TCS Vanguard Spaceship (Corvette)

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Hi all, This is a Spaceship i made some time ago, but finally uploaded it today.

Based on Battlestar Galactica/Dadeluss from Stargate

Mix of Lego/Mega Blocks (Yes im sorry, Big crime)

Just a sort of test to see how i could go i want to work on bigger and more advanced stuff, less flat and blocky is what i aim for. Anyway tell me what you think for a 1st time spaceship (Little Fighter also included!)

Heres a Picture :)


Heres the folder:

Thank You


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Nice in shape and impressive in size indeed with a lot of weaponry, a neat interior and an interesting use of road plates. :classic:

But and although I don´t think that spaceships need to be SNOT in design I feel like there´re too many bare plates involved

in forming the outside of the ship which makes everything look just a little too flat and thin for such a big whopper IMHO...

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