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Skinny Boy

S.T.C. Part 2

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If you missed Part 1, read it here.

Now then.

Part 2: All Systems Reveal.

Carl and Hank took their images on file to the Mayor's office.


Mayor: "Good evening men. Have you found the armory's most recent visitors?"

Carl: "Sorry sir. It'd be impossible for us to find anyone down there, and even harder for someone to want to live there."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Have you seen what the lower levels look like sir?"

"Well of course I have. I am the mayor trooper. So, what do you have to tell me?"


Carl: "Here. We got some images to show you."

Mayor: "What, did you find a rare flower or something?"

"No sir, we found a man called 'Smack'. And some other interesting finds."

"But no criminals?"

"Eh no. After you see these images, I think the armory'll be the last thing on your mind sir."

"Ok, well lets have a look then."


Mayor: "Wha'... good god. What has happened down there?"

"See what I mean?"


Mayor: "Sweet Lord! What is that?!"


"That sir, is Smack's best friend."

(looking at more images) "Alright alright. I've seen enough!"


Mayor: "Get these things outta here! Have them destroyed. I never want to see or hear of this again!"


Hank: "But sir, these should be seen by our top scientists! We can't just forget about them! Look at the ground!... Its freekin' green!"

"Don't you raise your voice at me sonny! Now get out! I am a very busy man. I don't need pointless matters filling up my schedule."

Carl: "Sir? You can't be serious? That thing is a mutant. A mutant! Wandering around down there. How do we know its not attacking anything?"

"Look, fellas. If you don't leave this second, you'll be down there mapping out the depths for the next five years. So, you wanna risk being attacked by 'mutants', everyday? Or do you wanna leave?"


Hank: "So now what?"

Carl: "Get Sheila on the phone. These are going on every tv station, newspaper and busstop in the city."

"What? He'll know it was us. Don't be stupid Carl."

"So it was us, was it? Well, what if we got mugged on the way home?"

"Its the mayor man!"

"Its a mutant, Hank."

And thats part 2.

Thanks for looking!

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