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Special LEGO Themes Reviews Index

Dear Eurobricks members,

This is the compilation of our Special LEGO Themes Pictorial review index, which contains various themes that do not stay in the rest of the forums. To give these themes a very special home to stay, I have created related these extraordinary LEGO themes such as the Collectable Minifigures, Creators, Racers, Boardgames, etc, for all to browse and refer to these reviews which have been done by our Eurobricks members.

Don't feel surprised if you have not seen the full range of Special LEGO Themes such as the Duplo and Racers. I will update the index, for possible sets that could be reviewed or completed reviews under these themes. There is no restriction on what can be added to the index. Practically, this review index shall serve as one Global Review Index for every special known themes, we Eurobricks community enjoy to view and contribute.

Lastly, please refrain from dropping comments in this topic. If there are reviews which I have left out or failed to move, please let me know in this discussion thread. Off site reviews, reviews without images or broken links are not included in this index.



For mine reference,



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LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series (2010 to present)

gallery_2351_18_6145.jpg 8683 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 1

gallery_2351_18_1300.jpg 8684 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 2

gallery_2351_18_4366.jpg 8803 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 3

gallery_2351_18_322.jpg 8804 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 4

gallery_6705_151_17755.jpg 8805 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 5

gallery_6705_159_13641.jpg 8827 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 6

gallery_6705_159_14366.jpg 8831 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 7

gallery_6705_159_13202.jpg 8833 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 8

gallery_6705_159_16279.jpg 71000 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 9

gallery_6705_159_10910.jpg 71001 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 10

LEGO Vintage Minifigures Collection (2008 to 2010)

gallery_2351_18_2996.gif 852331 Vintage Minifigures Volume 1 [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2823.gif 4553021 Vintage Minifigures Volume 2

gallery_2351_18_4811.gif 852697 Vintage Minifigures Volume 3 [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1956.gif 852753 Vintage Minifigures Volume 4 [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_5652.jpg 852769 Vintage Minifigures Volume 5 [Review 2] [Review 3]

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Creators (Model) (2004 to present)

gallery_2351_18_1068.gif 4886 Building Bonanza [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2201.gif 4891 Highway Haulers [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2229.gif 4892 Prehistoric Power [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2211.gif 4893 Revvin' Riders

gallery_2351_18_213.gif 4894 Mythical Creatures

gallery_2351_18_151.gif 4895 Motion Power [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1729.gif 4896 Roaring Roadster

gallery_2351_18_2361.gif 4939 Cool Cars [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2638.gif 4953 Fast Flyers

gallery_2351_18_1676.gif 4954 Model Town House [Review 2]

gallery_2351_18_80.gif 4955 Big Rig [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2474.gif 4956 House

gallery_2351_18_1778.gif 4957 Ferris Wheel [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2026.gif 4958 Monster Dino [Review 2]

gallery_2351_18_2804.gif 4993 Cool Convertible

gallery_2351_18_1235.gif 4994 Fierce Creatures [Review 2]

gallery_2351_18_2684.gif 4995 Cargo Copter [Review 2]

gallery_2351_18_575.gif 4996 Beach House [Review 2]

gallery_2351_18_926.gif 4997 Transport Ferry [Review 2]

gallery_2351_18_193.gif 4998 Stegosaurus [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1066.jpg 5765 Transport Truck

gallery_2351_18_5994.jpg 5766 Log Cabin

5767-1.jpg 5767 Cool Cruiser

5770-1.jpg 5770 Lighthouse Island [Review 2]

5771-1.jpg 5771 Hillside House

gallery_2351_18_1831.gif 5866 Rotor Rescue

gallery_2351_18_791.gif 5867 Super Speedster

gallery_2351_18_2530.jpg 5868 Ferocious Creatures

5891-1.gif 5891 Apple Tree House

gallery_2351_18_4235.jpg 5892 Sonic Boom Jet

gallery_2351_18_5108.jpg 5893 Off Road Power [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3152.gif 6743 Street Speeder

gallery_2351_18_595.gif 6745 Propeller Power

gallery_2351_18_2507.gif 6747 Race Rider [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1096.gif 6751 Fiery Legend [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3720.gif 6752 Fire Rescue [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1870.gif 6753 Highway Transport [Review 2]

gallery_2351_18_3576.gif 6754 Family Home

6912-1.jpg 6912 Super Soarer

6913-1.jpg 6913 Blue Roadster

6914-1.jpg 6914 T-Rex [Need Review]

