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Skinny Boy

S.T.C. Part 5

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Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Part 5: Change In Blood.


"Hey Carl?"


"Yeah Hank?"


Hank: "Who said we should release those images into the public?"


"Of course it was. But c'mon. Imprisonment for showing a couple of pictures? Thats madness."

"Well I did leave a few 'bombs' in my room."

"That explains you, but I never did anything."


Soldier: "You got a visitor."


Carl: "Jools! Oh god, how did you find out?"

"I work here Carl, word spreads quick. This doesn't seem right, they can't throw you in jail for taking some images to the news."

Hank: "Thats what I said!"

"But guys, i've been hearing rumours. Word is, an agent overheard the Mayor's plan for you. Supposedly you're in here for treason."

Carl+Hank: "Treason!?"

"I know, but it gets worse. The agent told us this is dead."

Carl: "Dead? How?"

"We don't know. I gues the Mayor had him removed."

"Well did he say anything else?"

"He said.... well, he said..."

"What Jools, what did he say?"

"You two are to be ex-


Mayor: "I think visiting times are over now Miss. Dawson. Get back to your desk. Now then, how are my two jailbirds?"

Hank: "What the hell is going on here?"


Mayor: "You'll find out soon enough, after you put on these masks."


Hank: "Carl, this ain't right. And its your fault."

Carl: "Oh give it up man. We're both going... somewhere because of this."

Soldier: "Right this way 'Hank'."

Mayor: "Now Carl? I want you to promise me something. Can you do this for me?"

"What the hell do you want?"

"I want you to fight Carl. When the time comes...


...Fight for your life..."


"Get him to the bird immediately. I never wanna see this scumbag again."


Carl: "Ohhhhh man..... Hank!?.... Whoahhh.... Ahh this stupid mask..."


"Oh crap."

This will probably be the last part for quite some time. Enjoy!

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I smell an ugly conspiracy... exciting! :thumbup:

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I love the prison cell, especially the use of those lighsabre blades I think it make it look very sci-fi-y :cry_happy::thumbup:

Good comic I like it mate. :thumbup:

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