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The Cobra

Review: 4915 Mini construction

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It's another workday in the Lego Universe.

Set Data:

4915: Mini Construction

Year: 2007

Theme: Creator

Subtheme: Peeron lists this set as part of "LEGO / SYSTEM / Designer"

Pieces: 68 (including 2 small extra pieces)

Price: 5 USD / 5 EUR / 4 UKP

Building time: less than 10 minutes for each model

MISB on review: Yes

More info: Brickset - Peeron

Note: also available as part of K4915 Mini pods collection

Box front and rear: From 2007, this has been the standard Creator box for small sets. Both on front and on rear, it highlights the main model.



Box content: a small bag and the instructions sheet.


Loose pieces: A lot of yellow!


Random instructions page: from model #2, forklift


Pieces inventory: an overview of what's inside the box.


Model #1: Digger the main model, most of the pieces are used and very few left. Includes some SNOT technique too. Six wheels and rotation function.





Model #2: Forklift nice one; since it only has 4 wheels, two tires work as load. Lots of unused pieces. Forks obviously don't move!





Model #3: Truck 4+2 wheels, and that rotating 2x2 piece again. Load consists of... a couple of pieces. And all those small plates should work as a 4x8. This looks like the weakest of the three models.





Bonus model! I say, let's try using all the pieces and build something! Isn't it what "Creator" should be about? I know the whole thing does not make a lot of sense... I feel (and fear) I lost my fantasy during my teen years.




The pros about Creator sets: usually, better pieces/price ratio because there are no minifigs; different scales; alternate models (with instructions too!). The main con is that sometimes you just can't build something minifig scaled. As most Creator sets over the last few years, this one focuses on a subtheme, that's "work/construction/transport"; you can obviously try something different. What are the main good reasons to buy this very set? In my case: I wanted a 2007 small Creator set (am I the only one who likes to own at least a set for every theme for every year?), and this one was the one I liked the most. In such a small set you will hardly find rare pieces, that's not what they're meant for. I guess we could call these "Impulse Creator sets". Still, most of them use every piece for the main model only, and leave out a lot for the alternates.


Color scheme: 5/5. When you think "Lego constructions set", you think Yellow! Plus some grey and black, and a few red lights (no pun intended).

Minifigs and accessories: N/A. Minifigs do not belong to this theme!

Pieces: 5/5. A good assortment of small pieces. It would be challenging to build something minifig scaled!

Playability: 3,5/5. At first, you want to try building the different models. And maybe a MOC. But when I was younger , I enjoyed taking the bricks apart and re-building, and re-taking apart... Plus, these small models are cooler to display than to play with.

Design: 4/5. 5 for the Digger, 4 for the Forklift, 3 for the truck.

Overall rating: 4,5/5. My favourite among the 2007 small Creator sets.

The final words: Do not overlook these small sets, even if there are no minifigs in!

Edited by WhiteFang

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Very good review The Cobra!

When I got this set I spend many days builiding cars, planes, dragons using only this set.

And i think this is still my favorite creator!

Edited by Lordofdragonss

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I think it's a cute little set. Most if not all parts, I would find some use.

I recall someone from another site being able to construct a sort of a mini mech. It was pretty nice considering the limited piece count.

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Well, brickshelf user grohl666 has this series of alternate models.

Now, that's mocing!

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