7291-1.jpg 7291 Street Rebel by Rufus (RA)

7292-1.jpg 7292 Propeller Adventures [Need Review]

tn_7346-1_jpg.jpg 7346 Seaside House

2013 Sets

gallery_6705_159_1359.jpg 31000 Mini Speeder (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_4928.jpg 31001 Mini Skyflyer (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_10760.jpg 31002 Super Racer (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_5195.jpg 31003 Red Rotors (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_18676.jpg 31004 Fierce Flyer (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_12040.jpg 31005 Construction Hauler (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_7854.jpg 31006 Highway Speedster by Rufus (RA)

gallery_6705_159_17951.jpg 31007 Power Mech (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_5536.jpg 31008 Thunder Wings by Rufus (RA)

gallery_6705_159_10796.jpg 31009 Small Cottage by Rufus (RA)

gallery_6705_159_11485.jpg31010 Tree House (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_16850.jpg31011 Aviation Adventures (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_21989.jpg31012 Family House (Review Needed)

2014 Sets

gallery_6705_159_8851.jpg31013 Red Thunder (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_5788.jpg31014 Power Digger (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_8771.jpg31015 Emerald Express (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_13917.jpg31017 Sunset Speeder (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_15638.jpg31018 Highway Cruiser (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_8530.jpg31019 Forest Animals (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_11384.jpg31020 Twinblade Adventures (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_18416.jpg31021 Furry Creatures (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_7188.jpg31022 Turbo Quad (Review Needed)

gallery_6705_159_10625.jpg31025 Mountain Hut(Review Needed)

Edited by Rufus
Updated 2014 sets

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Creators (Christmas) (2003 to present)

gallery_2351_18_4086.gif 7224 Christmas Promotional Set 2003 [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1120.gif 30008 Snowman [Review 2]

gallery_2351_18_4515.gif 30009 Christmas Tree

Creators (Designers) (2003 to 2005)

*Incomplete coverage

gallery_2351_18_3371.gif 4884 Wild Hunters [Review 2]

gallery_2351_18_153.gif 4904 Elephant

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Creators (Basic Model) (2001 to present)

gallery_2351_18_1108.gif 4016 Racer [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_428.gif 4017 Sea Helicopter [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2658.gif 4018 Ship [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_850.gif 4019 Aeroplane [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2572.gif 4837 Mini Trains [Review 2]

gallery_2351_18_2810.gif 4838 Mini Vehicles

gallery_2351_18_3783.gif 4906 Helicopter [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1578.gif 4911 Blue Truck [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3234.gif 4915 Mini Construction

gallery_2351_18_2543.gif 4916 Mini Animals

gallery_2351_18_331.gif 4917 Mini Robots [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_639.gif 4918 Mini Flyers [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_4122.jpg 5761 Mini Digger [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_5034.jpg 5762 Mini Plane [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_322.jpg 5764 Rescue Robot

gallery_2351_18_2371.gif 5864 Mini Helicopter [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1606.gif 5865 Mini Dumper

gallery_2351_18_1109.gif 6741 Mini Jet [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2469.gif 6742 Mini Jeep [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3149.jpg 7172 Banana - Capespan Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3149.jpg 7173 Pear - Capespan Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3947.jpg 7174 Apple - Capespan Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_5051.jpg 7175 Grapes - Capespan Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_5303.jpg 7176 Watermelon - Capespan Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2139.jpg 7177 Orange - Capespan Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_5561.jpg 7178 Chef - Capespan Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2918.gif 7271 Apple - Suntory Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_4851.gif 7272 Pear - Suntory Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2639.gif 7274 Orange - Suntory Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_538.gif 7275 Cherry - Suntory Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2639.gif 7276 Mango - Suntory Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2627.gif 7278 Melon - Suntory Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_4118.gif 7602 Jeep [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1975.gif 7604 Dinosaur [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_919.gif 7606 Frog

gallery_2351_18_3412.gif 7608 Shark [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1559.gif 7609 Helicopter [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3143.gif 7610 Speedboat [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3904.gif 7796 House [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1476.gif 7797 Bi-Plane [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3480.gif 7798 Stegosaurus [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3064.gif 7799 Cargo Copter [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3115.gif 7803 Jeep [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2106.gif 7804 Lizard

gallery_2351_18_4472.gif 7805 Shark [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1072.jpg 7808 Yellow Airplane [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3815.jpg 7871 Whale [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2625.gif 7872 Creature [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1569.gif 7873 Airplane [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_4631.gif 7875 Backhoe [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3206.gif 7876 Cement Truck

