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Pirate Figures and Set Names

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It almost seems like there is no end to how many named pirates there are, just waiting to be discovered.

While the LEGO Universe MMO didn’t turn out to be quite the success LEGO had hoped, it still gave us a whole bunch of new named pirates [...]

Do we even consider these characters as part of the LEGO Pirates canon?

They don't seem to have any correlation to the Pirate LEGO sets, it's like they belong in a completely different continuity.

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There is a pirate canon?

Just joking.

I have in general just been trying to find as many pirates as possible who have been named in official LEGO media of any sorts, and haven’t thought a whole lot about how it’s all supposed to fit together. It’s not the first time that I have mentioned pirates who have little to no relation to the actual sets. The pirates, with the exception of captain Roger, from LEGO Football Mania are an example of pirates who have little to do with any sets.

I have just been trying to gather as much LEGO Pirates related information as possible, and the characters from LEGO Universe happened to have pirates among them. Also the pirates in the game actually use a modified version of the Black Seas Barracuda as a base, which is at least a connection of sorts to a set.

There seems to be other more clear connection to sets in other parts of the game, but the pirates are a little on their own to be honest.

I just thought these pirates were worth mentioning, if nothing else.

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I have in general just been trying to find as many pirates as possible who have been named in official LEGO media of any sorts, [...]

I just thought these pirates were worth mentioning, if nothing else.

Yes, you're doing a good job there! :thumbup:

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Glad to see the LEGO Universe Wiki is being put to good use, PeabodySam and I have put a lot of work into it (especially PeabodySam for those character pages you linked to).

Also, I've seen Captain Click mentioned here, but only that he first appeared in LEGO Island (though you never saw him, he just talked to you from behind a door in his cave), and that he later appeared in Soccer Mania:


(Also thanks to PeabodySam for that image.)

What I haven't seen mentioned is that he also appeared between those two games in the Game Boy Color version of LEGO Island 2. Inside the pirate cave (

), there's a statue of a skeleton conquistador you can knock down, which opens door to a room that has a treasure chest containing his character card:


He looks a fair bit different from his later appearance in Soccer Mania, but I'm quite certain they're the same character. Soccer Mania was developed by Silicon Dreams (who were also the developers for LEGO Island 2 and Island Xtreme Stunts), and Captain Click isn't the only LEGO Island character to appear in Soccer Mania - the Brickster and Brickster-Bots are the main villains of the game. Plus, Soccer Mania's character designs for the Brickster and Brickster-Bots were also different from their designs in the main LEGO Island series, so I think it just comes down to the Soccer Mania character artists tweaking them a bit.

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I'm working on a review of polybag set 1492 "Battle Cove". It's got a pirate that is almost identical to Rummy (see first page). But this set has black legs instead of light gray. I was wondering if this guy happens to have an official name?

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I've been playing LEGO Rock Band recently. There's two Pirates themed venues in the game - The Jolly Rocker, where you perform on a ship with the crowd on a tiny island beside it, and The Parrot n' Pegleg, a tavern mentioned to be in "Pirate Cove" and made entirely out of pieces of shipwrecks. I haven't played through the entire thing yet, so there's a possibility that there might be more pirates in the game than this, but here's who I've unlocked so far:










As you can see, they took some liberties with the character names and designs. :tongue: The Island Chief is actually Achu from Adventurers, who is often lumped together with the Islanders anyway (for example, in LEGO Island 2, the Dino Park area of Adventurers Island had Achu as the leader of a tribe of Islanders who were camped there). The Islanders characters were actually unlocked in two different venues, the Bone Cave and Volcanic Rock, both of which have a sort of dinosaur prehistoric theme to them.

There are also two pirates from LEGO Universe in the game, Hael Storm and Captain Jack Knife. I haven't unlocked Hael Storm yet, but I know he's in the game:


As for Captain Jack Knife...


... Well, just read this:


There's a glitch in the game that makes him not appear in the Rock Shop, meaning you can't buy him or play as him or even see him outside of the rewards screen. :hmpf:

Oh, and there's another glitch in the game involving Mr Patches - when he's selected in Freeplay mode, or he's automatically loaded by the game in a special gig where all your characters are automatically dressed as pirates, he appears with Peg Leg's head instead of his own. A tad weird, but nothing major.

If I unlock any more pirates, I'll post them here. I'm working on getting images of all the characters in the game, but I thought I'd post these here now, so you don't have to wait.

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I thought they canceled the LEGO Universe game?

It was launched October of 2010 and shut down in January of 2012. It had been in development since 2006.

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Totally fantasy, but my sister liked to name the more unique pirate figures way back when. The two names I remember are these:

pi058.jpg Flowtilda

pi046.jpg Zydeco

I have no clue how she came up with these names.

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Firstly I want to thank everyone for their contributions to this search for named characters from the Pirates theme and the general exploration and gathering of fiction relating to the theme.

I have been working on a little project with a lot of help from TalonCard for some time now, and I think it’s ready to at least partially be posted here. I have been working on a pirate lexicon of sorts, listing named pirates, ships and locations among other things. Since this has turned out to be a quite long document I will be breaking it up when I post it.

So let’s start with Captain Roger and his crew:

The LEGO Pirates

Roger’s Crew

Captain Roger A.K.A Captain Redbeard



Captain Roger, who is also frequently known as Captain Redbeard, is one of the many pirates who haunt the Tropical Sea. Unlike most of those pirates he is actually fairly friendly. But don’t be fooled, if there is gold on the line and Captain Roger is caught by his gold fever he can get quite ruthless. This can often be seen in his “if someone falls leave them behind” attitude. Captain Roger also has the ability to smell gold. Captain Roger is proud of his Spanish ancestors, and seeks to reclaim the gold that they have hidden across the Southern Sea. Captain Roger is the captain of the Black Seas Barracuda, the Skull’s Eye Schooner, the Redbeard Runner and the Crossbone Clipper.


America: Captain Redbeard

The Netherlands: Knoest (Knot)

Canada: Capitaine Barbe-Rousse (French for Captain Red-Beard)

France: Capitaine Fortune

First Mate Rummy

Rummy is one of Captain Roger’s most trusted men, and serves as helmsman on the Black Seas Barracuda. He also served Roger on the Skull’s Eye Schooner. Unsurprisingly Rummy is quite fond of drinking rum, which occasionally can distract him from his work. Rummy is an exceptionally good sailor, but not a great pirate. Rummy is an absolutely lousy shot, and a terrible singer.


Germany: Rumpott

The Netherlands: Teut (a teut is a kind of traveling merchant in Dutch.)

Bo ‘sun Will Cavendish


Bo ‘sun Will Cavendish, or just Will as he is usually called, is more or less Captain Roger’s adopted son. Will is a lot nicer than most pirates, even among Roger’s fairly friendly crew, but his wrath should be feared if you anger him sufficiently. Camilla and Will have fallen for each other, which on several occasions has led them to conspire against Governor Broadside. Will is a skilled sailor, an excellent lock pick and in general a very creative lad, he can even be a bit of a bookworm at times.

Will’s last name is admittedly only mentioned in one German audio drama, but is in this case applied to his English name as well in order to tell him apart from other characters with similar names. In the story Will himself can barely remember his last name as he uses it very rarely.


Germany: Willy Cavendish

The Netherlands: Wil

Flashfork the Cook

Flashfork is the talented yet frustrated cook of the Black Seas Barracuda. Flashfork loves cooking gourmet meals, but unfortunately the crew does not value his cooking very much. Flashfork has threatened to leave the crew several times because of the constant insults to his excellent food. Flashfork also hates it when people steal food from his kitchen.

The character description in the Ladybird books is actually the opposite of his personality in the German audio dramas which is described above. In the book he is not a great cook and the crew rarely complains. The audio drama version took priority in this case, as it is actually is featured in the stories themselves, rather than just a character description.


Germany: Smutje (German for ships cook)

The Netherlands: Smulpaap (Cook)


Anne is the daughter of Bessie the tavern owner, who has joined Captain Roger’s crew.

Bo ‘sun Will

Alternative name for 6235 Buried Treasure and the name of the pirate figure included in it.


Popsy is Roger’s pet onboard the Black Seas Barracuda. Popsy is pretty intelligent, but her loud mouth tends to get her into trouble. Popsy has a quite large vocabulary of insults and other words that it has picked up from various pirates.


Germany: Polly or Polli

The Netherlands: Popsie



Spinoza’s history is complicated. Spinoza wears a collar which had John Blackheart’s half of the golden medallion attached to it. At some point Spinoza must have gotten into the possession of the Imperial Guards. Spinoza crawled over on the Black Seas Barracuda when it attacked the Golden Lute. Afterwards Spinoza more or less joined Roger’s crew as Will and Jimbo’s pet. Even later Spinoza has apparently been inherited by Captain Brickbeard and is now a pet on his ship.


Germany: Speedy


Crewmember of the Black Seas Barracuda. Bill also spies on the Imperial Soldiers for Captain Roger.


Filou is Bill’s pet monkey.

Filou means trickster in French.


Jimbo is the cabin boy of the Black Seas barracuda. Bo ‘sun Will Cavendish and Jimbo are quite good friends, but the rest of the crew doesn’t seem to be all that fond of the kid, as the rest of the pirates don’t want him in the tavern with them and Flashfork hates it when he steals from his kitchen. He was originally a stowaway on the Black Seas Barracuda. Apparently he has also been a part of Captain Foul’s crew at some point, and he was wondering what first mate Culverin had been doing up in the crow’s nest for 3 weeks.


Germany: Rowdy

Denmark: Rowdy

The Netherlands: Ronnie


While most of the pirates under Roger’s command are relatively friendly Jonathan is a bit of a scoundrel. Unlike Will he has no scruples over attacking women and children.

Sailmaker Bliss

Crewmember of the Black Seas Barracuda.

Ship’s Carpenter Neal

Crewmember of the Black Seas Barracuda.

As he is only mentioned in a German audio drama it is very possible that his name could actually be Neil.

Old Percy

Crewmember of the Black Seas Barracuda. Old Percy had a peg leg that once caught fire.

Bootsman Wil


Pirate who is shown in a Dutch catalog. He is Captain Roger’s right hand man aboard the Black Seas Barracuda.

Since the catalog actually refers to characters exclusive from “The Golden Medallion” comic, such as Captain Foul, it could be possible that this was actually supposed to be bo’ sun Will Cavendish, and they accidentally put the wrong picture next to the text.

Lorre 52 pag 1.jpg

Another one of Roger’s many pet parrots. Captain Roger used Lorre to spy on Governor Broadside and his men.

