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REVIEW: 7409 Secret of the Tomb

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Ever wondered what's in that old tomb that lies on the snowy mountain? We all wanted to know it, but it was Lord Sam Sinister that stumbled upon its terrifying secret. Getting curious?

Set 7409 Secret of the Tomb was released in 2003 under the Orient Expedition theme, which is actually a Adventurers subtheme. Orient Expedition takes place in different Asian countries: India, China and, probably, the mountains between them. This little set is situated in those mountains. It has 32 parts, including 2 figures. You could buy it for about 2,99 EUR.

The box, and the back with two alternative builds:



You get some great figures in this little set: Lord Sam Sinister (Johnny Thunder's nemesis), he has a fantastic torso design, with gun and an evil skeletton with two gems, a trans yellow and trans light blue one. I hadn't that light blue one and I like it.


Here is the tomb:


Euh... Yes, that doesn't look scary, does it? But wait, what happens if Lord Sam Sinister pulls down the front?



WOAH! ...euh. Wait? That doesn't look quite good. Well, if you have to pull it down fast, so the skeletton's head doesn't get stuck in the roof of the tomb.



I like this set, it's small with some nice parts and especially really usefull figures. The gems are also welcomed. The pop-up system doesn't work so good, but it's okay I guess. Maybe they should have add an animal, like a trans blue spider. But it's a nice set, especially for the Adventurers fans like me!

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Matn, thanks for another nice review.

I never understood how this set really works until I read this review of yours. It appered to be more like the Jack in the Box, is that what its called? Somehow, it slipped out of my mind though. By the way, I hope you don't mind that I have added a poll to allow our members to state their liking towards this set. :classic:

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I own this set, and I voted "above average" beacuse it comes with two minifigs and two diamonds; that's quite a lot, sometimes even for bigger sets!

Still, the pop-up system is really lame; it works bad both opening and full open trying to keep the plate (and the skellie) standing tall.

You can still find a few of these sets on ebay for cheap.

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Heck yeah! Adventurers!

This set isn't too special, but it's still Adventurers so I give it average. Good way to collect those awesome top hats.

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