why Lego doesn't make troop packs anymore

Mystery Piece in Treasure Transport Set #6033

How Well Do You Like the Ninja Theme (Poll)

Favorite Ninja Fortress (Poll)

Black Samurai Fortress (MOC)

Red Samurai Fortress (MOC)

Osaka Inspired Fortress (MOC)

Palace of the Three Gems (MOC)

Land of the Tragon - Brickshelf Gallery by Megan Rothrock

Ninja Theme Trivia: Name the only set that contains an Adventurers Container?

Ninja Theme Set Riddle

4805 Ninja Knights 2011 Review


Halloween 2006

What Scares You the Most (Discussion)

Scariest Movies (Discussion)

Tales From the Crypt (Horror Stories)

Which do you like better: Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy? (Poll)

Want to See Something Really Scary? (Spooky Images)

Halloween Minifig Contest (Instructions)

Halloween Minifig Contest (Contest Entries)

Halloween Minifig Contest (POLL)

Grave Stone: Ghost Town MOC Links

Studios: Werewolf Ambush 1380 (Image Review)

Studios Movie Monsters: Big Sellers or Big Duds? (Discussion)

Call for Studios Monster Set Reviews

13 Ghostly Sets: Choose Your Most Scariest (Poll)

Haunted House MOCs (Brickshelf Finds)

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... (Halloween Story Fun)

Halloween 2008

Halloween Reviews

#1: 1380 Werewolf Ambush

#2: 5938 Oasis Ambush

#3: 4817 Dungeon

#4: 6257 Castaway's Raft

#5: 4766 Harry Potter Graveyard Duel

Halloween 2008 MOCs: Spooky Builds for the Halloween Season (Discussion)

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night (Halloween Story Game)

"Spooking-Up" a Tabtletown: Tips Wanted

Halloween 2009

Haunted Mansion Vignette, Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary Creation (MOC)

My Own Ghost Train, Ghost Line, Boo! (MOC)

Bricktober Transport

Werewolf Wagon

Haunted Station, Ghost Line Depot

Star Wars


Jabba Sail Barge vs. Imperial Star Destroyer Face-Off

Classic SW vs. New SW, Which do you like better? (Poll)

REVIEW: 8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack

Favorite Falcon, Choose your favorite Millennium Falcon (Poll)

Classic Space


306 Two Lunar Landing Plates spacereview.jpg

442 Space Shuttle spacereview.jpg

483 Alpha-1 Rocket Base spacereview.jpg

487 Space Cruiser spacereview.jpg

493 Space Command Center spacereview.jpg

497 Galaxy Explorer spacereview.jpg

6901 Mobile Lab spacereview.jpg

6927 All-Terrain Vehicle spacereview.jpg

6970 Beta I Command Base spacereview.jpg

6880 Surface Explorer spacereview.jpg

Mars Explorer (MOC)


How do you store your Lego (Poll)

Creative Storage Containers, Not the Typical Stack-A-Plastic Box Storage Ideas (Discussion)

Favorite Message Types (Poll)

Lego Quality is Really Slipping (Discussion)

Viva Las Vegas: Legoland California Las Vegas Miniland Images

Collections - EB Fellows discuss their collections in the Pub

Dungeons & Dragons with Lego (Poll)

What do you do with your sets/mocs after the build is over? (Humorous Poll)

Favorite Christmas Present from the Past (Discussion)

What's Your Shtick? What do you bring to EB? (Discussion)

Oreo Personality Test (Quiz & Discussion)

EB Time vs. Building Time: Balancing Computer Time with Lego Building (Discussion)

How to Make a Good Photo Background (Tips & Tricks for Making a MOC Backdrop)

Lego Cars & the Fuel Crunch: is Lego Building Their Cars Too Large (Discussion)

Lego Idea Books: What Ever Happened to Them? (Discussion)

Sets That Make Great Part Sets (Discussion)

Legoland Collector Bricks (Discussion)

Fantasy Worlds, Places, and Themes: Share Your Concepts and MOCs

Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes

Cowboy Wisdom: Quotes and Sayings

"The Perfect MOC": Unlimited Visions (Discussion)

Jurassic Park: Universal Studios, Hollywood, California (Video)

Adult Collecting vs. Play, Thoughts of a Child

Fantasy Creatures in Historic Themes, How Well Do You Like Them? (Poll)

Lego Set Budgeting, Your Spending Habits

Have Action Themes Become Extreme? Concept vs. Design

When to SNOT and when to NOT

Decluttering Your LEGO Lair: Can LEGO Become Overwhelming?

LEGO Worlds and You: Thoughts on the subject of LEGO Worlds vs. Single MOCs

Misc/Other Theme Reviews

REVIEW: Creator 5868 Ferocious Creatures, Or what to do with two cavemen minifigures

Architecture 21006 The White House

Worldwide Adventure: Explore Mysterious Cities and Hidden Places of Adventure

Face-Offs (Polls Between Favorite Sets)

#1: Jabba Sail Barge vs. Imperial Star Destroyer

#2: Cafe Corner vs. Town Plan

#3: Ocean Odyssey/Undersea Exploration vs. Crab Crusher

The Fabulous Four: There's One in Every Series - Army Building Fun

Christmas 2008

Build & Decorate a Train Car Contest: Rules & Discussion

Build & Decorate a Train Car Contest: Entries

Build & Decorate a Train Car Contest: Voting

Snow Box Derby: Discussion for Fellows & Staff Only

Snow Box Derby: Rules & Discussion

Snow Box Derby: Entries

Snow Box Derby: Voting

Sideline Scenes: Rules & Discussion

Sideline Scenes: Entries

Sideline Scenes: Voting

Sideline Scenes: Almost-Live Comments

Your Favorite Christmas Gift (Discussion)

10 Wintery Picks: TheBricksters' Holiday 2008 Snowy Favorites (Discussion)


My First Pirate Ship - Playmobil

Playmobil Conquistadors: New Playmobil Theme

Lego WW Theme and Playmobil: Playmobil re-releases retired themes, why not Lego? (Discussion)

Playmobil Goes Egyptian (Discussion re. New Egyptian Theme)

Playmobil Pirate Ideas: Soldier Fortress w/ Lighthouse #4294 (Discussion)

5 Miles to Deadwood: Playmobil Western Mystery

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