Lorre means intruder in Dutch.


Captain Roger’s pet on the Skull’s Eye Schooner. Squawks was not a very loyal pet as it flew away on a jungle island where the pirates buried a treasure and it didn’t come back.


Captain Roger’s pet on the Skull’s Eye Schooner. Coco was bought for a barrel of sugar on St. Mary’s Island.


Crewmember of the Skull’s Eye Schooner.


Crewmember of the Skull’s Eye Schooner.


Crewmember of the Skull’s Eye Schooner.


Pirate who served Captain Roger during a picnic on Indigo Island. He was ordered to get Roger some bananas. He is most likely a crewmember of the Skull’s Eye Schooner.

Black Jack Hawkins

http://www.miniland....apr 1996/14.jpg

Crewmember of the Redbeard Runner. He also participates in races, especially on the Pirate Skull Pass.

Tattoo McGoo

http://www.miniland.... apr 1996/4.jpg

Crewmember of the Redbeard Runner.

Parma Sean LaFeet

http://www.miniland.... apr 1996/9.jpg

Crewmember of the Redbeard Runner.

Jake the Snake Blake

http://www.miniland....apr 1996/10.jpg

Crewmember of the Redbeard Runner.

Gonzo Goldbar

http://www.miniland....apr 1996/15.jpg

Crewmember of the Redbeard Runner.


http://www.miniland....apr 1996/13.jpg

Crewmember of the Redbeard Runner. George is going for the gold.

The links should at least provide a page where the characters are pictured. Also, could someone please tell me why the fandom associates the “red bandana, red stripes and blue pants” figure with Flashfork? It doesn’t look like him in the comic or activity book, and I haven’t been able to find any source that explains this.

I was also wondering if anyone could help me a little with something. I have found some foreign LEGO magazines on the net that I’m not quite able to read.

The old Dutch magazine De LEGO Krant has a few issues about pirates:

http://www.miniland....e lezen eng.htm

I have also discovered a few French magazines that feature the Pirates:

I was wondering if anyone was interested in taking a look at some of this as I unfortunately don’t speak French or Dutch. I have tried taking some of it through Google Translate, but the results are not quite perfect and leave a little too much open for interpretation.

If there is anything that you would like me to elaborate or explain please tell me.

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Well, let’s try to continue the list of officially named LEGO Pirates characters, this time with some of the other pirate groups.

Foul’s Crew

Captain Foul

Captain Foul is the gloomy and ruthless current captain of the Barracuda. Captain Foul’s many crimes include piracy, thievery, slave trading, and framing William Gordon Frederic Cavendish for capturing a ship and selling all its crew and passengers as slave, leading to his unjustified execution.


Germany: Captain Baddog

The Netherlands: Knook (Knuckle)

1st mate Culverin

Culverin is Foul’s dimwitted but loyal henchman. What he lacks in brains he makes up for in brawn. Culverin is the helmsman of the Barracuda.


Germany: Dumbo

The Netherlands: Kollosul (Kolosul means colossus)

Blackheart Crew

John and Brian Blackheart

Two notorious pirate cousins who buried a large treasure on Shipwreck Island 56 years before the golden medallion was found by Captain Roger’s crew. After splitting up the medallion with the map to the treasure they split up. John disappeared in the jungle. Brian tried to attack Port Royal but failed miserably. He was imprisoned and later sent to Europe to be sentenced.


Germany: John und Brian McBlack

Denmark: John og Brian Blackdeed

The Netherlands: Wout & Wiebe Wandaad (Wandaad means misdeed)


Former member of the Blackheart’s crew. At some point he lost his left leg in battle and walks on a crutch. These days he serves as a pirate informant and spy. He sells his information to whoever is willing to buy him the best meal in Bessie’s tavern.

Peter bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the Blackheart brothers, including wearing similar clothes. This has led some fans to speculate that they might actually be the same person.


Skip was part of Brian Blackheart’s crew when he tried to attack Port Royal. He served as Brian Blackheart’s bo ‘sun. He was captured during the attack and spent 20 years in the dungeon of Fort Sabre. After having served his sentence he became a fruit seller in Port Royal. He occasionally helps Roger and his men hide from the governor’s soldiers when they are in Port Royal.

Ironhook’s Crew

Captain Ironhook

Captain Ironhook, or the terror of the Southern Sea as he calls himself, is a pirate who is competing with Captain Roger. Ironhook is far more ruthless than Captain Roger. Ironhook is willing to cheat, swindle and use slave labor in order to achieve his goals. Captain Ironhook commands the Renegade Runner. Ironhook and Roger occasionally engage in relatively friendly activities such as playing cards.


Bill is a rather dimwitted pirate who works for Captain Ironhook.

Narben Johnny

Johnny is an exceptionally cruel and ruthless pirate who serves as the helmsman of the Renegade Runner. Johnny controls the crew though brutal punishment. Johnny wants to enslave the men of the Indigo Islanders and sell them. Johnny also has a habit of pressganging people if he doesn’t have a full crew for his journey.

Narbe is German for scar, so his name more or less translates into Scarred Johnny.

Karren Karl

Karl may be a swindler, but is actually a fairly nice guy. He prefers holding people for ransom instead of exploiting them for physical work. In disgust with Johnny’s methods he deserts the Renegade Runner and joins Roger’s crew.

Karren is German for a horse cart, so his name more or less translates a cart Karl, which fits well as he is the coach a horse cart when he first meets Ben and Michael Raider.


Lolbroek the pirate is one of the raiders on Captain Ironhook’s escape raft. He almost lost his legs to a shark, but he managed to pull his legs out of the way at the last second. The shark lost 10 teeth when it bit the raft.

Lolbroek is Dutch for joker.

Brickbeard’s Crew

Captain Brickbeard

Brickbeard is the foul smelling captain of Brickbeard’s Bounty. He loves gold, and decorates his ship and his clothes with it.


Denmark: Klodsskæg (Blockbeard)

Poland: Czarnobrody (Blackbeard)

The Netherlands: Kapitein Blockbaard (Blockbeard)

Germany: Kapitän Steinbart (Stonebeard)

Lady Pirate

Her title may not seem all that special, but she is special to Captain Brickbeard as she’s his girlfriend.

Sawtooth is the shark that follows Brickbeard’s Bounty. Sawtooth is the reason why Captain Brickbeard is missing one of his legs.

The Kraken

A large red octopus that has a habit of attacking rafts.

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Very good list so far! Very useful, I've bookmarked the page. I'm afraid I can't help when it comes to translating the Dutch and French magazines, though.

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And the list is far, far from finished. So let’s keep it going with the Imperials and the islanders.

Imperial Soldiers

Governor Broadside

Broadside is the fat, lazy and corrupt governor of Sabatina. Governor Broadside does not do much to fight the pirates, and he would rather sit in his palace in the Eldorado Fortress all day and eat extravagant meals. When he isn’t eating he is usually trying to gather more gold for his personal treasury rather than for the King. He has tried to steal gold from the population of Port Royal, tried to sell Camilla to another governor, and attacked the Spanish ship the Madonna in order to get more gold for himself. Broadside has been the governor of Sabatina for more than 15 years despite his laziness and corruption. He usually fools the inspectors into thinking that he is a much better governor than he actually is. Occasionally the pirates help Governor Broadside with staying in office, as they don’t want him replaced by someone more competent or ruthless. Governor Broadside and Captain Roger share a birthday.


Germany: Breitseit (Breitseite means broadside)

The Netherlands: Grootzeil (Mainsail)

France: Gouverneur Travers

Lt. De Martinet

Lt. Juan De Martinet is Governor Broadside’s second in command. De Martinet is a glory hound and a coward, but at times he can also be quite ruthless. De Martinet hopes one day to become governor himself, even if it means that he has to dispose of Governor Broadside.

Juan may not be Lt. De Martinet’s real first name as it was only mentioned by him while he was undercover in the Pirates Nest in “Bootsmann Willy rettet den Gouverneur”.


Germany: De Martinez

The Netherlands: Van Kwelling (Van Torment)

Aunt Prudence


Prudence is Governor Broadside’s sister and Camilla’s aunt. Prudence does not shy away from yelling at Governor Broadside despite his title. She generally seems a bit more sensible than her corrupt brother. She spends a lot of time with Camilla and occasionally plays cards with her.


Germany: Rebecca

The Netherlands: Zus (Sister)

Denmark: Aunti



Camilla is Governor Broadside and Prudence’s niece. She is not all that fond of her uncle, and often conspires with Will against him. Camilla and Will have fallen in love. She has often supplied the pirates with information in order to help them.


Gordon is one of the soldiers under Governor Broadside’s command. He once went undercover with Lt. De Martinet in order to infiltrate the pirates. Gordon is not very fond of Lt. De Martinet.

Lord Relish

One of the inspectors sent from Europe in order to check up on Governor Broadside, because there wasn’t arriving any gold from his colony for the King. He is fond of tea and cigars.

Lord Oxborne

One of the inspectors sent from Europe in order to check up on Governor Broadside.

Lord Valgam

One of the inspectors sent from Europe in order to check up on Governor Broadside.

Lord Cunninghamshire

One of the inspectors sent from Europe in order to check up on Governor Broadside.

The King


The head of the royal family and the ruler of the European country Broadside originates from. He once personally came to inspect Governor Broadside’s work on Sabatina.

It is never clearly stated which European country Broadside is supposed to be from. The flags, uniforms and Lt. De Martinet’s name and accent would suggest France, but most character names such as Broadside’s and his various inspectors are more British in nature. Though it is pretty safe to say that Broadside isn’t working on Spain’s behalf. This is probably deliberate to not vilify any specific country and its potential LEGO fans.

The Prince

The prince is a part of the royal family that Governor Broadside serves. The prince once came to Sabatina personally, partially because of rumors that Governor Broadside had captured a Spanish gold ship.

Imperial Guards

Admiral Woodhouse


Admiral Woodhouse is the supreme commander of the royal fleet at the naval harbor at Fenzance. Woodhouse is an eager pirate hunter, but suffers from bad luck as he rarely is able to find any pirates. Admiral Woodhouse saved the passengers and crew of the Queen of England from Captain Ironhook.

Occasionally it is a little unclear if the commander of the Imperial Guard is supposed to be a new character or just Governor Broadside in a new uniform. One example of this is the Disney Adventure Comic, where the picture above comes from, as he is actually referred to as Governor Broadside there. It is worth noting that one Dutch catalog has actually stated that he is not the same person as Governor Broadside, and actually resents Broadside.


