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Review: 7682 Shanghai Chase

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Greetings guys!

This is my review of my first Indiana Jones set: Shanghai Chase.

I used it for the R-Academy and think it's now good enough for pupblic :grin:

So enjoy it!



-Box&Construction manual


-Black Chinese Car

-White Indy Car





Name: Shanghai Chase

Theme: Indiana Jones

ID-Number: 7682

Pieces: 244

Minifigures: 5

Content: Figures and two cars




-24.45 GBD





Picture Review:

Box&Construction manual:

-Here the front of the box. Isn't it an amazing view for an Legofan? Eyecatcher on!


-Now the back of the box, with little pcitures, which explain the functions of the set:


-A picture from the box, with an 1x1 scale, it's alway good to see the original size of your figures:


-The construction manual, which have the same look, like the box:


-First page in the construction manual with the bodywork of the new minifigures:


-Extract from:'' How to build the car'', which was assembly to the older Indy-Set: 7622:


-Another extract from the c. manual, with the white car of Indy:


-Part list with the e.g. the main new pieces (hears, hats, torsos...):


-The functions inside the c. manual and an adversiting of another new Indy-Set:



-The new minifigures: Indy, Shorty, Willie, 2x Gangsters,

I think these are the biggest reason to buy this set.

And you get with them a lot of new parts, like the new torsos.

The Indy&Willie torso could be also used in a evening creation (ball, party...) :


-Back of the minifigures, watch out for the new Willie torso,

which is very sexy with the little aperture:


-The new Willie figure, which head have a front and a back print with two mimics,

like all other female 'Indiana Jones' figures.

And this could be very useful for e.g. a brickfilm :


-The Backprint of Willie with her hot new torso,

as I said before it's very nice to see such a new minifigure-garment.

I'm sure your minifigures will check her up :laugh: :


-The new hairstyle of Willie, which have a hole to stick a cap,

this is totally new in the LEGO world.

It could be also used for a queen minifigure :


Black Chinese Car:

-The black car of the gangsters.

It's very nice with the old limousine style:


-The back of the black car,

with the useful little black windows,

for e.g. a train or for other cars :


-The roof of the car is removable,

if you removed it you can put your figures

in the backroom of your car(you can see it in the next picture):


-Picture from above, watch inside the black car:

He's got a seperated room, behind the chairs:


-The whole car with the two gangsters, the figure can cleave him at the bar,

so that he can shoot perfect at the enemies:


White Indy Car:

-The crème-white car of Indy, picture from the front,

with the new pieces like the roof and with some new useful tan pieces:


-And a view from the back of the car,

here are the quit important tan slans for e.g. a typical house marquee:


-And another picture,

with the nice new car base part,

which is a very first part for every car:


-The jonit-bar can be removed,

with a great figured out function with the part known as a droid arm:


-With opened roof,

you can look inside to the ''passengers'':


-From above, with the cut... can let some fresh air into the car,

or you can just shoot at your enemies :devil: :


-You can stick the Indy-Figure per the roof in the car,

but it's very tricky, because the figures slides almost outside the car:


-Shorty have his own ambush,

to shoot at the bad gangsters:


-The whole car,

with the nice front and this beautiful bulbs:


-Wich car is better?

I prefer the black one, because I love this old limousine style:


-The Shanghai Chase:

Complete set, picture underneath is a screenshot from the movie.

So you can compare, if TLC done a good job...:




-Alternate pieces:

A hat for Indy, and a crone for willie with some other pieces:


-An apposite photography,

with some light effects:




Was very easy. I opened the box and got two polybags. Every for one car. The car building was very great, sometimes the car bulding is like in the set 7622. If you build this two cars, you would build further faster (Clear way). With this method, you can build much more cars with that 'old' style.

The figures are perfect made from LEGO. My favourite is the new Willie figure, which looks so amazing. Because she have an front and an backprint, two faces on one head, and a new hairs, with an method to stick a little crown in it. The rest of the figures, complete this great set, with other new parts. Like the new Chinese heads and torso. A new smoking for Indy and a little Shorty figure.

So all in all it's a great set, especially for kids, because they can build a easy car, which looks fantastic.

But the challenge was, to put Indy in the car. Almost a other figure sliding outside :hmpf_bad:


Design: 10/10 (A great set from TLC-Designers, perfected imitated from the film, most of things in a car are great, without the method to put all 3 figures in the tan car. Figures are the best from the set, they are all perfect)

Build: 9/10 (Nice and relaxed building, witch was finished without troubles in 20 minutes.)

Minifigs: 10/10 (The minifigures are great, you got some special new torsos and heads.)

Playability: 8/10 (It's okay to play, but not perfect. Especially how to get the Indy in his car with the two other figures...)

Price: 7/10 (Price was okay, for so a great set. But maybe for Europe a little to expensive.)

Overall: 44/50

So it is a really nice set, which is great for every Lego-Fan. Because it supplied so many wishes...

...a must buy set!

Greetings Bricks

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great review bricks! :thumbup: i really want this set so badly. i love all the cars and figs in it

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Great review, I love this set. I really wanted another but then I saw pics of the later Indy and Space Police sets and I realised I needed to save!

I agree, the figs are easily the best part of the set, especially for me all the suits (and dress) for a more 30's-40's style creation.

One major gripe with your review though, is that you list your playability and price as "okay" but then proceed to give them a 7 and 8 out of 10. A common misconception with reviews is that anything below 6 is bad, but really, just as a 5 point review will give something 3 stars (the middle number) labeling it as "good but not great", so does a ten point review give 5 stars for something merely okay. Just a little gripe though :classic:

Overall it is a fantastic set, and I can't wait to get the others, the Indy theme truly is a goldmine so far.

Batbrick Away! :devil:

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I actually bought this set, and opened it up. But had to take it back the next day because I wanted to get Vader's Advanced Tie which they discontinued that same week. I really want this set again!!!!

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This set looks really fun. When it's a bit cheaper, I'll definitely pick it up (and vote then:wink:)

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Good review, Bricks!)

But I would like to make some notes. First - on a box, for example, names of villains are not signed (as well as in 7683). In preliminary version gangsters have a two tommy-guns, but in final version TLC give him 2 revolvers! WHY?)

But at you the good description has turned out. And a photo. Thanks for the review. :sweet:

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