3 mocs in one topic

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well as i was bored i made 3 mocs but i havnt come up with names for them so chuck in a name if it fits. one comes from inspiration from pedro!












the speeder is for sepritists to get were they wanna get to fast and they still have some fire power

the little box thing is a fast speed deamon, it also has fire power, two pulse cannons will sort out the enemy!

the claw machine is for the clones, is rides just above the heads of the droids ripping them to peices.

what about know then??? good or bad or ok????

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Well I like the claw machine cause it's the best :tongue: and the box with guns what is up with that :wacko: . One more thing the claw machine's base looks kind of Familiar hum hum. :hmpf:

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They are ok. As someone else said that they are a bit too boxy. It looks like you just made these MOC's out of different battle packs.

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