the Beggars' Guild

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I am catching up. My bricklink order arrived today and it's a beautifull day here so I decided to take the pictures right away.

As promissed before:

the Beggars' Guild

They are the oldest guild in Ankh-Morpork and certainly the richest; beggars don't tend to spend that much.

Here we have an overview of the most famous beggars.

Foul Ol' Ron and the Canting Crew


Foul Ol' Ron and the Smell of Foul Ol' Ron

Foul Ol' Ron is somewhat of a leader to this small pack. His smell developed a life of its own and the Smell is now often dwelling the streets of Ankh-Morpork by itself.


Coffin' Henry


the Duckman

"Why do they call me the Duckman?" "There is a duck on your head." "No there isn't!"


I tried the way Lego makes birds in MM style but it is to big, this works well for me.


Arnold Sideways

moving on wheels, and at the right height to "talk" you into a small donation.


It should be a 4 wheeled cart but I haven't figured out a solution to that.


The figures are based on the pictures in The Art of Discworld by Paul Kidby


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