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Review - 7413 Passage of Jun-Chi

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Set Data:

7413: Passage of Jun-Chi

Year: 2003

Theme: Adventurers

Subtheme: Orient expedition / China

Pieces: 100 (including a 1x1 extra round plate)

Price: 10 USD / 10 EUR / ?? UKP

Building time: less than 15 minutes

MISB on review: Yes

More info: Brickset - Peeron - Theme review by Sandy

Box front: scary creature, isn't it?


Box back: a couple of nice alternate models


Box content: large bag, small bag, bag with cards, baseplate, Jun-chi head/body piece, instructions sheet. No stickers!


Loose pieces: mostly red, tan and brown. Check out those sand green bricks; not rare, but unusual.


Random instructions page: a piece call-out. Back then it still was an exception.


Random comic page: Adventurers sets (and Knights' Kingdom sets too) had some comic pages showing the storyline behind the set.


Game cards: As I always say: they were NOT randomly inserted; in each set you could only find some cards. Large sets included gameboards. (click for larger image)


Minifigs: Same old Johnny Thunder torso (a few sets have a rarer green version). Jun-Chi is similar to Yeti and Tygurah.


Minifigs: Jun-Chi's shoulder top Johnny's head!


Building: Lots of tiles and a 2x2 rotating piece.That's what we need to start


Building: On four round-cornered plates lies the wall; jumpers will host the Monster's feet.


Building: This set's treasure consists of ONE red diamond. As cheap as Yeti's hideout. Flames are placed on hinges.


Building: Two big spears hanged on the wall. Are they Jun-Chi's weapons?


Building: Two small walls on the front; good use of different kinds of 1x2 bricks. Those two flags are printed.



Building complete: I like the 3D roof; Johnny probably likes the diamond, but he's in danger.


Building complete: Here comes the guardian!


Building complete: Final front shot.


Building complete: Final rear shot.



This set is simple and clever. No use of Technic pieces, just a good old turntable and here's the fun. As simple as it is, this "shrine" has a few nice details like two (hinged) torches, trans yellow minifig heads used as lamps and some detailing on the front and on the roof. Those big spears should be useful, but Johnny's got to be smart to frighten J-C with fire, make him (it?) move from the wall and reach the spears! I wonder: what are the two 1x4 red tiles in the rear for? Correctly placing the gray tiles? Here's Johnny again, but I have to admit there's some character rotation: Yeti featured Pippin and Tygurah featured Doctor Kilroy.

Downpoints: it's not really much different fom Yeti's hideout; try stealing the treasure and a monster will come to hunt you. And, Jun-Chi must lay down his arms or they will hit the fixed walls.


Color scheme: 4,5/5. tan and sand green are a good choice and work great with red.

Minifigs and accessories: 3,5/5. Johnny Thunder. Yes, it's him again. And he comes with a rifle and one red diamond. That's not really much. Jun-Chi is not so different from Yeti and Tygurah either.

Pieces: 4/5. A nearly perfect 10/1 pieces/price ratio, some unusual bits, and the monster is nearly one of a kind. Tan seem to be a fan favourite, and sand green is kind of rare and thus welcome.

Playability: 5/5. Leave out the fact that you can't raise J-C's hands or you won't be able to turn the wall; this set has to give lots of fun to the kids.

Design: 4/5. I told you twice what the main flaw is, I won't tell it again. Other than that, there's nothing wrong with this set.

Overall rating: 4/5. Price is fair, fun is there. Maybe some will buy more of this to make an army of giant creatures!

The final words: A few years have passed, but you can still find Passage in shops or on the net. Worth a look if price < 10 USD/EUR or 8 UKP.

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Nice review and nice little set. The building manages to convey oriental flavor. The colors are bright and contrasting, without being too &lt;insert that tiresome argument&gt; and Johnny is of course cool. The one thing that I don't like about it is, yes you guessed it - Jun-Chi :) LEGO somehow doesn't manage to make a bigger figure that is as pleasing as the minifigs. Its recent attemprts with the giant trolls and new dragons show some improvement but they still need to work on them.

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Before I go on, thanks for the in-depth review! :thumbup:

My opinion about this set is that it goes well with the magnificent Dragon Fortress, but as a standalone it could be better. For one, the Johnny Thunder minifig is seen in enough sets in this theme (although there was some rotation, as the review mentioned). The other two "monster" sets had more details than this one, as well.

Jun-Chi itself isn't that bad, although I still haven't quite figured out a good use for it in my MOCs... I have a hard time actually telling what it is in the first place. :tongue: Most likely a Qilin, though.

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Thanks for the review, I quite like this set and always wanted to buy it. Love the pieces used and the colours, and I have a soft spot for Jun-Chi.

Batbrick Away! :devil:

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This is a great set that I didn't appreciate when I first saw it;

only when I got two of these cheap to go with the dragon fortress did I realise its value.

(will post the resulting MOC sometime).

I would be cool to buy a ton more to make a statue lined courtyard for the fortress.

Sadly I have other priorites.

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Very nice review, thanks for posting it! :thumbup:

I picked up this set when they were clearing out the theme, along with the elephant one, which was all they had left at that point. I wish I could have bought a lot more of both sets (and all the others).

Jun-Chi makes a nice statue when done in pairs flanking an opening, like the archway in this set. Beyond that, he isn't overly useful.

The set itself isn't exciting when taken as is, but it has a lot of great ideas that could go on to greater use, and some nice parts like the red pillars and flags.

Honestly, I didn't really see it as a particularly archaeological set, Johnny isn't in a tomb, he literally could be in downtown Beijing based on the generic styling of the architecture, but for me that's just fine. I never looked at the Orient sets for that, since they are without a specific time period (unlike the Egyptian sets, which are still modern day, but in ruins of the past).

I really wish the theme had sold better, but it just wasn't what kids wanted, I guess.

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Johnny Thunder > Indiana Jones. This truth is eternal.

This set is pretty good. I like the monster thing and those printed flags are very useful. This isn't my favorite set but it's good.

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I wasn't interested in this set, until i read your excellent review. Really a great, great job. I saw this set and i thought it was mediocre but, now i see a kind of hidden beauty in it, and first chance, i am getting myself one.

Thanks and, once again, an excellent review, keep up the great work, i sure will be reading the rest of your reviews... ;) :thumbup:

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I swear I saw this set in a bag of my mom's several years back, and I never got it. It's the only set in the theme I don't have, besides promo sets.

It could be the best theme ever, it's really that great.

Edited by The Green Brick Giant

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I bought four of these for parts on clearance. Excellent source of tan and red arches and pillars.

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Thank you all! You made me want to re-touch the pics to add a few more light.

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