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gallery_2351_18_2970.gif 20001 LEGO Batbot [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_906.gif 20003 Dinosaur [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1615.gif 20008 Tow Truck [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3838.gif 20011 Garbage Truck [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3674.jpg 20014 4 x 4 Dynamo

gallery_2351_18_5217.jpg 20015 Alligator

gallery_2351_18_2342.gif 30020 Jet [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2185.gif 30021 Parrot

gallery_2351_18_6430.jpg fruit1 Apple - Hong Kong Lego Show Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_199.jpg fruit2 Cherry - Hong Kong Lego Show Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_4670.jpg fruit3 Grapes - Hong Kong Lego Show Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2223.jpg fruit4 Mango - Hong Kong Lego Show Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1019.jpg fruit5 Melon - Hong Kong Lego Show Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_5947.jpg fruit6 Orange - Hong Kong Lego Show Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3557.jpg fruit7 Pear - Hong Kong Lego Show Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_8106.jpg fruit8 Tree - Hong Kong Lego Show Promotional [NEED REVIEW]

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LEGO Boardgames (2009 to present)

*Incomplete coverage

gallery_2351_18_1595.gif 3835 Robo Champ [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_331.gif 3836 Magikus [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_116.gif 3837 Monster 4

gallery_2351_18_1745.gif 3838 Lava Dragon

gallery_2351_18_2306.gif 3839 Race 3000

gallery_2351_18_26.gif 3840 Pirate Code

gallery_2351_18_2516.gif 3841 Minotaurus

gallery_2351_18_2630.gif 3842 Lunar Command [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_4236.gif 3843 Ramses Pyramid Review 2

gallery_2351_18_1211.gif 3844 Creationary [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_514.jpg 3845 Shave a Sheep [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1270.jpg 3846 UFO Attack [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1258.jpg 3847 Magma Monster

gallery_2351_18_113.jpg 3848 Pirate Plank

gallery_2351_18_1817.jpg 3849 Orient Bazaar

gallery_2351_18_4257.jpg 3850 Meteor Strike [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_5567.jpg 3851 Atlantis Treasure

gallery_2351_18_3169.jpg 3852 Sunblock

gallery_2351_18_5866.jpg 3853 Banana Balance

gallery_2351_18_3574.jpg 3854 Frog Rush [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1558.jpg 3855 Ramses Return [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_6752.jpg 3856 NInjago [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_4773.jpg 3862 Hogwarts

3863.jpg 3863 Kokoriko

3864.jpg 3864 Mini Taurus [NEED REVIEW]

3865.jpg 3865 City Alarm

Miscellaneous LEGO Boardgames (???? to present)

*Incomplete coverage

gallery_2351_18_156.gif 852676 Travel Game - Multi Game Pack 9-in-1

gallery_2351_18_1922.gif G572 Ludo

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LEGO Architecture (2008 to present)

gallery_6705_159_6566.jpg 21000 Sears/Willis Tower [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_6705_159_1148.jpg 21001 John Hancock Center [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_6705_159_5680.jpg 21002 Empire State Building

gallery_6705_159_49.jpg 21003 Seattle Space Needle

gallery_6705_159_10579.jpg 21004 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum [Review 2]

gallery_6705_159_10381.jpg 21005 Fallingwater

gallery_6705_159_19331.jpg 21006 The White House

gallery_6705_159_12596.jpg 21007 Rockefeller Center

gallery_6705_159_4476.jpg 21008 Burj Khalifa [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_6705_159_15186.jpg 21009 Farnsworth House

gallery_6705_159_16640.jpg 21010 Robie House

gallery_6705_159_6364.jpg 21011 Brandenburg Gate

gallery_6705_159_4750.jpg 21012 Sydney Opera House

gallery_6705_159_7891.jpg 21013 Big Ben

gallery_6705_159_8018.jpg 21014 Villa Savoye

gallery_6705_159_9825.jpg 21016 Sungnyemun

gallery_6705_159_19451.jpg 21017 Imperial Hotel

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LEGO Sculptures & Mosaics (2000 to present)

gallery_2351_18_291.gif 3443 Lego Mosaic [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2064.jpg 3450 Statue of Liberty Sculpture