Governor Broadside occasionally

The Netherlands: Admiraal Blaaskaak (Admiral Blowhard)

Miss Miranda Valentina

Miranda Valentina is the daughter of an admiral, an avid water-skier and a pirate hunter. She has fought Captain Brickbeard and almost fed him to Sawtooth the Shark.

Admiral Valentina

As Miranda Valentina is the daughter of an admiral there must also be an Admiral Valentina.

Salty the Sailor

(For pictures of Salty see the video above linked under Miranda Valentina.)

Former pirate who used to be part of Captain Brickbeard’s crew, but now works for Miranda Valentina after she captured Brickbeard’s Bounty. Also deliverer of lame LEGO related jokes and puns.

Pepper the Parrot

(For pictures of Pepper see the video above linked under Miranda Valentina.)

Salty the sailor’s pet parrot. Pepper hates flying and arrived from South America by train.

Imperial Armada

The Admiral

The Admiral is the leader of the Imperial Armada. He was raised by the Indigo Islanders after a shipwreck and does not know what his original name was. The Admiral is very fond of his shiny armor and almost never takes it off.


A contest in the Lego Mania Magazine was supposed to determine The Admiral’s true name. Contest results: Billy Cannonball Cordoba, Don Diego de Lego, Sir Sail-a-lot, Don Juan DeMented and Chrislego Columbia.

Captain Valiant

Captain of the Santa Cruz.

Sgt. Speedy

Sgt. Speedy is a member of the Imperial Armada. He used a heavy barrel on the end of a cargo crane to break one of the masts on the Marauder.

Sgt. Speedy and The Admiral are probably supposed to be the same individual, but their rank and function are very different.


Dead armada member.


Dead armada member.

According to Wacco the Robot he has been dead for about 250 years by the year 1602, this would mean he has been on the island since before Columbus discovered America in 1492, although the reason for this could be Wacco’s glitch filled programing.

Indigo Islanders

King Kahuka

The leader of the Indigo islanders on the Island of Fogs. He is good friends with Captain Roger, who helped them against Narben Johnny and his slavers, and The Admiral, who was raised by the islanders. Like Governor Broadside he shares a birthday with Captain Roger. King Kahuka is a wise and friendly man, but can be quite clever when it comes to defending his village if anyone tries to steal his gold or sell his people as slaves. King Kahuka may have some magical abilities as he seems to be able to summon fog to protect his island from invaders.


Denmark: Kanuka (May be a typo in LEGO Racers as Kahuka is also used in the game)

Europe: Chief Quextil


Islander who participates in races, especially on the Tribal Trail.


Son of King Kahuka. He is able to speak a little of some European languages.


Son of King Kahuka and brother of Thu.

As he is only mentioned in an audio drama the spelling of his name is a little uncertain.


The wife of king Kahuka and mother of Thu and Kotu.

Amaritza is (for obvious reasons) not shown in the audio drama, but since there is only one female islander figure it seems plausible to assume that it’s her. The spelling of her name is hard to determine as she only appears in audio dramas.

Chief Quextil’s cousin

The chief’s cousin has faced pirates in the past and told stories about them to his cousin Quextil.

Some people speculate that King Kahuka and Chief Quextil may actually be cousins instead of two different names for the same character. This speculation is partially fueled by the fact that it varies how well islanders and pirates get along when their encounters are actually described. Sometimes they are shown as friends, other times they are shown as enemies. An alternative identity for the cousin could possibly be Achu, who despite being from the Adventures theme occasionally appears alongside the Pirate islanders.

Island Warrior

“Go away now!”

The Island Warrior keeps vigilant watch over the forbidden cove of his enchanted island home. When he spots a ship sailing near, whether it flies the skull-and-crossbones or the flag of the Imperial navy, he puts on his carved wooden mask and gets ready to drive off any un-neighborly visitors.

Fortunately, he’s well prepared thanks to his friends. With a knowledge of traps learned from the Forest Maiden, lessons in stealth from the Elf, and the Leprechaun’s book full of pranks, the Island Warrior has everything he needs to send any pesky plunderers who try to invade his island packing! (Official profile)

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Well, there are still plenty of characters to go.

Sabatina Citizens

Brother Jeremias

A fat monk of many talents who lives on Sabatina. Jeremias teaches children and Will Cavendish was one of his students. Jeremias is also an excellent cartographer, and made a map for William Gordon Frederic Cavendish. Brother Jeremias has on several occasions been forced to provide information to Captain Foul.

Henry Boscov

Henry Boscov is a local owner of a slave plantation. He was in cahoots with Broadside when he tried to steal gold from the population of Port Royal and the treasure was buried on his plantation.

As he is only mentioned in an audio drama the spelling of his name is a little uncertain.

Old Binnacle

Local fisher. He sells his fish to pirates, islanders and the citizens of Port Royal.

Ben Raider

Older brother of Michael Raider. Lived in an orphanage close to Fenzance, but ran away to see the world. Unfortunately, he ended up on the Renegade Runner. He was able to flee from the Renegade Runner almost immediately and was rescued by Captain Roger after he jumped overboard.

Michael Raider

Younger brother of Ben Raider. Lived in an orphanage close to Fenzance, but ran away to see the world. Unfortunately, he ended up on the Renegade Runner. He was not able to flee the ship at the same time as his brother, but he was able to desert the Renegade Runner with Karren Karl 3 days later after a storm.

Pirates and citizens of the Forbidden Island


Bessie owns the best tavern on the Forbidden Island, the Keg and Cutlasses. She is the mother of Anne. Bessie is a widow, as her husband died while trying to attack the governor’s flagship with a rowboat. Bessie is quite feisty, which is a necessity to put up with the pirates who frequent her tavern.

Some fans speculate that the female pirate with a red bandana on her head, such as in 6273, is supposed to represent Bessie.


The Netherlands: Betsie

Captain Jonah

Pirate captain who mistook Port Royal for the Forbidden Island and nearly got himself killed. Captain Jonah is in general notorious for his bad luck. Jonah is the captain of the Hesperus.


Captain Jonah’s pet jackdaw.

Diogenes is named after a Greek philosopher who is said to have lived in a barrel. Unsurprisingly he lives in a barrel.


McMoney is a fence who lives on the Forbidden Island. He has the biggest store on the island where you can buy or sell anything. He also provides information to the pirates and has informants on the American main land. McMoney has everything, knows everything. One should not try to scam McMoney, as he is enough of a fighter to beat up Culverin.

McMoney appears to be married, and he mentions his mother in law who he is not very fond of. McMoney may also own a dog, as one can be heard barking when Roger visits him.

William Gordon Frederic Cavendish

Father of Bo ‘sun Will Cavendish and former captain of the Barracuda. He was framed for capturing a ship and selling its crew and passengers as slaves by Captain foul. He was sentenced to death by Governor Broadside and executed despite being innocent.

Mrs. Cavendish

Mother of Will Cavendish and wife of William Gordon Frederic Cavendish. Not much is known about her other than she died of natural causes about a year before her husband was executed.

Pierre LaFitte

Infamous and successful pirate. According to bo’sun Will Cavendish he had a monkey on his ship as a good luck charm.

Pierre Lafitte is named after the real pirate (and the lesser-known brother of the more famous pirate Jean LaFitte) who lived from 1770-1821, far later than any dates given for the LEGO Pirates setting.

Captain Snarlface

A pirate who buried his vast treasure on a volcanic island.


Germany: Captain Garcia


Owner of a general store on the Forbidden Island.

It is possible that McMoney and Magpie are supposed to be the same person, as both are general store owners on the Forbidden Island.

One Leg

Avid card player and former owner of Silver Island.

Captain Riddle

The pirate prankster. He once buried a treasure chest full of seaweed as a joke.

Other People from the 1989-1997 Pirate series

Governor McGeyer

McGeyer is the despised governor of the colonies to the north of Sabatina. Governor McGeyer is a complete and utter twit who is despised by most, and is said to be even more of a scoundrel than Governor Broadside.

Don Carlos

Don Carlos De Targo Ne Monte Kasem is the first officer of the Spanish gold ship the Madonna.

As he only appears in an audio drama the spelling of his very long name is a little uncertain.

Juan Saragossa

Juan is the gunner of the Spanish ship the Madonna.

George and Susie Cunningham

The twins George and Susie Cunningham lived in India with their father until they were supposed to be sent to a boarding school in England. The two of them have a habit of pulling pranks on the other passengers of the Queen of England. They were passengers on the Queen of England as it was captured by Captain Ironhook. They were able to flee from Ironhook’s pirates and joined forces with the Indigo Islanders and Captain Roger in order to save the crew and passengers of the Queen of England.

William Shatter

The first officer of the Queen of England. He is a good friend of the Cunningham twins. He was able to flee with the Cunningham twins from pirates. Unfortunately he was wounded by a gunshot during their escape, and decided to go back to the pirates so he wouldn’t slow the twins down on their escape.

Mr. Davis

Caretaker of the Cunningham twins and passenger on the Queen of England.

Colonel Stewart

Elderly passenger on the Queen of England.

As he is only mentioned in an audio drama the spelling of his name is a little uncertain.

The Peabody sisters

Passengers on the Queen of England and frequent victims of the Cunningham twins’ pranks.


The skeleton that is hidden on the Rocky Reef.

4+ Pirates

Captain Redbeard

“Ahoy, me hearties! Let’s set sail for adventure!”

Kind, generous and brave (not to mention a snappy dresser!), Captain Redbeard leads the loyal crew of the Hurricane on one adventure after another. He likes nothing more than exploring a new cave or island and can always be counted on to get his friends out of trouble with a crazy idea or wild scheme. Captain Redbeard believes in fain play, even when he’s up against his no-good brother Captain Kragg. He hopes one day to get the second half of the treasure map and find the treasure of Don-Cortez, although he’s not sure what he’ll do with it when he does! (Official profile)

There is some fan speculation that he might be a younger version of Captain Roger.


Denmark: Kaptajn Rødskæg

The Netherlands: Kapitein Roodbaard

Jolly Jack Crow

“Land ho and adventure on the horizon, captain!”

Jolly Jack may be young, but he’s always the first to volunteer when there’s an important job to be done. He loves sailing and the Hurricane and wants to be like his hero Captain Redbeard some day. He’s good with ropes and knots and can always tell when there’s a storm coming. From his perch in the crow’s nest on top of the mast, he keeps a lookout for trouble through his trusty old telescope. Jack likes everybody, and thanks to his good nature and enthusiasm, everybody likes him too. (Official profile)

Harry Hardtack

“Grab yer forks, lads. Soup’s on!”

