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RTT-21 'Caterpillar'

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RTT-21's are a three section wheeled transporters used to transport dangerous liquids through rough terrain. They are named as a 'Caterpillar', beacuse they are usually painted green and articulated chassis makes that its move is similar to catterpillar's.

dsc05071.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05075.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05098.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05079.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05110.jpg_thumb.jpg

dsc05083.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05094.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05101.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05090.jpg_thumb.jpg

The cabin is taked from one of the 4 Juniors sets, 4653

It has an awful pattern on front, so I rotated it on the back. It looked better, but there was no room for whole minifig. But his half fits perfectly ;)

dsc05148.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05155.jpg_thumb.jpg

The tanks for transportnig those dangerous liquids are made from white Airtanks:

dsc05129.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05151.jpg_thumb.jpg

With and without load:

dsc05105.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05114.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05117.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05119.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05125.jpg_thumb.jpg

Each section have a pendular suspension, that provides great stability when vehicle is moving through obstacles.

dsc05133.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05140.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05143.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc05145.jpg_thumb.jpg




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Intresting creation, I think the colour code goes great with it. Just wondering what are the canasters on the(I don't mean what there for) I've never seen them before. Anyway I love it name :classic:

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A fascinating work with an interesting use of a 4 Juniors part and these air tanks.

The vehicle looks very smooth and beautiful and the suspensionĀ“s very nice too. :thumbup:

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