gallery_2351_18_667.gif 3451 Sopwith Camel

gallery_2351_18_31.gif 3723 Lego Minifigure [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2587.gif 3724 Lego Dragon [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_47.gif 6162 A World of LEGO Mosaic 4 in 1 [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1197.gif 6163 A World of LEGO Mosaic 9 in 1 [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_57.gif 10024 Red Baron

gallery_2351_18_1792.gif 10124 Wright Flyer [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_5227.gif 10152 Maersk Sealand Container Ship 2004 Edition [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_5227.gif 10152 Maersk Sealand Container Ship 2005 Edition [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1636.gif 10152 Maersk Line Container Ship 2006 Edition [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1732.gif 10177 Boeing 787 Dreamliner

gallery_2351_18_940.gif 10181 Eiffel Tower 1:300 Scale [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3208.gif 10187 Volkswagen Beetle (VW Beetle) [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1843.jpg 10189 Taj Mahal

gallery_2351_18_1501.gif 10196 Grand Carousel [Review 2]

gallery_2351_18_3756.jpg 10213 Shuttle Adventure

gallery_2351_18_5027.jpg 10214 Tower Bridge

10220-1.jpg 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van Review 2

gallery_6705_159_2802.jpg 10250 Year of the Snake

10230-1.jpg 10230 Mini Modulars

gallery_2351_18_3067.gif k34431 Lego Mosaic Cat [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_4011.gif k34432 Lego Mosaic Dino [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_3565.gif k34433 Lego Mosaic Johnny Thunder [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_727.gif k34434 Lego Mosaic Tiger [NEED REVIEW]

LEGO CUUSOO - 2012 to present

21100-1.jpg 21100 Shinkai 6500 Submarine

21101-1.jpg 21101 Hayabusa

gallery_6705_159_2078.jpg 21102 Minecraft Micro World

Edited by Rufus

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Racers (Lamborghini) (2009 to present)

gallery_2351_18_2660.gif 8169 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4

gallery_2351_18_360.jpg 8214 Gallardo LP 560-4 Polizia [Review 2]

Racers (Radio Control) (2002 to present)

*Incomplete coverage

gallery_2351_18_191.gif 8183 Track Turbo RC

gallery_2351_18_1301.gif 8184 Twin X-treme RC

gallery_2351_18_2624.gif 8378 Red Beast RC

Racers (Tiny Turbos) (2005 to present)

*Incomplete coverage

gallery_2351_18_1282.gif 6111 Street Chase

gallery_2351_18_3486.jpg 7801 Rally Racer

gallery_2351_18_4226.jpg 7802 Le Mans Racer [Review 2 (pictures missing)]

gallery_2351_18_2517.gif 8119 Thunder Racer

gallery_2351_18_1873.gif 8120 Rally Sprinter

gallery_2351_18_3155.gif 8121 Track Marshal

gallery_2351_18_705.gif 8125 Thunder Raceway [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1884.gif 8134 Night Crusher

gallery_2351_18_2256.gif 8135 Bridge Chase

gallery_2351_18_1352.gif 8147 Bullet Run

gallery_2351_18_581.gif 8148 EZ-Roadster

gallery_2351_18_1105.gif 8151 Adrift Sport

gallery_2351_18_553.gif 8152 Speed Chasing [Review 2]

gallery_2351_18_2257.gif 8154 Brick Street Customs

gallery_2351_18_901.gif 8197 Highway Chaos

gallery_2351_18_3442.gif 30030 Racing Car

gallery_2351_18_169.gif 30033 Racing Truck

gallery_2351_18_599.gif 30034 Racing Car

gallery_2351_18_2185.gif 30035 Racing Car

Racers (Power Racers) (2005 to 2010)

*Incomplete coverage

tn_8146-1_jpg.jpg 8146 Nitro Muscle

Racers (Drome Racers) (2002 to 2003)

*Incomplete coverage

gallery_2351_18_3028.gif 8371 Extreme Power Bike

Racers (Promotional) (2009 to present)

*Incomplete coverage

gallery_2351_18_2810.jpg McDonald's Racers Car 1 - 6 x 2 Turbo (US)

gallery_6705_159_6968.jpg General Mills Racer Promotional

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Belville (Playhouse) (1994 to 2008)

*Incomplete coverage

5826-1.gif 5826 The Queen's Room

gallery_2351_18_5331.gif 5840 Garden Playmates

gallery_2351_18_10.gif 7585 Horse Stable

gallery_2351_18_1824.gif 7586 Summer House

Seasonal (1990 to present)