The cook with the hook, Harry Hardtack is always grumbling about something in the ship’s galley. Although he loves cooking, he’s not very good at it. He’ll put anything he can find into a pot, and he always thinks his meals are delicious. The rest of the crew might disagree, but Harry’s so cranky that no one ever dares to complain! Although he likes a good adventure (and the tougher the better!), he won’t leave the ship if he has stew bubbling. There’s only one thing worse than Harry Hardtack’s terrible cooking, and that’s his singing. (Official profile)

Part of Captain Redbeard’s crew.

Cannonball Jimmy

“There’s no problem that tossing a barrel can’t solve!”

The strong, silent type, Cannonball Jimmy always follows Captain Redbeard’s orders, even when he doesn’t entirely understand his captain’ crazy schemes. He’s in charge of the Hurricane’s cannons, a job that he takes very seriously – a good thing, because he has trouble concentrating on more than one thing at the time. He likes to test his famous strength by lifting big and heavy object, which can lead to disaster when he gets one of frequent cases of hiccups. He also loves to dance a pirate jig, which is quite a feat with a wooden leg! (Official profile)

Captain Kragg

“By hook or by crook, I’ll have my treasure!”

The cleaver and greedy Captain Kragg leads a small band of pirates on spooky Skull Island. He’s always bragging about what a great pirate he is, but although he’s good at coming up with nasty plans, he’s secretly not very brave. He’s obsessed with gold and will do anything to get his hook on it. There are only two things Captain Kragg likes almost as much as treasure: his pet bat and his shiny silver tooth. He doesn’t like rules and never plays fair, so it’s a good thing his nicer brother Captain Redbeard has the other half of the treasure map! (Official profile)


Denmark: Kaptajn Kras (Captain Crass)

The Netherlands: Kapitein Kaper (Captain Privateer)

Drake Dagger

“What’re YOU looking at, landlubber?”

Captain Kragg’s right-hand pirate, Drake Dagger lives for brawling. Rough and dangerous, he has lots of muscles, a prized collection of scars and a very short temper. He likes to act first and rarely bothers to ask questions later. Nobody likes Drake, and that suits him just fine. The only thing that scares him is Captain Kragg. Drake Dagger may be second in command for now, but one day he plans to have his own ship and be the toughest, most feared pirate ever. (Official profile)

Scurvy Dog

“I think I was supposed to remember to do something.”

When Captain Kragg recruited Scurvy Dog, he was scraping the bottom of the pirate barrel. Lazy and none too bright, Scurvy Dog may be loyal, but he’s just as likely to forget what he was doing and fall asleep as he is to actually carry out his captain’s orders. He’d rather be napping under a shady palm tree than doing anything else. The doesn’t really care about treasure as long as he gets fed, which is probably why the greedy Kragg has kept him around for so long. No matter how much he gets yelled at for messing up a plan, Scurvy Dog always stays cheerful – and sleepy. (Official profile)

Don Cortez

Don Cortez left a legendary treasure which both Captain Redbeard and Captain Crag seek to find.

The spelling of Cortez’s name varies a little as in one case it is written as Don-Cortez. He is presumably based on real life Spanish explorer Hernan Cortez.

Edited by Runamuck

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It’s interesting how many pirate characters there are in LEGO’s video games considering that the LEGO Pirates line ended a few years before LEGO really started getting into making games. I hope it is okay that I have borrowed a few pictures here from Eurobricks for this.

Video Games

LEGO Football mania:

Pirates skeletons:

All of them look identical except for Captain Click

Captain Click



Loudmouthed pirate who resides in the caves underneath LEGO Island. He claims that his father was King Neptune and his mother was a mermaid. Also goalie of the Pirates skeletons football team.

This is under the assumption that the Captain Click from LEGO Island games and the Captain Click from LEGO Football Mania are the same individual despite their slightly different appearances.

Skelly Bones

LEGO Football Mania

Dim Dem Bones

LEGO Football Mania

Tom Tin-Ribs

LEGO Football Mania

Spooky Skelly

LEGO Football Mania

Norris Nobbles

LEGO Football Mania

Shipshape shipmates:

Jack the Mop


LEGO Football Mania

Nautical Nina


LEGO Football Mania



LEGO Football Mania



LEGO Football Mania

Tom Scrub


LEGO Football Mania

Simon Stripes


LEGO Football Mania

Tricorner Pirates

The team captain is Captain Redbeard (A.K.A. Captain Roger).



LEGO Football Mania



LEGO Football Mania



LEGO Football Mania



LEGO Football Mania



LEGO Football Mania

LEGO Universe:

Captain Jack Knife


Leader of the pirates who are stranded in the Gnarled Forrest.

Wally Hornswaggle


Shipwrecked pirate.

Burky Urchin

Gear vendor.

Swifty McGurk


Racing pirate.

Robbie Jibhanger


Pirate spy.

Enrique Tharshebloze


Pirate lookout.

Arrrthur Arrrbuckle


Pirate mechanic.

Bert Scurvyburp


Pirate quartermaster.

Betty Hatchesbatten


Pirate guard.

Billy Picaroon


Brick vendor.

Black-Hearted Kevin


Pirate cannoneer.

Bonny Belay


Pirate rigger.

Diablo Phil


Pirate brawler.

Fermie LaBoosh


Gear vendor.

Gary Grogowitz


Pirate spy.

Georgie Timbershivers


Pirate spy.

Merciless Ned


Pirate scout.

Morty Mizzenmast


Pirate chumchopper.

Ralphie Brig-Eyes


Pirate jail keeper.

Rolly Jodger

Brick vendor.

Simon Soupspoon


Pirate cook.

Swabby Bilgebarrel


Pirate picnicker.

Toby Squidbarrel


Pirate cabin boy.

Squall Aye

Model vendor.

Swabbie the Monkey


Monkey sent by the ninjas to distract the pirates.

Hael Storm

Venture League faction leader. Space pirate.

Roo Morgg


Stromling Ape Invader. Silverback gorilla.

The Kraken

Sea monster.

Kinga Hurl

Stromlinger ape lieutenant. Silverback gorilla.

Honor Accolade (at least he looks like he belongs in the pirate theme)


Vendor in the Nexus Tower.

Gull Rawstew/ Rev Rawstew

Stromling pirate invader.

Admiral Flogmore


Head Stromling pirate invader on Crux Prime.

Admiral Perrwinklebeard McCook

Arch-nemesis of Captain Jack Knife.

LEGO Rock Band

Mr. Patches

Mrs. Patches






Peg Leg


Take note that Peg Leg is not completely identical to Captain Roger. Peg Leg has two hands where Roger has a hand and a hook.



Achu is actually from the LEGO Adventures theme, but appears alongside the Pirates islanders in LEGO Rock Band among other video games. He usually serves an alternative Islander leader to replace King Kahuka.

The figure in LEGO Rock Band is a little different from the minifigure and he is only called Island Chief. It is though very clear that it is based on the figure from the Adventure theme.

Edited by Runamuck

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Thanks for pointing out the typos, I hadn’t noticed them, I’ll fix the immediately.

And let’s now continue the list with some odds and ends of various LEGO related pirates that have popped up over the years.

Other People

Captain Soto


Pirate who looked for the Island of Darkness 200 years ago. Accidentally brought back to life by Lord Garmadon. Captain of the Destiny’s Bounty.

No Eye Pete


(For pictures see the video linked under Captain Soto)

Crewmember of the Destiny’s Bounty. Also brought back by Lord Garmadon.

Jake the Peg

Pirate with a peg leg made out of LEGO. He lost his leg to a Spanish cannonball.

Pirate Captain


“Yarr! Don’t ye know who I be? And if not, do ye have any suggestions?”

A real pirate is a merciless, rotten son of a sea dog, and that’s exactly what the Pirate Captain aspires to be. He certainly looks the part with his rugged eye-patch, hook-hand and peg-leg, but he has to admit that he’s had a few hiccups along the way.

First of all, his ships keep sinking. No matter whether it’s a man o’ war or a dinghy, any vessel capsizes within five minutes of him coming aboard. Also, he gets seasick really easily – sometimes just a picture of the ocean is enough to set him off. Worst of all, he’s having real trouble coming up with a piratey name. All the good ones – from Ironhook to Brickbeard – seem to already be taken. If he can just come up with a name to strike fear into the hearts of landlubbers everywhere, the Pirate Captain figures the rest of his problems will solve themselves! (Official profile)

Revolutionary Soldier

“Give me liberty or give me disassembly!”

Nothing is more important to the Revolutionary Soldier than freedom. His greatest wish is to see all people be free of hardship and oppression, and he’ll do everything he can to help make it a reality.

The Revolutionary Soldier doesn’t like fighting, but if that’s what it will take to protect his fellow Minifigures, then that’s what he’ll have to do. With his musket in his hand and his best powdered wig on his head, he’s here to stand up for independence and the rights of the little guy! (Official profile)

Fortune Teller

“You will lead a long and uneventful life. Or maybe you’ll be kidnapped by aliens!”

The mystical Fortune Teller has a unique gift for prophecy…sometimes. Half of her predictions come true in every last detail, while the other half turn out to be wildly wrong. Even she doesn’t know which ones are which. It’s led to some very happy customers – and some extremely annoyed ones, too.

It’s gotten to be such a big problem that the Fortune Teller has started second-guessing her own second sight. Whenever she tells someone’s fortune, she also makes something up that’s the exact opposite. It may be confusing, but at least she can be reasonably certain that she’ll always be at least half-right! (Official profile)


“I’ll be the judge of that!”

The stern Judge considers himself to have the final word on everything. When court is in session, he’s a force of justice, settling arguments and separating the innocent from the guilty with wisdom, a vast knowledge of the law, and his mighty wooden gavel.

Outside the court, though, he keeps on judging everything he sees. He judges how well flowers are arranged in gardens, how tasty the condiments are on his burger, and how talented people are as musicians if they happen to whistle as they walk down the street. With each weighty judgment he makes, the Judge bangs his gavel to declare that the matter has been decided once and for all! (Official profile)

The Thespian

“To build, or not to build…that’s not a hard question at all!”

The Thespian is a master actor, able to slip into any role you can imagine. He plays every part to perfection, from Romeo to Juliet (the lead actress was ill, and the show must go on, after all…), and receives a rousing standing ovation after each and every performance. He’s really good at celebrity impersonations, too.

The Thespian started his career as a minor background player on the old LEGO Studios set, but since those days his fame has really taken off. He constantly gets offers to appear in big-budget movies and television shows, but he always declares that heart will forever belong to the stage. Of course, as much as he enjoys acting, he does occasionally confess that what he’d really like to do is direct! (Official profile)


“Excuse me, but do you happen to have any gold?”

