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Small islet with Duplo airstrip

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As I am leaving to the Med soon I decided to share my WIP islet that is close to the Marko Bay and where most of their planes and cars are made. For the project I tried to use as much Duplo that we had already and other parts that were left over from Marko Bay.

General Info

Footballer Islet is located in the Mediterranean next to Marko Bay island. Its owner is former footballer, present restaurant and airplane workshop owner with some plans for mercenary activities in Africa. South-east has owners quarters that have not yet been finished. In the middle of the island you see warehouse with spare LEGO parts, workers blue hut, air and operations control. To the north we have small hill with pilots home - beach house.





Island is also home for Fast Strike Craft you see patrolling there.

Some buildings


Owners house with his beach.


Pilots beach house.


Mechanics and mercenaries barracks. These are the people using V-22 Osprey


Air control and operations control center.


Island is patrolled by retired Dino hunters.

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YAY!! Duplo FTW :thumbup: great job, it looks really good beside the regular system. Its great for building large scale things :thumbup:

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