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Darth Legolas

MOC: German Steam TRAIN!

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Welcome, welcome! Here we are today, with my amazing, three-part steam train. If I had more magnetic connectors and wheels, this thing would go on forever... anyways, here it is!



Note that the little axle-hole brick is supposed to be a Prussian Iron Cross. :tongue:


Would this thing even fit on tracks?


Is it a little cramped in here?


Boy do I have a lot of those brown things! And to think I have some still left over!


You can have two hobos minifigs hide in here.


Thanky panks, if ya commented, that is! :tongue:

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You want to start something, punk? :tongue:

I really like this moc, I think you built it nicely. Its too bad that if it ran over me, it would break, because my tuskens have ABS of pure titanium.

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Why does it say "TRAIN TECH" on the top? Is that like the Index for here? Because this train does not have any technology. Though, I could probably make my new NXT robot push it if I wanted to.

More sellout-ness. :tongue:

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A good start, but the front train needs some fixes to look good.

1) Make the main train smaller: that gap in the middle doesn't look good. Shrinking the train to look like a tank engine like this would improve the overall design, plus you can have a nice tank engine.

2) Remove that round boiler piece: The radar dish can be added to the front of the train and it would still look good.

3) Remove the brown window and the carriage wheels: It doesn't look that well with the wheels sticking out, and the window sits too low for the engineer to look out from

4) Height: Raise it by a brick and it would look nice, even better if some greebles were thrown in on the sides.

If those are fixed, it would look rather nice for a train not using train wheels. I give the current MOC :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: thumbs up.

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