The Conquistador likes gold. REALLY likes gold. It’s not so much about the wealth; he just thinks that it looks really good, and he’d like all of his stuff to be made out of it. If he had his way, he’d be living in a solid gold house, taking a nice bath in a gold tub full of golden coins. And the towels and shampoo would be gold, too.

The Conquistador has traveled all across the world in search of gold, but he hasn’t had a lot of luck so far. For some reason, the people he meets always want to keep theirs, which seems pretty selfish to him – especially that Leprechaun, who just up and disappeared. Fortunately, he’s heard about this newly-discovered place called the Aztec Empire. He figures he’ll stop by there next and see if they’ve got any gold they don’t mind sparing! (Official profile)

Aztec Warrior

“No, you can’t have our gold! Go find your own!”

A mighty soldier of the sun, the Aztec Warrior is one of the fierce Eagle Knights of the legendary Aztec Empire. Protected by his feathered shield and beaked helmet, he battles for the glory of his empire from sunrise to sunset, never stopping for food or rest as long as there are enemies to capture and the sun shines bright in the sky.

And there certainly are plenty of enemies! For some reason, people are always trying to steal the empire’s gold. Sure, it’s pretty and you can make it into some nice, shiny weapons and armor, but the Aztec Warrior doesn’t really get what the big deal is with the stuff. Sometimes he wishes the invaders would only come at night so some other warriors could deal with them instead! (Official profile)


"Do you dare to face my blade?"

To the dashing Musketeer, there's nothing in the world better than a clash of blades with a worthy opponent. Of course, when you're as good with a sword as he is, worthy opponents are pretty few and far between!

The Musketeer searches the world high and low for skilled adversaries. But alas, every duel ends in quick victory, and then there's nothing left to do but shake his defeated rival's hand with a thanks for trying. And then, with a smile, a wink and a bow, the Musketeer departs to seek his next opponent! (Official profile)

Dark-Eyed Kate

Pirate mentioned in the LEGO Friends Brickmaster.


Metalbeard is a pirate who appears in The LEGO Movie. He is obsessed with getting revenge on President Business. He was apparently blown up and rebuilt as some sort of Frankenstein like monster.

Captain Cranky


The pirate in charge of Captain Cranky’s Challenge in LEGOLAND.

Captain Red Brick


Archenemy of Captain Blue Brick.

Captain Blue Brick


Archenemy of Captain Redbrick.

Barnacle Pete

The narrator of “The Pirates of Skeleton Bay” show.

Captain Horatio Birdsnest

The captain of the Flying Pig.


(For pictures see the video linked under Captain Horatio Birdsnest)

Only female crewmember of the Flying Pig.


(For pictures see the video linked under Captain Horatio Birdsnest)

The Gunner of the Flying Pig.


(For pictures see the video linked under Captain Horatio Birdsnest)

Crewmember of the Flying Pig.


(For pictures see the video linked under Captain Horatio Birdsnest)

Crewmember of the Flying Pig.


(For pictures see the video linked under Captain Horatio Birdsnest)

Crewmember of the Flying Pig.

The Red Pirate

(For pictures see the video linked under Captain Horatio Birdsnest)

According to Georgie the most feared pirate ever.

Mad Jack

(For pictures see the video linked under Captain Horatio Birdsnest)

Mad Jack works for the Red Pirate.

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Alright, time for a mixed bag of LEGO people from other themes who have interacted with the pirates, real world people who have popped up in in material featuring the pirates and the ships of the LEGO Pirates theme.

Other characters who appear in pirate related stories

Professor Stanley and his assistant George

Two modern day jungle explorers who met the Islanders.

Dr. Cyber

Time traveling inventor from the year 3777.


Germany: Professor Cyber


Dr. Cyber’s young assistant.


Tim’s annoying pet monkey.



Germany: Ali


Built by Dr. Cyber, his first robot invention which shows in his less than perfect programming.


Cranky the Robot

Germany: Robby Robot

Zack the LEGO Maniac

LEGO’s gnarly commercial mascot from the 90’s.

Brick Buildmore and Comet

Comic characters from Brick Kicks.

Grote Dirk

In 1489 Captain Roger apparently made a contract with Dirk of the Forestmen against the fake king Jan the Sneak.

Grote Dirk means Big Dirk in Dutch.

The Forest Maiden, the Elf and the Leprechaun

The Forest Maiden, the Elf and the Leprechaun helped train the Island Warrior. The Conquistador also tried to steal the Leprechaun’s pot of gold.

Out of universe characters:

Various characters that are mentioned in magazines featuring the LEGO pirates but aren’t strictly part of the actual stories.

David “The Admiral” Robinson

David Robinson (1965-present) is a basketball player who the Admiral is a fan of. He is mentioned in in the LEGO Mania Magazine, March – April 1996 issue.

Long John Silver

Fictional one legged pirate from Treasure Island. He is mentioned in the Bricks n’ Pieces Magazine, October/November 1996 issue.


Edward Teach (1680-1718). One of the most notorious pirates to ever have lived. He is mentioned in the Bricks n’ Pieces magazine, Autumn 1992 issue.

Captain Kidd

William Kidd (1645-1701) was a British privateer who was (possibly) framed and hanged as a pirate. Captain Kidd is well known for having buried his treasure. He is mentioned in in the LEGO Mania Magazine, September – October 1995 issue.

Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake (1540-1596) was a legendary naval commander. Vice admiral, sea captain, privateer, navigator, slaver, politician and the second man to ever sail around the world. He is mentioned in in the LEGO Mania Magazine, March – April 1996 issue.

Stede Bonnet, Henry Avery, Thomas Tew, Christopher Moody, “Calico Jack” Rackham.

Captain Rogers’s Activity Book

Stede Bonnet (1688-1718)(pictured above), Henry Avery (1659 – unknown date after 1696), Thomas Tew (died 1695), Christopher Moody (1694-1722), “Calico Jack” Rackham (John Rackham 1682-1720) and the earlier mentioned Blackbeard all have their pirate flags displayed in the Bricks n’ Pieces magazine, May/June 1996 issue.

Yosemite Sam

Yosemite Sam is mentioned as being Captain Roger’s favorite cartoon character in November-December issue of 1995 of Lego Mania Magazine.

Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Captain Bartholomew Roberts

Anne Bonny (1702-17829), Calico Jack, Mary Read (died 1721), Blackbeard, Stede Bonnet and Bartholomew Roberts (1682-1722, born John Roberts) are mentioned as famous pirates in Captain Roger’s Activity Book. Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two of the most famous female pirates, sailed with Calico Jack. Bartholomew Roberts is mentioned as having tailored clothes and being rather controlling of his crew, not allowing them to drink, swear or gamble and make them attend services every Sunday. Mary Allamby (died before 1715) is mentioned in the book too, as Stede Bonnet’s nagging wife who drove him to piracy, but she is not directly named.



6285/10040 Black Seas Barracuda

Pirate ship of Captain Roger.

Other names:

The Skylark, a name used to sneak into Port Royal without being noticed by the soldiers.

Europe: Dark Shark

Germany: Schwartzhai (Black Shark)

Denmark: Hajtand (Sharktooth)

France: Requin Noir (Black Shark)

The Neterlands: De Zeeschuimer (The Pirate)

Spain: El Tiburón Negro (Black Shark)

Portugal: Tubarão Negro (Black Shark)

Greece: MAYPO∑ KAPXAPIA∑ (Black Shark)

Sweden: Tigerhajen (The Tigershark)

Finland: Myrskytuuli (Storm Wind)

Canada: Barracuda de la Mer Noir (Black Seas Barracuda)

6274 Caribbean Clipper

Imperial Soldier ship.

Other names:

Europe: Sea Hawk

Germany: Seefalke (Sea Hawk). Maybe Cannonball (the name takes its place in the audio drama of “The Golden Medallion”.)

The Netherlands: De Overwinning (The Victory)

Spain: El Halcón Marino (The Sea Hawk)

France: Faucon (Falcon)

Sweden: Havsörnen (The Sea Eagle)

Canada: Clipper des Caraibes (Caribbean Clipper)

6271 Imperial Flagship

The ship of the Imperial Guard and Admiral Woodhouse’s flagship.

Other names:

Japan: Sea Lion

Germany: Sea Lion

The Netherlands: De Zeeleeuw (Sea Lion)

France: Lion de la Mer (Lion of the Sea)

6286 Skull’s Eye Schooner

Pirate ship of Captain Roger.

Other names:

Germany: Dark Shark 2

The Netherlands: Zwarte Haai (Black Shark)

Japan: The Black Skull

6268 Renegade Runner

Captain Ironhook’s pirate ship.

Other names:

Japan: Sea Vulture

The Netherlands: De Zeester (Sea Star)

Germany: Possibly Sea Star. This ship may actually be supposed to be the Renegade Runner, but the audio dramas make it sound like a considerably larger ship. It is said that Sea Star is the Spanish and the Polish name of the Renegade Runner. The Dutch name of the Renegade Runner means sea star which makes this even more likely. Also it doesn’t make a lot of sense to advertise a ship that can’t actually be bought as a toy.

6289/6290 Redbeard Runner

Pirate ship of Captain Roger.

Other names:

United Kingdom: The Marauder

6280/6291 Armada Flagship

The flagship of the Imperial Armada.

Other names:

Europe: Santa Cruz (Spanish for the holy cross)

6250 Crossbone Clipper

Pirate ship of Captain Roger.

6243 Brickbeard’s Bounty

Captain Brickbeard’s pirate ship.

10210 Imperial Flagship

Flagship of the imperial guard.

7075 Captain Redbeard’s Pirate Ship

The Hurricane is the pirate ship of Captain Redbeard.

7072 Pirate Boat

Captain Crag’s pirate ship

9446 Destiny’s Bounty

Captain Soto’s pirate ship. The ship sank 200 years ago while Captain Soto was searching for the Island of Darkness. Later recovered and heavily modified to be capable of flight.

Pirate ships

The Barracuda

The pirate ship of Captain Foul. It was formerly owned by William Gordon Frederic Cavendish, and was supposed to be inherited by his son Bo ‘sun Will Cavendish after his death.

The design of the ship is a bit inconsistent, especially since the Ladybird Books actually uses a picture of the Golden Lute from “The Golden Medallion” comic as the model for the Barracuda.

The Hesperus

The Royal Visit

The pirate ship of Captain Jonah.

The Hesperus uses the same model as the comic version of the Barracuda.

The Black Seas Barracuda

The stranded ship of Captain Jack Knife.

