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Brickworld is Hinckley's Christmas. Here is some more info:

From the Brickworld website:

What is Brickworld?

Brickworld is an event created by Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs). The event is divided into two sections; one for registered attendees and one for the general public. Both sections of the event support our motto:

Share - Learn - Explore - Discover

When is Brickworld?

Brickworld is held the third week in June. This year (2009), Brickworld will be held from June 18 - 21.

Where is Brickworld?

Brickworld is held at the Westin Hotel in Wheeling, IL in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Brickworld for Registered Attendees

Who should become a fully registered attendee? Anyone that wants to spend the weekend as part of a large family of LEGO loving people.

Brickworld begins on Thursday morning the week of the event. Thursday and Friday are devoted to registered attendees. During the day and evening of Thursday and Friday, various AFOLs and LEGO representatives have lots of time for bonding and sharing. During the day, there are classes, presentations and roundtable discussions provided by fellow AFOLs and other community partners. These sessions are designed to give registered attendees the opportunity to share with each other, learn from each other, discover new aspects of the hobby, and explore the various creations fellow AFOLs have on display. There are opportunities to:

  • Interact directly with LEGO representatives from all over the world
  • Build creations on site
  • Participate in contests and games
  • Hang out with friends
  • Shop at the local LEGO stores
  • Have fun in many ways

The Event Schedule will show the specific, planned activities as Brickworld approaches. Generally speaking, we hold classes on Thursday, set up the display room Thursday night & Friday, share with presentations on Friday, and visit the LEGO store on Friday night. There are plenty of other activities too - all day long and most of the night for anyone interested in joining the fun.

Brickworld for the General Public

On Saturday and Sunday of the event, the registered attendees put their creations on display in 20,000 square fee of ballroom for people to see. There are also contests for the public to watch. Creations include train layouts, tall buildings, sculpture, towns, mosaics, futuristic battle scenes, replicas of many things, castles, things that move, things that are stationary, space displays, animals, architecture, artistry, history, and much much more.

If you or your kids are fascinated by LEGO or if you are just looking for a way to broaden your imagination, then Brickworld is for you.

Visit our Flickr group for pictures of last year's event

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Many thanks to Eurobricks and Hinckley for their efforts to set up a forum specifically for Brickworld!!!

Regards, Bryan, Adam & the entire Brickworld Team

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Isn't Brickworld '10 being hosted at the Westin again. That place was cool

Yes - Brickworld will be at the Westin Hotel again in 2010.

I hope to see everyone there!!!


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