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Name: 8038 The Battle of Endor

Theme: Star Wars

Subtheme: 10th Anniversary

Year: 2009

Pieces: 890

Minifigs: 12 (including one Astromech)

Price: 99,99 Euro, 99,99 US Dollars

Resources: Brickset

My second 2009 summer wave set is, of course, the epic battle of Endor, the climax of the whole Star Wars saga and one of the best battles ever made.


The boxart shows us a forest with explosions and blasterfire. The bunker stands in the middle while Chewie watchs from his AT-ST over the scene, an Ewok flies over the bunker, a magic catapult fires itself and a Scout chases Wicket W. Warrick.


The back of the box shows the various play features.



The set has two instruction books. The first book shows how to build the figures, glider, catapult, bikes, AT-ST and one part of the bunker, while the second book shows the other part of the bunker build and the partslist.


The set consists of eight numbered bags and one extra bag with Ewok glider wings. The build is divided into three parts:

Bag one (two bags) = Minifigures, 2x Speederbike, Ewok Glider, Catapult

Bag two (two bags) = AT-ST

Bag three (four bags) = Endor bunker


Didn t know that Wicket is the tribe leader now.


The last few pages of the second instruction book show again the functions


and all 12 figures.



Our 12 figures are 4 "heroes", three imperials, two rebels and three Ewoks.




Princess Leia has a new hairpiece that comes also with the new Castle queen. Her pants are sandblue. It seemed sandred in the LEGO videogame and movie.


Her torso has a front- and backprint


The hairpiece from above. The camera didn t want to get it in focus.


Our new rebel pals have nice, new vests and helmets. The bearded rebel is new, the one without facial hair is a recycled Starkiller from 7672 Rogue Shadow. I knew he survived the game!^^



Backprints are normally covered with dark green teeth plates.


A comparison of the old and new Scout trooper, the old one on the left and new on the right. The printing is updated with the new grey colours and instead of the yellow head with glasses we get all black heads.


Wicket and Paploo have all new headparts and printings. The hoods are dark orange and tan printings with details like feathers and fissures.



Chief Chirpa has the same headpart, but in grey and with a teeth at his hood.


Old and new Ewoks JOINED!


Our Navy trooper comes with an extra black circle at his belt.


The set consists of many weapons. For the Ewoks we have got one spear, arrow with bow and one shaman staff. For the Imperials and rebels we have three rifles and five normal blasters. At the Speederbikes were two extra megaphones. Like in the old times... *remembering*



Ewok Catapult:

The first building of the set is the Ewok catapult. It can be fired through tapping at the grey part in front of the building.


It has two Spear/Arrow holders


and fires round 2x2 bricks. Four are included.


Ewok Glider:

The next building is the infamous Ewok glider that was showed in the Return of the jedi for only a few seconds and prooved its uselessness


It can drop 1x1 round bricks and has three in this set.


The wings can be folded like you wish (with the wave in front or back).



The glider is holded in the air with this stand. You see the other two 1x1 bricks are placed in the air. The controlling Ewok stands on the black plate.


The base is an old Scala piece and can stand on studs just this way around. This piece strong reminds me on the bucket from the 10 Dollar/Euro Fantasy Castle catapult.



Next in the line are two Speederbikes. They are very similiar to the one we saw in 7676 Republic Gunship.



Back = 7676 Gunship Speederbike

Front = 8038 Endor Speederbike


The poles are different pieces.


Different plates.


Different back.


End of part one, next part when somebody replies to this topic, because I made too many pictures as allowed in one post.

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Thanks for this review. I am looking forward to part 2. :classic:

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We are now finished with the first two bags, so we start our next two with the AT-ST walker Version 3.0 (5.0 if you count UCS and mini versions).


The legs aren t really well designed. They strong remind me of chickenlegs.


Even in futuristic worlds we still need hammers.^^


The tan wheel can be used to let the walker "walk".


The mechanism behind this technic


The walking function isn t very easy to describe, so I just link to a video from Toy Fair 2009 that shows it "walking".

The cockpit:


All three cannons:




The hatch:


The hatch is our well-known trap door piece, but the plate can be completly lifted up, too. The trapdoor will not stay open due to the way the At-ST leans forward in the standing position.


Inside the cockpit is only one seat.


Chewbacca inside the ST.


Back of the cockpit.


Another view of the tan wheel.


Imperial Shieldbunker:

Unfortunately we are near the end of this review with our last building: The Endor shieldbunker.


The Bunker is built on a 32 x 24 base.


The corners have the ability to blast their darkgrey wallsections out to create the destruction of the bunker.





The walls of the bunker are normal plates with 1x4 tiles. They are only inserted in the walls and can fall out of the place if you transport it from one room into another.


The closed doors:


Like I mentioned in my review of 8036 Separatists Shuttle, the doors can t be closed synchronally, they only open separatly.



Inside the bunker.


Look at the doors. It won t be easy but it can be possible to mod the doors with the function from 8036.


The walls have clips for four objects. In the instructions you put two rifles and two blasters there but it can hold shovels, brooms, lightsabers and several other things, too.


It will be difficult to throw Ben Burtt down there.


The bunker can be opened for more room to play. The bunker locks in place with 1x1 bricks with clips and black telescopes in the walls.


The electric thingies that create the Death Star shield


Computers for the Navy trooper.


Oh noes! My friend gets caught by the rebels!