If this ship is the same as Captain Roger’s it has been heavily modified.

The Rosebrick

A pirate ship that was given to Captain Jack Knife by his mother. He lost his beloved ship in a game of rock-paper-scissors to Admiral Perriwinklebeard McCook.

The Flying Pig

The “ship” of Captain Horatio Birdsnest.

The “ship” is represented by the stage, which has the name labeled on it.

Imperial ships

The Golden Lute

A cargo ship owned by the imperial soldiers.

Since the ship is only mentioned in an audio drama the spelling of its name is a little uncertain, the ship could actually be named the Golden Loot.

The Iron Ram

Governor Broadside’s flagship.

Other names:

Germany: It may be possible that this is the Cannonball from the German audio dramas. The Cannonball is supposed to be very large and superior to the Black Seas Barracuda, and the stories follow the geography of the map that also depicts the Iron Ram.

The Lucky Maiden

Governor McGeyer’s Flagship.

The Madonna

Spanish gold transport.

Other Ships

The Queen of England

Passenger ship which traveled from India to England.

Edited by Runamuck

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So let’s finish off the unlicensed part of the LEGO Pirates with the locations that have been named throughout it.


The Tropical Sea

The general setting for most LEGO Pirates comics, story books and audio dramas from 1989-1997.

Other names:

Germany: Die Süd See (the South Sea)


The largest island on the map of the tropical sea. The seat of Governor Broadside’s rule.

Other names:

Germany: La Sabatina

Port Royal

Largest town on the island Sabatina and location of Governor Broadside’s palace. Other notable locations in town include the imperial soldiers shipyard, Skip’s fruit store, the Port Royal sail makers, Brother Jeremias’ home, Henry Boscov’s plantation and a tavern.

Fort Sabre

Headquarters of the imperial soldiers located near Port Royal.

Other names:

The Eldorado Fortress

Germany: Fort Rasselsword

Sweden: Fort Brass

The Netherlands: Schatwacht (Treasure Guard)


Location of the naval base commanded by Admiral Woodhouse.

Other names:

The Imperial Trading Post

The Netherlands: De Vrijheid (Fort Freedom)

Europe: Port Royal (The set, not the town)

Pirate Island/Forbidden Island

The second largest island on the map of the tropical sea and home to most of the pirates.

Other names:

Canada: Île interdite (Forbidden Island)

The Neterlands: Het Kraaienest (The Crow’s Nest)

Europe: Shark Island

Pirates’ Nest

The biggest pirate town on the island. Notable locations in the town include Bessie’s tavern, Magpie’s general store and McMoney’s store.

Other names:

The Netherlands: Kapers Nest or Kapersgat (Hijackers nest or Hijacker Hole)

Germany: Piratendorf (Pirate village)

John Silver Island

Island to the north of Sabatina.

This may be the place that McGeyer is governor of as he is said to rule the colony north of Sabatina and they are the only known islands to the north of Sabatina. The islands are named after the Long John Silver from the book “Treasure Island”.

Shark Island

Germany: Haifishinsel

Pirate’s Hat Island

Island of Fogs

Home of the Indigo Islanders. Notable locations include the Voodoo lagoon.

Other names:

Germany: Die Nebel Inseln

Black Reef Island

Germany: Das Schwartze Riff

Island of Skulls

Germany: Die Insel Skull

Skeleton Island

The island where William Gordon Frederic Cavendish hid his will, his treasure and the evidence for his trial.

Other names:

Germany: La Sceletta

Emerald Island

Hook Nose Island

Island of Ruins

Northern colonies

The colonies ruled by Governor McGeyer.

John Silver Island may be the place that Governor McGeyer rules as it is the only islands shown to the north of Sabatina on the map.

Shipwreck Island

The island where the Blackheart cousins hid their treasure.

Other names:

Germany: Insel Sombrero

Denmark: Muskedonnerøen (Blunderbus island)

Silber Insel

Small island near the Island of Fogs with large deposits of silver. The island was owned by One Leg until he lost it to Captain Roger in a game of cards. Roger lost the island to Captain Ironhook in a later game of cards.

The name, unsurprisingly, translates to Silver Island.

Der Totenkopfvulkan

A small island with an extinguished volcano where Captain Roger has hidden a treasure.

The name means the death’s head volcano.

Other names:

Volcano Island

Sabre Island

A small island with one of the Imperial Soldiers forward bases. Not to be confused with Fort Sabre.

Shipwreck Island

Other names:

The Netherlands: Haai-baai (Shark-bay)

Europe: Treasure Island

Port Jamaica

One of Captain Roger’s hideouts

Other names:

USA: Rock Island Refuge

Cannon Cove

Japan: The Black Reef Bastion

Barnacle Bay

Barnacle Bay is the location of a small pirate fort and an Imperial Guard camp.

Indigo Island

Home of the Indigo islanders.

Other names:

USA: Enchanted Island

Skull Island

Another one of Captain Roger’s many hideouts.

Other names:

United Kingdom: Skull Harbour

Rocky Reef

Home of Skully the Skeleton.

Other names:

The Netherlands: Goudzoekers-eiland (Prospector Island)

United Kingdom: Skeleton Island

Shipwreck Island

Another one of Captain Roger’s hideouts. Unlike the other Shipwreck Islands this one actually looks like a shipwreck.

Treasure Island

Skull Island

Skull Island is the place where Captain Kragg has his hideout.

Captain Brickbeard’s Treasure Map

Loot Island

Kraken Isle

Ocean of No Return

Blackstone Bay

Skeleton’s Channel

Channel of Lost Souls

Real world locations


The old world. The place of origin of the kings who rule the colonies.


A country known for among other things its educational facilities.


The country from which many characters hail, such as Don Carlos, Juan Saragossa, and Captain Roger’s ancestors.


Continent to the south of Europe.

St. Mary’s Island

An island of the coast of Africa. Captain Roger purchased Coco on this island.

The Red Sea

Ocean between Africa and Asia.


British colony. Former home of George and Susie Cunningham.

American Mainland

The new world. Rich on gold.

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Well, I guess it is time to move on to the various licensed LEGO pirates. So let’s start with the people from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies who have appeared in LEGO form.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Black Pearl Crew

Sparrow crew

Captain Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow is the (occasional) captain of the Black Pearl. Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the 7 pirate lords. Jack has an amazing ability to cheat his way out of any situation no matter how bad it might seem. He possesses a magic compass that points towards what you desire the most.

Mr. Gibbs

Joshamee Gibbs. Crewmember of the Black Pearl and one of few true friends of Jack Sparrow. Mr. Gibbs is an experienced sailor and is very good at his job.


Crewmember of the Black Pearl. Jack once stole her boat and sank it.


Crewmember of the Black Pearl. Marty is a dwarf.

Mr. Cotton

Crewmember of the Black Perl. Cotton had his tongue cut out and his parrot speaks for him in nautical phrases.

Barbossa crew

Captain Barbossa

Hector Barbossa. The other captain of the Black Perl when Jack Sparrow isn’t in charge. Barbossa is one of the 7 pirate lords. Barbossa is a very cunning pirate and has a habit of being a bit theatrical.

Jack the monkey

Barbossa’s pet monkey. Named after Jack Sparrow as an insult, they do not get along as a result.

Bo' sun

Crewmember of the Black Pearl. A very large and intimidating man.


Crewmember of the Black Pearl.


Crewmember of the Black Pearl. Uses a grappling hook as a weapon.


Crewmember of the Black Pearl. Uses grenades as weapons.


Angry crewmember of the Black Pearl.


Crewmember of the Black Pearl. Uses a hammer as a weapon.


Crewmember of the Black Pearl.


Crewmember of the Black Pearl with a wooden eye.


Crewmember of the Black Pearl. Pintel is Ragetti’s uncle.


Crewmember of the Black Pearl.


Crewmember of the Black Pearl.

Flying Dutchman

Davy Jones

Captain of the Flying Dutchman. He was supposed to ferry the souls of the people who die at sea to the afterlife for 10 years, but he did not keep to his duties after Calypso betrayed him on his single free day. Jones went rouge which resulted in him and his crew being cursed and turned unto “fish people” as punishment.

Bootstrap Bill Turner

William Turner Sr., better known a Bootstrap Bill. Father of William Turner. Former crewmember of the Black Pearl. Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman. Bootstrap was “saved” from eternal undeath by Davy Jones after Barbossa threw him overboard the Black Pearl into the crushing depths of the ocean with a cannon tied to his bootstraps.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman. Often uses a pickaxe as a weapon.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman. Hadras is able to speak Cantonese. Hadras’ head and body are not probably attached to each other anymore.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman. Often uses chain shot as a weapon.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman. Crash uses the nose of a sawfish as a sword.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.

Jimmy Legs

Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman. In charge of corporal punishment.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman. Often charged with sweeping floors, not an easy task on a ship so thoroughly covered in crud as the Flying Dutchman.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman. He has various ship bits and nautical equipment sticking out of his body.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman. Has been almost completely absorbed into the ship and seems to have almost completely lost his mind.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.


Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.

Old Haddy

Crewmember of the Flying Dutchman.

Old Haddy is based on an earlier version of Hadras’ CGI model which ended up also being used in the movie.

The Kraken

Monstrous pet of Davy Jones. It is exceptionally good at hunting and destroying ships.

Port Royal

Governor Weatherby Swann

The bumbling but friendly governor of Port Royal. Father of Elizabeth Swann.

Elizabeth Swann

Elizabeth Turner, maiden name Elizabeth Swann. Daughter of Governor Swann. Wife of William Turner. Pirate King. She was abducted by Barbossa for possessing the last of the cursed coins. Her association with Will Turner and Jack Sparrow eventually lead her on many pirate adventures.

Will Turner

William Turner Jr. Local blacksmith in Port Royal. Husband of Elizabeth Swann. Son of Bootstrap Bill Turner. He was given one of the cursed coins by his father, but he thought he had lost it after the ship he was on was sunk by the Black Pearl. Elizabeth Swann had actually kept the coin, which eventually lead to her being abducted by Barbossa, and Will attempting to rescue her with the help of Jack Sparrow. All of this eventually led to several pirate adventures.

James Norrington

Former commodore of the British navy. Lost his ship in a storm while hunting Jack Sparrow. Later admiral in the East Indian Trading Company.

Mr. Brown

John Brown. Local blacksmith in Port Royal. Will Turner’s master.

Prison Dog

The dog with the keys to the cells of the prison of Port Royal.


Soldier who is supposed to protect Port Royal. Loves to argue with Mullroy.


Soldier who is supposed to protect Port Royal. Loves to argue with Murtogg.