*Incomplete coverage

gallery_2351_18_5909.jpg 40005 Easter Bunny

tn_3300020-1_jpg.jpg 3300020 Christmas Vignette 1 of 2 (2011)

tn_3300002-1_jpg.jpg 3300002 Christmas Vignette 2 of 2 (2011)

gallery_6705_159_15952.jpg 853345 Christmas Gold Ornament

Miscellaneous Supplementary sets

*Incomplete coverage

gallery_6705_151_8415.jpg 853195 Brick Calendar Review 2

tn_853340-1_jpg.jpg 853340 Minifigure Wedding Favour Set [Review 2]

LEGO Stores Exclusive Giveaway (2010 to present)

*Incomplete coverage

gallery_2351_18_3628.jpg 3300000 The Brick Apple [Review 2]

gallery_6705_159_2818.jpg 3300003 LEGO Store

gallery_2351_18_25403.jpg 3300005 LEGO store in Copenhagen Exclusive Mini Nyhavn

gallery_2351_18_10066.jpg 3300006 LEGO Westfield Exclusive London Bus

Other Miscellaneous Promotional Sets

*Incomplete coverage

40019-1.jpg 40019 Brickley the Sea Serpent

852996-1.jpg 852996 Lego Club Max Minifigure

4000001-1.jpg 4000001 LEGO Inside Tour Exclusive Moulding Machine

gallery_6705_151_25556.jpg Target Gift Card 3 in 1

LEGO Muji sets (2009 to present)

gallery_2351_18_2386.jpg 8465958 Muji Performation Set

gallery_2351_18_94.jpg 8465972 Muji Basic Set [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1586.jpg 8465989 Muji Basic Set (Transparent) [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2016.jpg 8465996 MUJI Limited Edition Paper X Brick Set 1 [NEED REVIEW]

LEGO Custom MOCs (My Own Creations) (2009 to present)

*Incomplete coverage

gallery_2351_18_12599.jpg XXXX Modular Marble Run

gallery_6705_159_22860.jpg XXXX Robot Companion for Android

Brickmania Sets

gallery_6705_159_2043.jpg 226 Panther Ausf. A

gallery_6705_159_11744.jpg 244 Tiger 1 ausf E

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LEGO Factory (2005 to 2008)

gallery_2351_18_1659.gif 5524 Airport [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_416.gif 5525 Amusement Park

gallery_2351_18_2040.gif 5526 Skyline [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1612.gif 10183 Hobby Train [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_1664.gif 10191 Star Justice [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_2712.gif 10192 Space Skulls [NEED REVIEW]

gallery_2351_18_940.gif 10200 Custom Car Garage [NEED REVIEW]

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Fabuland Review Index

*Work in Progress* - I will expand this over time to include all sets and characters even if they haven't been reviewed.

3605-1.gif 3605/324 Ricky Raccoon and His Scooter (features Ricky Raccoon)

3625-1.gif 3625 Aeroplane (features Sandy Seagull)

tn_3628-1_jpg.jpg 3628 Perry Panda and Chester Chimp (aka Percy Panda and Gabriel Gorilla)

3633-1.gif 3633 Motor Boat (features Walter Walrus) EB News Review

3659-1.gif 3659 Playground (features Max Mouse and Bonnie Bunny)

3671-1.gif 3671 Airport (features Max Mouse, Morty Mouse and Joe Crow)

3675-1.gif 3675 General Store (features Boris Bulldog, Hannah Hippo and Freddie Fox) Review 2 Review 3

3679-1.gif 3679 Windmill with Shop (features Harry Horse and Marjorie Mouse)

3682-1.gif 3682 Fire Station (features Barty/Boris Bulldog and two other apparently unnamed bulldogs)

3683-1.gif 3683 Amusement Park (features Max Mouse, Freddie Fox, Clive Crocodile, Lucy Lamb)

3786-1.gif 3786 Boris/Buzzy Bulldog

3789-1.gif 3789 Constable Clarke (EB News Review)

3797-1.gif 3797 Fire Chief Barty Bulldog (features Barty/Boris Bulldog)

3798-1.gif 3798 Hannah's Garden (features Hannah Hippopotamus)

