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Review: 7621 Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb

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I bought this last week on a whim. It is currently reduced on Amazon, and looked nice enough. While l love Star Wars line, I'm starting to get into the other series, there's great playability... But there's only so much space in my room :hmpf:

After writing this review, I realized that there were already three reviews of this set in the system :blush: so it doesn't need to be indexed. But it's a new set for me, and only my second Indy Jones set. Maybe this will make some of you nostalgic for a year and a half ago :tongue:

Set#: 7621

Name: Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb

Theme: Indiana Jones

Year: 2008

Pieces: 277

Minifigs: Indiana Jones, Marion, a skeleton

MSP: $19.99 U.S., £17.59, 4,625 yen

I paid: 2,100 yen on Amazon






Indiana Jones and Marion are trapped in a tomb filled with poisonous snakes! It looks like there's no way out - or is there? Help Indy bring the statue crashing down so he and Marion can escape. Includes Indiana Jones with hat, whip and bag, and Marion minifigures. Send the statue crashing through the wall to escape the tomb and to reveal a hidden hanging skeleton. Includes snakes that drop from the ceiling. Tomb measures 5" tall.

The Box

A nice action shot cover.


The back shows the features of the set, which is notably missing from the booklets.


The Booklet

One book, with no play explanations, just a piece inventory and ads.


The Pieces

Five bags, all mixed up.


There weren't so many pieces, so I didn't need to color sort them though the instructions demand it.


A sticker sheet, which I don't mind since I'm getting good at placing them.


The set has three figures, which is nice, but it's an identical Indy as in other sets. If I was a full time Indy collector, I'd be right well disappointed. It's only my second, so I'll take it in stride, but I really don't want a third. :devil:



Marion is two faced :tongue:


The Build

Ten steps in, just the base of it is done.


There is a rubber piece that personally I've never seen. It acts as a soft hinge. It opens to let snakes drop, and reverts back into place. Much more interesting than a rubber bands.


20 steps in, some nice color has been added along the top.


30 steps in, it's just about finished. Pillars and the breakaway statues have been added.


The Finished Product

This is a nice looking set!


The stickers work out really well, except one I'll mention later. It is to be placed on those two gold panels at the top. TLG does a great job creating an Egyptian feel, along with the colors and Anubis statues.


The flames and the Ark of the Covenant are a great touch. Note the Anubis on the left has only half a left ear :oh3: There was an error filling the mold.


From the back, you can see the snake switch, plus a skeleton waiting around for later. The two plates are loosely placed in on a single stud each.


While the detail on the pillar is alright, this set is really meant to be viewed from the front.


Pieces left over are few.


There are lots of little Egypt style stickers, and a fantastic one with Star Wars imagery...which is meant to be placed over two bricks at the top of the build. This is a terrible feature, and there is no way I would place a single sticker over two bricks. This is totally lame. If they could have made a 2 by 4 plate, it would really have made this set perfect.



There are 10 red and green snakes that can just fit in here.


A switch on the back lets them drop. They get a bit squeezed though, and don't come out perfectly. But they come out.


On both sides, there is a release stick, that when pulled, let's gravity topple the statues.


And boom! The loosely placed wall panels fall with them.


At which point the skeleton dangles into view.


The Final Verdict

Design: 8/10 The play features are very well thought out. They work well. Even the stickers are well done, except the one that is supposed to go on two bricks, which is why this can't be perfect.

Build: 9/10 It's not mind bending, but quite good for a $20 set. The pillars have a technic pole to support them. The Anubis' have neat SNOT ears. The fall away walls are clever.

Playability: 10/10 Lots of snakes, screaming Marion face, toppling statues like the movie. A fun set.

Minifigures: 7/10 Indiana Jones is the same as usual, so no extra points there... As a set, this is fine, but for anyone collecting the stuff it's probably a disappointment. My first skeleton though, so I quite liked that.

Price: 10/10 Three minifigs and over 250 pieces, this is a very nice price. Some interesting gold pieces, and sleek black pieces.

Overall: 9/10 This is a really nice set and a definite recommendation. Since it's not on now, this set is probably available until it sells out. I'm glad I got it. It works as an Indy vignette, and as an Egyptian set. I'm thinking now about buying a second one just to make some Egyptian tomb out of it. Consider me satisfied.

Indy, help!!!


Hang on, I gotcha!


Cheers all.

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Wonderful review! It really highlights all the great features of this set.

This was also my first Indiana Jones set; purchased only about a month ago ... and it made me want to get the rest of the ROTLA sets. (uh-oh, my wallet just whimpered a little)

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Great review.

Made me remember that i love this set. May dig it out and build it at the weekend......

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great review :thumbup: when i saw this set in the catalog i was so surprised at how cheap it was

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Can't wait for this set! I managed to grab the very last one from the S@H sale! (after i placed my order it was marked SOLD OUT!) I can't wait to build it!!!!

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