Lt. Groves

Lt. Theodore Groves. Officer under James Norrington.

Lt. Gillette

Officer under James Norrington.


The Executioner of Port Royal. He was supposed to hang Jack Sparrow, but Jack managed to escape when Will Turner interfered.

Henry Turner

Son of William Turner and Elizabeth Swann.

East India Trading Company

Lord Cutler Beckett

The leader of the East India Trading Company. His goal is to eradicate all pirates.

Mr. Mercer

Ian Mercer. Mercenary who works for Lord Beckett.


East India Trading Company spy caught by Sao Feng.

Queen Anne’s Revenge


Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, is one of the most notorious pirates who have ever lived. Captain of Queen Anne’s Revenge. Voodoo sorcerer and owner of the Sword of Triton. Father of Angelica. The pirate who other pirates fear.

Blackbeard is based on the real pirate of the same name.


Daughter of Blackbeard. In the past she has also been in love with Jack Sparrow.


Zombie crewmember of Queen Anne’s Revenge. The Quartermaster occasionally has visions of the future.


Zombie crewmember of Queen Anne’s Revenge.


Zombie crewmember of Queen Anne’s Revenge.


Angelica’s dimwitted henchman.


Crewmember of Queen Anne’s Revenge. The ship’s cook.


Phillip Swift is the only survivor of a ship that was attacked by Blackbeard. Phillip is a missionary. He is a reluctant member of the crew of Queen Anne’s Revenge.


Crewmember of Queen Anne’s Revenge. He is a skilled mechanic, as he was able to make the lighthouse at Whitecap Bay work despite it being built by the English.


Crewmember of Queen Anne’s Revenge.


Crewmember of Queen Anne’s Revenge.


Crewmember of Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Cabin Boy

Crewmember of Queen Anne’s Revenge.



Lady of ill repute from Tortuga.


Lady of ill repute from Tortuga.

Hernán Cortéz

Spanish conquistador who originally stole the cursed treasure.

Based on the real Spanish explorer Hernán Cortéz (1485-1547).

Tia Dalma

Voodo mystic. Human form of the sea goddess Calypso. Former lover of Davy Jones. Provider of Jack Sparrow’s magic compass.

Captain Bellamy

Captain of a merchant ship.

Sao Feng

One of the 7 pirate lords. Captain of the Empress.

Tai Huang

Pirate who works for Sao Feng.


Works for Sao Feng. Twin sister of Park.


Works for Sao Feng. Twin sister on Lian.

Mistress Ching

One of the 7 pirate lords.

Sri Sumbhajee Angria

One of the 7 pirate lords.

Gentleman Jocard

Gentleman Jocard, formerly known as Gumbo. One of the 7 pirate lords.

Ammand the corsair

One of the 7 pirate lords.

Eduardo Villanueva

One of the 7 pirate lords.

Capitaine Chevalle

One of the 7 pirate lords.


Mermaid captured by Blackbeard’s crew.


Mermaid who attacked the crew of Queen Anne’s Revenge at Whitecap Bay.

Ancient sailor

Only survivor of Ponce de León’s crew. By the time he was found and brought to King Ferdinand he was over 250 years old.

Ponce de León

Spanish explorer who found the fountain of youth.

Based on real life Spanish explorer Ponce de León (1474-1521).

King George the 2nd

George Augustus. The King of England. He is a terrible judge of character at he trusts Barbossa.

Based on the real King George (1683-1727-1760).

The Spaniard

The Spaniard was sent by King Ferdinand to destroy the fountain of youth.

Ferdinand the 6th

King of Spain. Devoted catholic.

Based on the real King Ferdinand (1713-1746-1759).

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I guess it is time to post the last parts of what I have been working on. The ships from Pirates of the Caribbean that have appeared in LEGO form, other licensed pirates, sources, and a list of what pirates were in which source.



4195 Queen Anne’s Revenge

The pirates ship of Blackbeard.

4184 The Black Pearl

The pirates ship of Captain Jack Sparrow and/or Barbossa.

Pirate ships

The Empress

The pirate ship of Shao Feng.

Hai Peng

Another pirate ship owned by Shao Feng.

Imperial ships

The Dauntless

The Ship of James Norrington.

The Interceptor

Another ship under Norrington’s command.

The Endeavour

Flagship of the East India Trading Company.

HMS Providence

The ship used by Barbossa in his search for the fountain of youth.

The Santiago

Ponce de León’s ship.

Other Ships

The Flying Dutchman

Ship of Davy Jones.

The Edinburgh Trader

The Edinburgh Trader was a merchant ship owned by Captain Bellamy. It was eaten by the Kraken.


The Princess was a merchant ship that was sunk by Barbossa in his search for the cursed Aztec gold. The only survivor was Will Turner.

Jolly Mon

The Jolly Mon was a small fishing boat which was owned by Anamaria, but ended up being “borrowed” by Jack sparrow and sank.

Other Licensed Pirates

Spongebob Squarepants

Obnoxious burger cooking sea sponge that has been forced to work for the Flying Dutchman.

Patrick Star

Dimwitted sea star that has been forced to work for the Flying Dutchman.

The Flying Dutchman

Ghost pirate and collector of souls.

Captain Hook

Fictional Pirate from Peter Pan German catalog July – Dezember 2013

While on the subject of Peter Pan, Lego has also made Dublo sets based on the Peter Pan spin off Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Figures include Captain Hook, Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully the parrot.

In Danish Captain Hook’s name is translated as Kaptajn Klo, Cubby is called Bulder and Skully is called Poppe (Bulder more or less means Rubmle, Poppe comes from Poppedreng which is a common nickname for parrots in Danish).

Francisco de Orellana

Francisco de Orellana was a Spanish conquistador who found who found the city of Akator. His love for gold was so great that he got the nickname “the Gilded Man”. He was buried in the Chauchilla cemetery with one of the crystal skulls.

The character is based on the real Francisco de Orellana (1511-1546).



3871 The Flying Dutchman

10514 Jake’s Pirate Ship Bucky

Other names:

Denmark: Tumle (Tumbler)



Bricks 'n Pieces Autumn 1992

Bricks 'n Pieces spring 1994

Bricks 'n Pieces summer 1994

Bricks ‘n Pieces autumn 1994

Bricks 'n Pieces May June 1996

Bricks 'n Pieces October / November 1996

LEGO Mania Magazine Winter 1994

LEGO Mania Magazine September – October 1995

LEGO Mania Magazine November – December 1995

LEGO Mania Magazine March - April 1996

LEGO Mania Magazine July - August 1996

Brick Kicks Spring 1990

Brick Kicks Fall 1991

De LEGO Krant – Summer 1989

De LEGO Krant – Fall 1991

De LEGO Krant – Summer 1992

LEGO Club Magazine January – Febuary 2009

As LEGO No. 3.


The Golden Medalion

Les Pirates et la malle au trésor

Peril in Pirate Cove


Europe – Small Catalog – 1989

The Netherlands – Full line- 1990

Canada – Full line – 1990

Europe – Small Catalog (English, French and Dutch) – 1990

The Netherlands – Full line – 1990

Europe – Small Catalog (Spanish, Portuguese and Greek) – 1991

Germany – Full line – 1991

Japan - Small Catalog – 1992

The Netherlands – Full line – 1992

The Netherlands – Full line – 1993

Japan – Small Catalog – 1993

United Kingdom – Full line – 1996

The Netherlands – Full line – 2005

Germany – Full line – 2009

The Netherlands – Full line (jan-may) – 2009

Scandinavian catalog - 1991

Danish catalog January – June 2005

Danish catalog January - June 2010

Danish catalog July – December 2013

Audio Dramas:

Der Schatz der Halben Münze

Der Schatz des Gouverneurs

Bootsmann Willy Rettet den Gouverneur

Der geheimnisvolle Schatz

Das Geheimnis von La Sceletta

Das goldene Schiff

Die Insel der schaurigen Masken

Piratensegel am Horizont

Unternehmen Cybercom

SOS aus die Vergangenheit

LEGOLAND shows and attractions:

Captain Cranky’s Challange

Pirate Reef

Pirates of Skeleton Bay

The Battle of Brickbeard’s Bounty

Video Games:

LEGO Island

LEGI Island 2

LEGO Football Mania

LEGO Racers

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

LEGO Battles

LEGO Universe

LEGO Rock Band

TV shows:

LEGO Ninjago Season 2 episode 15: Pirates vs. Ninja


Captain Roger’s Activity Book

Pirates #1: Will and the Gold Chase

Pirates #2: Captain Roger’s Birthday

Pirates #3: Adventures on Shark Island

Pirates #4: The Royal Visit

LEGO Friends Brickmaster: Treasure Hunt in Heartlake City

The LEGO Book

Websites: The official 4+ Pirates website

LEGO Pirates Appearances List


Bricks 'n Pieces Autumn 1992

Captain Roger, Will Cavendish, Rummy, Jimbo, Flashfork, Anne, Spinoza, Popsy, Jake the Peg.

Bricks 'n Pieces spring 1994

King Kahuka, Captain Roger, Chief Quextil’s cousin.

Bricks 'n Pieces summer 1994

King Kahuka, Captain Roger, Jack.

Bricks ‘n Pieces autumn 1994

Captain Roger, Skully (Rocky Reef).

Bricks 'n Pieces May June 1996

Captain Roger, Captain Valiant, Sgt. Speedy, Skully (Armada), Tattoo McGoo, Parma Sean LaFeet, Black Jack Hawkins, Gonzo Goldbar.

Bricks 'n Pieces October / November 1996

Captain Roger, Sgt. Speedy.

LEGO Mania Magazine Winter 1994

Captain Roger, King Kahuka.

LEGO Mania Magazine September – October 1995

Captain Roger, Skully (Rocky Reef), Squawks, Coco, Captain Ironhook.

LEGO Mania Magazine November – December 1995

Captain Roger.

LEGO Mania Magazine March - April 1996

The Admiral, King Kahuka, Captain Roger, Skully (Armada), George ( Armada), Tattoo McGoo, Parma Sean LaFeet, Jake the Snake Blake, George (Pirate), Black Jack Hawkins, Gonzo Goldbar.

LEGO Mania Magazine July - August 1996

The Admiral.

Brick Kicks Spring 1990

Captain Riddle.

Brick Kicks Fall 1991

De LEGO Krant – Summer 1989

Captain Roger, Popsy.

De LEGO Krant – Fall 1991

Lorre, Captain Roger, Governor Broadside.

De LEGO Krant – Summer 1992


LEGO Club Magazine January – Febuary 2009

Captain Brickbeard.

