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Light AT-PT

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I decided to make a walker from the 4486 Mini AT-ST and Snowspeeder set.

And this is what I got:




After going through Wookiepedia for a while I decided it's a Light All Terrain Personal Transport.

The Light All Terrain Personal Transport (AT-PT) was much like the heavier AT-PT. The armor and weapons system were a step down from the original AT-PT, but was much cheaper to build.

It was kinda tricky making it with only the parts of that one set, and also since I didn't have any references, I mainly made it by just attaching bricks wherever they would fit. I think in the end it looks quite nice, except for the orange parts. And it's not really that stable. But besides that, I like it.

Oh yeah, and I made this "cleaning droid" with the remaining parts.


I can already see this swooshing down the halls of the Death Star, racing those little mouse droids and aggrevating the Stormies.

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