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Educational and DACTA

*Incomplete Coverage


tn_9337-1_jpg.jpg 9337 Harbour Set [NEED REVIEW]

tn_9348-1_jpg.jpg 9348 Community Minifigure Set [NEED REVIEW]

tn_9349-1_jpg.jpg 9349 Fairytale and Historic Minifigure Set

tn_9387-1_jpg.jpg 9387 Wheels Set [NEED REVIEW]


tn_9311-1_jpg.jpg 9311 City Buildings Set [NEED REVIEW]

tn_9314-1_jpg.jpg 9314 Rescue Services Set [NEED REVIEW]

tn_9333-1_jpg.jpg 9333 Vehicles Set [NEED REVIEW]

tn_9334-1_jpg.jpg 9334 Animals Set [NEED REVIEW]

tn_9335-1_jpg.jpg 9335 Space & Airport Set [NEED REVIEW]

tn_9384-1_jpg.jpg 9384 Bricks Set [NEED REVIEW]

tn_9385-1_jpg.jpg 9385 Sceneries Set

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Hobby Sets (1975 - 1976)

tn_0390-1_jpg.jpg 390 1913 Cadillac [NEED REVIEW]

tn_0391-1_jpg.jpg 391 1926 Renault [NEED REVIEW]

tn_0392-1_jpg.jpg 392 Formula 1 Car [NEED REVIEW]

tn_0393-1_jpg.jpg 393 Norton Motorcycle [NEED REVIEW]

tn_0394-1_jpg.jpg 394 Harley Davidson 1000cc

tn_0395-1_jpg.jpg 395 1909 Rolls Royce [NEED REVIEW]

tn_0396-1_jpg.jpg 396 Thatcher Perkins Locomotive

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Bricks and MORE

*Incomplete Coverage


4625-1.jpg 4625 Pink Brick Box

4626-1.jpg 4626 Farm Brick Box [NEED REVIEW]

4628-1.jpg 4628 Fun with Bricks [NEED REVIEW]

4635-1.jpg 4635 Fun with Vehicles [NEED REVIEW]

4636-1.jpg 4636 Police Building Set [NEED REVIEW]

4637-1.jpg 4637 Safari Building Set [NEED REVIEW]


tn_5574-1_jpg.jpg 5574 Basic Bricks [NEED REVIEW]

tn_5576-1_jpg.jpg 5576 Basic Bricks - Medium [NEED REVIEW]

tn_5578-1_jpg.jpg 5578 Basic Bricks - Large [NEED REVIEW]

tn_6177-1_jpg.jpg 6177 Basic Bricks - Deluxe


*Incomplete Coverage

tn_5644-1_jpg.jpg 5644 Chicken Coop

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The LEGO Movie Sets

gallery_6705_159_6048.jpg 70800 Getaway Glider by Clone O'Patra (RA)

gallery_6705_159_21325.jpg 70801 Melting Room by Clone O'Patra (RA)

gallery_6705_159_17166.jpg 70802 Bad Cop's Pursuit by Clone O'Patra (RA)

gallery_6705_159_14753.jpg 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace by Clone O'Patra (RA)

gallery_6705_159_12654.jpg 70804 Ice Cream Machine by Clone O'Patra (RA)

gallery_6705_159_11928.jpg 70805 Trash Chomper by Clone O'Patra (RA)

gallery_6705_159_19749.jpg 70806 Castle Cavalry by Clone O'Patra (RA)

gallery_6705_159_9596.jpg 70807 Metalbeard's Duel by Clone O'Patra (RA)

gallery_6705_159_7761.jpg 70808 Super Cycle Chase by Clone O'Patra (RA)

gallery_6705_159_12005.jpg 70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair by Clone O'Patra (RA)

sml_gallery_6705_159_18676.jpg 70810 Metalbeard's Sea Cow by yellost

gallery_6705_159_18267.jpg 70811 The Flying Flusher by Clone O'Patra (RA)

gallery_6705_159_9782.jpg 70812 Creative Ambush by Clone O'Patra (RA)

gallery_6705_159_5037.jpg 70813 Rescue Reinforcements by Clone O'Patra (RA)

gallery_6705_159_5757.jpg 70816 Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! by Rufus (RA)

[url="http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=XXXXX"][img=>gallery url<][/url]  [b]XXXXX[/b] Set Name by [url="http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=XXXXX"][i][b]Member[/b][/i][/url] [i]([b]RA[/b])[/i]

[img=>gallery url<]  [b]XXXXX[/b] Set Name [i]([color=#FF0000]Review Needed[/color])[/i]

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