Extra parts.


Complete set:





The Final Verdict

Design: 8/10 The set is nicely designed with many details. My only problems are with the Speederbikes which were better in the 7676 Gunship and with the AT-ST legs. Also the bunker could have been better with a normal brick wall and a sticker of the death star or Han in AT-ST driver uniform.

Build: 9/10 The build was straight-forward but includes a few technic parts. Numbered bags in a Star Wars set are also a welcomed addition.

Playability: 9/10 The walking function of the ST is more than useless and I really miss imperial reinforcements. 5 rebels and three heroes with a walker, catapult and flyer against three imperials with two bikes? The battle is as good as lost without some 7667 Dropships.

Minifigures: 9/10 I know, it s impossible to include every figure we need for this battle in one set, but I really miss them. Imperial officers, C-3PO, another Navy, maybe some Stormtroopers (but that can be forgiven if we get new imperial BPs in 2010).

Price: 9/10 Again it seems overpriced for most of the people, but I think that every set with a Navy trooper deserves 100 Euros.^^

Overall: 44/50 or 8,8/10

I recommend this set to every army builder, minifigure collector, diorama builder and fans of the rebel alliance.

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Thanks for the brilliant review :wub: You have spoiled us!

The figs are brilliant and the set looks like a lot of fun.

Even with the chicken legs, I still like this AT-ST over the other ones :wink:

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Really nice review. Thanks for taking the time.

A definite must have kit (problem is they are all must-haves!!!).

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Great review!

That's an awesome set, for a fair price. However, the only thing I don't like is that AT-ST. The set that was released in 2007 was perfect, I think, and it would be so much nicer if than one was included instead of this smaller and uglier one. The minifigures are, for me, also a reason to try to get my hands on this set.

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Thanks for the great review Navy Trooper Fenson :thumbup: . This is surely my most anticipated set of the year and it looks to be a great one. I really like the newly designed AT-ST and it will be a chance to finally get one (don't have one of the many 5 or so :grin:). The new minifigs look great especially the ewoks and rebels.

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Very nice set. I really love the minifigs. This set has 6 new figures, which is almost unheard of. I really love the Rebel Troopers. The only drawback is that they included an Imperial Trooper rather than officer. Also, the AT-ST is a little disappointing, but overall the set seems amazing.

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Nice review. I'm not sure about this set. It looks nice, but I've expected at least an AT-ST Pilot. We don't need Wookie scum in our Imperial vehicles! :tongue:

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Wow! Great review of a great set! The AT-ST and speederbikes are great improvements! The figures are all superb, and so is the bunker. I am tempted to get this, but there are soooooo many other great smaller sets I want, I don't know if I can afford them all. :cry_sad:

It will be difficult to throw Ben Burtt down there.

Completely off-topic, but he grew up down the street from my house. :classic:


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Thanks for this review of this amazing set. :classic:

Almost everything about this set is good.

The minifigures are awesome.

The speeder bikes are cool.

The Endor bunker looks really good.

The AT-ST looks much better than the old version (2007).

The glider and catapult look well built, too.

I also like how four flick-fire missile pieces were used (one for the staff, three for the AT-ST), but only one can actually flick-fire. :laugh:

I will definitely get this set. :classic:

Edited by ILikePi

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Wow, thanks for the review! This set looks like a must-have - there's so much playability. Slightly off-topic, but the rebel commandos would fit in nicely with some panzer units.

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Wow! I already had this set at the top of my "must buy" list and this review justifies it. This set is an incredible value. 12 figures with a $99 set? That type of value hasn't been seen since the 6211 ISD or the Sail Barge. The new Leia hair and the commandos are fantastic, especially the helmets! I'd imagine that people are already checking their parts bins so they can add on to the bunker. Yes, the AT-ST needs a bit of a leg redesign and some greebling, but it's a good start on one that walks. I have 2 of the 7657 AT-ST and I'll just add them to the display for this. I will have an amazing time building this set. :thumbup:

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Thnaks for the review! I wonder how much ewoks and rebel troopers are going to sell for on BL. :tongue:

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awsom reveiw you have changed my mind about this set and the theme in general

(its not that i dont like star wars its just the credit crunch and clone wars have just made me prefer ij and much more managable themes)


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Great review really and I love this set, one can never have too many Scoutroopers (I have 3 + Kashyyyk trooper).

It seems I really need this set now: Rebel soldiers (everyone needs target practice), Scouts :sweet: and a walking AT-ST.

About the AT-ST`s legs looking like a chicken´s: It has been called "chicken-walker"

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This is a great looking set with lots of play value, I need to purchase 2 of these!

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Thank you for the nice review. :thumbup::classic:

I like the figs very much, the ewoks are great. The ewok catapult I.M.O. much better than the 2002 version.

The A.T.-S.T. is nice, buteven in this version there is only room for one in the cockpit. The moveble legs are a nice idea, But I don't think it can really walk. It is more like the ministery of funny walks from Monty Python. :tongue:

The base is very nice, pity of the doors, but it looks very good with all that dark green and the big evil base computerscreens.

The rebels are nice and I hope they will make a rebel battlepack.

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This set looks great. The figs are wonderful, the bunker doesn't look too bad, and we get two speeder bikes and the AT-ST, which is much, much better than the 2007 version- I never bought it since it just didn't seem right. The face was too long and the legs too short.

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