As LEGO No. 3.

Captain Roger.


The Golden Medalion

Governor Broadside, Camilla, Prudence, Lt. De Martinet, Captain Foul, Culverin, Captain Roger, Will Cavendish, Rummy, Spinoza, Popsy, Flashfork, Bessie, Jonathan, Peter, Skip, John & Brian Blackheart, Captain Snarlface.

Les Pirates et la malle au trésor

Captain Roger, Popsy, Lt. De Martinet, Bill, Filou, Governor Broadside.

Peril in Pirate Cove

Captain Roger, Governor Broadside (looking like Admiral Woodhouse).


Europe – Small Catalog – 1989

The Netherlands – Full line- 1990

Canada – Full line – 1990

Governor Broadside, Captain Roger.

Europe – Small Catalog (English, French and Dutch) – 1990

Bo’Sun Will, Spinoza, Governor Broadside.

The Netherlands – Full line – 1990

Governor Broadside, Captain Roger, Captain Foul, Lt. De Martinet, Bootsman Wil.

Europe – Small Catalog (Spanish, Portuguese and Greek) – 1991

Germany – Full line – 1991


Japan - Small Catalog – 1992

Admiral Woodhouse, Captain Ironhook. Bo’Sun Will, Spinoza.

The Netherlands – Full line – 1992

Governor Broadside, Admiral Woodhouse, Captain Roger.

The Netherlands – Full line – 1993

Japan – Small Catalog – 1993

Admiral Woodhouse, Captain Ironhook.

United Kingdom – Full line – 1996

Captain Roger, King Kahuka.

The Netherlands – Full line – 2005

Captain Redbeard, Captain Kragg, Don Cortez.

Germany – Full line – 2009

Captain Brickbeard

The Netherlands – Full line (jan-may) – 2009

Captain Brickbeard.

Scandinavian catalog - 1991

Danish catalog January – June 2005

Captain Redbeard, Captain Kragg, Don Cortez.

Danish catalog January - June 2010

Captain Brickbeard.

Danish catalog July – December 2013

Captain Hook, Jake, Skully, Cubby, Izzy.

Audio Dramas:

Der Schatz der Halben Münze

Governor Broadside, Camilla, Prudence, Lt. De Martinet, Captain Foul, Culverin, Captain Roger, Will Cavendish, Rummy, Spinoza, Popsy, Flashfork, Bessie, Jonathan, Pierre LaFittePeter, Skip, John & Brian Blackheart, Captain Snarlface.

Der Schatz des Gouverneurs

Captain Foul, Culverin, Henry Boscov, Bessie, Peter, Captain Roger, Rummy, Popsy, Will Cavendish, Prudence, Governor Broadside, Camilla, Flashfork, Jimbo, Spinoza, Lt. De Martinet.

Bootsmann Willy Rettet den Gouverneur

Bessie, Lt. De Martinet, Gordon, Peter, Captain Foul, Captain Roger, Culverin, Will Cavendish, Popsy, Jimbo, Goverbor Broadside, Prudence, Camilla, Lord Relish, Lord Oxborn, Lord Cunninghamshire, Lord Valgam, Skip, Rummy.

Der geheimnisvolle Schatz

Jimbo, Will Cavendish, Culverin, McMoney, Popsy, Captain Roger, Prudence, Governor Broadside, Camilla, Rummy, Bliss, Neal, Flashfork, Governor McGeyer, Lt. De Martinet.

Das Geheimnis von La Sceletta

Rummy, Will Cavendish, Captain Roger, Bessie, Popsy, Jimbo, Camilla, Brother Jeremias, Captain Foul, Culverin, Governor Broadside, William Gordon Frederic Cavendish, Gordon, Mrs. Cavendish, Lt. De Martinet.

Das goldene Schiff

Captain Roger, Will Cavendish, Popsy, McMoney, Don Carlos, Rummy, Lt. De Martinez, Skip, Camilla, Governor Broadside, Juan Saragossa, the Prince.

Die Insel der schaurigen Masken

Admiral Woodhouse, Ben Raider, Michael Raider, Karren Karl, Will Cavendish, Narben Johnny, Captain Roger, Dick, Jimmy, Thu, Kotu, Niels, King Kahuka, Amaritza, Rummy.

Piratensegel am Horizont

Captain Ironhook, Captain Roger, Will Cavendish, One Leg, Susan and George Cunningham, Mr. Davis, the Peabody sisters, William Shatter, Colonel Steward, Bill, Thu, Kotu, Admiral Woodhouse, King Kahuka, Rummy.

Unternehmen Cybercom

SOS aus die Vergangenheit

Captain Roger, Skully (Armada).

LEGOLAND shows and attractions:

Captain Cranky’s Challange

Captain Cranky.

Pirate Reef

Captain Red Brick, Captain Blue Brick.

Pirates of Skeleton Bay

Barnacle Peter, Captain Horatio Birdsnest, Georgie, Gunney, Booty, Salty, Pleackley, The Red Pirate, Mad Jack.

The Battle of Brickbeard’s Bounty

Salty the sailor, Pepper the parrot, Captain Brickbeard, Miranda Valentina, Sawtooth.

Video Games:

LEGO Island

Captain Click.

LEGI Island 2

Captain Click.

LEGO Football Mania

Jack the Mop, Nautical Nina, Port, Starboard, Tom Scrub, Simon Stripes, Captain Click, Skelly Bones, Dim Dem Bones, Tom Tin-Ribs, Spooke Skelly, Norris Nobbles, Captain Redbeard ( Captain Roger), Bluebeard, Yellowbeard, Greybeard, Whitebeard, Greenbeard.

LEGO Racers

Captain Roger, King Kahuka, Governor Broadside (Figure of Admiral Woodhouse), Uhu, Black Jack Hawkins, The Admiral.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack Sparrow, Mr. Gibbs, Anamaria, Marty, Mr. Cotton, Captain Barbossa, Jack the Monkey, Bo’sun, Clubba, Grapple, Jacoby, Koehler, Mallot, Monk, Ragetti, Pintel, Scratch, Twigg, Governor Swann, Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner, James Norrington, Mr. Brown, Prison Dog, Murtogg, Mullroy, Lt. Groves, Lt. Gillette, Executioner, Scarlet, Giselle, Hernán Cortéz, Davy Jones, Bootstrap Bill, Maccus, Hadras, Angler, Broodenjongen, Clanker, Crash, Finnegan, Jelly, Jimmy Legs, Koleniko, Penrod, Wheelback, Wyvern, Manray, Morey, Piper, Ratlin, Greenbeard, Palifico, Quittance, Ogilvey, Old Haddy, The Kraken, Lord Cutler Beckett, Mr. Mercer, Tia Dalma, Captain Bellamy, Sao Feng, Steng, Tai Huang, Lian, Park, Mistress Ching, Sri Sumbhajee Angria, Gentleman Jocard, Ammand the corsair, Eduardo Villanueva, Capitaine Chevalle, William Turner the 3rd, Blackbeard, Angelica, Quartermaster, Gunner, Yeoman, Scrum, Cook, Phillip, Salaman, Garheng, Derrick, Ezekiel, Cabin Boy, Syrena, Tamara, Ancient Sailor, Ponce de León, King George the 2nd, The Spaniard, Ferdinand the 6th.

LEGO Battles

Governor Broadside, Camilla, Captain Brickbeard, Lady Pirate.

LEGO Universe

Captain Jack Knife, Wally Hornwaggle, Burky Urchin, Swifty McGurk, Robbie Jibbanger, Enrique Tharshebloze, Arrrthur Arrrbuckle, Bert Scurvyburp, Betty Hatchesbatten, Billy Picaroon, Black-Hearted Kevin, Bonny Belay, Diablo Phil, Fermie LaBoosh, Gary Grogowitz, Georgie Thimbershivers, Merciless Ned, Morty Mizzenmast, Ralphie Brig-Eyes, Rolly Joger, Simon Soupspoon, Swabby Bilgebarrel, Toby Squidbarrel, Squall Aye, Swabbie the Monkey, Hael Storm, Roo Morgg, The Kraken, Kinga Hurl, Honor Accolade, Gull Rewstew/ Rev Rewstew, Admiral Flogmore, Admiral Perwinkelbeard McCook.

LEGO Rock Band

Mr. Patches, Mrs. Patches, Gingerbeard, Bones, Peg Leg, Achu, Hael Storm, Captain Jack Knife.

TV shows:

LEGO Ninjago Season 2 episode 15: Pirates vs. Ninja

Captain Soto, No Eye Pete.


Captain Roger’s Activity Book

Captain Roger, Popsy, Will Cavendish, Governor Broadside, Old Percy, Lt. De Martinet, Spinoza, Camilla, Captain Foul, Aunt Prudence, Rummy, Jimbo, Flashfork, Bessie, Culverin.

Pirates #1: Will and the Gold Chase

Governor Broadside, Camilla, Will Cavendish, Rummy, Old Binacle, Captain Roger, Popsy, Spinoza, Flashfork, Jimbo.

Pirates #2: Captain Roger’s Birthday

Captain Roger, Rummy, Will Cavendish, Flashfork, Bessie, Captain Foul, Magpie, Popsy, Governor Broadside, Lt. De Martinet, Jimbo, Culverin.

Pirates #3: Adventures on Shark Island

Captain Roger, Rummy, Will Cavendish, Flashfork, Captain Foul, Bessie, Popsy, Anne, Jimbo, Spinoza, Culverin.

Pirates #4: The Royal Visit

Captain Roger, Popsy, Governor Broadside, Spinoza, Will Cavendish Flashfork, Rummy, Bessie, Captain Foul, Anne, Captain Jonah, Diogenes, The King, Lt. De Martinet.

LEGO Friends Brickmaster: Treasure Hunt in Heartlake City

Dark-Eyed Kate

The LEGO Book

Spinoza, Brickbeard, Lt. De Martinet, Admiral Woodhouse, Captain Ironhook.

Websites: The official 4+ Pirates website

Captain Redbeard, Jolly Jack Crow, Harry Hardtack, Cannonball Jimmy, Captain Kragg, Drake Dagger, Scurvy Dog, Don Cortez.

Island Warrior

Pirate Captain

Revolutionary Soldier

Fortune Teller


The Thespian


Aztec Warrior


Forest Maiden




Thanks to everyone who has helped contribute information and pictures to this. I hope it is useful and that I haven’t made too many errors in it. If there is anything you would like to know, just ask me.

Edited by Runamuck

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Wow, that’s really exhaustive (and a bit exhausting to read...). Thanks for putting all this toghether!

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